tagMind ControlHypnotic Sex Slave

Hypnotic Sex Slave


Many people fantasize about being or having a sex slave. Hypnosis makes it possible. Inhibitions disappear and unconscious desire takes over. This is a story about such an event.

* * * * *

I belonged to a bowling league in the center of the city. It was a scratch league where high bets were very common. We were in the third game and our team was up by thirty pins in the eighth frame. Our team had bet the other team $1000 on the series. This was in addition to league winnings. I had just finished throwing my fourth strike in a row (to much cheering or complaints, the beer had flowed freely).

When I sat down the captain of the opposing team moved next to me and said: "Mike, I need to talk to you quickly and privately."

"Sure Charlie, what's the problem?"

Charlie waived me into a corner of the adjoining bar. "Mike, I'm supposed to have the stake. I don't have it."

"Charlie, you can't do that. You'll be drummed out of the league and . . . " I trailed off. The consequences of not having a thousand dollars that you were supposed to have in this league could be severe.

"What do you want me to do?" Charlie and I were friends for many years. His wife, Susan, was a beautiful school teacher I had dreamed about for the last six years. Charlie was a cutup who always had been popular, even though he obviously had problems with his liquor.

"You know the team had a kiddy and I keep track of it."


"Well, I was laid off of my job. I had this hot stock tip and shorted Amazon.com. It went up four points and I lost everything. I don't know what to do. I was sure we would win today and I would have another week to cover."

"How much are you behind?"

"The kiddy had four grand."

"Charlie you are crazy. What did you think you were doing?"

He hung his head. "I don't know. I didn't think."

"What do you want me to do?"

"Can you cover me? Could you lend me four grand? I'll pay it back."

I looked at Charlie. He was almost in tears. "How Charlie? Without a job, how are you going to pay back four thousand dollars? What does Susan know?"

"She knows I lost my job, nothing else."

I looked over to the lanes. Charlie was up. "Charlie, go bowl. I will cover tonight. We will talk about the rest."

We finished out. I struck out and bowled a 279. I was quite pleased with my game and didn't think about Charlie till after the game. We won.

"Fellows, Charlie has given me the $1000 by check. Do you want my check or do you want me to carry it over to next week?" Everybody agreed to carry it over to next week. Everyone started for the bar.

"Hey guys, Charlie and I have some unfinished business, we'll see you next week."

I took Charlie by the arm and led him to my car. I had a Mercedes S500 in the parking lot.

"Now what, Charlie?" Over the years I had rescued Charlie from several situations. Since he had married Susan, it had not been necessary.

"What do you want me to do? Will you cover the other three grand?"

"Charlie, I am not your parent. You have to cover your own mistakes. How is your wife taking your lost job?"

"I told her that I made a killing in the market and we wouldn't have to worry for at least three months. Web page design isn't as hot as it was last year. They fucked with my designs and hurt my reputation. Susie doesn't know any of that. I love that broad. She treats me real nice except our sex could be better." Charlie was starting to blubber.

I had an idea. I was a very accomplished hypnotist and had hypnotized Charlie and Susie at a party five years ago. They were both good subjects. "Charlie, I am researching a new book. If you and Sue help me with my research, I will give you the four grand and another five thousand."

"What is the book going to be about?"

"Making your spouse into a sex slave."

Charlie stared at me with his chin hanging. "You are shitting me?"

"No I am serious. A friend is a publisher and he asked me if I could come up with a good book that combined sex, hypnosis, seduction and a master subject relationship. I told him I thought I could do it. That was last week. Your situation is just fortuitous."

"I'll do anything, but what about Sue? What do you need from her?"

"She has to agree to cooperate. That all of the information I gather will be used in a book and she agrees and that I can hypnotize her and you and both of you will cooperate and release me from any claims you may have been resulting from my hypnotizing the two of you."

"What kind of things are you going to do?"

"Charlie, I'm not going to tell you. That would compromise the book."

"What do I tell Sue?"

"Tell her the truth. Tell her that you have financial problems and I said I will help. Tell her it's important that she cooperate. Tell her that she will have to sign a release. Tell her that a byproduct of my research is that it should improve your sex."

"How the fuck are you going to do that? And, how the hell am I going to get her to agree?"

"Charlie, invite me over to the house tomorrow evening and I will see if Susan will agree. If she doesn't, you will not owe me the thousand dollars."

"Mike. I need the money."

"Charlie, invite me over tomorrow."

"I'll call you at the office. I have to talk with Sue."

I was in the office by nine o'clock. Early for me. I was hoping Charlie would call. I really didn't think he would. He did! "There is a mister Rose on line seven for you."

"Thank you Maria. Charlie, what is the story?"

"Come to our house at eight for dinner. We'll talk."

I arrived at eight sharp. Susan greeted me at the door. I am six feet six and Susie is about five feet three. She reached up and gave me a peck on the cheek. We had one date before she started seeing Charlie ten years ago. I still had very erotic thoughts about little Suzy. She had a wonderful body. Large breasts, a small waist and very athletic. We would see each other occasionally at the gym. I usually went to the gym at nine o'clock. If I had a meeting, I would go as early as six o'clock. On some of those occasions, I would see Suzy. She would be using one of the aerobic machines. I would be using the weight machines. She was in great shape.

"Charlie told me you were coming over and that you might be able to help us financially, but you needed some kind of help too."

She said this as she was leading me into their den. I sat on an over stuffed chair that faced a couch. Charlie and Suzy sat on the couch. It was the kind of couch that pulls out and becomes a double bed. "What has Charlie told you?"

"He said that you were writing a book and needed some research and were willing to pay very well for it. He also told me that he lost money in the market and we desperately need the money. He told me that he didn't know exactly what you wanted, but he hoped I would cooperate. What do you want, Mike?"

I wanted to say, "you." I didn't think that would be a very good idea. "I'm writing a book on sex and hypnosis. I want to use as many real life situations a I can. I won't use real names, but the rest of the story is supposed to be factual. I will hypnotize you and Mike and we will discuss sex and we may act out certain scenarios."

"What do you mean 'act out?'"

"I'll make suggestions and you and Mike will respond to the hypnosis. I can't tell you what will happen. Also, if I told you it would mar the integrity of the session." That was the truth!

"What if I am not a good subject or I don't want to do what you tell me?"

"That will be part of the experiment. If it doesn't work, oh, well!"

"Can you make me do things that I don't want to do?"

"All of the literature says, no." Well, almost all of the literature. "Unless I use drugs and we aren't going to do that."

Charlie broke in, "lets have dinner and we can sit around after dinner and discuss some more, if necessary."

We had dinner. It was very tasty. I don't think any of us paid much attention to it. After dinner, we went back to the den. Suzy was looking unsure of herself. "Mike, I trust you, but this really sounds far out. What are we going to be doing?"

"Suzy, I can't tell you. It is up to the two of you whether you want to do this. I understand the unknown factor and that is why I am paying so much money. In fact I brought papers that you will have to sign before we get started. The papers provide I will pay you and Mike ten thousand dollars for your services and for a release of all rights to the materials. It also provides that you and Mike will not sue me as a result of the hypnosis sessions that will be the basis of the book."

With that explanation, I took out the papers and spread them in front of Charlie and Suzy. I had tabs where the signatures went. Suzy picked up the stack of six papers and started to read. The papers said about what I had said. The papers recited the title of the book as Sex and Hypnosis.

The paper did not discuss what Mike and Suzy would be doing. Heck, I didn't know, for sure.

I leaned back and tried to look unconcerned. Finally, Suzy spoke. "Mike, we have no choice. We will do it. What do you want us to do?" She said that as she signed the documents and handed them to Charlie.

Charlie and I were fraternity brothers. When we lived together I used to hypnotize Charlie all the time. I knew that he would be a good, somnambulistic subject. I had hypnotized Suzy once and I thought that she would be a good subject. Seeing Charlie going into a deep trance would make it easier with her.

"Charlie you sit on the couch. Suzy, you sit on the chair over there. You should watch Charlie very carefully, so if I ask questions you will be able to say what you saw."

Charlie sat on the couch and I walked behind him and put my hands on the sides of his forehead and pulled gently back. I told him to relax and go into a deep trance. "Charlie, count to 100. With each number your trance will get deeper. You will find it harder and harder to count."

He made it to 19 and slumped over. I deepened and tested his trance. He was in a very deep trance. His head was back and his arms lay at his side. He started to snore. I couldn't have planned it better.

"Suzy, now it is your turn." I walked over to her and put my hands on her forehead as I had with Charlie. "Let your whole body relax. Every muscle."

I kept that up for several minutes and watched her breathing slow and her body relax. I lifted and dropped her arms and that didn't seem to bother her or elicit a reaction. I got bolder.

"Suzy, remain in a deep trance and stand up."

She did. "Make every muscle stiff. Stiff as a board." She tightened u and I got behind her and tipped her toward me. She stayed stiff. So far so good.

I then had her count like Charlie had. She was able to get to thirty nine before she stopped. I then told her that I was going to wake her. Charlie was in a trance the whole time.

"Suzy I am going to wake you. When you wake you will feel terrific, but you will not remember being hypnotized. I am going to count from ten to one. When I get to one you will awaken. Ten, nine, eight, ..." When I counted one her eyes popped open. She looked confused.

"How do you feel?"

"I feel fine. Was I hypnotized?"

"What do you think?"

"I don't know. I don't know anything happened."

"Go back into an even deeper trance. When I snap my fingers you will go into a very deep trance. Every time I snap my fingers." I snapped my fingers and you could see her body become even more limp.

She was wearing a light sweater over a blouse and wool pants with comfortable shoes. "Suzy, it is becoming very warm in here. Can you feel it getting warmer?" She nodded her head. Several times I reinforced the suggestion about heat. Finally, she took her sweater off. I now was comfortable that I could control both of them.

I suggested that she was on a deserted island with Charlie. She didn't know if anyone else was on the island and she didn't care.

"Do you mind if people see your naked body?"

"No, I am proud of my body."

"It is very warm on the island, take your clothes off."

She stood up and took off her blouse and then her pants. She was now in her panties and a bra. She wasn't wearing stockings. Her body was everything she said it was. When she was at the gym I could tell that she had a good body, but this was proof.

She sat back down and seemed to be sunning her self.

"Take off your panties and bra. You will develop lines if you don't."

She lifted up her butt and pulled her panties off. Then she reached behind her and undid her bra. Her breasts were so firm they hardly sagged. Just enough to know they were real. She was now naked. I told her to fall asleep in the sun. She sprawled out on the couch.

"Who is your favorite male to look at?"

"Mark McGuire"

"Have you ever thought what it would be like to make love to Mark McGuire?"


"When you open your eyes you will imagine that I am Mark McGuire. You will feel very aroused and want to make love with me. When I count to three, you will open your eyes."

She looked at me with wonder in her eyes. She sat there naked and stared at me. She didn't move. She finally looked over at Charlie sprawled on his chair. She looked back at me. Susan was clearly confused. "Come here." I reached my hand out to her. She got up and slowly walked to the five feet to me. She took my hand.

"What did you want?"

"Do you want to make love?"

"Oh yes. Are you really Mark McGuire?"

I did not answer. Instead I kissed her softly on the lips. She responded with a passionate kiss, wrapping her right arm around my neck and pulling my head to her. She pushed her tongue into my mouth and made noises as we kissed.

I put my right hand under her butt and into her pussy. It was a swamp. We kissed while I stroked her clit for several minutes. I was getting very hard and she was grinding her pelvis into my hand.

"Put my penis in your mouth."

She stopped kissing and bent down and unzipped my pants and reached in and pulled my erect penis out of my pants. I had skipped underwear for the occasion. She hungrily began to suck on it. I forced myself not to cum. "Should I put on a condom?"

"No, I want a baby and he can't do it."

I pulled out of her mouth and took my pants off. I laid her on the floor and plunged into her. It was glorious. She was very tight. We came together in about two minutes. She was really loud. Her vagina had spasms all over my penis and she screamed. I had never had sex like that.

Suzy wrapped her arms around me and held on while she came down from her high. I was feeling terrific.

Charlie was just laying there. I had plans for him.

"Sleep, Suzy"

She let go and sprawled out, her arms flung to each side, her naked body spread wide. Cum was dripping from her vagina and her chest was still heaving. "You are having a wonderful dream. As you dream you will replace Mark McGuire with Charlie in your mind. You will imagine having exhilarating sex with Charlie. The thought will continue to build in your mind. You will begin to feel strong desire to fuck Charlie. When I waken you, you will see Charlie sleeping. You will take his shorts off and seduce him. You will do this by taking his penis and sucking it until it becomes hard. You will make love with Charlie. When you feel yourself cuming you will scream 'I'm cuming,' I will wake you later."

I went over to Charlie and whispered in his ear. "Charlie, you are dreaming erotic thoughts. You are dreaming a beautiful women is trying to get you to make love with her. When you feel your cock in the women's mouth you will open your eyes and make love with her. You will be very erect, but your climax will not happen until you hear the women scream that she is cuming. Charlie, I want you to strip to your shorts without waking."

Charlie stood up, eyes closed, and took his clothes off. When he was striped to his boxers I told him to sleep and he again collapsed in a heap.

"Suzy, I want you to remain in a trance and open your eyes." She did as instructed.

She looked over at Charlie. She slowly got up and stepped over to Charlie. She pulled his shorts off and then got on her knees and took his penis into her mouth. She sucked on it, taking it deep into her mouth. Charlie became quite erect. Charlie opened his eyes in wonderment.

Susie moved over his penis and holding it with her left hand settled down on top of it. Her back was to Charlie. She pumped up and down. Faster and faster. Her face began to contort after several minutes of pumping. Charlie was pushing back and holding her breasts. He was mumbling loudly. I could not make out the words. Suddenly, Suzy started to scream, "I'm cuming!" Charlie screamed, "Oh, my god," and shot his sperm into Suzy as she had her second orgasm of the evening. Suzy fell back against Charlie as he ejaculated. They lay like that for a moment as I said, "both of you sleep."

They both collapsed like limp rags with Suzie's ass on top of Charlie's penis. I went over to them. I spoke very slowly and forcefully. "Sue and Charlie, listen to me. When I count to three you will both wake. You will remember having sex but you will not remember being hypnotized. My being here will not bother you. You will not think about it. You will tell me that you are sorry you got carried away , but you are sure that I understand. When ever I go up to either of you and touch your shoulder and say sleep you will go back into a deep trance, No matter what you are doing and no matter where you are. Is that clear?"

They both said yes.

"When you awaken Charlie, you will suggest to Suzy that since I sat through all of this the least Suzy could do is give me a blow job. Suzy, you will agree and ask ne if I would like that."

I woke them with trepidation. What would happen? They opened their eyes. They first looked at each other. They were both naked and both were dripping. Then they both looked at me. This was the test. "Mike, I guess we kind of got carried away. I hope you enjoyed the show, old man. Sue, we should do something for him."

Suzy paused. I held my breath. She slowly got a big smile on her face. "Charlie, you are right. Mike come here? " I slowly moved over in front of her. Suzy was sitting on the floor next to Charlie. Her breasts were beautiful and her nipples were erect. When I stood in front of Suzy she unzipped my pants (I had put them back on) and began to lustily suck on my penis. It took a while, but she brought it back up to a hard state. I was loving it. Finally, I ejaculated into her mouth . "Please, lick it clean?"

She did. Then she turned to Charlie. "Don't I make a great sex slave?"


* * * * *

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