tagInterracial LoveI Enjoy Dominating Big Women

I Enjoy Dominating Big Women


The look on Karen James Steinem's face as I smack her face and ram my cock deep into her asshole can only be considered priceless. I don't know why she seems so surprised when I do this. It's what I am and what I do. I've got no choice in the matter. Birds must fly. Snakes must crawl. Men must struggle. Women must whine. I must be cruel. It's what I am. My name is Samuel and I approve this message. Please take a ride with me as I spend the last days of the Summer doing what I do best.

Presently, Karen is lying on a hammock. Suspended four feet above the floor in my basement. Her hands and feet are bound. Her plump thighs are spread. I've inserted a massive dildo deep into her pussy. This dildo was dipped into Salsa Picante. What can I say, folks? Some like it hot! I spread Karen's wide ass cheeks and thrust my cock deep into her asshole. Her eyes bulge and I know she would scream if she could. But she can't because her big mouth is gagged. A silent woman is a wonderful thing. I'm from the old school, folks. I think women should be seen and not heard.

I met Karen online about two months ago. I had some fun sessions chatting with her. She claimed to be looking for big black guys who were over six feet tall and had big dicks. That's not exactly rare in the city of Brockton. I sent her some snapshots of my long and thick, uncut black cock. She sent me some pictures of her naked. I liked those pictures of her fat white ass. Like I said, we clicked. After chatting for a few months, we finally decided to meet. We dined at the Westgate Mall, then I drove her to my place for some fun. The rest, as they say, is history.

Karen looks lovely in the dark. A six-foot-tall, thick-bodied, busty and big-bottomed white bitch with long blonde hair and pale blue eyes. Did I mention she had one of the biggest asses I've seen on a white chick in ages? Once I saw it, I couldn't wait to fuck it. Oh, I wasn't desperate for sex. I had a few guys and a couple of chicks around Brockton whom I sometimes dialed up whenever I was horny and needed a booty call. However, variety is the spice of life and Karen James Steinem is fresh meat, as they say. I had a lot of fun with this piece of trash.

I pull the dildo out of Karen's snatch. Her eyes widen in surprise. Laughing, I gleefully shove it right back into her pussy and I'm not exactly gentle about it. And why should I be? Pussy was made to be used. And it's been used for thousands of years. It's only in the past fifty or so years that men have lost themselves and become pussy worshipers. I can't see myself worshiping anything so vile and base. Folks, I've got standards. I shove my cock deep into Karen's asshole. I have always loved the feel of a good, tight anus around my cock. Personally, I don't give a fuck who the asshole belongs to. Man or woman, it's all the same to me. I just like to fuck. Ass, that is. Pussy is boring. I'll fist it but I won't stick my cock in there. It's too boring, mundane and commonplace. I ram my dick in and out of Karen's shithole. Until I finally get my nut and cum, flooding her asshole with my manly seed. Yeah!

A few minutes later, I untie Karen and we head to the showers together. She tells me how much she enjoyed herself. She's a Dean at a nearby college campus and sometimes she likes to let go of the reins of power and get dominated like the bitch I know her to be. I smile, and tell her to get the fuck out of my house. If she's lucky, she might hear from me in a couple of weeks. Welcome to my stable. I'm the Master and you do as you are told. Them's the rules and it's not up for discussion.

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