tagInterracial LoveI Gambled And Won In Atlantic City

I Gambled And Won In Atlantic City


With the economy the way it has been the past several years, the place where Joan had been employed was forced to closed it's doors because a bigger company was taking all their business. She was sad as she had worked there for over 10 years and had developed a good working relationship with a number of customers that always came to her when they needed to get out of a jam with one of their customers. She gave 110% at all times to her customers, shown she was a team player with her co-workers and her bosses appreciated her extra effort and willingness to stay on later and work some extra holidays that the others had off. One of her customers had as if she would like to be on their team; you know, work with them and give the same type of work ethic that she had shown for the many years they had dealings. She submitted her resume and letters of recommendation to this customer and within minutes of the fax coming over they were on the phone setting up an interview. She was a little hesitant in responding because unknown to all, she and one of the workers there that had become very close and worked so well together we having an on going affair behind everyone's back including her husband and his wife.

Jim was a comfort to Joan during some tough times she was having and never let on to anyone but Jim. They hit it off right away and acted very cool around their employers and she had even come to his place to check it out and at one point they wanted her to leave where she was to work there. She didn't because of the affair and said how frustrating it would be for them to see each other every day and not be able to jump each others bones when they did. She politely turned down the offer saying that she had to stay put to get her full 401K and pension and she did have a very good one.

They agreed to meet after much flirting on the phone in a professional manner as they could and without anyone finding out about their secret meetings. Jim didn't know at first how to approach Joan knowing that they were both married which was strike one and two and strike three was he was black and she was white. After he told her he was black, much to his surprise, Joan told him that she happened to like black men and always wondered what it would be like to have one but never pursued it because of her racist parents. He gave her his cell and told her to call and see if there was any way they could meet each other and see if there was any connection between them. He would not force himself on her or make her do anything she wasn't comfortable with and she said that if she felt something and he didn't, they would just remain very good friends and having the working relationship that they work so hard to keep for their employers.

One Saturday morning, Joan's husband was asked to spend the entire day with his friend and his brother and father going shooting and having a nice meal afterwords. They would also go to one of the local strip clubs that night and she thought that might be a good day for them to meet providing he would be able to able to get away from home that day. She gave him the date and he checked at home and his wife and 2 daughters were going to the shopping outlets in Delaware that day leaving early that morning and they usually stayed the entire day and followed with a dinner treat at the local Cracker Barrel.

The night before she secretly text him to make sure that it was still on and it was. She had gone after work to get her body waxed and her hair cut and touched up and wanted to look her best. She didn't want to disappoint him as she never thought much of herself and her husband was always putting her down, especially in front of her and his friends which pissed her off. She and her husband have been having issues and there was a time or two that her husband hit her. One of the times she got a black eye and told them at work she fell down the basement stairs and hit her face. They haven't been sexually active in years and she gave up all hope on ever having sex with him or any man ever again.

It was 7:00 and her husband had packed up his pick up truck and would be headed to his friend's house in the next down and said he would be home really late and not to wait up for him. She mentioned that it may be a girls night out if she everyone got her e-mail about meeting that night and was awaiting their e-mails or texts or even calls. She told him to have a great day and he wished her the same.

After showering and getting dressed, she almost had second thoughts and was going to call him and cancel. She thought about being unfaithful and then she figured that she didn't know if anything would happen so she continued her shower and picked out a new outfit from her shopping spree last month. She wanted to accent her large breasts because she knew Jim was into large ones as they teased about it a few times. Knowing they agreed not to be pushy or force anything on each other, she just wanted to make herself look good. Her husband was a downer and she wanted to be happy for the first time in a long time.

She nervously drove to the spot they picked out to meet. It was in a local eatery for breakfast that they both agreed on. She told him what she would be wearing via a text while getting dressed and he told her what he would be wearing. She pulled up with her car and saw his vehicle parked their and started to panic but then realized they knew each other all these years; it's just putting the face with the voice from the phone.

There he sat and he had such a sexy shy smile and he winked at her as he saw her approaching the booth he was sitting at. They hit it off right away as they exchanged longs hugs and a kiss, right on the the lips that was unexpected but very enjoyable by both. They ate and they talked and they agreed to go to the next step; a walk in the park and then lunch at one of his favorite places for chicken, ribs and home style cooking that he always talked to her about.

The walk in the park was great as they were walking, Jim slipped his hand in her's and they were holding hands and she was getting all nervous inside but a good nervous. She could feel her crotch getting slightly wet and her nipples piercing the top she was wearing. She found him to be as attractive as well as sexy and worried him didn't find her attractive and it was one sided but he did take her hand she thought. They sat on the bench and he looked into her eyes and the next thing they were engaging in some serious kissing, french kissing that Joan just loved. She entered his mouth with her tongue first and he followed the then when he noticed no one was looking he softly squeezed one of her 42D titties. She was in her glory and he quickly stopped and said he was sorry and she said it was okay. They went to his truck and he put his arms around her and told her that he really liked her and thought she was pretty and had a nice body. She told him that she liked him to and it was like love at first sight she felt.

After having a delicious lunch, Jim and Joan went into his truck and started to kiss and make out like teenagers. He asked her if she would like to his his cock and she said said and asked if he would like to see her titties and he said yes and they quickly opened her blouse and his pants and she was amazed at the extra large black cock and balls that he had. He loved her huge white titties and they had to touch. He asked if she felt comfortable enough to go with him to a hotel so they could explore each other and see what kind of chemistry if any they had and she said yes.

They drove into three downs over and found a quite little place where they entered the lobby and rented a room. After opening the door, Joan felt a little worried that since she hasn't had sex or been with anyone sexually for a long time that she would screw things up. He took her into his arms and told her not to worry as he kissed her and started to undress her. He told her that if at anytime she wanted to stop, he would and there would be no hard feelings and she agreed.

They started off by kissing deeply as he played with her titties and started to squeeze one and suck the other and she was playing and jerking with his cock and he was moaning in pleasure. He asked if she sucked cock and she said she did and that she swallowed too. He admitted to not really getting much enjoyment from eating pussy and she was okay with that but he promised to pleasure her with is huge black fingers. They were in the heat of passion as she sucked him like she never, ever sucked any man before and he was getting harder and harder and his balls fuller and fuller. Her nipples were harder than ever and her pussy was wet and kept on getting wetter.

He slowly removed her mouth off his cock that he was enjoying so much and put her on the bed and slowly entered her pussy with his hard black cock. He started slow and eventually got all of it into her tight shaved white pussy as she asked for him to do it harder. He did and then turned her over and fucked her hard doggy style as she gasped for air and felt his huge black hands as they squeezed and pulled on her tits. He suddenly stopped and wanted to enter her ass and she said she didn't like it because and started to cry. Jim told her not to cry and she explained that she was raped and the man that raped her forced his cock into her without her knowing that he was going to do that and hurt her and she bled on and off for a few days. She had never had any kind of sex before the rape as she was only 16 and not like some of the other girls in school who where already on the pill and some knocked up at 16 and dropping out of school.

She did say that she would try it again maybe someday and he said he would be careful and would lube them both up heavy with ky and others to make it easier but she could stop him at any time. She stopped and thought that he is actually saying next time. Her heart skipped a a beat and was all smiles. They started to make love again and Jim had to come and she asked that she swallow some and the rest be shot in the face and on her titties and he thought that was great. What a load he let off with moans of satisfaction and she couldn't believe as she has never had a load like this one.

They cleaned up and sat around a bit and smiled at each other and Jim told her how great he made him feel and that he really liked her. She told him she liked him too and was worried she would screw up not having sexing years. They agreed right then and there to meet each other once a week to just see each other and maybe since she enjoyed it, have her tits played with and she would give him a blow job and that's how it has been for several years. They talk and texted daily and actually had a few times that they were able to make love somewhere without anyone finding out and having anyone wonder where they were.

After finding out that she was going to be interviewed, Joan contacted him and he was overjoyed as they would have to work out a system on how to meet at lunchtime or after work for a bit if she was hired. If she had gotten another job offer or took another job, they would have to arrange secret meetings at lunch and after work.

She was offered the job with at $25,000 a year signing bonus. She also found out that she would be working with Jim on several projects and may require going to the convention in Atlantic City to stand in for the boss and his wife as they were going to be away at their Goddaughter's wedding that same weekend in North Carolina.

They were having a great time working together, meeting at lunch times and after work for a quick suck and make out session before heading home to their spouses. Her marriage was falling apart and she only stuck around because it was a place to live and he had huge monies coming in from his parent's estate that she wanted to get a her teeth into. She took care of them when he couldn't and they adored her. Her father in law always slipped her a few extra dollars every week for helping that her husband had no knowledge of. She put that money aside and didn't spend it unless she needed to so she had a nice sum after 2 years of care before they both passed last year.

She managed to save almost $50,000 that her husband didn't know she had.

When the convention came, they were excused from work for 4 days and they would be driving down together and staying of course in separate rooms. Her husband wasn't too crazy about her going down with Jim as he hates black people and knows that his wife has a sweet tooth for black men as she always sticks up for them or comments how attractive someone like Denzel Washington was or Billy Dee Williams. She said it was her job and she had to go and he figured he couldn't interfere with her job as he knows he wants her to work. He also knows but doesn't know that Joan knows that he has himself a little something extra on the side at the local go-go club that he frequents twice a week and sometimes on a Saturday night. Joan never stopped him from going even when their marriage was doing pretty good. She figured it was harmless but she noticed a change in him and that's when the beatings took place. He also found a phone number his his shirt and also he had a picture on his cell that he used as wallpaper and did know Joan saw it. She kept her mouth closed and only told her best friend about it and then told Jim and he was there to comfort her.

They got to the hotel and found out they had rooms right next door to each other. On the way down the joked about who's room would they fuck in first. They had 2 days combined to work and the rest of the time was theirs to do gambling and taking in shows, etc. and they had a lot of time to fuck each other and she look forward to blowing her man as often as he asked.

The first night they went out to the dinner to meet some of the others and then out for some drinks. It was a little boring but as soon as it was over, they had time to do their own things. Joan loved the slot machines while Jim was not a gambling man. He had a rough time sometimes of running low on money and Joan had been able to help him out with the money she had gotten from her father in law. Jim was always happy with her help and said he felt bad asking and she told him if she had it and he needed it, it wasn't a problem.

Jim and Joan walked the boardwalk to one of the other casinos and while walking in, Joan found a $5 bill by the doors. She picked it up and told Jim she was going to play it in the machine and he said he would come and keep her company for a bit then maybe had a beer, a shot of JD and maybe relax a bit with a cigar that one of their customers brought him back from a recent trip to Cuba. As they approached the machines, Joan found a dollar machine exactly how she likes her machines; with all the cross marks making winning on any line and any direction a little easier. The maximum bet was five dollars and she put in the bill and played all five at once and she was a winner of $1000 and she couldn't believe it. She immediately hugged Jim and went to cash it out before spending it.

Jim and Joan both went to the bar for a beer and a JD but no cigar for Joan. She said she hadn't had much luck in the casinos the past several years and this was great. She wasn't going to tell her husband and wasn't giving him any of the money either. After Jim finished his cigar they went back to the boardwalk and walked hand in hand to their casino/hotel. She wanted them to go to their rooms because she said she had a surprise for him. They got out her room key where she asked him to sit on the bed with his hand out and she gave him $500 of the $1000 that she won. He told him he couldn't take all that money from her and she said that it was her's to do what she wanted and she wanted to give it to him. He took her into his arms and they kissed and then made love.

That morning they had their first of 3 meetings of the day. They had their breakfast and Joan went into her wallet to get out her ID to get into the meeting and stuck to it was a $10 bill that she had no idea it was there. She quickly told Jim she was going to play this $ 10 before the meeting and he joined her. She found a dollar machine again the way she liked it and it also had five coin max so she pulled for the first maximum bet and she won another $ 250 and then played the other $5 dollars and won another $500 dollars. She cashed in her $ 750 of winnings and put them in her purse.

The meetings all went well and the lunch buffet was delicious and tonight they had a large dinner at 8:00. They broke off from the meeting 3:30 and they headed back to their hotels. Jim was going into his room and asked Joan to join him for a quickie and a shower and she couldn't refuse. Before they did anything, Joan reached into her purse where she divided the money in half giving Jim another $ 375 dollars and he could not believe she was this lucky and he was benefiting from it too.

After a long delicious, but boring dinner, everyone went their own ways and Joan went to another slot machine and believe it or not found the machine to have $2 credit that someone did not print out so it was a $2 max bet machine so she went for it and and hit again for $ 250 more dollars which she cashed out and approached Jim with her winning voucher and they headed up to their rooms to rest. She again gave him $ 125 of the winnings and he was now $ 1000 richer than when he left yesterday.

The next day they had most of the day to themselves so they had a nice late breakfast, walked the boardwalk and decided to take in an early show in the other casino.

Their last day they had a brief meeting and then had the afternoon luncheon and had a little time to make love and again for Joan to hit the slots. So far she hasn't spent one penny of her own money except the $10 than she didn't remember having until she thought about the lady that she helped at the supermarket several weeks earlier gave it to her for helping her with her bags.

Joan approached another slot machine and this time Jim came to her with a voucher someone left in the machine for $20 and Joan told him to cash it in for himself and he insisted she play it in the machine as he didn't play. The first $5 spin got her $50 dollars, the next spin $100, the next another $50 and then she hit again for $1000 and then it was cash out time of $1200 which she gave him all of it and he insisted she take half as if he won it himself, he would have given her half.

They got all packed and sat on her bed. He told her he has never had such a wonderful time in his life. He said that she made what he thought would be a boring convention one that he will never forget and hopes there will be another one next year and that we can both go. Joan also said that she has never been such a big winner on the slots either, had a man treat her like he as been and during these past four days and feels like a winner. Jim told her that she was a winner, all the time and he is a winner too as she has won his heart.

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