HS Senior and Black Principal Ch. 06


He could have instantly fucked me when he had me lye on the carpet, but he held off. It was driving me crazier than I have ever been in my life.

I was delirious to fuck him, but absolutely loved the way we were kissing. Finally I felt my father lean into me and felt his cockhead separate the folds of my pussy lips. I went wild from the feeling of my fathers huge cock passing the entrance of my pussy and came instantly. I wrapped my pumps over his back as he inserted his huge, sexy cock into my burning fuck hole, inch by inch, so careful to let my pussy adjust to his massive size. I was thinking to myself, then said out loud,

"Oh god, you're finally in my pussy baby. That huge cock is finally fucking me," I said in a deep, lust filled voice." God you're so huge baby. So fucking big," I moaned as he slow fucked into my cunt at a pace that made me delirious with lust. "God that cock is filling every inch of me," I moaned as I felt him slowly fuck up inside me.

It was the most sexy, erotic feeling in the world, my own father, with his amazing 12 inch cock buried deep in my pussy. Once he bottomed out, we kissed hard for more than 10 minutes without moving a muscle. . I never felt more full in my life, never more turned on. For the next two hours my father slow fucked my pussy, angling his huge cock in a variety of ways that made me cum over and over.

As he fucked me we kissed passionately and hungrily, like two sex-starved lovers. At times he would keep his huge cock lodged inside my pussy, and then with his incredible muscle control would flex it inside me, causing me to cum hard. As he fucked me, he would sensuously lick and then suck each of my aching nipples, telling me he loved my big tits and loved sucking on my nipples.

After I came, which was at least 50 times, I had him roll over on his back and on my pumps until my pussy reached the crown of his huge cock.

"Let me fuck you baby. I want to ride that great, big, beautiful cock of yours," I said heatedly as I held it steadily in my hand, while I lined his cockhead up to my hanging fuck lips. The instant my fathers cockhead parted my hanging pussy lips I went crazy and came. It was the thing I had been waiting for all week, to fuck my fathers cock, to turn him on by using my incredible pussy that I knew he lusted for, for years.

I began spiraling my ass in small circles around and around, very slowly until his cockhead slipped just beyond the opening of my burning fuck lips. Once his huge grapefruit sized cockhead was lodged between my engorged fuck lips, I began filling my pussy with his enormous cock again. Inch by in, my pussy shuddered and came until all 12 were buried deep inside me.

As I spiraled down on it, I began to think about how perfect my fathers huge cock felt in my tight pussy. I've never had a cock feel so perfect in my pussy before. Not Mr. Jeffers, Not my boyfriends or my boyfriends father Mr. Hall. The only cock that would ever drive more fuck- crazy than my fathers cock would be my 78 year old grandfather, my mothers father. My grandfathers massive 14 inch cock, would be the biggest and most sexiest cock I would ever fuck in my life. My grandfathers cock and the powerful way he fucked would make me delirious, but until then, I would love fucking my fathers sexy cock every chance I got.

As I fucked up and down my fathers huge shaft we kissed like lovers, groaning out loud, filling the room with the lust filled sounds of two sex- crazed lovers. The feeling of my fathers hands on my ass, then running across my garters and stockings sent sparks deep into my pussy as we fucked. His touch on my soft skin and my garters and stockings added to my incredible state of arousal. The way he spread my ass cheeks as I fucked his enormously fat shaft, gave it a little more access to my smoking cunt. My father knew his huge cock and knew exactly how to use it when he fucked.

Fucking my father was so different than all the other men I fucked. Although they all had huge cocks, especially my grandfather who was the biggest of them all at 14" and 10" around, my father fucked to please and excite me. The others used my pussy to please their enormous cocks, pummeling me to the point of me passing out, where my father used his huge 12 in to please me, fucking me with the most incredible and intimate passion. Although I loved being taken by the other, powerful men, and loved knowing they hungered me and that my body drove them crazy, there was so much more explosive intimacy between my father and I.

At one point I squatted on my pumps and rode him up and down as he pinched my nipples. My pussy was screaming as it rode the freakish length of his huge cock. I rose up and down, spiraling my ass around his huge shaft, cumming all over it, as I happily and proudly pleased every inch of my fathers giant cock. Feeling it throb inside me was the sexiest feeling in the world.

After I shuddered and came, my father placed me on my side and got behind me and lifted my right leg, holding my ankle then began fucking me. Looking in the mirror and seeing his giant, 12 inch cock sliding in and out of me made me so hot. Seeing me dressed in my white bustier, stockings and high heels, as my long, white garters stretched along my side while my sexy father was fucking his huge cock into me was the hottest sight. We fucked in this sexy position for almost an hour, kissing as his hands roamed all over me.

That night we went back and forth, fucking each other, kissing, and driving each other crazy, but, mostly it was my father and his incredible skills at fucking and turning me on that drove me absolutely crazy. This was a far cry from where I had come with my father. I went from loathing him to being crazed to fuck him.

There was so much lust between us that time seemed to stand still as we fucked in an endless rhythm that went on and on. Through the night there was a hunger to please each other that couldn't be denied, and as the orgasms grew in numbers, so did our lust to fuck each other. In one position my father led me to the sofa, where he had me put my knees on the cushions as I lead forward. He fucked me masterfully from behind while leaning over me. As his huge cock split the folds of my pussy he would kiss my neck and tell me how sexy I was, and how incredible my pussy felt. I went from one blissful orgasm to another as my fathers giant cock slow-fucked into me. Knowing how turned he was to me and how bad he wanted to fuck me for so long added so much heat to our intimate fuck.

After an hour of fucking so intimately, we stood in front of the sofa and went into a sexy kiss, with our mouths wide open and our tongues flicking wildly across each other. As we kissed my hands were sexily stroking his huge 12 inch hard on until I bent at the waist and began flicking my tongue feverishly over his great big cock head.

I was moaning like crazy and said, "Oh baby lie back so I can ride the fuck out of your great big sexy cock."

Once he sat back on sofa his huge cock thumped menacingly across his tight chest until it settled and rose up to the bottom of his chin. His 12 inch cock looked so freakishly huge on his tight, slender frame. When his huge cock came to rest against his chest, I moaned out loud saying, "Ohhhhh fuck!" The wild maze of thick angry veins stuck out from the sides of his enormous shaft, making it look almost frightening!

His cock was pulsing violently as if to say, 'Come and suck it NOW!' I was so fucking horny to fuck his huge cock again, but I had to play with it first. I needed to make love to his huge cock again and it was my way of showing him how bad I needed to please him.

I kneeled on the sofa and began kissing him while I pumped his huge cock, as it towered up his chest. As I pumped it lovingly I moaned with lust and then began spitting all over his huge cock saying, "Oh baby, your cock is so fucking huge...Sooo fucking huge... I'm gonna get it nice and wet while I jack it in my hands, then I'm gonna put it back into my horny pussy and ride the fuck out of it until you cum like crazy lover!"

I continued to spit all over his giant cock and pumped it lovingly up and down while we kissed for about a half hour. As I pumped his giant shaft I actually came as I watched and felt his massive tower slide between my hands. I so worked up, knowing that I was stroking such a huge cock and that it belonged to my sexy father. I was so proud and turned on that I was exciting his huge cock.

I then began licking up and down each side of my fathers huge shaft, marveling its incredible size as I groaned over and over saying, "Ummm sooo big. So fucking big" As I licked up and down his saliva coated shaft I looked up at him with lust in my eyes and moaned like a little school girl saying, "Oh baby I love blowing your huge cock." I was consumed with lust and needed to please every inch of that monster cock more than anything in the world.

I was consumed with lust, lust for his huge 12 inch cock. All I could think about was pleasing it and thoroughly worshiping it. I was depraved with lust for my fathers giant cock. All the years of teasing him and being such a bitch to him were all behind me now and the only thing in the world that mattered to me now was pleasing every inch of his huge tireless cock. I wanted to please every long vein that protruded from his angry monstrous shaft. I wanted to please his huge cock head and his long hanging balls. All I wanted to do was turn him on and drive him wild for me, and let him fuck me the way he always wanted. I knew my father fucked all the time, and knew a lot of the girls were my own girlfriends, but now the only thing I wanted was to be his exclusive fuck.

As I crazily licked up one side of his mammoth shaft then down the other the room was filed with my moaning, saying, "Such a big fucking cock...All I want to do is please it baby....Please it for you...Oh God your huge cock is driving me crazy baby...I could suck your huge hard on all day and night baby."

"Oh fuck Allison, this is a dream come true baby," he groaned through clinched teeth as I grinned up at him slyly with my tongue darting across his giant shaft.

As I excitedly worshiped his great big cock he was looking at my body and groaning about how hot and sexy I was and that I was driving his huge cock insane.

Once his giant shaft was thoroughly coated with my thick wet saliva I said, "Oh baby now I'm gonna ride the fuck out of this huge horny cock."

I then turned my back to his and lifted one of my long stocking covered legs over his thigh. With my high heels on I was able to raise my ass up above his towering shaft, just barely above his huge cock head. I lifted his huge shaft with both hands and began to insert the head of his cock past the mouth of my sizzling turned on 18 year old pussy. I then began the long, slow journey down to the base of his huge shaft. I was so fucking wet and turned on that I began cumming instantly as I dropped my tight as a glove pussy from the head of his cock to the base.

When I bottomed out I turned my head and moaned, "Oh fuck your sexy cock is soooo fucking big...Soooo fucking big baby... Oh god, your huge cock feels so fucking good in my pussy baby."

I then turned my head to the side and we met for a brief tongue kiss. We were starving for a kiss as both our tongues instantly came out of our mouths. Both of our tongues instinctually came out of our mouths and the hot points met and flicked up and down against each other for a few naughty seconds. It was a constant reminder of how turned on we were to each other.

I then pushed off my high heel pumps and rose up until I reached the tip of that huge, beautiful cock. I was so glad I had on my high heel pumps because the extra three inches helped me raise my sexy ass up high enough to get above the big crown of his wide cock head. Once I reached the tip of his towering cock I put my hands on his slender thighs and began to swirl my ass around in a teasing and sexy way, all over that big fat cock head.

My father was moaning like crazy from the sight of my wild ass swirling in slow deliberate spirals as my pussy gripped and sucked on his huge cock head, before it dropped back down his endless shaft again slowly. As I dropped back down he reached out and rested his hands on the lace tops of my thigh high stockings.

As I began fucking up and down on his giant cock he ran his hands teasingly up and down my nylons and told me how sexy I was and how good I was at fucking his huge cock. At one point he grabbed the backs of my thighs and lifted my long stocking covered legs straight out and told me to cross them.

As I crossed one of my high heels over the other he moaned and said, "Yeah baby let me look at those sexy long legs in those hot stockings and those naughty white high heels while I fuck you deep. As he slow fucked into me he said in a thrilled voice, "Oh yeah that looks real sexy baby...Real sexy."

As he was fucking into me I looked in the mirrored wall and saw the sly look on his face as he took in the sexy sight of my long stocking covered legs with my white open toed high heel pumps on as his giant cock tunneled its way menacingly in and out of my sex starved cunt.

I was going crazy from the new sensation I was receiving from his massive cock as my stocking crossed legs tightened my pussy even more around his extremely fat cock. It was so sexy fucking his huge cock while I rested against his chest and he held my long stoking covered crossed legs out. The new sensation of having my long stocking covered legs and my high heels crossed was driving me insane as my pussy clung to his monster cock. This tightening of my pussy made my father groan deeply, as he enjoyed the sensation of my tight- as - a glove pussy wrapped around him. I was exploding with every invading thrust as his huge cock continued to be prying me wide apart. I was cumming so much that I thought I was about to pass out from the sheer pleasure.

He then placed the heels of my white pumps on his thighs and as he held onto each of the three inch heels he began fucking me harder and crazier. As he fucked way up into me my heels dug into his thighs which only fueled his fire and made him fuck me faster, deeper and harder. It was the first time since we started our fuck that my father was aggressive with me. It showed a completely different side to him, a side like Mr. Jeffers or my boyfriends father, a powerful, confident side that I knew I'd ever see from him.

"Oh fuck. Take my pussy with that huge-assed cock baby," I snarled as he fucked way-up into the back of my smoking cunt. "I know I've been such a bitch to you and that great big cock of yours for years," I moaned loudly as he thrust in and out of my pussy at a frightening pace. I was going crazy as I looked across the room and saw our reflection in the mirror.

It looked so wild seeing my fathers enormous, 12 inch cock fucking into my teenage pussy and seeing my long fuck lips stretch so far apart as they clung to his giant cock with each long punishing stroke. One time his giant cock sprang free from my pussy and swung wildly about as it was coated with the juice of my soaked pussy. It was such an amazing sight to see this freakish cock waving angrily from side to side and thinking that it actually fit into my tight 18 year old pussy. The sight was so wild seeing my pussy stay so stretched apart without closing. His monster cock spread me so far apart it looked like a tunnel. It was shocking to see my once tight as a glove pussy stretched out as wide as a beer can!

As I watched this freakish scene in terror, my father shouted out in a demanding voice which both shocked and turned me on.

"Fucking put it back it," he commanded, in a dark voice I had never heard before. For a second he transformed into the men like Mr Jeffers and Mr. Hall, that fucked me for their own pleasure. I like it, and I let him punish me with his huge cock all he wanted. I greedily reached out and grabbed that swaying cock and lined it back up between my fuck lips and continued to moan and cry out in dark seeded lust.

"Oh fuck...take that sexy 18 year old pussy with that giant cock....take it all baby...make it yours baby. I know I've been such a bitch to you."

My father saw me looking in the mirror and once he watched my young 18 year old pussy being spread six inches across by his giant cock he began thrusting and swearing crazily saying, "Oh you fucking sexy teasing bitch. All these years of being such a bitch to me, teasing me every day with that amazing body," he snarled as he pummeled into me. "These sexy stockings and high heels are driving me crazy baby. Reminds me of how you used to dress purposely when you tried to tease me," he snarled as I moaned meeting his every thrust and saying I loved his huge cock and that I would have fucked him a lot sooner if I knew he was this big. "Yeah that's it baby; take my big fucking cock that you got so turned on from from driving me crazy all these years."

I was out of my mind with lust from the way my father was fucking me now. Shifting from the most incredible slow fucking to an insane, fierce level of intensity that had my pussy exploding with each thrust. This change in my father was so hot, knowing that he was using my pussy to punish me for all the torturous years of teasing him. Yeah, that's it baby, watch your sexy, teasing pussy cum all over my big fat cock you sexy fucking teaser you."

As he fucked way up into me savagely he kept uttering things like," Now that you know I 've got a real big cock, one as big as your nigger Principal, you're going crazy to fuck it." Even though he used a racial slur I didn't care, because I knew he was right. If he had a small cock I still would have fucked him, but it would have been a lot different. Now he was in control, in control of me and my body. Him having a huge cock changed things between us. Where I was the one in control, being the absolute bitch to him for being a gutless man, controlled by my grandfather, I was now the one going out of my mind, desperate to please him.

"Yeah baby, all your girlfriends knew about this big cock.,
he blurted out in an angered tone. "While you were out getting fucked by your tiny-dicked boyfriends, they were all here getting fucked by this big cock," he snarled.

I was delirious hearing this and thrust my pussy on his huge shaft with so much force I thought I was going to pass out. "Oh fuck baby, I'm so sorry I was such a bitch to you. Never again baby. All I want to do now is fuck you and your great big cock. No more bitch to you baby," I groaned as my pussy gripped his huge shaft and came like a freight train.

"Yeah, that's it baby," I was howling as I came again and again from watching his huge cock fucking into me from the mirror. I loved knowing that my pussy and the look of my thigh high stockings and white high heels were making his huge cock mad with lust.

After a while my father brought his hands under my sexy milky white ass and cupped my ass cheeks, which helped guide me up and down his huge cock. It was a speed he wanted to fuck at. He was controlling the action which turned me on. I began fucking up and down faster and harder on his huge hard on as his hands cupped my sexy ass. I loved the feeling of his hands on my perfect round ass, as he played with it while he guided my pussy over his huge cock.

I sneered, "Yeah baby, grab that sexy 18 year old ass while I fuck up and down on your great big 12 inch cock, you big cocked fuck you." We were now in a rage to out fuck one another and we went back to fucking like two sex starved animals. "You'll never need those bitches pussy's again," I snarled, referring to my girlfriends as I slammed onto my fathers giant cock.

As I continued to fuck up and down on my fathers huge cock I repeated over and over saying, "Oh baby your cock is so fucking big....So fucking big baby... I can feel it everywhere baby...Oh baby, you're stuffing every inch of my teenage pussy baby....Uhhhh....baby fuck every inch of it."

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