tagIncest/TabooI Give My Niece a Ride Ch. 02

I Give My Niece a Ride Ch. 02


Chapter 2: A Day At The Beach

Introduction: For all who wanted a sequel; enjoy and comment.

rutger5 An Original Story (Copyright 2011)


I'd just merged onto the highway after leaving the airport when I felt my cell start to vibrate. Hitting the gas I accelerated before signaling and switching to the center lane. Freeing my cell I managed to glance at the screen and saw that I'd received a text message from my niece Jessica. I felt a smile come to my lips as well as a lower, baser reaction.

Dropping my phone in the empty seat next to me I continued driving towards home. It was the tail end of rush hour but thankfully there were no major delays so I was able to make good time. Within the hour I'd left the highway and fifteen minutes later the Explorer was parked in my driveway.

Closing the front door I was struck by the stillness of the house. After walking to the kitchen I poured the final cup of coffee from the pot. While sipping the hot liquid I opened the message from my niece. Unlike many of the messages I'd received from her in the past two months this one was brief and to the point.

[Uncle Mark, am going to the beach today. U wanna come.]

I sat and stared at the words until the screen went blank and my coffee was cold. The hell with it I said to myself while standing. Quickly I went upstairs to my bedroom. I shook my head on seeing the bed neatly made and covered with the bedspread. That fact cemented the decision in my mind. Opening the closet I removed a small duffel bag and tossed it on the bed before opening a drawer and starting to remove some items.

Fifteen minutes later I was back on the highway and approaching the bridge. Once on the other side I kept my eyes open for the parkway sign and soon was speeding south. I raised the volume on the radio as London Calling blasted from the speakers and felt the air from the open windows rushing past my face. Being a Monday morning, traffic was light and with no distractions my mind drifted back to the previous week.

"It will only be for three days dear. Most people with my title aren't even invited to attend so it's important that I show up to prove that I deserve to be there," Diane had told me.

On the surface that statement had made sense. However, then certain assumptions had to be accepted. First, that it was necessary for my wife to keep clawing her way higher up the corporate ladder. Diane was already quite successful within her company and between our combined salaries we were far from hurting. Two, that there were no other motivations involved. I knew for a fact that my wife's supervisor was attracted to her. I'd been at too many company parties not to notice the looks he would give her when he didn't know he was being observed.

I believed Diane when she said he had never said or attempted anything inappropriate with her. Still his eyes didn't lie. Then there was the fact that he was a workaholic and that it had ended his marriage and now he was trying to push her to always work later and take on more responsibility. It was like he was trying to encourage her to be a female copy of himself.

She had listened when I had made my points to her. Her face even softened when I suggested we go for a weekend getaway or at the least stay Saturday night in a nearby hotel with her still going to the conference Monday. Diane told me I was sweet but we would have to take a rain check because she would have to spend too much time preparing for the conference, not even taking into account how long it would take her to plan her outfits. On that score I knew she was correct. It could take Diane hours to pick out an outfit with matching accessories. So I resigned myself to the fact she'd be going.

Then on Sunday night I attempted to get romantic with her but she had gently rebuffed me due to some work on her presentation needing to be finished. The fact that she wouldn't be home until late Wednesday night didn't come into her considerations. I had done something two months earlier that I shouldn't have but I'd avoided any further temptation since despite constant offers and truth be told a desire on my part that I suspected might consume me. The fact that Diane had found time to make the bed in the morning but not mess it with me the night before had triggered the floodgates to my repressed desires.

Pushing thoughts of my marriage from my mind I considered the fact of who I was heading to meet. What we'd already done was forbidden by society in general and if any family had discovered what we were up to it would provoke World War III. So instead I remembered our morning of passion and her declaration of love for me, as well as the memories I had of Jessica from when she was a cute, little girl up to her morphing into a beautiful, sexy, young woman. In my mind I knew we were wrong, myself more so than Jessica. She was blinded by love, forbidden love, but love nonetheless.

What was my excuse for flying down the parkway? Lust for her hot, eighteen year old body? That much was obvious. Perhaps as turning forty approached I was vainly trying to recapture my lost youth. But I also loved her. For the first eighteen years of her life I'd loved her as a beloved, favorite niece. And now? Was I letting my little head think for me or had the hours of contemplation and a few long phone conversations with Jessica opened up a new possibility. That I loved her as I always had but with an added dimension of loving her as a woman with all that entailed. I wasn't sure but I hoped to discover the answers.

It had turned out to be a beautiful day, weather wise. There were only a few clouds in the sky and they were fluffy, white, and looked like cotton candy. The temperature was in the eighties and it was early afternoon when I drove across the bridge over Barnegat Bay and pulled into a public parking lot just off the ramp. Next I got into the back seat and fished into my bag. Since this was a Diane free day I decided to go full bore. I lit up the joint and took a big hit. This was one of my old bad habits she didn't approve of and consequently I rarely partook since we'd met. Every now and then when I got together with old friends I would fall off the wagon. A little over a week ago I'd met up with an old crony and he'd left me with a parting gift of some fine buds. After smoking half the joint I put it out in the ashtray, put on my sunglasses and climbed from the vehicle.

I started walking the three blocks to the boardwalk enjoying the summer day. The block before the boardwalk I passed a water park where I enjoyed the sight of many women of all types in their swimwear but none I felt could hold a candle to her. Feeling like some liquid refreshment I sauntered into the first boardwalk bar I encountered. I ordered a beer from the barkeep and drank it down at the bar before ordering another. With this one I sat at a table and took out my phone and texted Jessica.

[Hey Jess are you at the beach now?]

I continued to drink my beer but I received her reply before I could finish.

[Of course I am. Wait a sec.]

As I finished my beer I got another message with an attachment which I opened. There was a picture of Jessica on the beach in a blue bikini with the amusement pier in the background. I had to laugh as I could see the pier from my seat in the bar.

[You look great. Do you want to meet up?]

[Of course. Where r u?]

[I'm sitting in Jimbo's Bar and Grille on the boardwalk.]

[No way]

[I'm here so why don't you come meet me on the boardwalk.]

Putting my phone away I handed the bartender a five as I left the bar. Finding an empty bench facing the boardwalk I sat down to wait. The boardwalk was hopping with a diverse mix of people, everybody from extended families spanning generations to young couples with babies as well as groups of boys trying to look hard and teenaged girls giggling as they checked out the boys. The various sounds created a cacophony of blended noise. The screaming gulls competed with the electronic devices in the nearby arcades while the babble of the multitudinous crowds battled with the pitchmen from the various attractions.

While soaking up the sights and sounds I kept a watchful vigil to my right. I spotted her as soon as she climbed the ramp onto the boardwalk. She was wearing the bright blue bikini and flip flops and her brown hair was free and cascading past her shoulders. A pair of large sunglasses completed her outfit and she clutched a tiny purse. Standing up I started to head in her direction when she saw me. Jessica broke into a run and launched herself into my body, her toned, little arms encircling my waist.

We hugged for a minute and I took in her scent which was a combination of perfume, sunscreen lotion, surf, and her own unique fragrance. When she relaxed her hold I leaned down and gave her a fast kiss on her sweet lips. Jess took a step back and gave me a quick once over before shaking her head disapprovingly.

"Uncle Mark you are so not dressed for the beach you know," she said taking in my outfit of black jeans, motorcycle boots, and a plain white t-shirt. I smiled at her and shrugged my shoulders.

"Well do you want me to drive home to change?" I asked innocently.

"You're dead if you try to leave," she said in apparent seriousness, "so what are our plans for the day?"

"I'd like you to do a favor for me to start if that's okay."

"Does this favor require removal of clothing Uncle Mark?"

"Not for this. I'd like you to move my 4x4 from where it's parked. I'm already drinking and I don't want any problems."

"Ok but you owe me then and I intend to collect."

Taking Jess by the elbow I guided her across the boardwalk and down the ramp to the street. As we walked she seemed to have limitless energy, walking ahead of me or bouncing in place when we waited to cross a busy street. I admired the view of her as we traveled, taking in her long legs and firm, round butt. Her bikini didn't cover much of her tanned flesh and I noticed more than one man checking her out. When we reached the lot I unlocked the doors and climbed into the passenger seat while Jessica got behind the wheel. She wrinkled her snub nose at the smell and opened all the windows from the door controls.

"I see you've been doing more than drinking Uncle Mark. What I want to know is do you have any more?"

"Why do you ask kid?" I answered.

"Duh, maybe I might want some. And don't give me any look. You're one to talk and I've heard stories about my parents as well so don't bother. Now where am I driving to?"

Sheepishly I indicated for her to drive toward the boardwalk. A block and a half from the boardwalk I saw what I'd been looking for - a small motel with a pool and a vacancy sign.

"Make a left here," I instructed Jessica. She noticed the sign and smiled as she pulled into the parking lot.

"Are we staying here tonight?" she asked with a note of uncertainty in her voice. When I nodded yes Jess breathed a sigh of relief.

"Wait here, you aren't dressed for the office," I told her as I got out.

I went in the office to rent a room and was assisted by a gentleman from India. I had to tell him who was staying and produce I.D. as well as a credit card. I borrowed Jessica's license to show him and then he showed me the room which was located on the second floor. It was a standard shore motel room with two double beds, a TV, a tiny fridge, and a round table with two chairs. He then gave me a sign to hang from my rear view and told me I could park in any open space in the lot before handing me two keys and departing. When I went to the 4x4 Jessica insisted on seeing the room. After we stepped inside she closed then locked the door.

"Uncle Mark, now that I have you where I want you I demand that you take ALL your clothes off," my teen niece said with a gleam in her eye.

There was no point in me acting coy or reluctant. Once I'd sent Jessica the text I'd committed myself to this path and there was certainly a large part of me that really wanted it to happen. First I pulled my t-shirt over my head and dropped it on the bed. Next I undid and pushed my pants to my knees and sat down before I finished by removing my boots and pants. My erection aimed for the ceiling and was already beginning to ache. I watched Jessica approach me, a wicked grin on her face.

"Do you prefer it sitting or standing?" she asked.

"Prefer what?"

"A blowjob, silly."

I just shrugged as it had been years since I'd received one, not counting the one Jess had bestowed two months back. She took a pillow from the bed and dropped it on the floor in front of me before kneeling down on it. Her brown eyes gazed into mine as she leaned in and swallowed the head between her lips and kept going. I let out an uncontrollable groan as she took my shaft to the back of her mouth. Jess wriggled her tongue like a snake against my snake.

Slowly she began to work her way back until with a pop her mouth released me. She took my shaft, wet from her saliva, in her small hand and began working it up and down while her left hand ran across the skin on my leg. I felt the goose bumps rise on my body from her fingertips. Jessica leaned forward and ran her pink tongue up the length of the shaft starting at the base and going up to the crown which she circled before going all the way down.

She pushed my shaft down so it stood straight out and began to lick the other side. Jessica proceeded to give it a tongue bath from every angle until I wanted to scream. I reached out my hand and brushed against her hair. Jess stopped what she was doing and looked up at me.

"Be good Uncle Mark, no touching. Just relax and let me work my magic."

I returned my hand to the bed while Jessica tilted my shaft to the desired angle, opened her red lips and in one fell swoop took it to the back of her mouth. Gripping it at the base she worked her warm mouth up and down driving me insane with lust. After a couple of minutes of this delightful torture I could feel myself getting close and I tried to thrust my hips forward. Jessica sensed my goal and pulled her mouth off me causing a groan of anguish to escape my lips.

"Not yet Uncle Mark, be patient and you will be rewarded," she said.

My niece then began kissing my stomach then my thighs before starting to run the tip of her tongue across my ball sac. When I didn't think I could take any more she again swallowed my head and half my shaft and started bobbing her head as fast as she could. Her other hand was now caressing my balls gently and her tongue was also doing its part in pleasuring me. As I got close again I showed no outward signs but I felt my heart racing and my stomach muscles tensing. Her only warning was my balls tightening and then I grabbed the back of her head and thrust deep. I let out a moan as my cum began shooting from me.

It was an orgasm that seemed to go on forever to me. Shot after shot exploded with great force against the back of Jessica's mouth. The cum kept shooting and though Jess tried hard her mouth couldn't contain it all. I saw some seeping from between her lips where they were wrapped around my cock. Still I continued to cum though with less force until finally she pulled her mouth from me. I watched as her agile tongue emerged and licked up any stray jism of mine. Jessica looked into my eyes as her hand stroked my overly sensitive head making me cry out. She stood up and gave me a quick peck on my lips.

"How was that Uncle Mark, did you enjoy that?"

"That was incredible Jess, just incredible," I managed to gasp out.

She looked me straight in the eye then said "I will take care of you better than anyone else if you'd only let me Uncle Mark." Jess then looked down at the floor. A few seconds later she raised her head up with a grin.

"Wow you came a lot though. I thought it might drown me. It didn't want to stop."

"That's what you do to me kid," I said while trying to pull her closer. Instead Jessica wriggled away from me.

"Cool but not now, you have to get dressed. I left Lindsay at the beach and I have to go meet her."

"But I'm still a mess," I replied while looking down at my slimy half-hard cock.

"Stop being a big baby," Jessica said. She went into the bathroom and returned with a wet washcloth and began to clean me off which also made me start to grow again. Jess rolled her eyes at me. "Be good."

After she finished I dressed and forced my reluctant cock into my pants. We headed out the door and down the stairs and up the block. When we reached the corner the light was red but I began to cross. Jessica followed and halfway across the street she slipped her small hand into mine. When we reached the far side I squeezed her hand and turned to her. She returned my look with a shy smile.

That was that. I was forever lost and helpless, as surely as if I was shipwrecked and cast adrift on a rocky isle located in uncharted seas. I almost expected the sky and earth to have changed around me reflecting the profound difference I felt. We continued walking and I heard her softly humming to herself. When we reached the boardwalk Jess turned to me.

"Are you hungry, do you want lunch?" I asked her.

"I'm starving but first Lindsay and I have to do a little shopping. We'll be fast. Where will you be?"

"Around somewhere," I answered "call me when you're done but two females shopping fast -yeah right."

She nodded, kissed my lips and headed off. I really didn't want to think so I hit the bar and had two fast vodka shots to dull my brain. Then I wandered into an arcade and played a few games. I tried one of the crane machines and after a few tries won a stuffed kitty inside a purse. I decided to take advantage of my good luck when a barker for a football throwing attraction called out to me. Though I never played organized football I was unconscious that afternoon and once even threaded four throws in a row thru the tires and connected with the target. I wound up with two sizable stuffed animals - a bear and a gorilla.

My mind was thinking about another drink when I received a text from Jess saying they were finished and that they were at a clothing store located a bit down the boardwalk. I headed in that direction carrying the large stuffed animals. As I got close I spied Jessica standing there with a blond girl a few inches shorter than she was. Lindsay was pretty though I thought Jess was superior in all ways except in breast size. Jess had nice perky little breasts but her friend was much bigger. They both had t-shirts on over their swimsuits, Jess had on a Hollister shirt while Lindsay's was a Jersey Girls Don't Pump Gas shirt.

"This is my BFF Lindsay and this is my awesome Uncle Mark," Jess said as way of introduction. Lindsay gave me a hug though my hands were too full to return the greeting. We headed to a casual boardwalk eatery and sat at the table. The girls put the animals in one of the chairs.

"Uncle Mark, can I give one of the animals to Lindsay?" Jessica asked.

"I didn't realize I had given them to you yet, but sure."

Jessica made a face at me first then decided she wanted the gorilla and Lindsay could have the bear. When I produced the small stuffed kitty Jessica squealed with delight and hugged me around my neck. After we ordered lunch the girls sat there whispering to each other and giggling. During the meal Jess excused herself to use the restroom. As soon as she left Lindsay moved to her vacant seat and stared at me while smiling.

After a minute of this I asked, "Yes?"

"Jessica's right; you are handsome. But what I want to know is how do you plan on thanking me?"

"For what exactly?"

"For one thing, helping you guys hook up. Since Jess and I met she's always gone on about you and how no guy, even her ex-boyfriend, could measure up. Well I told her stop complaining and either do something about it or to forget it. So with my encouragement she did something."

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