I rang the doorbell at Veronica's flat and adjusted my backpack higher on my shoulder. It's funny how the backpack has become ubiquitous nowadays, no matter how old you are. I think it is probably the only legitimate way a man can use something akin to a purse and get away with it.

The door swung open and she stood, dark brown hair flung about her face with excitement. "Jonas!" she squealed and jumped into my arms to give me a huge hug.

"Ah, you remember me!" I joked. It had been a while since I had seen her, and her hug was tight and long.

Pulling me into her flat, she was gushing. "It's so good to see you! We have so much to catch up on. I'm almost ready, so let me just go finish freshening up and I'll be right out."

She walked out and I saw the little bubble butt of her behind bounce under form-fitting tights. Thoughts of utter depravity raced through my mind as she disappeared around the corner of her bedroom doorway.

I stood in the middle of her living room and noticed her extensive book collection. "No worries," I said. "I'm sure I can keep myself entertained while you're gone."

She smiled, and gave me a peck on the cheek, and then disappeared into her bedroom.

She had quite an eclectic collection of books, everything from philosophy to psychology to historical fiction. She seemed to have a particular fondness for the classics, and I couldn't help but smile when I found a copy of the Kama Sutra, which looked like it hadn't been put back away completely and stuck out just a little bit.

"Nice collection," I called out.

"What?" she yelled back.

"I said, 'Nice collection of books you've got here!" I repeated a little louder. I started to reach for the Kama Sutra book when the book bag shifted and began to fall off my shoulder. Reacting quickly, I caught it and stood up straight, catching it just before it slammed into the ground in one dramatic sweep.

Straightening up to reset the bag, I saw Vee's entertainment center with her extensive DVD collection, and decided to bypass the Kama Sutra to see if her tastes ran into the more movable of naughty images.

Sure enough, her collection seemed to contain all of the usual suspects. "Classics" (though only in the sense of their age, I suppose) such as 9 1/2 Weeks and Caligula, were there, as well as Body Heat and Lolita.

Surely, she must have something more recent, I thought to myself, and started moving to some of the disks that were just laying out on the shelf unshelled from their cases.

In addition to some Sex in the City DVDs (oh well) and some Angel and Firefly box sets (getting better!), I found a couple of disks that were generic with handwriting on it.

Now, I'm not a nosy person by nature, so I sifted through these absent-mindedly until one caught my eye:

Jonas: April, May, June

I don't know too many "Jonas'", so seeing my own name stare back at me was something of a shock. The last time I had seen Vee, though, was in the fall of the previous year, and here it was July.

Without even understanding why, because it was something I would never ordinarily do, I snatched the disk off the shelf and stuffed it into my backpack in-between the pages of a book I had inside.

Moving back to the bookshelf, I decided to pick up the Kama Sutra anyway and began leafing through the ancient illustrations. Included in this version were photographs of couples engaging in the acts as well, some of which were true feats of physical athleticism.

At that moment I felt a hand on my shoulder, and I jumped, feeling like I was falling a huge distance.

Lurching awake, my heart raced making me feel like I had just avoided falling off a cliff. I rubbed my eyes, thinking about how much I hated waking up from a vivid dream like that. I stirred on the couch, sitting up to find my TV blaring some sort of commercial for the boxed DVD set of Sex and the City.

The dream had felt incredibly real, but it was definitely too short to really warrant an examination.

As I watched the commercial on TV I started to think about Veronica, and realized that maybe I should make plans to see her, especially since I hadn't seen her in months. As I recalled, we last say each other around Halloween last year, and she was always fun to hang around.

I grabbed the phone and dialed her number.


"Hey Vee, it's Jonas," I said, hoping she wouldn't find it too strange that I was calling her out of the blue.

"Jonas!" she cried. "So good to hear from you! How are you doing?"

"Doing well," I said, a little unsure of what to say next. "This may sound crazy, but i just had a short dream about you and it made me realize that I haven't seen you for a while. I was wondering if you might like to get together some time and catch up."

The words had come out in a rush, or so it felt. She seemed enthusiastic, though. "That's a great idea!" she said. "We have a lot to catch up on. It's been, what, since Halloween?"

I smiled. Glad to see my memory wasn't so far gone after all.

"Yeah," I said, "I think so. When do you think you'll have time to meet up?"

We chatted for a little while longer, made plans to meet up in a couple of days, and got off the phone. I was still feeling somewhat groggy from my brief-but-intense nap, and so I excused myself to get a proper sleep.

The night went by with blissful, solid sleep. If I dreamed, I had no recollection of them in the morning. I don't get to sleep solidly very often, so the rare occasion that I do meant that I could enjoy my day feeling extremely energetic.

For once, work flew by, and I returned home and dropped my book bag onto my office desk to begin sorting out the contents. Papers, books, DVDs, catalogues got spread out onto the desk for organizing into things that I had to pay attention to.

Wait a minute. DVDs?

Typically it's not a good idea to store DVDs outside of some sort of case or cover, because they get scratched. But there it was, a DVD lying on the desk with the familiar copper rainbow reflecting the light.

Turning it over, I got a chill: Jonas: April, May, June

The strange sense of vertigo was unnerving. What the hell!?

I turned the disk over and over in my hands, examining it and trying to determine if my eyes were playing tricks on me. If anyone had seen me I would have looked like a dumbfounded monkey confused about what the shiny-shiny circle was.

There was only one thing to do: I put the disk into my computer to see what was on it.

When the window opened on the computer I was stunned to see a series of video files labeled with my name and the date, starting (not surprisingly) in April and the most recent one in June, only about a week and a half before.

I double-clicked on the oldest file, and descended rapidly down after the White Rabbit.

The view was a high, wide panoramic view of Veronica's living room, showing the front door on the left, the bookshelf and media center in the middle, and a soft-cushioned chair to the right of the screen.

For a long while, nothing happened, then I saw Vee enter into the frame and begin moving things around the room. adjusting magazines on the coffee table (just out of view), and tidying up. In all appearances it looked exactly like what you'd expect when preparing for company.

Then she did something odd. She went over to the bookshelf and began adjusting the books. With a strange twist in my stomach I began realizing that she was making one particular book stand out among the others, in the exact same place as I had dreamt the Kama Sutra to be.

Even at this point, the realization of what was happening was too surreal to believe. For a crazy moment I began to wonder if I had had a psychic episode while taking a nap the previous night, but the rational side of my brain scolded me for being naive and stupid.

Something had happened, and whatever it was had been by design. Veronica's design.

Veronica's doorbell rang, and I was surprised to hear that the audio quality was stellar. It truly sounded as if Veronica had professionally mic'd her living room.

She went over and opened the door, and my heart flipped as I saw myself standing there, just as I had in the previous night's dream, adjusting my backpack on my shoulder.


Ah, you remember me!

It's so good to see you! We've got so much to catch up on! I'm almost ready...

The sense of deja vu was so strong if I hadn't already been sitting down I would have collapsed.

In the video, I watched Vee saunter out of the room, not even hiding my lascivious, lingering gaze at her incredible bottom as she exited the room. I blushed and felt a little bile rise in my throat as I watched the video-version of me be an incredibly sexist pig.

Video-me started looking around the room, and like a moth to a flame I found the Kama Sutra book that she had effectively dog-eared in the bookshelf for me to find; almost as if I had been coached, I turned and showed the camera the unmistakeable cover.

Vee walked back into frame, and handed me a glass. It was hard to tell from the video what it was, but I certainly seemed enthusiastic about the contents. Vee motioned for me to sit down on the chair facing the camera, which I did. She sat down on the couch, facing me with her back facing the camera.

"What have you been doing these past few months?" I asked. "You got any more clients?"

"More than I know what to do with," she said. "I've been trying different massage techniques and my existing clients have been referring me to their friends. I actually don't have any more room on my schedule and will have to start raising my rates."

"That's great news!" I replied. Video-me was leaning forward in the chair, actively listening to Veronica's news. I had my elbows on my knees and my back was a little hunched.

So that's what I look like when people talk to me? I thought to myself, even posing it almost as a question. I started to feel self-conscious about my posture. Reflexively, I sat upright in my chair to watch the video.

"I've been trying new relaxation techniques," Vee was saying. "I've even been playing with hypnosis with the massage."

"Hypnosis? Does it actually work?" I asked skeptically, taking another drink.

I saw her head nod. "Better than you'd imagine."

She drank, and then continued, "Have you ever been hypnotized?"

I shook my head. "No... at least not that I can remember!" I said, laughing. "At least I don't seem to wake up finding out I've been acting like a chicken."

Vee laughed.

"To be honest," I said, "I'm not sure I can be hypnotized. It just seems like I'm thinking all the time. I don't know if I can get relaxed enough."

Vee's voice sounded a little defensive, but it was hard to tell as I couldn't see her face. "It doesn't work like that," she said. "It's not like some voodoo mojo you see in the movies."

Video-me raised my hands, palms outward, to show her I meant no harm. "Don't get me wrong," I said, "I just don't know if it's possible for me."

"Wanna give it a try?" Vee asked.

I swallowed a gulp. "Now?" I asked. "I thought we were gonna grab something to eat."

"Oh, we can still do that; it's still early," she pressed.

With that she got up and walked behind the chair, and I could see her fantastic figure more clearly. She had changed her top from when she video started so that her cleavage was much more open. The magnificent line of her breasts coming together was easily seen in the high-quality video.

She started rubbing my shoulders, and I immediately put the glass down. She had given me mini-massages before and was very good, so I could see she hadn't lost her touch.

She moved her hands in tight circles, obviously putting her weight behind them. I saw my body physically moved with her pressure, as I obviously tried to let her do her ministrations without resistance.

It seemed to be working, because within a matter of minutes I looked completely rested with my head fallen back against the chair's cushion, feeling the deep tissue relaxation that she was driving me towards.

And then things changed.

Vee sat down on something behind the chair, a stool or something, so that she was so close that she could whisper into my ear. Her hands continued rubbing my shoulders, arms, and collarbone, but little by little she dipped down across my chest. Her movements became less massage-like, and more like caresses.

Even though the audio quality was excellent, I could not make out what she was whispering in my ear. I cranked up the volume on the computer as loud as it would go, but it was impossible to decipher the words.

Video-me looked asleep. The only reason why I know that I wasn't was because occasionally I could hear myself say, "Mmm-hmmm." Whatever she had done, she hadn't put me to sleep completely, but I didn't look as if I would have been able to move if there had been a fire under the chair.

I pressed the volume to the max.

Video-me suddenly jumped up out of the chair and shouted into the bedroom, "Cindy! Where are you?"

The volume was so loud on my computer system that I yelped in fright, jumping myself nearly causing me to wreck everything on the desk. Quickly I lowered the volume.

What the fuck?! And who's Cindy?

With the volume back to a reasonable level, I tried to catch up on what was going on, tried to see what I had missed. This was making no sense.

"Cindy!" I called again.

"Here I am, Daddy!" Veronica stood up from behind the chair, surprising Video-me.

That's nothing compared to what it did to me watching the video!

Daddy?! What the... I sat, fixated, on the scene in front of me. Even watching it as I was, I didn't believe it. I had no recollection of these events and they made no sense to me.

Veronica suddenly became coquettish. and petite as she was the effect was to suddenly take years off her appearance.

"Have you seen your mother?" Video-me asked.

Veronica pouted. "I think she's out with her girlfriends," she said. Then she smiled broadly. "So, it looks like it's going to be just us tonight!"

I looked at my wrist, as if I had a watch. I think the version of me in the video actually believed that there was one on my wrist, but there wasn't. "Oh, sweetie, I don't know if I can," I said "I've got a lot of work to do."

Vee pouted again, and stepped out from behind the chair to come next to me. "But I was hoping you could help me with my homework," she said. When I hesitated, she added, "When you married my mother you promised you would be there to help me whenever I needed it."

There was a part of me that felt a little relieved at this piece of information. Okay, I thought. I'm supposed to be her step-father, not her father. But what's going on, and why don't I remember any of this?

"Can't your mother help you when she gets home?" I asked.

"Cindy" shook her head. "No, only you can help me with this one," she answered.

"What kind of homework," I asked.

Vee took me by the hand and sat me down in the chair again. "Today in school we had our sex-ed class, and we learned how to give blowjobs."

Of course they did, I thought. This role-playing exercise unfolding in front of me was as cliché as it got, and there was a part of me that was annoyed at my obviously hypnotized video-self for not snapping awake just at the sheer triteness.

"They taught you what?" Video-me asked, incredulous.

Vee nodded. "Yeah," she said, getting on her knees between my legs. "They said that it's one of the things that you can do in order to not have sex and avoid getting pregnant."

I nodded slowly. "That makes sense," I told her. "But I don't think it's something that you should practice, sweetheart."

Vee's hands were running up and down my legs, and I watched my arousal level rise on the screen, just as it was rising at the same time in real life.

"But Daddy," she said, silkily. "I want to be good at it. Don't you want me to be a good girl?"

"Cindy," I saw myself cautioning. "What are you doing? This isn't right. I'm your father-"

"You're my step-father," she corrected. For a moment it almost sounded as if Veronica was breaking character, but it was immediately replaced with her calm tone of voice.

"Besides," she continued, her hands now blatantly rubbing my growing erection through my pants. "I know you like blowjobs."

I cocked an eyebrow. "How do you know that?"

She grinned, angling her body so that the camera could see her from the side a little better. The little minx was always aware that the camera was watching us!

"Because I can hear you asking for them all the time. I can hear you, Daddy, and I like it," she said. Her hands were unzipping my fly as she spoke. "I can hear you when you want to put your cock in my mother's mouth, and I want you to fuck my mouth too."

"Oh, Cindy," I said, reclining into the chair a little, partially from the ecstasy she was giving me and partly because it looked like I couldn't help myself. "I don't think this is a good idea..." My voice trailed off.

"You promised you'd help me with my homework, remember?" she said, reaching under the waistband and fishing for my cock. "Don't you want to help me, Daddy?"

"Yes," I sighed. "Oh yes..."

My cock sprang into view, gripped tightly in her tiny hands. She licked the shaft and started kissing the head, the tip of her tongue flicking out over the very tip.

It was the first time I had ever seen my cock on video. From my perspective, I've only seen it from above, but now I could see from the camera angle that there was a very slight upward curve, when I had always thought it was ruler-straight. It looked extremely hard, and I could even see it throbbing just a little.

I was mesmerized. I don't think I could have taken my eyes off of the events unfolding before me if I tried. Vee was sucking my cock like a pro, and she had deliberately set us up so that the camera could see everything. I was leaning back against the cushion of the chair, watching her take the cockhead in and suck me.

My own cock was screaming for attention. I found that every time she called me "Daddy" it lurched in my pants. Without realizing I was doing it, I had been caressing the crown through my pants in absent-minded circles with my fingertips.

"Oh Cindy," the voice on the screen was pleading, desperate. Involuntarily Video-me closed my eyes. "If your mother found out-"

"Don't worry, Daddy, I won't tell her," Vee said with a huge smile. With my eyes closed, she stole a glance directly at the camera and smiled a devious, wicked smile. I wondered if she was smiling at someone in particular.

That momentary gesture struck panic through my chest. Who else has seen this? Who is she smiling at? It was possible that she was smiling at herself when she inevitably went back to watch the videos, but how could I be sure?

"Oh baby," I said on the screen, my hand reaching down to stroke her hair. "You are so good at this. You should definitely get an A."

Veronica took her mouth off my cock, saying, "I need to finish my homework first. I'll get an 'A' when you come in my mouth."

I couldn't take it any more; I felt like a pervert, felt dirty and voyeuristic watching Veronica's video even despite the fact it was she who had done the violating.

Fuck it, I thought, and took out my cock which was harder than I could ever remember. Suddenly I felt a relief, a liberation. I suddenly felt like a participant in the unadulterated perversion on the screen, rather than a shocked observer. I felt free, wanton, and in that instant I felt like I was in on the whole thing.

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