tagSci-Fi & FantasyHunter of Evil Ch. 02

Hunter of Evil Ch. 02


Chapter 02: Homeward Bound

Murdoch stood up and wiped a stray trickle of blood from his mouth before placing the body in front of him into the creek, causing it to dissolve. The nymph had been very pretty, indistinguishable from a human woman except that the hair on her head was never dry. The trees were too thick in this part of the forest for him to see the time of day but he could tell it was only an hour past noon from the slant of the sunlight through the leaves. When was the last time he had finished a hunt so fast? Most of the day still remained before Alaine would rendezvous with him. Stuffing his clothes into his pack, Murdoch took off upstream to a familiar haunt.

A quarter of a mile he arrived. The place was secluded, hidden by the surrounding rock hollows that the creek streamed off of into a small pond before continuing on to the house he had grown up in. It was his favorite place to escape to when he was younger and many hot summer days had been spent skinny dipping in the chilly waters. Of course back then the water was much deeper whereas now it barely came to his chest. He stood a moment and let the cascade flow over his head. It wasn't the Savior Falls nor did he have any blessed soap on him but it would cleanse him a bit for now.

Murdoch sensed before he heard the presence approach. Spinning around he dropped in the water up to his chin, stirring up the pond bed to cloud the water as his hands searched for a good sized rock. A few feet from the bank, a statuesque woman leaned against the trunk of a birch tree staring at him with a sly grin. She was completely nude and lean, he could see a few of her ribs as she stretched, showing off her smallish, but very perky breasts. There was not a hair on her but save for her deep red cropped mane, the color of blood. Her eyes were a bright green and pierced his with such intensity Murdoch thought he might grow blind. But this did not stop him from smiling.

"Hellow Isabel," he said as he got up out of the water and took her into his arms.

"Murdoch," she gasped after they shared a deep kiss. "Mmmmm.... you've grown up quite well," she moaned as her hand traced his toned body.

"This does bring back... fond memories," the hunter said, jumping as her hand reached his groin.

"Let's relive some of them..." Isabel laughed as she pulled the human to the ground.


It was official, Murdoch was now an adult. This was the start of his last week at home and he was not sorry to say bye to any of it... except for the woods.

The forest that sat upon the property of his family's lord had always been the only real friend Murdoch had and he knew it better than anyone, including the secret waterfall. The underbrush and lay of the land made it very difficult and dangerous to reach unless you knew the right path and he'd used it many, many times to hide from his folks or the other kids of the village. It was a hot day near the end of June this time when he reached the falls and decided to cool off in the water. Now he lay upon the leaves that had fallen around the pond's shore throughout the years, staring up at the sky as he remembered all the times he'd spent here. A rustle drew him upright and he looked to see the most gorgeous woman he could've ever imagined standing there before him. Like any of the other boys, he longed for the company of the girls around the village but none would have him, nor could his parents arrange anything with their neighbors, Murdoch had resigned himself to a life of celibacy. Yet here was a girl approaching him, a real flesh and blood woman who's lust seemed to mirror his own in her eyes. He had heard many sermons on the dangers and corruptions of lust, but all of them flew from his memory as the nude woman leaned down and pressed her lips against his.

The boy thought he was going to explode with sensation as pleasure raced through his body, concentrating in his rock hard cock. The woman leaned him back onto the ground without breaking their kiss. Her tongue slid between his lips and Murdoch thought heaven could be no better than the touch of this woman against him.

As one of her hands gripped the back of his head, the other slid down to his crotch, caressing him to new heights of joy that curled his toes. Any conscious thoughts that might have been in his mind evaporated as instinct took over. Murdoch's own hands traced the contours of the woman's body before grabbing her hips and trying to maneuver her waiting pussy over his desperate cock. She didn't release him but instead placed his penis' head at the mouth of her vagina. The woman winked at him as she pulled back finally, raising up as she slowly slid down upon his throbbing member.

Murdoch groaned and growled like an animal as the silky pussy enveloped him. The woman too moaned with pleasure as she bottomed out on him. They savored each other a moment, their hands flowing over each other's body. Then the woman began to raise up and sink slowly back down. The boy thrust with her as his eyes rolled back. He could not imagine a tighter or smoother pussy surrounding him. Their bodies rocked faster in time together as their cries of lust echoed through the trees. Murdoch wished he could never leave this moment, never have a single second that he wasn't inside this woman as she bounced upon his cock. The two of them thrust harder and harder as if their groins could never be close enough. Suddenly, Murdoch sat up slightly, gripping the woman's hips as he drove deeper into her than ever and came with explosive force. The woman too dug her fingers into his back as she arched her back and screamed, cum soaking his cock and balls.

Exhausted, the two of the fell back onto the ground. It was several minutes before Murdoch was able to get his breath back, saying, "That... was beyond... incredible."

The woman sighed with contentment as her hand tickled his chest. "I've... I've wanted this for so long."

"Who are you?"

"I am Isabel," she said, raising up to give him a kiss. "I've watched you a long time, Murdoch."

At his bewildered expression, she continued, "These woods are my home. I'm a dryad. From the first moment I saw you... I knew you were someone that truly loved me and my sisters for what we were."

"Why couldn't I have met you sooner?" the boy sighed. "Thursday is my birthday and I will officially be an adult. I've been given a chance to become a squire and... maybe someday, a knight!" He stared at Isabel's beauty as he caressed her cheek. "I don't know if I'll ever return."

"I'll wait as long as I have to," she whispered. Then, pulling him on top of her the dryad giggled, "But we can still make the most of this week..."


"That seems like such a long time ago," said Murdoch as he and Isabel cuddled.

"Not that long for we who's souls are bound to the trees," the dryad smiled, her hand sliding down to his cock. "I've waited for you."


"I know you've probably been with other women," she interrupted. "I don't care. Hold me like you did that week in June."

"I... can't," he replied, his eyes glistening with sorrow.

"But... you are not bound to another. I would not even be able to touch you."

"No it's... I'm not the boy you loved long ago."

Isabel smiled and in that moment it took every ounce of Murdoch's will not to take her then and there. "I know, you're now a man."

"No I... I've been changed."

"Other than becoming much more physically appealing?"

He nodded. "In order to combat the growing evil around us, I've been... some might say blessed, technically it's a curse. I'm stronger now, and my senses are greatly improved. But..." The hunter paused a moment. "Let me put it this way: some say that vampires are a perversion of humanity, well you might call me a perversion of vampires. I feed now on the non-humans."

"So? We've been here for an hour now and you haven't bitten me or anything," Isabel protested.

"True. But a side effect of my curse is that... I can now last indefinitely sexually."

"Sounds like a good thing," the dryad laughed as a too familiar gleam touched her eyes.

"No, it's not. With each orgasm, my cock grows larger. Exactly how big I can get, if I even have a limit we haven't determined yet but I was able to entrap even a succubus upon me. But... I cannot seem to become flaccid again... I can't stop having sex until I've fed. When I bite the girl I'm being intimate with and drain her, then I have my last orgasm."

An uncomfortable silence settled between them until the dryad broke it. "So make me like you!"

"I'm... not like vampires that way my dear. I only feed, I cannot give life or transformations."

Tears cut a stream down Isabel's cheek as she fell into Murdoch's arms and sobbed upon his shoulder.


It was just after sundown with Alaine reached the old shack that her partner had arranged for them to meet at. Pushing aside the reed curtain that served as a door, she found him laying on the ground upon a straw mat.

"How'd it go?" Alaine asked, leaning over him so her face would block his view.

"The nymph is dead," he muttered, his gaze unfocused.

"Is everything ok?"

"Yeah," he said, getting up and shouldering his pack.

"I got some extra soap from father Eli and instructions on how to identify pure waters, so we don't always have to be dependent on Savior Falls."

Murdoch said nothing but continued on.

"What happened?" inquired Alaine.

"Just... saw an old friend."

She didn't know what was going on, but Alaine could tell by his tone that Murdoch was not going to talk about it any more and further prodding would only anger him. Finally she decided to try and cheer him up. "I do have some good news. The do appear to be signs of a werewolf pack in Northchester."

"Good. I'm getting hungry."

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