tagTransgender & CrossdressersHusband with Testing Device Ch. 03

Husband with Testing Device Ch. 03


Author's note: This is a continuation of my on-again, off-again series inspired by Razmagurk's "Girlfriend With Testing Device" series.


The hot water cascaded over my back as I looked down. Below my big breasts I saw my husband on his knees, working my hard dick in and out of his mouth. It was heavenly the way he was working his hand up and down my shaft, pulling my foreskin back on the down-stroke, while he used the other to fondle my scrotum. I could tell that I wasn't going to last much longer. What did me in was when he pulled his hand away from my balls and had instead snaked his arm around and worked two fingers into my eager ass. I always felt so submissive when he invaded my butt!

But all thought left my head when he started curling them toward him, still stroking and bobbing up and down on my length-impressive coordination, really-which rubbed his fingertips directly against my prostate. "Oh, baby, I'm gonna come," I moaned. He just groaned around me and sped up everything, the swirling of his tongue, his stroking my foreskin up and down, the speed of his head bob, and how quickly he stroked my prostate. That pushed me across the finish line. I grabbed his head and barely managed to keep from falling down as my hips thrusted, my thighs shook, and my breathing got fast and erratic. I shot rope after rope of cum into his mouth, grunting each time that my thickness surged. His tongue danced around my glans as he swallowed it all hungrily. He grinned once I pulled him off.

I was panting and a little light-headed. "I need to sit," I panted and just sat down in the shower to catch my breath. I was so shaky that I didn't trust my legs. I had just come really hard.

The morning had actually started like this: we had woken up late the next morning, both of us having called in sick. I ended up in the shower first once we finally got up around nine, but I wasn't alone for long. I had just finished wetting my new blonde hair all the way, when the curtain opened and with a grin, Mitch stepped in to join me. After kissing for a moment or two under the water, he had dropped to his knees and started to suck me off.

Once I had recovered we washed each other off, and I may or may not have taken the opportunity to diddle his clit to an orgasm for him as repayment for that mind-blowing ecstasy. It was a little strange how he'd had to lean his much taller frame against mine as his knees just about buckled when the orgasm took him, hearing his sexy groans over and over, and feeling his wetness coating my fingertips.

Finally done with orgasms for the moment, I shut the water off and opened the curtain, handing him a towel. As we dried off, which was a separate and interesting exercise, since he'd never had to deal with drying long hair, I asked, "So now we both have the day off. Do you have anything in mind for today? Or are we just going to stay home and fuck each other silly?" I had almost forgotten that he had my hair, which was for some reason much harder for him to dry than mine was.

He grinned. "Don't tempt me. As much as I don't like saying this," he said, sobering before taking a deep breath, "I need to go shopping."

I laughed. Here was a rare moment. My husband hated shopping. With a seething passion that burned with the fire of a thousand suns. He really didn't like it is what I'm saying. "Why on earth would you say such a thing?"

He gave me a dirty look and stuck his tongue out, making an obscene yet hilarious raspberry. "I think you know why, don't you?"

I paused and thought for a moment. I genuinely didn't know. The smile fell from my face. "Um...I don't, actually."

"Oh. Right." He glanced down for a moment, then looked at me. "I need underwear."

"But I thought you had plenty of pairs," I protested.

"Yeah, but they're all boxers," he said with patience.

"Oh, okay. That does make sense, then. Wait, how many pairs of panties do you have?" It did seem weird that he had all those ugly boxers sitting around. I couldn't ever remember him wearing them before, oddly.

"Just the one, honey," he answered. Crossing the room to give me a deep kiss while grabbing my member, he continued with a devilish grin. "And because of you they desperately need to be washed. I was soaked last night."

I felt myself starting to harden in his grasp. I felt so flattered that he was that attracted to me. I looked up into his eyes. "I guess we should go underwear shopping, shouldn't we?"

He rolled his eyes but I could sense some excitement underneath. "Yeah, and you know that means going to the damn mall."

"Maybe if we're shopping for stuff for you it won't be so bad?" I was at least trying to be helpful.

"That won't help the fact that the traffic is a pain in the ass, or the whole cookie-cutter nature of the stores, or all the people, or any of the other reasons that you know I hate the mall."

"But at least you want this, right? What if you think about it as if you were going to buy some electronics?"

He gave me a half smile. "You know, you're pretty great," he told me before kissing me again. "I really love you a lot."


"Because you keep trying to subvert my pessimism about the mall into something that's somehow good," he answered. "I'm amazed that's even possible."

"You know that I don't love you just for those manly tits of yours or because I love how you let me bend you over and come in you or that you tie me up and make me come really, really hard, right?" I was getting a semi. Time to get to the point. "I enjoy spending time with you and you're a really good person and I'm in love with you," I tried to explain while ignoring how I was almost at half-mast already.

He took my face in his hands and gave me a very deep, passionate kiss. "I love all of that about you, too." He pulled back and grinned. "Maybe we don't have to leave quite yet," he said softly at the same time I felt his fingers find my hardening prick. "Do you think we have time?"

"Fuck it, babe...they're your underwear..." I breathed, feeling her come to life again. I was getting hard again quickly.

Mitch chuckled. "And you did mention bending me over..."

I bit my lip. He knew how that position made his pussy even tighter around my cock with every thrust...I gave out a low, keening sound.

"Come with me," my dominant husband told me, taking my hand and leading me back into the bedroom. Because he's a night owl, I have several layers of curtains in our bedroom to keep the bright, early-morning sunlight out until he's ready. We hadn't opened the curtains, so it was still fairly dim in there...and very much private, which was the best part.

He left the room briefly and came back with a pair of nipple clamps. I couldn't help but take a deep breath as soon as I saw them, feeling my areolae crinkle as my nipples ached at how hard they were getting. Which, of course, fed into my fuckstick, which only got harder.

There was no preamble, nothing. He just grabbed my left nipple and put the jaws of the clamp around the base of my nipple, using a rough grip. The burst of pain that spread from that nipple directly to my cock was exquisite, and so was the jolt I got when he clamped my other nipple with just as much roughness. He kissed me deeply, then stood against the bed and bent over it, his narrow, muscular ass pointed directly at me.

"Get back there and fuck me, woman," he growled. I loved it when he was dominant like that! Just taking control, my nipples just possessions of his to be used for his pleasure, just like my cock.

"Yes, Sir," I said in a happy voice as I lined my head up with his entrance. It may be my favorite thing about him being dominant that it gets him at least as worked up as me when he takes control. As the head of my erection met his delicate labia, I could feel that he was sopping wet.


"Unnnnnhhhhh," I grunted as I felt Jessica's hard cock slide into my "manly" folds. I knew how good it had felt for me at this angle when I had been the one with the cock, but I didn't have any idea that the same tightness I had felt was what she had experienced, too! We really needed to talk more about sex, I decided, before she started to pull herself out and push her way back into my hungry pussy. Then I stopped thinking altogether.

Her balls slapped against my clit as she really went to town. I could feel how hard she was and her length stretching the walls of my tunnel as she pounded me was an incredible feeling. My new pair of tits was bouncing back and forth underneath me with every single one of my wife's thrusts into me. I was going to come soon and she'd only been fucking me for a minute or two. And I wasn't sure how turned on she would be from fucking me with those clover-style clamps on her nipples. My arms collapsed and I dropped to my elbows as she fucked me, letting out a grunt with every one of her thrusts.

I somehow felt no less a man with a pussy while my wife used what had been my cock to pound away at what had been her cunt. I'm still sort of wondering how that works.

I screamed as the heat building in my core took over and my whole body tensed, then shook, as more moisture surged from my spasming cunt. That apparently drove my thick wife over the edge and she cried out, "Oh, fuck, Masterrrrrrr..." before throbbing over and over again and filling me with her seed. That sent me over the moon again, knowing that my tight little twat had milked her dry and feeling the strength of her erection pulsing inside me.

We collapsed onto the bed once our climaxes had run their courses, panting and sweaty. Her very-much-not-flaccid-at-all cock still balls-deep inside my fluttering puss as her body pressed into mine from above and behind. I could feel the cool chain between her clamps pressed between her skin and mine as well as her full breasts against my back, a feeling I have always found very sexy.

"So I guess you like the nipple clamps?" I panted.


I couldn't help but giggle at the same time that I bit my lip. "I guess you could say that, Sir," I replied playfully while flexing inside him. He groaned and turned his head to look up at me.

"What was it that you said while you were coming?"

I blushed, possibly the deepest blush since I had been in high school. This was really...um...hard...to admit. I bit my lip again. "What do you mean?"

His cunt clamped down on me and I gasped, my reflex being to flex my own muscles. I heard him grunt a little but mostly focused on what he said. "What did you say while you were coming?"

"I'm not sure what you're talking about," I said, tucking a lock of hair behind an ear and glancing away.

But I groaned as Mitchell's pussy clamped down on me again. "Tell me what you said, girl."

My stomach flopped. I was even more excited, and despite having just blown my load in his delectable snatch, I was starting to get hard again at the thought of being ordered around, even though I had never really gone soft.

"I, um...I...well," I stammered. His cunt fluttered against my super-sensitive dick. "I called you, 'Master.' Sir."

He indicated that he wanted me off, pulled off of my junk, and stood up to face me. It didn't escape my notice that his legs were trembling but that didn't stop him from raising himself to full height and looking deep into my eyes. "Say that again." He had put his fingertips on my chin and had made me raise my eyes to meet his.

I swallowed. Hard. "I, um...said, um," I gulped again. "That I called you, um, uh..." my eyes went to the floor. "I called you, 'Master.' Sir. That's what I did."

His fingertips came to my chin and he pulled so that I looked up at him. "Hey," he said softly with a very kind look on his face.

I just swallowed, unsure of what to say or if I could even say anything coherent.

With a smile, he said, "I don't know if you can tell, but I would love it if you want to call me that. But it has some special connotations, and we need to talk about that before we go any further. Are you okay with that?"

I could see Mitch was being honest and I let out a burst of air. I hadn't even noticed that I had been holding my breath. I nodded.

After a tender kiss, he continued, "Good. I don't want to rush into something like this-well, I do, seeing you all turned on from me dominating you has got me all worked up-but the rational part of me knows that we should talk and go slowly."

"If you think we should, then let's go a little slower."

"Great. The other thing is that I need you to be open to answering some pretty intimate questions, too, honey. I want to understand a lot more about you and we've never been good at talking about sexual stuff. I'm at least as guilty as you are," he told me. And it was true. We had always communicated fairly well while in the act of making love, so we had gotten pretty good at figuring out what the other wants, but we never really talked about it outside the bedroom.

"I love you. This is exciting," I said, still nervous.

He grinned and kissed me as he fondled my tool, which was still halfway hard. "I have to take these off," he said, glancing down at my nipples. I had been so wrapped up in being nervous that I hadn't noticed they were on and the ache had just become a pleasurable undercurrent.

I almost screamed when he took the first one off. The pain went from a pleasurable ache that seemed to be feeding blood directly to my junk instead exploded and became brief agony. But then his lips and tongue were massaging the ultra-sensitive flesh and my cock surged. The pain hadn't left but it was joined by sweet pleasure that was soooooooo good that my knees almost buckled.

"Are you okay?!" he asked, his eyes wild with concern.

Once I had my breathing back under control, I managed to gasp, "I'm fine, just that that really hurt at first. I think I'll be okay as long as you do that for the other one."

"Are you sure?" A very earnest look deep into my eyes.

I nodded. "But let me sit down first," I asked.

"Of course. I love how it turns you on, but I don't want to do any real damage, babe."

I took a deep breath as he positioned his mouth close to my other breast, inches from where the clamp was currently positioned. My other nipple was still extremely sensitive but didn't exactly hurt anymore, and nodded.

This time I did scream. It hurt like hell. But the instant the clamp came off, allowing blood to surge back to my sensitive skin, his lips and tongue were there like the world's best salve, not removing the pain but introducing a delicious counterpoint that got me hard enough that I think a drop of pre leaked out of my erection. I had a full-on rager at this point. Pain had never done anything before that I could remember, so why was this so fucking hot?

I managed to regain my composure and clean up while Mitch relieved himself and probably swabbed my cum out of his pussy. I allowed myself a lecherous smile at that thought, although as I put my bra on, I was glad that this one was padded. After a couple of minutes, sure, my shirt rubbing against my nipples would feel hot, but then after that it would be torture. I'll ask him about how someone would care for tender nipples, I thought.

Once we were dressed, we headed to his most dreaded destination: the mall.


Once we were in the car headed to the mall-I was driving, of course. I had the nicer car, and boobs, skin, and plumbing aside, I was still the man, and more important, the dominant one in this relationship, so it only made sense.

"So..." Jess began.


"Well, you were talking about swapping stuff last night, and we kinda got distracted," my beautiful wife trailed off, biting her lip. I loved it when she did that.

I laughed. "You're right, we did. What do you want to know?"

She thought for a moment. "Well, I did think about it a little, when you weren't tempting me with your masculine charms, you said you had this thing that could swap out pieces of people, I guess. And it sounds insane, but I do remember that you always had this long blonde hair and that I grew up with the brown hair growing out of your head. This is weird. So I guess this is real but it's really hard to believe."

I had to think about that for quite a few seconds. "Yes, it does swap parts of people. And I had used it before I told you about it, too. I was dead serious about the stuff I told you about, honey. You weren't born with what's between your legs, and neither was I. It's the opposite. Just like I never had these boobs until yesterday," I tried to explain. It was probably pointless but I had to be honest.

I glanced over at her. She looked like she was trying to wrap her mind around the idea and that made sense. "You're telling me that until two days ago, I had your equipment, and you had this?" she asked, gesturing to the outline showing through her jeans of the penis in question.

"Yes. I suspected it at the time but you've proven me right: unless both of the people getting swapped are touching the device, only the one who is touching it is aware that anything has changed. I swapped my skin, too."

"With who? When?"

"Yesterday on my way home from work," I answered, as well as describing her.

"So she has your skin, now?"

"Yes. And," I gulped, feeling nervous, "my hair, too."

"So she has a hairy body, now?"

I chuckled, not sure how this would go. "Yeah. Even my facial hair."

Jess's face screwed up again. "But you've never had facial hair. The only reason you have a razor is so you can shave your legs and...um, other areas."

"Not true. You just don't realize that anything is different. Hold on, I'll try to show you." We were maybe halfway to our destination and I pulled into the parking lot of a discount clothing store.

I pulled the device out and fiddled with the settings, making sure she wasn't touching it.


And now I had my junk back. I had to shift, since the panties I still wore were already tight; stuffing my six-and-a-half-inch dick along with my balls into the lacy fabric had not been something I planned on.

"When are you going to show me what you're talking about? I still don't understand. Nothing between my legs is different, and it looks like the same is true for you."

I got my junk re-situated and made sure that the settings were the same, then said, "Here, touch it."

"Okay," she said, sounding unsure.


And now my panties were much more comfortable again. Whew. At least while I was wearing these, I felt much more comfortable with her pussy instead of my original plumbing. Satisfied that things were back to the new normal, I looked up at Jess.

Her mouth was agape and her eyes were as wide as I had ever seen them. I chuckled. "Notice anything different?"

"I...wow...what the...what the hell just happened?!" Jess cried.

"This is the same thing I did on Monday afternoon, but you were touching this thing this time," I answered, gesturing to the device.

"This is impossible...how can I have a dick?"

"I don't know how it works, either, but do you believe me, now?"

"Hang on," she answered, glancing around the parking lot. Being mid-morning on a Wednesday, the store had just opened and there were barely any customers at all, if there were any. The lot was just about empty.

She then unbuttoned her jeans with another quick glance, and slid them down so the waistband was halfway down her thighs. As usual when she wore jeans, she wasn't wearing panties.

"Holy shit..." she whispered, touching herself. She treated it like it was fragile, only using her fingertips at first. "This is insane," she continued, still incredulous but looking like she was getting a little more comfortable with it.

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