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Humiliation Gone Wrong


"Mmm, so how much do I owe you for this?" Ashley asked in a slow and seductive tone. She was considered one of the prettiest girls at her school. Everyone admired her perfect, long black hair, smooth and flawless skin and at eighteen years of age, she supported a wonderful pair of 36DD-cup breasts. When it came to boys, she could get anything and everything she wanted and that was exactly what she was doing.

The nerdy pimply boy named Calvin stuttered nervously "Uh... uh... uh n-no charge. C-consider it a gift." Calvin worked part time at a chemistry lab and Ashley had requested him to smuggle something capable of severely disorienting someone. Of course doing something of this nature could get him into a great deal of trouble but this was a rare occasion that a girl, much less one of the hottest and most popular girls, had ever spoken to him. He couldn't resist her request. "Just, just, I just mean, well, be careful with that. I mean, you'll probably be fine but-" Calvin went on.

"-It's ok, don't worry about it." Ashley interrupted. She smiled innocently at the boy and leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. "Thank you so much. I would never have been able to complete my chemistry project with out you" explained Ashley. "I will see you in class on Monday." Ashley took the box containing what she asked for from Calvin and began to walk away.

Calvin was blushing a bright shade of red. "S-see you!" he said as he waved good bye to her. "I'd give anything to just squeeze one of her boobs for a few moments." he muttered under his breath as he walked back towards his home.

Not long after she had departed from her meeting, Ashley eagerly popped open her cell phone and dialed her friend Jenny. "Hey, it's Ashley. I got it!" she happily yelled into the phone. "It's a good thing too because if I had to look at Calvin one more time, I would have had to gauge my eyes out" she laughed.

"Good job, girlfriend" Jenny replied over the phone in her usual sassy tone. "I knew you could do it. This is going to be so great! You will go down in history, mm-hmm" Jenny flattered her.

"Finally, that bitch will get what's coming to her." exclaimed Ashley deviously. "All this planning is finally coming through." Ashley had long held a bitter rivalry with Brooke, another girl who was the member of the same social group. Brooke rivaled Ashley for the title of best looking girl at the school and although they mingled together, both girls secretly hated each other. Recently Brooke had been even more obnoxious then she usually was and had spread sex rumors about Ashley and an African American boy at the school. Ashley was able to convince some of the other girls to join her in a plan to humiliate Brooke. At a party after the winter formal, they would give her a drug that would cause her to become disoriented. Once she was out of it, the football team would take advantage of her.

"I can't wait to see this, uh huh." Jenny chatted excitedly. "I already talked to Ken, everything is in place." Ken was a receiver on the football team. "Well, I got to go now." Jenny turned off her phone and the conversation ended.

Part 2

Ashley lifted a beer can up to her lips and took a small sip. Fresh from the dance, Ashley was dressed in a revealing black dress which hugged her young and smooth curves. She had received nothing but compliments on how sexy she looked since she had arrived. Like any party, there was quite a bit of underage drinking going on. Ashley's rival Brooke had already had quite a bit to drink. This is what Ashley had hoped for; if Brooke cried foul, Ashley would simply claim that she had drank too much and lost control. Ashley tried to look like she was enjoying the party but as time passed; she became increasingly anxious about her plan.

Finally Ashley's friend Jenny approached her. Jenny was wearing a purple dress which fit nicely with her dark brown skin. Ashley had recruited Jenny to deliver a drug laced drink to Brooke because it would be far too suspicious if she had done it herself. "Ok, I gave it to her. It should start affecting her soon" explained Jenny. "Now we just wait."

Ashley nodded her head. She scooted toward Brooke to get a better look. Brooke was dressed in a white dress that cut off a little above her knees. The dress molded well with her light skin and light blonde hair. The dress was not much more conservative then Ashley's, her even larger 38EE-cup breasts jutted out and grabbed the attention of all the boys of the room.

Brooke walked in the opposite direction and Ashley began to follow through the crowd of people congregating around the party. Ashley stumbled a bit and felt her legs getting a bit numb. She suddenly became nauseous. "Oh no" she thought to herself. "This is a horrible time to have to vomit." Ashley wondered if perhaps she had had too much to drink. The room blurred a bit and she quickly grabbed hold of a door near her and went inside. The music from the party rang through out her aching head. Finally, she collapsed on the ground.

Ashley awoke from the ground with a pounding head ache. The first thing she became conscious of was how cold she was. She wrapped her arms around herself and shivered. She then realized she was not wearing any clothes. Her dress was gone. Light shining through the window blinds showed it was at least the next morning. Ashley then noticed residue all over her. It looked like someone had poured glue all over her body.

The room Ashley was in looked like a guest bedroom. There was a bed, dresser, and a closed closet. A TV stood opposite to wear she was standing. A note hanging on the bottom said "ASHLEY – PRESS PLAY". Ashley grabbed a blanket from off of the bed and wrapped herself up in it and then walked over and hit play.

The screen flickered on and a muffled voice said "Is it on... oh yeah, it is. OK". The picture was dark and indecipherable. Then, after some clatter, a light came on and revealed Ashley, in her dress, laid down on the ground. Some giggling could be heard and whoever was holding the camera moved up to her and began to shake her sleeping body. "Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey" the voice said in a southern accent. Ashley recognized the southern-tinged voice as belonging to Brooke.

As the video went on, Ashley opened her eyes slightly and muttered something along the lines of "leave me alone". She then yawned and tried to lay back down.

Brooke, who was holding the camera, shook Ashley more. "No, you got to stay up. You're going to have some visitors in a second." she explained. Suddenly a bunch of noise could be heard in the background and Brooke turned the camera toward several members of the school football team. The most popular of the team were not represented but it mostly consisted of the bigger linemen and other members with out girlfriends.

One of the football players walked over toward Ashley and sat down next to her. He lifted her back up with his arm and began to rub one of her breasts. Ashley moaned softly and closed her eyes. He then pushed his other hand under her dress and began to stroke her pussy. The motion could be seen through her dress and it was obvious he had been fingering her. Instead of protesting, Ashley moaned in pleasure.

The boy stopped what he was doing and asked her "Is it alright if I remove your dress? You see, it is getting a bit in the way..." he explained to her. Brooke's snickering could be heard in the background.

"Yes.. unh.." replied Ashley. The straps on the top of her dress were quickly slid off, causing her bra-covered chest to lurch forward and jiggle. The dress was then unzipped in the back and pulled off of her. Ashley had worn black lace lingerie to the dance.

Many of the boys gasped. Some moved in closer for a better look. The boy who had removed her dress slid his fingers back under her panties and continued to finger her. "Now..." he said calmly to her. "The only thing getting in the way is that underwear of yours. You wouldn't mind if we took that off, would you?"

Ashley did not object. Many of the boys moved in close to her and Brooke had to move closer to get a good camera shot. The boy who had addressed her reached behind her back and unsnapped her lace bra. The back straps fell to either side of her. Slowly but surely, the lace bra began to slide off her large breasts. In a final dramatic moment, it dropped off and her large tits bounced up and down in freedom. Many of the boys gasped. Quickly, hands shot out in order to get a squeeze of her exposed breast flesh.

After a significant amount of breast play, Ashley was stood up. The same boy who had removed her bra took hold of her panties. This time he was quick about it and shoved them down her legs. Brooke moved the camera downward to get a good view of Ashley's exposed pussy. By this time, word had gotten around and even more people from the school were in the room watching.

The leader of the boys resumed fingering her. He looked up at the other football team members as well as the other people in the room. "Well, she's ready when you are". Several of the football team members began to shed their clothing. They unbuttoned their dress shirts and stepped out of their pants. The other girls huddled around Brooke giggled as their big erections practically exploded out of their boxer shorts. Ashley was pulled down into a sitting position and the boy who had been fingering her laid down and resumed. Another boy approached her, his big cock waving and bouncing as he walked. The large piece of meat hovered back and forth across from her face. The pulsating head slowly moved forward until it pressed against her soft lips.

Ashley's tired eyes looked glazed over and her expression was one of both pleasure and exhaustion. When the sweaty cock pressed to her lips, she opened her mouth and let it slide in. Vaguely aware of what was going on with her, she realized what she was supposed to do and began to gently slide her mouth back and forth across the cock, occasionally swirling her tongue around the shaft.

The boy moaned as she pleasured his rock-hard cock. The blowjob was sloppy due to Ashley's disorientation. She made an obnoxious slurping noise and saliva dropped from her mouth. Luckily, most of the football players present were virgins and wouldn't be difficult to get off. The boy stuffed his cock far into her. She gargled a bit and deep throated the cock. As he pulled back out, her teeth lightly brushed against the sensitive area below the head. Quickly the boy pulled out, saliva dripping from his dick. He blew several loads of cum on to her left cheek. It took several second until he had shot most of it off. Finally, he grabbed some of her long black hair and used it to wipe off the remaining cum on his cock.

After this, several of the other boys forged toward her. They each sported their own big erections. Ashley took one of the cocks and started to suck at it. Before the boy could get off, he pulled out and another took his place. There were five cocks hanging around and they started taking turns getting sucked on for a little bit. At one point, two of the boys had their cocks pushed inside of Ashley's mouth at once. Both pulsated and vibrated as she sucked. In a short time, the boys could no longer handle it and they all ejaculated over Ashley's face. The first blew his load on the side of her nose, another hit her bottom lip and chin. One boy ejaculated in her mouth, half spilling out and half being swallowed. The other two boys got off on to her cheek and forehead.

Brooke's voice called out "Jenny, you have GOT to see this!" Brooke swiveled the camera towards Ashley's friend Jenny who had been talking to some people in the back of the room. Brooke filmed Jenny as she approached Ashley and took sight of her cum covered face. She at first gasped and then laughed. Brooke pushed through the boys to get a big close up of the cum dripping off of Ashley's face. Ashley, who was continuing to be fingered, moaned and grunted.

More boys from the football team approached. The boy fingering Ashley stopped and she was lifted up and over to the bed nearby. The boys spread her legs at the end of the bed and admired her dripping wet pussy. Several fingers probed and pressed her vagina as many of the football team members experienced their first pussy. Eventually one of the boys leaned up against her and began to push in his cock.

Ashley, up until this point, had been a virgin. She had given head to guys occasionally but for the most part she had been a big tease. When the cock pushed inside of her, some blood spilt out. The boy pulled out immediately but once he realized he had just taken her virginity and hadn't hurt her, he pushed back forward. At first Ashley's body recoiled in pain as her pussy was opened up and stretched for the first time but soon she was shaking in pleasure. The boy rapidly pushed in and out of her. His cock deeply poked her insides and then came out vibrating against her clitoris. It did not take long for the boy, also a virgin, to blow his load.

Soon after, another boy took the former's place and pushed deep inside of Ashley and began to pump. Her breasts bounced back and forth with each thrust into her. When he was about to reach orgasm, he pulled his cock out of her and shot streams up and over on to her stomach. The third guy entered her and began to thrust which caused Ashley to start quivering. Her moaning which had previously been soft became loud and rowdy. She breathed harder and experienced her first orgasm of the night.

A fourth and then a fifth boy entered her and got off. Other people waiting for a turn to fuck Ashley grew impatient and climbed on to a bed. One boy pushed into her mouth and she began to give blowjobs once again. Soon after, another boy moved up and hovered above her stomach. He pushed his cock in-between Ashley's large bouncing breasts and squeezed them tightly around his cock. Other boys present, some on the football team and some partygoers, gathered around the bed and jacked off. If they couldn't hold it off until they got a turn at fucking her, they would move up to her chest, face, or hair and deposit their cum.

After being fucked several times, the sex became more of the same and Brooke became bored. She commanded to one of the boys "I think she would like for you to do her anally." Brooke's snickering, once again, could be heard in the video.

The boy who Brooke commanded was hesitant to take the forbidden route. He replied cautiously "I don't know about that..."

"Oh come on. I bet that whore would love every second of it!" Brooke argued. She turned to Jenny and said "Hey get the other girls in here. Ashley is about to take it majorly up the ass."

Ashley's body was turned over on the bed. The boy spread both of her ass cheeks wide open. His trembling cock slowly moved forward to the entrance. With cheers from the crowd, he began to push the head inside. It was definitely a tight fit and Ashley began to thrash and wince in pain. The boy was unsure of what he should do. He decided to move on slowly due to the peer pressure from the crowd.

As Ashley became more comfortable with a cock in her ass, the boy became more confident with the speed and depth he pushed it. Overtime he was able to get a fairly good pumping rhythm going. Every time he moved in, Ashley's ass cheeks jiggled. Brooke's prediction also eventually turned out to be true. As time went on, Ashley began to thoroughly enjoy her ass fucking. She moaned and in-between moans she would beg "Fuck me harder. Oh... fuck me... in the ass." Despite being barely conscious, Ashley recognized the pleasurable feelings she was experiencing.

Murmuring and laughter could be made out from the crowd watching her ass-fucking. The voice of her friend Jenny said "I never knew she was such a big slut." Eventually hot warm cum filled her asshole and the boy stepped aside. Ashley had her second big orgasm and more and more boys lined up for a chance of using her.

Brooke laughed as she filmed "We are not even half way done here..." Her statement evoked a lot of laughter from the crowd. "This will go down in history. Every new generation at our school is going to hear about this."

The television flickered off. There was more video but Ashley couldn't bear to watch herself be humiliated anymore. She felt sick when she realized the residue all over her was the dried cum of many different men. Running her hand through her hair she felt big clumps. A mirror on the dresser showed that her face had been caked in it. She also noticed that both her pussy and asshole felt extremely sore. When she ran her finger over herself, she realized she was much looser and opened up then she had been previously. Ashley now remembered the events from the last night although only slightly, as if she had watched from a distance. The drug she had planned on giving to Brooke must have been used against herself instead.

Ashley slowly slid open the door to the room she was in. She saw nobody in the connected room so she slowly crept out. She was covered only in the blanket which she held wrapped around her cum covered body. Cautiously, she tip-toed toward the door.

"Hey Ms. Nympho" came the taunting voice of Brooke. Brooke had been sitting in a chair against the wall. Ashley had not seen her. Brooke was wearing a red t-shirt and a white pair of jeans. Relaxed, she was sipping a glass of orange juice. "Have a good rest?" Brooke asked.

"You bitch!" furiously yelled Ashley as she tightly clutched her blanket. "You had me raped! You will be in so much trouble for this!" Ashley growled.

Brooke giggled softly at Ashley's aggressive demeanor. "I had you raped, did I? Well, any drug you may have ingested is one you specifically asked for from a certain nerd named Calvin. From rumors I have heard, you enjoy getting drugged up and having trippy gangbang sex parties. After all, you certainly got into it as you have probably seen in the video" she sneered. Brooke stood up and confidently strutted over toward Ashley.

"You are done with Ashley" Brooke explained. "Everyone probably knows about your little sexcapade already and nobody is going to have any sympathy for such a bitch like you. I know you wanted to have me raped and I know everyone hates you because you are a bitch to them. You can withdraw from everyone and try to hide but it will catch up with you. You can try and fight me but I will just show everyone this tape and let you relive your humiliation again and again, or you can accept your role as a whore and be my whore. You do what I tell you to and I will not show this tape to anyone else. You'll even still be allowed to hang out with your friends as opposed to being completely alone, how does that sound?"

Ashley had no choice but to accept the third option. It would be humiliating but she had to cut her losses. She couldn't thrive with out a position in the social structure. Ashley was never particularly smart in school or gifted in anyway. Her social life was her life. Ashley reflected and finally came to a decision. She nodded in agreement to Brooke's terms.

Brooke grinned at Ashley "You have made a wise choice, whore." She reached under her chair and pulled out the dress that Ashley had worn to the party. Gently, she tossed it to Ashley. "You can wear this but don't wipe off that cum until you get home. Let it be a reminder of what you did last night." Brooke waited a bit and then continued "You have my permission to leave."

Ashley nodded and slid into the dress. Quickly she left the house. She climbed into her car as fast as she could to avoid being seen. Her life would certainly change from this point on. She had no idea what to expect. One thing was for sure. There was only one top girl at the school now, and it was Brooke.



This is my second story for this website. I enjoyed writing this story. If I get positive feedback, I will definitely write a sequel. Please email me if you enjoyed it.

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Why is it a shame he retired?

This author is terrible. After reading this and Bikini Gangbang Slut thank god he doesn't write anymore.

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