tagInterracial LoveI Came Out The Winner

I Came Out The Winner


It started out as a regular Saturday with all my schoolwork behind me and the football game to start in 6 hours. I wasn't a cheerleader but I was a member of the marching band. The cheerleaders would brag how they always could get a football player because they were pretty and they even showed more "skin" then any low-life band member. I prided myself on being in the band. I started playing in the forth grade and have been in the band ever since. I'm now in my sophomore year, majoring in music and also minoring in business. I have been an excellent musician since I started that won me many awards and trophies over the years including most dedicated band member my senior year. I was awarded a full scholarship because of my excellent grades and musical talents. I play in all sections of the band. In the brass section I play the cornet, in the woodwinds I play the oboe, and I play the snare drum in the percussion section. I play all in the concerts and have also made some extra money over the years tutoring others. I also play the piano and organ.

Several weeks ago, I was in the library and I was studying when in came some of the football players. Of course the girls all ooo and ahh when the see them and sometimes they swarm the guys and some eat it all up and some feel that it is a bother and rather just be left alone. I had several of them in my classes and I get along with them all. There is one in particular that I have liked since freshman year and even though he is shy, we talk and get along. This year I have him in two of my classes and he had asked me to explain a few things to him and thanked me for my help. He was one of the last to come into the library and he didn't head to the crowd of the other guys, he came to where I was sitting.

I was studying for our English exam and trying to figure out what to do for my extra credit. They said they would assign us each a partner and if we had any ideas who we wanted to have as our partner and our idea, the professor would be open to all ideas and suggestions.

I am a white girl with very light skin, strawberry blonde hair (my own), green eyes and some freckles on my face, shoulders, arms and chest. I had a few dates during my high school days, all with white boys but I always had a huge liking for black boys. I had two very close black male friends, but that's all they were. We have gone thru all of our school days together from pre-K thru grade 12. I didn't date my freshman year at college but did have a few dates with a guy during summer break. We ended it about a month before I went back to college as he found would rather be with his buddies than with me. I still had fun with my girlfriends as we went out often after work or on the weekends.

James was the football player that was approaching my table and he was black. He was so hot and so sexy. I never thought that I would ever be good enough for someone as him. He kept his hair cut short and even on occasion would shave it off. He had the darkest black skin and eyes, a smile that would melt an ice burg and had dimples in both of his cheeks. A few of the cheerleaders were always saying how good looking he was and always wondered what made him tick. As he came closer, he asked if he could sit with me and go over the English lessons and maybe help him with some pointers and I told him I would be more than happy to. He told me that he would pay any price I ask and I told him I don't charge for my help.

We opened our books and notebooks and I went over my notes and his and told James I would make a copy of my notes and highlight what I believe would probably be part of the test. He asked if I had a partner in the project yet and I said I didn't and he asked if we could be partners and he had a few ideas to throw out there. I told him I would be and we discussed and decided to do a mock school newspaper. It would discuss the school, students, teachers, sports and any activities. I thought that was a great idea and after studying we decided to take a few minutes to jot down some ideas for our paper and present it to the professor the next day.

During out studying, a few of the cheerleaders saw the other players and would walk to their tables and try to make time with them and some went has far as to to hanging all over them which some of them just loved. Two cheerleaders came up to our table and wanted to talk with James and he told them he was busy studying and asked them to please leave. One of the cheerleaders was black and commented that band girls don't put out and are boring company. His response to her was that I was not boring and he wasn't interested in who put out and who didn't. She and the white girl she was with gave me dirty looks and she left saying to him that he will see and he will be looking them up.

After they left, James said that he felt really bad that they said what they did to me and he didn't like it. He told me that I was very smart, interesting to talk to and also very pretty. He invited me out to dinner to thank me for all my help as I won't take any money and I accepted. I didn't want to hurt his feelings and I did want to get to know him better. He took my books and his and offered to drive me back to my dorm and again I accepted. He told me he was on a full scholarship because of his football and had to keep up his grades in order to keep receiving the scholarship funds. He was very smart and he caught on fast and we had a good study session I told him and he smile. He dropped me off and said he would be by about 6 for me. I was so excited but also worried that I wouldn't know how I should dress.

After checking my well-stocked closet for something, I came across this new pair of black jeans I bought last trip home with a black and white sweater. I showered, shaved and did my hair and I was so nervous. James picked me promptly at 6 and had his head shaved. He really looked great. I was feeling light headed by the sight of him. He brought me a single white rose with a pink ribbon and kissed me hello. Wow I thought and showed him into my dorm room. My roommate wasn't in as she had a late class at 5:30 in History.

We were walking to his car and he commented how nice I looked and I thanked him. He smiled and I smiled back. We went to this little pub that was just off campus. I was never there before but I heard it was great and the food was to die for. We got to the door and the bouncer told James he would get us a nice table. He ordered a beer and I got a glass of wine. I drink beer but today I didn't feel like having any. The food smelled as good as it looked and it was so hard to choose. He said he always gets the steak and chicken combo with the veggies and baked potato. I saw they had a smaller portion of the same combo and I ordered that. The food was really good and the service was fast and right on the money. James told me that on Saturday nights they had a jazz musician playing and wanted to know if I would join him and I said I would.

After our dessert of coffee and chocolate cake, we left and I waited until we got into the parking lot and I thanked him so much for the dinner and told him he didn't have to do this and he said he wanted to because he wanted to show his thanks and appreciation. As we walked to his car, those two cheerleaders were walking in and saw us and again the black girl made some kind of comment that I didn't quite get but James did and he told her to mind her own business. I asked him what she said and he said she asked him when he open his eyes and see that I wasn't right for him. He told me that she is just jealous because she has been trying to get him to take her out since freshman year. He told me she is stuck up and has fucked every player on the team except for him and he has no desire to either. James decided to take us to the park and we walked around and talked and laughed and had a great time. It was close to 9:30 and I asked him if he wanted to any last minute studying before the test tomorrow and he said he would. He got all the questions but 2 and I was proud of him and he said he surprised himself. We ended about 11:00 and our class was 2:00 the next afternoon. I had no other class but that one that day and he offered to pick me up and take me to class. He had one at 11:00 for an hour and then he would be by and we would either go for a quick lunch for just do a quick review of the materials. I asked him if he wanted to come in and he said no because he wanted to get to bed but probably the next time. We kissed each other good night as he left. Wow did he have soft lips and he was a great kisser. I did nothing but think about him all night as I laid in bed. He was on my mind and I could do nothing but smile. My roommate got home about 12:30 and asked me about my day and I told her and she was very happy for me.

To my surprise, I got a call on my cell phone from James and he said he had a great time last night and was looking forward to seeing me and I said the same went for me. I went through my closet again to find something nice to wear. I found my navy slacks and my blue and white blouse that actually showed more skin than I normally do and I don't remember why I bought it but it really make me look sexy and my tits looked awesome. When he got to the door and I opened it, I could see his eyes pop out as he checked out my chest. He kissed me hello and told me that I looked very nice and we left right away for the test. We decided to have lunch or an early dinner after the test. I had band practice at 7 that night and he had a football meeting. We took the test and then James and I told the professor of our idea for the project and he was impressed. He told us it only had to be like four pages and covering a little bit of everything should be more than enough. We headed out for lunch and he told me that he thinks he did very well on the test and thanked me again and he kissed me even deeper than before. I was enjoying it and I slipped my tongue in his mouth as he seemed to enjoy it and did the same. Wow it was great. We drove to the little diner and he held my hand as he drove with the other.

We arrived at the diner to only find that same cheerleader there with a few other friends and they were talking loudly about getting laid and how they were scoring because they put out and just love the attention. We got dirty looks as we passed by and I just gave them a huge smile. We had a quick lunch as we had to make our appointments and had to shower in between. As he and I got back to my dorm, he did come in and wanted to see what he looked like. I sat on my bed as he went to the bathroom. I could feel myself wanting him to touch me but I didn't want to be like those other girls and force him to do anything he was ready to do or wanted to do. He came out and saw me sitting there and he sat next to me and we started to kiss and make out and I felt his large black hand cup one of my tits. Oh did I love that. He looked me in the eye and then he started to unbutton my blouse slowly and then opened it to see I wasn't wearing a bra. I had very large but firm tits - 40C and he loved squeezing and then sucking my tits. I saw that his pants were getting a large bulge and he took my hand and put it over the bulge and I could feel it pulsing in my hand.

We stopped before it went further and James told me that he wanted this and didn't want to rush it now because we had to be somewhere but we would do this soon. I was in my glory and he kissed me good bye and said he would pick me up at 6:45. I rook out my oboe and started treating it like it was James' cock. I licked it and sucked it and I was giving it a blow job and then stopped to take my shower. I felt myself up and then fingered my shaved pussy and wished it was James. I came for a brief second and had to try and concentrate on what I was doing it.

I got dressed in blue jeans and a my university band sweatshirt. James was there on time and he greeted me with a kiss and a hug and we left. We again held hands and he dropped me off at the music department and I told him I would walk to the football field when I was done. We weren't going to be doing and marching practice that day just the music. I was day dreaming about James and how he kisses me and how I loved his hands exploring me and his mouth sucking my tits an the bulge in his pants.

I walked over to the football field and sat in the bleachers and the cheerleaders were there and that black girl was staring at me and I wanted to say something to her but I didn't want to start anything as I was too happy to have her dampen my happy mood. James spotted me and waved to me. He had on his football jersey that had number 64 on it. He looked so sexy and I wanted him right then and right there. As they were breaking away from practice and he was walking towards me, our black cheerleader was following him. He came towards me and hugged and kissed me long and hard as she watch in shock. James realized that someone was there and when he saw it was her he turned to her and said that I was his girl and he had no interest in her now or ever and to leave me alone. He also told her that he didn't think much of cheerleaders especially ones that got laid by the entire team. He told her that he has a girl and she knows that I haven't fucked the team either. She walked away and held her head in shame as I smiled and I told her to have a nice day.

James and I walked with our arms around each other he was 6'4" and I was 5'3" and he was built like a black God. We got his card and we kissed and hugged and he asked me to come to his dorm with him and I said I would. Once we got there, his roommate left him a note on the door saying that he wouldn't be back until Friday. We went into his room and it was really nice. He kept his part of the room in great shape as his roommate was like a slob. He apologized and I told him I can be that way sometimes.

We sat on his bed and we kissed and hugged and touched and I reached for his crotch and it was again huge and throbbing. He pulled my sweatshirt over my head my tits were ready for him and my nipples were already hard and my panties wet. He started to suck again and squeeze my tits again as he allowed me to unbuckle his belt and unbutton and unzip his pants as he got up so I could put them off his cute black ass. His cock was huge and I asked him if I could suck him off and he told me to do so as he would enjoy it. I sucked and I licked and I could feel his cock growing with every suck and lick. Then I went to his balls that were huge and full. He fingered my pussy and said he loved shaved pussy as he started to finger me we as he made my pussy ready to accept his extra large black cum filled cock.

He laid me across his bed as he kissed me with his tongue and we were ready to make love for the first time with each other. I could feel myself getting wet and getting tight as he started to enter my white shaved pussy with his huge black cock. He told me to relax and he would hurt me as he started to ease in slowly and then with a little more thrust and then we were full blown fucking. He was pounded into me and I was accepting it all and having the time of my life. Then I was on all fours as he fucked me doggy style harder and harder as he grabbed and squeezed both my tits until they ached and were stinging and then he pulled out and laid me flat on my back as he shot his hot load all over my face and all over my chest. It felt so warm and I can't begin to say how good that felt. He whispered in my ear that he was falling for me hard and fast and I told him I was doing the same for him. We hugged and kissed and then showered and I spent the night in his room. We woke up in each others arms.

James got dressed and then we drove to my dorm so I could get ready for class. James didn't have any that day. I told him that I loved him so much and never expected that anyone like him could ever want someone like me. He told me that I was the best thing that ever happened to him. He told me I was special and I was his woman. He and I kissed and then he left.

We have been together ever since and by the way, we both passed our test with 100's, we got an A+ on our newspaper and he makes me the happiest I've ever been. As for our black cheerleader, she never taunted me again and she sees that I'm James now; I wear his jersey and his school ring around my neck and if she looks closely around my neck she could see those little love marks that James gives me.

So the girl from the band beat out the cheerleader-Now how did I do that?? Just being me I guess.

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