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I Can Be A Freak


Hi Guys, don't worry I'm still working on Taken, but these characters popped into my head, and wouldn't leave me alone. The characters I came up with kind of remind me of Gina and Pam from Martin; there's the level-headed one and then there's the crazy loud mouth one. Sorry about the errors I plan on getting it edit later on. As always, feedback is much appreciated.



"You selfish motherfucker; I can't believe you." Trina said, while her soon to be ex-boyfriend Jamal sat hunched in the corner of the cheap motel room.

"Baby calm down," he pleaded eyeing the knife she held.

"No I ain't gone calm, you lying son of a bitch," Trina yelled. She wasn't going to stab him, God knows she wanted to but right now she just wanted to a scare his ass and maybe rough him up a little bit.

"What you scared?" She taunted, "You should have thought about that before you decided to play with my emotions; baby I love you, don't you know I'd die for you, you lying trifling no good bastard!" She screamed kicking him.

"Now, now Trina, girl I know you're upset but don't you think this is a bit much? I mean you just tasered the man, now you got a knife; girl you know I love you, but I don't do jail." Mel, her voice of reason for the 'moment,' and best friend offered, all while munching on her beloved chips.

"Mel, weren't you the one saying and I quote, girl you need to fuck his ass up" Trina asked.

"What I meant, was cuss his ass out and rough him up, not kill him." She held up her finger as if she was thinking, "Although I will admit, you were right about tasering his ass." She chuckled, while shaking her body to imitate how Jamal looked while he was being tasered.

"What the fuck is wrong with you two?" Jamal stuttered, still a little shaken up from being tasered.

"Please Jamal, you know you had this coming with all the shit you put her through; cheating on her with Rhonda of all people, and then you didn't even have the decency to wear a condom. You lucky all you did was get old girl pregnant because if you and that whore had given my girl anything, I would be the one holding the knife and I know you don't want that." She licked her finger clean. "And anyway you should be thankful that I'm here to referee, because this could this easy become an episode of Snapped. I mean really..."

"Mel" Trina yelled cutting off her tirade.

"You are not helping." She snapped.

Mel put down her bag of chips and walked over to Trina, shaking her head at the sight of Jamal. The man barely had time to pull his boxers up before Trina laid into his ass. She smirked; her and Trina did bust up in there like gang busters; too bad that ho Rhonda had already left. Not that it mattered; Jamal was the one who fuck up, and no matter how much of a slut Rhonda was, she wasn't in to beating up pregnant women. Now after she had the baby, all bets were off.

"Remember what I told you; beat his ass, then use your words so he'll know why he getting his ass whooped, and then beat his ass some more." She sassed, handing Trina the taser as she took the knife from her hand. Before walking off she gave Trina a pointed look and mouth, "Use your words."

Trina took a deep, she was never good a expressing her feelings especially when it came to Jamal; the man had a way of switching everything around and before she knew it, she would be agreeing with his logic.

"Jamal do you have any idea how much you hurt me..."

"Trina baby"

"Shut up, there is nothing you can say that I care to hear. You have used and walked over me for the last time. I loved you and yes our relationship wasn't perfect but I loved you never the less and you know what; I could see if I was some trifling ass woman, but damn it, I was good to you, was there for you when nobody was. Stood by you at your worse and held it down when you couldn't and this is how you do me? Getting some chick pregnant and using my money to take care of her... spending it on these cheap ass motels and lord knows what else." She fumed.

She stepped forward but stopped herself; as much as she wanted to lay into his ass again, she couldn't. Instead she continued to use her words, "Well I hope you and that whore had a good time living it up off of me, because you and I both know that neither one of yall got a pot to piss in. As far as I am concern, you and your baby mama, can kiss my black ass. The only person I feel sorry for is that baby because with you two fools for parents, the odd are already stack against them." Trina turn ready to leave, but the knock at the door stop her mid step.

She and Mel looked at each other as if to ask who could be, but quickly realized it was probably Rhonda. Either way it didn't matter, she was done with Jamal and his crap once and for all. Mel walk to the door quickly and looked out the peep hole. Before she opened it, Trina could have sworn she heard her muttered shit.


"Nicholas, well this is a surprise."

Oh shit

"Actually we received a call about a disturbance in this room."

"This address?" She replied as if she was shocked. Leaning towards the officer, she offered, "Now who on earth would have done such a thing, because I can assure you..."

"HELP!" Mel rolled her eyes at the sound of Jamal voice. She should have known he wouldn't take his ass whooping like a man.

"Mel step away from door


Trina groaned, she couldn't believe, that she of all people was hand cuffed in the back of a police car on her way to jail; and for what, Jamal ass? She always said she would never lose her mind over some damn man; now look at her, not only did she lose it, but manage to catch a case in the process. Fool wasn't even worth it. She chuckled; the way he acted you would have thought she stabbed him or something. Well she did taser the man, but damn it he deserved it and even though she did have a knife, it was a little ass pocket knife for Christ sake.

Trina was pissed. This is what she get for listening to Mel; she should have stayed her behind home like she'd planned. Two years she wasted on that fool. Deep down she knew something was going on, her mama always said a woman knows when her man is straying, the problem is admitting it. Well it took her a long time to admit it and tonight for her to realize she could do a whole lot better than Jamal cheating behind.

Trina hung her head down; there was a time when she felt so lucky to have Jamal. When he first approached her, she was shocked; he was so handsome with his smooth dark skin and goodness when he smile at her while asking her for her number, she just couldn't believe it. Not to say that she was ugly or anything, she was just very quiet and shy when it came to the opposite sex. Growing up her parents were strict and there were certain things that weren't allowed, and boys were one of them. Instead of experimenting and learning all the joy of the opposite sex, like most teenagers, her high school experience consisted hanging out at home or with Mel. Not that she minded, it was way easier for her to fantasize about sex, than to engage in the real thing at that age. So at twenty-three when Jamal showed interest in her, she thought finally found someone who she could take it to the next level with.

However after two years and a lot of heart ache and pain, she was done after today; she felt nothing for the man. Corrections after tasering his ass and telling him off, I felt nothing. Too bad it took getting arrested to get to that point; leaning forward she resisted the urge to bang her head against the seat. Come Monday, everyone would know her business; it would be years before she lived this down. Hammond was a small town where everybody knew everyone business. She could only imagine the town reaction when they found that out that quite soft spoken Trina Mitchell, was arrested for assault. She closed eyes and leaned back; to think this night was supposed to be the stepping stone to taking back control of her life.

Earlier that evening

"Hey Tee Wee, what chu doing?"Mel asked barging into the dark bathroom.

"Mel, how the hell did you get to my apartment?"She asked looking up from where she was laying.

"Hellooo, I used my key." She said jiggling her keys for emphasize.

"Your key; Mel, how you..." she closed her eyes groaning, "You know what Mel; I just need to be alone right now."

Ignoring the hint, Mel took a seat on the tub, "But why? Is this about Jamal?"

"No this is about the fact that I can't take a shit in peace."

"Were you planning on going on floor?" Mel gave her a pointed look "Tee Wee cut the crap and talk to me."

"No Mel, I don't feel like talking right now, all I want to do, is sit in my bathroom alone and sulk in peace. Is that too much to ask for?"

"Yes, instead of sitting here in the damn dark, what you need to do is take control and put that fool in his place. Got your self esteem all jack up, walking round here crying, looking like a fool. Girl if my man...well if I had a man, did me like that I'd knocked the shit out of him."


"No I'm serious Trina." Mel said standing up. "Stop being weak and stand up for yourself; you know where he at, and using your money to pay for it. Stop whining and go over there and smack the shit out of him so the next time, his ass will think twice about running game on another woman, and afterward, if you wanna seek out therapy to deal with whatever this is," she said waving her hands, "By all means do so."

Trina let Mel words sink in; she supposed the majority of this was her fault. How many times did she tell herself it was time to let go, that she wanted more. She had given her virginity to him thinking he was the one and when he proved otherwise, she still stay with him. Thinking that if she loved him enough, show him she was his 'ride or die' chick he'd realize what he had. Every time he'd stayed out into the morning 'networking,' she'd always let him in when he came back; when he needed money, she gave it to him. whenever he pulled one of his stunts, she always told herself that she would end it, but she never did. Because in her mind, Jamal was all she had, her first love and as a result of it she let a man who didn't deserve her make a complete and totally fool out of her.

Picking herself up off the floor she uttered, "Fine, let's go."

Mel jumped up and down clapping her hands together. "Now that's what I'm talking bout."

As they headed out the bathroom all set to do some damage, Trina remembered her taser she kept in the closet.


"You mighty quiet; what's wrong?" Mel cooed.

"Mel, are we not sitting in the back of a squad car going to jail?" Trina questioned looking completely exasperated at Mel; the two of them went way back, like all the way to preschool but damn, now was not the time.

Trina stared at the back of the officer who was in the driver seat. Out of all people, Nicholas Trent had to be the arresting officer, the one man she vowed to never lay eyes on again. At six one, with his light blue eyes, close crop brown hair and lord have mercy his body, the man was too sexy and don't even get her started on his tattoos. She be a fool to say she didn't have a crush on him growing up, hell all the girls did, but the only one that mattered, was Janet Sims. Any and everybody knew him and Janet were two peas in a pod, so it was no surprise when the two married right out of high school. Unfortunately high school love doesn't equal forever and poor Nick had to find that out the hard way.

Why God; why did it have to be him.

This was beyond humiliating; how many times would this man see her at her worse. The first time, being her sorry attempt at seduction; it was at last year Christmas Ball when she and Jamal were going through one of their mini separations. She became depress at the sight of all the couples who decided to attend that year, hell even Mel was getting her flirt on; as a result, she preceded to get drunk. With a little liquid courage she decided she would have some fun too. Seeing as how Jamal could fuck around without a care in the world, why couldn't she. So when the fine-looking Nick sat down beside her she took it as a once in a lifetime opportunity and flirted her ass off. One thing led to another and before she knew it, they had snuck off, and were going at it like two love struck teenagers in his home. Trina wasn't sure if it was the alcohol or Nick, but Jamal had never set her off the way he had, and that was just with his tongue.

Nick had her willing and ready to do whatever he asked, and she would have, if the urge to vomit hadn't overridden her lust. Needless to say, there was no nookie after that; instead, her night of mind blowing sex had been reduced to cleaning up vomit off of her, the bed, and Nick before passing out. As soon as she woke up the next morning, she high tailed it out of his house with the quickness. She was so embarrassed and guilt ridden over acting like a complete slut, that she took it as a sign to better her relationship with Jamal and avoided Nicholas Trent like the plague.

Humph a lot of good that did her; Trina bit her bottom lip, now that she thought about it, that was her first attempt at being a badass, now this. Maybe this was the Lords way of telling her to stick to what she's knows best.

"Hello, am I not sitting in the back of this car with you, with these tight ass hand cuffs on. I don't know why Nick had to do all of this, he acting like we criminals or something." Mel retorted knocking her out of her stupor, Nick of course just shook his head at Mel ranting.

Leaning toward Trina, she whispered. "Sheesh, I wonder how long before we post bail or better yet how we gonna post out; cause you know I can't call my mom and you know your mama gon act a fool when she find out about this."

Trina just groaned wondering how much longer before they made to the jailhouse, and prayed to God when they got there, they put her and Mel in separate cells.


"Um excuse me Nick, do we get like a meal or something when we get there, cus I haven't had a chance to eat; or better yet can we stop somewhere? "

At the look Nick gave her, Mel shrugged her shoulders. "What it's a legitimate question."

Nick ignored Mel instead choosing to loosen his grip on the stirring wheel instead; lord knows Melinda Jackson could work a nerve like no other, but that wasn't the reason for his discomfort. No, his distress came in the form of the petite beauty in the back seat looking as if she was about to pop a blood vessel. The last he saw her, she was scurrying out of his apartment. She didn't know it, but he constantly thought of that night; well minus the vomiting but up until that point, she had managed to awaken feeling in him that he could have sworn his ex-wife had killed.

Who would have thought that Trina Mitchell, of all women was a sex kitten in disguise. He bet the quiet soft spoken librarian didn't remember half the things she told him or did that night, but he did. All her desire, wants, and needs; everything her man wouldn't do, the things she was too scared to tell Jamal. Trina might not remember, but he did.

He memorized each and everything about that night; from the way her thighs felt wrapped around his head as he twirl his tongue inside her sweet pussy, to way she moaned his name. However, what really took the cake; the moment when he realized she was so much more than he could have ever imagine, was when she spread her thick thighs, opening up her glistening pussy to him. Taking her hand, she stroked herself, all while telling him how she used to masturbate to the thought of him fucking her senseless when they were younger, how she got wet whenever he was around. He forgot all about removing his clothes, as he watched her masturbate in front of him, her dark skin glistening in the moonlight. When she removed her fingers and lick them clean, he damn near nutted. He couldn't believe it, miss goody two shoes was a closet freak and that realization made him dive head first into her pussy and finish what she started.

Nick smiled; seeing as how she finally dropped that loser boyfriend of hers, he was more than determine to be the one to let her inner freak loose. He lick his lips at the thought of all the possibilities, feeling himself harden, he realized he needed to stop before he embarrass himself in front of his partner.

"Excuse me, food anyone?"

"Does she ever stop?" Asked Wade Chapman; the twenty-five year old was new to Hammond, and this was his first time witnessing Mel antics up close.

"First of all I have a name, just cause you got me in the back seat of this car doesn't mean you gon talk about me any kind of way."

"Why don't you take a page from your friend in the back seat and shut it." Wade snapped.

"Excuse me, oh he must not know who he's talking to, Nick you better tell him, I will..."

"MELINDA!" Trina shouted.


Trina gave her the look that meant shut it, Mel looked at if she was about to keep going, but then muttered, "whatever," before slouching in the seat. Trina looked up, her light brown eyes catching Nick eyes in the rear view mirror before quickly turning away. Nick smiled, showing all of his teeth; for the first time in months, he was excited.

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