Husband Becomes Helen's Submissive


"As Pippa is now completely unable to move her head... I think that we should begin with her eyebrows." Alice told the others.

The others each nodded their consent, and Alice began her work on me. My already thinned eyebrows were plucked pencil thin, and were shaped into a high arch over my eyes. Once this had been completed, Alice tattooed over them, making them a permanent feature of my face!

The tattoo gun still in hand, Alice began working to give me my permanent 'eye-liner' blackening the areas around my eyes with a solid line of black ink. Long, thick, 'long-lasting' lashes were stuck over my natural one's, and were lengthened even further, as she covered them with special 'super-lengthening' mascara! The result of all of her work was that my eyes stood out amazingly... immediately drawing other peoples gazes directly to my face.

Alice changed the colour of the ink within the tattoo gun, swapping it for a deep, blood red... I felt her starting to work on my lips, reshaping and outlining them, so that they would be perceived as being full and shapely, as if I'd used a lip-liner. Alice changed the colour of the ink once more. This time, she chose a bright, scarlet-like 'Ferrari' red. This was the colour with which she covered my lips, careful to remain within the lip-outline that she'd shaped onto my mouth earlier.

I was now certain that I was in deep trouble! The 'feminising' make-over that I'd just undergone was largely of a 'permanent' type. Unlike the times when I'd fulfilled my crossdressing fantasy in the past, I'd be unable to return to being a man once it was over.

'How am I going to return to work on Monday?' I asked my self.

'What will my friends and family say when they see me like this?' I wondered.

'Can it be that Helen and the others intend to keep me 'force-femmed' forever more?' I considered, finally!

"Okay Alice. Now, I want you to pierce both of Pippa's ears, her left nostril, her tongue, and her belly-button. She's to wear large hoops in her ears, so pierce each ear with three holes... I think a stud through her nose, and a bar through her tongue and her belly!" Helen said.

"Shall I do her nipples too? We can replace the falsies over the piercings... but, if you decide to remove them at any time, her titties will still be sexy!" Alice queried.

"Great idea! Yes, let's do it!" was the unanimous reply.

I tried to protest, but the gag stopped me from doing so. Susan noticed, and said:

"I think that Pippa's trying to tell us what a good idea this is!"

All of the women laughed at this.

The piercings didn't take long, and I was soon decorated through each of my new holes. I'd only left a little pubic hair on my body when I'd depilated my body, but I was still a little surprised when Alice waxed me there, leaving only a thin strip above my cock! Next, she removed my wig, and shaved my head... totally bald, before replacing it on my head, and gluing it in place with some strong adhesive.

"She's ready now ladies. Shall we get her dressed again?" Alice prompted the others.

"Yes, let's!" Helen replied.

"You should make her wear your leather studded collar, Helen." Susan told her daughter.

"Oh yes! Good idea." Helen agreed.

I was released, and ordered back into my feminine attire. My gag wasn't removed, and once I was dressed, the collar was placed around my neck.

"Would you like to stay for Pippa's 'initiation' Alice? We would love for you to join us, in becoming one of Pippa's Mistresses!" Susan enquired.

"Yes, I'd love to. It would be an honour and a privilege." Alice responded.

"In that case, Alice... would you and Karen be so kind as to restrain our 'novice' slut? I'd like her tied down... face down, and bent over this large, leather armchair. Tie each of her arms to one of the wooden legs at the front of the chair... with her waist bent over its back, and then separate her legs, using the ankle spreader bar. Set the bar to its widest setting, and secure each of her ankles tightly, using the leather ankle-cuffs at each end." Susan instructed.

"Yes... and then would you use this to lubricate her arsehole? I have a little surprise in store for our new 'toy' girly. Mother and I will only be gone for a few minutes." Helen added.

Mother and daughter left the room, and I heard them climb the stairs, as they went into our bedroom... in search of God knows what! Karen and Alice followed their instructions, and I was soon bent in position, bound and helpless over the leather chair.

I felt both fear and excitement course through my body, as Karen drew my panties to one side at the rear, and began to lubricate my arse ring with large dollops of KY jelly. I jumped, as much as was possible... bound as I was, as I felt her pushing the lubricant up into my arse with her finger. At first there was only one, but I soon felt my anus being stretched, as two... and then three fingers penetrated my rear!

I couldn't believe it, as I felt my cock hardening in response to this stimulation... I felt both elated, and yet shamed and humiliated, at my inability to stop my cock from becoming hard... throbbing wildly, as I grew a rampant hard-on! I knew that this obvious response would only further incite my women captors... but I was completely incapable of controlling my growing exhilaration! Apprehension and horror flowed through me, as I realised that my prick had enlarged to the point where it was now touching Karen's fingers, as she finger fucked my rear end! I could feel it rubbing against them, through the fabric of my Cache-Sex!

At this very moment, I heard the door opening, and Helen and Susan entered the room. Karen blurted out:

"Just in time girls... look at this! Pippa's got an engorged clitty! The dirty little slut is enjoying being fucked by my hand! She's even trying to rub her clit against my fingers!"

"Excellent," Helen gasped, "because this is what I've brought down to surprise her with!" I was unable to see what she'd brought with her, but I heard Alice and Karen gasp... and then giggle at what they saw.

"Who wants to go first girls?" Susan asked, "How about you, Karen? Didn't your 'boss' try to fuck you at the Christmas party? I think it would be ironic if you were his... sorry, HER first, don't you?"

"Oh, yes please... may I? Can we get it all on video?" Karen replied.

"Good idea." Susan said, immediately retrieving the digital video camera from a draw... and placing it to one side, on a tripod... and switching it to record.

"Shall I show Pippa what's in store for her?" Helen asked.

"Why not?" Karen agreed.

Helen walked around in front of me, and showed me the item she'd brought down from our bedroom. My eyes bulged, as I saw the strap-on dildo that was in her hands. A 9" Latex cock, attached to a harness!

"Strip off then Karen..." Helen urged, "And then put this on!"

Karen came round in front of me, and began a sexy striptease, further stirring my rampant cock, and causing me to wriggle in my bonds!

"He wants to be a girl... so... let's show him everything that a girl must do! I seem to recall that these were my words when we caught you." Susan added.

"Yes," Alice piped up, "And let's face it... men always expect their women to service their cocks!"

"It'll be my pleasure to show you how we do it, Pippa." Karen finished.

Naked now, Karen slipped into the strap-on dildo, as Susan tightened it around her waist and hips, buckling it shut onto her groin. My eyes were transfixed, as I watched her Latex penis sticking out before her, as rampant as could be. It was as raging a hard-on as I had ever seen!

Panic swept through me, as Karen returned to my rear. Helen looked over to Alice, and said:

"I have another of those, right there..." She pointed to someplace behind my back. "Would you like to be the next to take part in her training? I was thinking that Pippa's first lesson could be 'The Spit-Roast...' Are you up for that?"

"I'd love it!" Alice replied, obviously excited at the prospect.

"Strip off too then Alice..." Helen urged, "And then put this one on for us!"

Alice too came around to face me, teasing me further as she removed her clothing, item by item... as provocatively as she could. I felt my pleasure rising, as the anticipation of what was to happen to me rose ever more!

Once more, I stared, as Alice slipped into the strap-on dildo... and as Susan tightened it around her waist and hips, buckling it shut onto her groin.

Susan approached each of the women. She handed each one a pair of high-heels, requesting that they don them, and explaining that naked women always looked far sexier in heels. She followed this by whispering to each one, and confirming with each of them what she had planned for them to do.

"Make sure that you get all of this on video, Helen. The girls are going to wear these Ballroom masks, so that they cannot be recognised... but, try to get Pippa's face in shot as often as you can, okay?" Susan said.

Alice and Karen complied at once... donning their masks, and thus hiding their identities from the camera. The ball-gag was removed from my mouth, but was immediately replaced by Alice's Latex cock. I felt my panties being moved to one side at the rear, and Karen gradually began to enter me, pushing her strap-on, gently into my arse. Slowly, I felt her filling my rear... pushing in the cock-head first of all, and then little by little, moving the shaft in and out of me!

I felt the skirt of my mini-dress being pushed up, over my hips, thus exposing my bum-cheeks to view. Karen withdrew the dildo from my backside. I suddenly felt something slapping my cheeks! I tried to yelp, but Alice was still fucking my mouth with her fake dick, and I only managed a muffled:


"'Pippa must be punished for lying...' I think these were the words I said to my daughter, weren't they Pippa? I also seem to recall saying to Karen: 'I hope that you will be willing to help my daughter and me to teach her perverted husband... Your 'kinky' boss... a lesson that he'll never forget!' Do you remember that Pippa? Well... you are about to receive a lengthy bout of 'corporal punishment' for lying to Helen! A punishment that I believe to be fitting to your 'crime.' A punishment that you are in the perfect position to receive, and so... A punishment that we will administer right now! Alice, until it's your turn, you will continue to make Pippa give you 'head.' This will ensure that she cannot scream, or become too noisy! Once it becomes your turn... Karen will swap places with you, so that Pippa's cooperation is assured."

"Pippa's punishment will consist of her arse being spanked by each one of us." Helen took over the instructions, which mother and daughter had obviously discussed in length whilst they'd been alone upstairs. "I've decided on the order that I want us to use. I will go first, spanking him with my hands... Karen will be second, and will use a leather belt. She will then swap places with Alice, filling Pippa's mouth with her strap-on. She will be third in-line, and I thought that she should spank him with the back of her hairbrush... a nice touch, as she's a beautician! My mother Susan will take last place, and she will use her favourite implement... one that I felt many times in my youth... One that she will fetch in a moment from the tree in my back garden... A bunch of young, bendy birch twigs!"

"How many strokes can we give him... sorry, 'her...' each?" Alice asked.

"Karen, I'll allow you to choose. A minimum of six. A maximum of twenty-four... EACH!" Helen presented my P.A. with the choice.

"A simple choice then Helen. Twenty-four strokes each! Ninety-six in total! Pippa deserves every one of them, I think!" Karen chose.

"Let's get changed first, mum." Susan and Helen left the room. Karen pushed her Latex dick back inside me, and began to pump it in and out of my arse-pussy... much harder than she had before!

About ten minutes later, the door opened, and I heard them return. They strode around to face me, and I was shocked to see them both dressed in leather 'Catwoman' outfits... their faces masked... their bodies covered in skin-tight leather, and with each of them wearing thigh high boots that must have sported at least 8" heels!

Once again, I felt Karen slide out of me. This time though, Helen took up her position behind me. Her hand began to administer my spanking, each stroke falling slowly, and each slightly harder than before! By the twelfth stroke, my arse cheeks were aflame! Still, I was unable to scream! The next twelve fell, covering both my cheeks... and the insides of my thighs!

I noticed that Susan had taken her place by the video... and realised that I was now the star of the show. This was evidence with which they could surely ruin me... or with which they could blackmail me into doing whatever they wanted... forever more!

The whipping came next, as Karen used her belt to administer her strokes upon my bare arse! This time, my bum was hot and red by the sixth stroke... the backs of my legs by the twelfth, and my inner thighs by the eighteenth! The last six were administered to my lower back, and by the end of it, I was sobbing... as tears ran down my face!

Karen swapped places with Alice, and began face fucking me with her dildo. She pushed much further into my mouth, forcing me to 'deep-throat' her latex dick!

Alice obviously relished the idea of spanking a submissive, crossdressed 'sex-slave' with the brush that she regularly used on her clients at work.

"I'll always think of this moment, when I use this brush to style my ladies' hair."

Her strokes were by far the hardest that I'd been given until then. She hit me on my cheeks and on my inner thighs, applying each stroke firmly and rapidly... The entire spanking taking less than a minute!

I hadn't realised that Susan had left the room, until I heard the door opening upon her return! When it did, I realised that I really was about to receive a 'birching' with the twigs that she'd brought in from outside.

Alice came into view, and began fucking Karen with her strap-on! Much to my horror and my disbelief, I felt my cock begin to harden once again! This didn't go unnoticed, and I heard Helen point it out to her mother:

"You'd better punish this slut properly mum, because she's getting all excited again!"

"Don't you worry darling," Susan replied... "I'm gonna take my time with this one! Do you think that this deserves 'double' strokes, ladies?" she asked.

"Ooohhh, yes!" Helen replied, as the others nodded their consent.

'Forty-eight strokes...' I thought, 'I don't know if I can take this!'

Slowly, and with much precision, Susan began my birching! On her twelfth stroke, she moved away, and whispered something to my wife! Helen nodded, and Susan returned... only to rip my knickers off, leaving my throbbing 'clit' hanging down beneath my body! I'd expected her to continue birching me, but before she did, I felt her brushing something the length of my cock... and across my balls. She pulled it away from my body, and showed me what she was using! I tried to scream, but Karen was still gagging me with her fake penis...

"AAAAArrrghhhh... MMMMmmppphhhhh!" I screamed into my gag!

She began to brush my sex organ again... but, this time I knew what she was doing it with! A large bunch of stinging nettles were in her gloved hand, and my 'clit' and balls began to burn furiously!

To my great surprise, the effect this had on me was to increase the stimulation that I was feeling! I began to get even harder than before!

"Thrash her some more... the dirty slag's enjoying it!" Helen called out.

Susan returned to my birching, and bit by bit, I received my final thirty-six strokes!

My punishment over, I was released from my bondage, and made to stand in the corner of the room, with my hands on my head! The four women gathered together once more, whispering animatedly amongst themselves. They pointed in my direction a few times, as they decided how to proceed from this point onwards.

"Pippa... Strip off your dress. We are going to make you wear a different outfit... You look too much like a 'Dominatrice' in leather, so we have decided to dress you in an outfit that is more befitting your submissive status!" Susan demanded.

Complying with my orders, I stripped to my underwear, and waited for my new clothing to be given to me. Helen handed me a pack of folded clothing. I looked at the items that she had handed me, and I blushed... seeing that it was a sexy 'French-maid's' outfit... one that I had purchased a few months before, as a gift for Helen... from the Anne Summers 'sex' catalogue! It consisted of a very short, black satin dress, with a white apron, which covered the skirt of the dress at the front, and had a small bib across the bust area... and, which had a lacy, frilly maid's hat for me to wear! The skirt barely covered my groin... showing the lacy tops of my hold-up stockings, and about an inch and a half of skin, at the top of my thighs!

Susan handed me a pair of thong panties, which barely held my manhood between my legs, and told me to put them on. Alice forced my arms behind me, and cuffed them together, with handcuffs that had pink feathers around the wrists!

"Karen, why don't you attach this leash to Pippa's collar, so that you can lead her around? We wouldn't want her trying to escape when we take her out in public now, would we?" Helen said.

"There is a choice of leather, or PVC clothing in Helen's bedroom, girls. I think that you should choose some, and get dressed. We'll be going out soon, and you can't leave the house wearing only heels and a strap-on!" Susan told Alice and Karen.

Grinning, they both went upstairs to dress.

"Now for your surprise punishment." Susan said, "We're going out for a drink at the local pub." I couldn't believe my ears, they had to be joking, and they were winding me up and trying to scare me. They were succeeding too. "You will obey our instructions to the letter, slut. Don't for a moment think that we might hesitate to punish you, just because we're in a public place. We would and we will, should you falter in your obeisance. Should you outright refuse us anything, we may be forced to let slip a little something regarding your true gender!" The trap was complete; nothing could make me disobey them now.

"Before we go, I think we need a little keepsake of how pretty you look." Said Mistress Helen as she pulled out her camera and snapped off a couple of pictures of my female persona.

"Don't forget the video camera, Alice." Slipped in Mistress Karen as she pulled open the front door.

"Just one last thing that you should know, Pippa." Said Mistress Alice glibly. "The pub that we're going to is a Biker's Bar. I don't think that they'd be too impressed if they found out that you have a dick hidden between your legs. Let's go girls." She smirked at my patently obvious horror, as I was lead into the street.

Blushing visibly through my make-up, I considered running away and ending this horror but remembering the photos soon put paid to that idea. I couldn't believe that this was actually happening to me. My mind was racing with fright as I though of the serious assault that would surely come my way, if and when I was discovered! I shuddered involuntarily at the scene in my mind!

"There it is." Signalled Mistress Alice, as she pointed to the next corner on the street. "It looks like it is pretty busy too, if you stop to consider the amount of bikes that are in the car park."

The place was loud and rough looking with a large car parks both front and back. The rear car parks lead into a garden area that was dark and seemed woody, with trees surrounding the drinking area. My mind raced as my wife turned and said to us all:

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