tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHypnotic Sex Therapy Ch. 05

Hypnotic Sex Therapy Ch. 05


Juliet turned the corner toward the living room and gasped at the unexpected erotic sight unfolding before her. Rebecca, startled by her roommate's sudden appearance, turned toward the source of the interruption, spinning from a kneeling position in front of Andrew to a seated, spread-legged position next to him.

After nearly a year of living with Rebecca, Juliet had never seen her younger roommate in anything more revealing than her ratty old robe. And though she had taken guilty pleasure inspiring Andrew's cock to harden in his pants over the months the two had been dating, she had never glimpsed his hardness in all its naked glory.

And now here, all at once and unexpectedly, the two young people were completely nude and exposed to her appreciative gaze. A twinge of excitement tickled Juliet's belly.

Briefly she thought of turning her head or hustling off to the bathroom to save the two any further embarrassment, but that she eliminated that idea immediately and completely. After all, she thought, it was her living room too! If the young couple were going to put on a show, she'd be silly to pass up the opportunity to watch.

For a delicious moment, the pair was frozen in surprise. Rebecca sat gaping at her roommate, making no effort to cover her bare breasts, chest heaving with the excitement of the what she had nearly done and the shock of being discovered. Her legs spread wide gave Juliet a clear view of her wet, dark-haired pussy. Her fingers still encircled the base of her boyfriend's throbbing, shiny cock, straight up.

"Oh," Rebecca said quietly. She was going to follow it up with something about not knowing Juliet was home, maybe an apology, or an excuse. But all that followed was a quiet "um."

The young man, a moment ago on the precipice of feeling his girlfriends warm lips on his dick for the first time in their courtship, was now struggling again against his shirt. His legs spread more as he did so, and the effect was to make his full, dangling balls swing gently between his thighs.

Juliet reveled in the moment, like a cat toying with a mouse, she felt in control of the situation, playful, and just a little bit sadistic at intentionally drawing out the discomfort of the circumstances. Her own pussy was lubricating now, and she became aware of her hard nipples straining at the clingy fabric of her short satin robe.

"You might want to help your boyfriend out of that shirt before he hurts himself, baby girl," Juliet said in her most helpful tone. She leaned against the hallway threshold and bent one knee to cross her ankles, indicating by her posture that she was content to simply watch as the two nude lovers tried to extricate themselves from their awkward condition.

Rebecca did exactly as Juliet had hoped, following her advice without objection. Climbing up on the couch next to Andrew, straddling his strong thigh for leverage, and grabbing and pulling at the snarl of fabric to disentangle him from the accidental knot that bound his head and arms. There was a tearing noise, though it wasn't clear what had ripped, and the shirt and undershirt were finally removed with a happy giggle from the younger girl.

Now both Rebecca and Andrew were completely naked before the bemused blonde roommate, and now Andrew could clearly see that Juliet was openly eyeing his stiff member, watching it bob excitedly over the flat firm surface of his well muscled abdomen. He started to blush, but made no effort to cover...there was no sense in covering at this late a point in the display.

"There, that's better. Isn't it, Andrew?" Juliet smiled and licked her lips subtly with the tip of her tongue. With a casual indifference that belied the conscious knowledge of exactly what she was doing, she bowed her bent knee out just a little farther, parting the short robe just a bit more at the top of her thighs. She couldn't check without giving away her intent, but she hoped the effect would display of her own smooth pale legs, stopping just short of showing off her blonde bush to the naked couple.

Andrew's gaze went right between Juliet's legs, and Rebecca's followed. Both women noticed his cock twitch in response to the teasing view of the tall woman's very nearly visible pussy.

Rebecca settled down on Andrew's thigh, providing him a warm, wet, fragrant reminder of her own much nearer nudity. She felt a little jealous at the distraction that her roommate was providing, but at the same time flooded with erotic excitement. She wanted to get back to what she was doing, wanted to feel her lover's cock in her mouth for the first time. But Juliet wasn't moving.

Rebecca finally spoke up, "Are you just going to stand there and watch?" She consciously wanted to make it sound like she wanted Juliet to leave them alone, but as the words came out she found that, unconsciously, she made it sound more like an invitation.

Juliet was more than happy to take her up on the offer. "I would like to watch, actually, but if you don't mind I think I'll sit down where I can get a better view." Without waiting for a reply, she strode forward and positioned herself on the couch on the other side of Andrew from Rebecca, sitting Indian-style facing the two of them. She was careful to manage the fabric of her clingy robe so that she never quite exposed herself, and pulled the front edge of the hem down between her spread legs, holding the corners of the fabric so no peeking was allowed.

Again, Rebecca was surprised to hear the words coming out of her own mouth, but she was burning up with lust for her boyfriend's increasingly tasty looking morsel. "I've never done this before, Juliet, so if you have any tricks about how to suck this pretty cock of his, let me know?" Something about the presence of the more experienced nurse made her feel like this was a learning opportunity.

Juliet was a bit taken aback by the unexpected reaction of her roommate. The Rebecca that she thought she knew would have run screaming from the room, covering herself as best she could if she thought anyone might see her body. But here she was, naked, with her equally naked and beautifully hung boyfriend, inviting her roommate to give her hints about how to give a blowjob. Juliet had done some sexual experimentation, but she had never watched another couple live and up close. "I'm sure you'll do fine, baby girl," Juliet whispered in encouragement.

Her pulse quickened as the younger girl slid back down in position between her fiancé's legs, spreading his knees, taking the base of his cock in one hand, while gently cupping his heavy balls in the other. The passion on Rebecca's face was intense as she leaned forward for that fateful first contact, all the while gazing deeply into Andrew's eyes.

The purring growl emerged from her throat again, and a moment later she had the flat of her tongue pressed against the underside of his stiff rod at the base. She slowly and firmly licked him from base to tip, and smiled in delight as she wrapped her lips around the head of his stiff cock.

Andrew couldn't believe his luck; his girlfriend was kneeling naked between his legs, sliding her warm, wet mouth down over his sensitive flesh, gradually and sensuously engulfing him. Next to him, her lovely blonde housemate sat, barely dressed in a short satin robe, moaning gently to herself as she watched his fiancé take his entire thick length effortlessly down her throat.

The younger woman glanced over at Juliet, just long enough to notice her roommate's fingers subtly working between her own legs. Rebecca let loose of the base of her lover's cock, and slid her hand across Andrew's thigh, pressing it outward until it touched Juliet's bare knee and foot. Still suckling the whole length of her boyfriend's shaft in her mouth, her free hand continued on until it slid across the cool, smooth skin of her roommate's thigh, then down until it located Juliet's fingers working on the hot warmth of her juicy slit.

Juliet sighed as she felt Rebecca's hand move down between her legs. The shy girl was full of surprises today. Rebecca started to bob her head up and down on Andrew's pulsing manhood, and at the same time guided Juliet's slippery fingers to the base of his shaft, encouraging her to stroke him while she sucked.

Once the two women had established a rhythm, Rebecca with her mouth and Juliet with her hand, the slender young fiancée grabbed her boyfriends hand and led it over to Juliet's heaving chest, guiding it under the fabric of the robe and onto her large, round breast.

The robe was just getting in the way, Rebecca decided, and without missing a beat, she undid the tie at the front of Juliet's flimsy garment and pulled it open, exposing her roommate to her lover's intent gaze.

With the drape of the robe out of the way, both lovers could see that Juliet had plunged two of her fingers into her own hairy blonde pussy while working Andrew's stiff dick with her other hand.

The feeling of being exposed in front of Andrew and Rebecca, and the erotic charge of the young man's strong hands kneading her sensitive breasts and pinching her hard nipples while she gripped his slippery manhood was just too much for Juliet to take. Her orgasm came as a crashing, falling sensation. Her head spun and she pitched forward. Rebecca guided her away from Andrew's cock, and whether by accident or design, pushed her face, open-mouthed and gasping for air, right toward her fiancé's.

Their mouths met and melded, and now it was Andrew's turn to cum, bucking his hips, and thrusting his throbbing member deep into Rebecca's mouth. Spurt after spurt of his hot spunk she happily and easily swallowed at the back of her throat.

But swallowing this way didn't satisfy her need, or feed the deep hunger she felt within. She needed to experience his cum in her mouth, feel his salty offering on her face. Juliet's hand, still clenching the base of Andrew's penis, held him in place as his fiancée lifted her face to watch and feel the final arcing jets of cum spew forth, into her open mouth, onto her chin, and down her graceful neck.

Rebecca stood, and Juliet broke the kiss with Andrew to turn toward her, smiling in satisfaction. The young man was spent, but his cock was still mostly hard and his betrothed was still burning with her own unmet desire.

"My turn," the brunette purred, pushing his knees together and straddling him. Juliet thought she knew what her roommate wanted and pointed the tip of his cock toward the young woman's aching pink petals. But Rebecca was still saving herself for her wedding day...she may have lost most of her inhibitions that day, but this one self-imposed constraint was still sacred.

Instead she pushed her lover's thick cock flat against his belly and spread her lower lips over the ridge beneath. The warm round hardness parted her, with the firm distinct shape of his cockhead pressed against her throbbing clit, and the base rubbing the tender flesh of her still virginal opening.

Rebecca rocked gently back and forth. Juliet watched intently, fascinated by the sight as the head of Andrew's cock appeared and disappeared beneath the younger woman's moist folds. The brunette wanted to have something to watch too, and guided her boyfriend's parted lips to Juliet's breasts. He eagerly sucked, and Juliet gasped.

"Kiss me!" Rebecca insisted, staring straight into Juliet's eyes. The blonde knelt on the couch to bring her face even, and without hesitation, planted her full, soft, pink lips on Rebecca's, still coated with Andrews thick cream.

With the heat of the kiss the two women shared, no one would have guessed that it was the first time either had tasted another woman's lips. Rebecca guided Juliet's hands to her smaller breasts, and without instruction the blonde sensed the younger woman's need. She took the stiff, thick nipples tightly between her fingers and pinched, hard...harder than Andrew had been able manage.

Juliet pulled down hard as she clamped her fingers even more tightly, grinding the mouth of Rebecca's cunt down on her lover's thick meat, pressing the stiff nubbin of her clit down into the inverted "V" of skin between the shapely head and the smooth shaft.

And then it began, the weeks, months of lust and denial and desire and repression all erupted at once, coursing in a molten, liquid heat that strained every muscle of her young body taut. Her back and neck arched, with Juliet following to keep their passionate kiss unbroken.

Her toes curled; her fingernails dug into her own palms. A cry of vital pleasure rose from the pit of her gut, up her throat and out into Juliet's soft, sensuous mouth. Rebecca spasmed violently once, twice, then collapsed against the soft bare bosom of her roommate in languorous, trembling quiet.

The three sat that way in silence for a few moments, enjoying the feel of naked skin on skin, the comfort of each other's pleasures, the warm scent of each other's lust. A wry smile lifted the corners of the blonde's lips and as she gently stroked the younger woman's hair, should couldn't help but share the thought.

"Should I call missing persons?" The other two looked at her quizzically. She tried her best to deliver the next line with the sideways tilted head and hoarse whisper of Horatio Caine, "What did you two do with the old Rebecca?"

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