tagExhibitionist & VoyeurI Dare You... Ch. 2

I Dare You... Ch. 2


If the water in a jacuzzi is hot enough, you can't feel anything but the swirl of it around you. Everything else evaporates in the steam you're breathing, and reality tries to slip away.

Her body was hot and fluid as it slid onto his, gradually awakening his senses as he took her in. His eyes opened and fixed on her face; her cheeks flushed, her eyes wide and shining with her smile. He heard her slightly raspy breath and the sharp intake of it as her pelvis settled against his. He smelled her, too, her distinctive perfume rising above the cloying chlorine.

Without thinking, he wrapped his arms around her tightly, feeling her breasts pressed against his chest. Her lips slid wetly over his, her tongue licking gently along his jaw and teasing his ear. He waited to hear what she had to say, waited for the low ripple of her voice as it was when she was aroused, and he was sure that she was now. He hadn't long to wait. Her arms came up around his neck, and she murmured right against his ear, "I dare you."

Though tempted to laugh, the sound stopped in his throat when he felt her grind her hips against the bulge in his bathing suit, which throbbed in response. Bending his head slightly he pressed his mouth to her neck, inhaling the familiar soft scent of her skin and her perfume, the sharp stinging smell of chlorine not able to over-take it. His tongue lashed out against her neck, producing in her a low whimper and a tightening of her grip on him.

His teeth grazed her neck as he asked her, "You dare me to what?"

Her answer was the soft sigh that accompanied her hand as it trailed down his back, nails dragging along his skin. Her fingers slipped beneath the waistband of his shorts and slid round to the front, pushing against her own body as they wrapped firmly around his swollen cock. "I dare you to fuck me," she whispered as she began to stroke him.

His hands moved down to slide beneath her bathing suit bottoms, and his fingers slipped easily between her silky lips. She was so wet that he knew she'd been planning this for a while, and her voice was barely more than a whimper when she felt his fingers pushing into her.

After only a few minutes, she pushed his hand away, releasing her hold on his cock and pressing her lips to his, sucking at his lower lip and his tongue. He kissed her deeply, his hips pushing up instinctively towards her pussy, his arms wrapped tightly around her.

Suddenly she pulled away from him, slipping off his lap, crossing to the other side of the hot tub, and leaning slightly over the side. Immediately he followed her, pressing his hardness against her ass, hearing her frustrated groan. His hands reached to tug her bathing suit out of the way, slipping his cock from his shorts and pushing it with torturous slowness into her pussy. She arched back into him, silently urging him deeper, but he ignored the almost overwhelming temptation to slam into her, instead inching his way into her moist tightness.

He felt her body opening to him, her wet folds stretching to accommodate his cock. His mind reeled slightly as he held her hips, pushing still deeper, until his pelvis pressed tightly to her ass. She pushed back into him, her head bowed, body tensed. A slow smile spread across his lips as he became aware of the occasional blasts of water hitting the front of his thighs. He ran his hand over her hip and down, rubbing her clit gently and feeling the full blast of the jacuzzi's jet. She turned her head to look over her shoulder at him, flashing him a wicked and slightly guilty grin.

He gave her ass a slight squeeze before closing his hands over her hips. He pulled back, letting his cock slip from her pussy, until just the head remained inside her. She pushed back into him, but he held away, waiting. She whimpered in frustration. He leaned forward and pressed his lips to her neck, nipping at her skin with his teeth. She moaned in pleasure, and he slammed his cock hard into her.

Their voices rose together in a sharp gasp, and he closed his eyes tight and fought the sense of dizziness that threatened to creep up on him as he began to thrust in and out of her achingly tight pussy. The hot, swirling water lent them aid as they rocked their hips forward and back in unison. Neither thought to look around, to wonder if they were observed. Nothing existed but the almost-scalding water and the two of them.

He became aware of the increased urgency of her movements and guessed that the jet of water on her clit was hurrying her along. He began to thrust harder, faster, his grip on her hips tightening. "Yessssssssss, baby," he heard her say. He pressed his face into her neck to stifle his groans, his teeth biting on her skin. He felt her pussy beginning to spasm around his cock, heard her bitten-back shrieks of pleasure. He began to fuck her even harder, faster, slamming his cock into her wet hole as deeply as he could.

"Now!" she said, "please, baby, please now!"

He lifted his mouth from her neck to groan, "Cum for me baby, cum hard for me" and then returned his teeth to her skin as he felt her start to come apart in his arms. As her orgasm reached its peak he buried his cock inside her, holding her tight as he filled her pussy with his hot load.

After several moments he wrapped his arms around her, moving to sit down with her on his lap, his cock still inside her cum-soaked pussy. She laid her head back onto his shoulder and he kissed her cheek. As he looked around and took in the dozen or so people in the pool just a few feet away, he whispered to her, "My turn again."

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