tagIncest/TabooI Got Caught in Girls Underclothes Ch. 04

I Got Caught in Girls Underclothes Ch. 04


All characters in this story are over the age of 18 and are consenting young adults.

This continues the story of my sex education. It begins with me fulfilling my end of a bargain with Sis.


Monday morning, in Sis's panties, I tried to circumvent my problem. I arrived at the football field an hour early hoping I could change before the guys arrived. Coach didn't show until 5 till to let us in the facility.

I took a deep breath and walked into the locker room.

There would be over 60 boys at this practice. That meant the locker room would be crowded but it didn't make much difference. I had a locker, so there was not much choice about where I'd have to get suited up.

Sis could have at least given me a pair of white panties. No such luck. She had given me a pair of bright red French Cut panties. They had looked great on her, not so great on me. On the bright side, I didn't have to worry about an erection sticking out the top. My dick felt like it had shrunken down to an inch. Instead of a big lump, I'd look more like Sis. This would suck!

I didn't sleep well thinking about what would happen in the locker room. If I was lucky, I might get kicked off the team. Otherwise, I'd be abused all season, maybe longer.

With all night to think about how to handle this situation, I had arrived at a strategy. It might work out but my credibility was pretty low with the guys. All the seniors and most of the juniors had their pick of cheerleaders or other cute girls from school. I had avoided all the complications of dating.

My strategy rested on Sis's advice to tell a good lie, which actually meant to tell the truth; just leave out a few details. I could, I would, do exactly as she had done when she bailed me out Saturday with my buddies.

I licked my lips and pulled down my pants. It took just a few seconds for the commotion to start.

"God damn, Tyler. What the fuck?" As several guys nearest me backed a safe distance away.

"Told you he was queer," came from someone nearby.

"Are those red fuckin' panties?"

I was trying not to stare at anyone and wasn't sure who was saying what but it didn't matter. The jeers and taunting continued.

I tried to shout them down, "Shut up you bunch of assholes! It's not what it looks like." This was it. Make or break. "I've got a girlfriend. She said she'll have sex with me if wear her panties."

The few guys who were listening might have been willing to give me the benefit of the doubt. The two assholes standing right next to me weren't in that group.

To avoid naming names, I'll just refer to them as asshole #1 and #2. It's a more accurate description than their names anyway.

"Queer, did you just tell me to shut up?" as asshole #1 gave me push into asshole #2 standing on the other side of me. He shoved me back into #1.

#1 swung at me, "Get off me you queer." I tried duck back and got a light tap under the eye which stung like hell. By now I knew it would be a fight in which these two guys, and maybe a few more, would pound me into the floor of the locker room, but my adrenaline was pumping.

Mom and Dad had always taught me not to fight. Until now, it had not been an issue. Dad had given me one more piece of advice, though he saved it for when Mom wasn't around, "Don't start 'em, but it's ok to finish 'em." I liked that advice, but I didn't think it would happen this time.

Dad wasn't a fan of violence, but he was practical. He figured playing football, things might get out of hand occasionally and he had taught me some 'self-defense'. It wasn't boxing lessons, but enough to show me how to protect myself, jab, and vulnerable points to punch. I don't think either of us thought I would need it against my own team. This morning was different. I had been expecting trouble, and I was prepared to go down swinging.

I elbowed #2, was rewarded with a pained grunt, and landed a satisfying punch on #1s nose which spewed blood. Still, I figured the end result would not be good for me, but I'd inflict as much damage as I could. Several punches were thrown in my direction.

Before the fight could progress toward its inevitable conclusion, coaches crowded their way between us and were restraining us.

Coach Barker yelled, "Calm down. There'll be no more fighting. What's the meaning of... of..." He broke off as he saw my red panties.

"Cuuh-rist Tyler. What the hell are you wearing? Into my office, all of three of you. Coaches, get the rest of these guys on the practice field."

As we headed into Coach's office, my two adversaries in unison, "I'm not sharing a locker room with no fag."

Coach Barker surprised all three of us, "Guys, there is nothing wrong with being gay. Unlike being bigots," and he looked directly at asshole #1 and #2 as he said it, "it's not a choice. Now, you two are in line for football scholarships. The likelihood of that is pretty low if you aren't on the team this year! Do you understand me?"

Both guys nodded.

"Now suck it up and I don't want to hear or see any more of this."

To #1, "Stop by Miss Talmage and get first aid to take a look at that nose!"

The Cheerleaders provided first aid for the girls and the boys during these practice sessions. This just meant treating minor scrapes with band aids and wrapping sprains. Both squads seemed to get these. Anything more serious went to the Doctor's office, or hospital.

Then he looked at me, "Tyler, hold up. I don't care what your persuasion is, and I don't care what you wear on your own time, but for the sake of the team, I better never see you in panties again!"

"Coach, I'm not gay. Really, I'm not. And this will definitely be the last time. She promised just this once."

Coach sighed, "A girl. I should have known. Even a gay kid wouldn't wear those panties in the locker room. And for God's sake, use a condom!"

As I was going out the door, "Tyler, it might be best if you got back into your running clothes. I'd like you to run instead of work out with the guys today. Give them a chance to cool off. Don't think I'm taking it easy on you. If I see you, you'd better be running."

I needed to cool off too so I was relieved, "Thanks Coach."


Two hours of running round and round a track gives you plenty of time to think about things. Most of my thoughts were on Sis.

My first thoughts were on what she had promised me. I had earned it this morning! I knew what I was going to receive. Actually, I didn't know what I was going to receive. It was the difference between the coach telling you that you might have to take a hit to make a catch and actually taking the hit. You have to experience it to know what it's really like.

After a while, my thoughts turned to Sis's part in the equation, instead of my part. What was she getting out of this? The only thing in it that I could see for Sis was to do something for me that she felt I needed.

Sis seemed like the poker player who had gone 'all in'. It felt like Sis had placed everything she had of value on the table for me take. Her body and her dignity was being offered up to me. It was easy to see what I'd win. It wasn't easy to see anything of value on the table for Sis. Still, Sis was 'all in' for me.

I realized that what I was getting ready to do was take advantage of Sis. She had nothing to win and everything to lose. If I had the will power, I wouldn't go through with it, but I'd already faced and failed that test.


With my mind occupied with thoughts like this, my running was interrupted.

It was Carol. Among the cheerleaders, she was the alpha and arrogant. We had some history, unpleasant history.

"Earth to Tyler. Practice is over. Do you plan on running all day?" She stood in front of me, blocking my way. The field was empty, no girls and no boys, only the two of us.

Confused, I looked around and stopped in front of her, "I was just thinking. Guess I better go get my stuff."

"So, they say you're gay. Is it true you're wearing girl's panties?" I could feel the taunt in her voice and the rush of blood to my face.

I headed for the locker room and my clothes, deciding to try ignore her. She took up position and walked beside me, and continued talking, "I'm not going to leave until we finish our discussion."

"We're not having a discussion and I'm not gay."

As we neared the door to the locker room, "So you say. And what about the panties?"

Now we were entering the locker room door. I walked in thinking I'd be rid of her, but she walked in with me.

At this point, I was beginning to get pissed off and feel stubborn, "Look, I'm changing. You're going to have to watch to finish this conversation." I began pulling my shorts off exposing the red panties.

"Shit. You are wearing panties. Does that mean you're gay too?"

"No. I already told you I'm not gay. Now get the hell out of the locker room."

Unfazed, "You know, I can tell if you're queer or not."

"Really? You have a gay test or something?"

Carol was several inches taller than Sis and by now was getting up in my face. With a quick movement, she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled my mouth to hers and I felt her tongue pressing forward.

This was the first situation today that I knew how to handle. Sis and I had spent the previous day practicing kissing, and I believed her when she said I was very good at it. I was not in the mood to give this bitch the upper hand again.

If her tongue could get in my mouth, mine could get in her's! I pushed my tongue forward while wrapping her body securely forcing her to me, and began a wet probing kiss. If anyone was winning this little contest, it was me and I'd do it on my terms.

Carol wasn't prepared for an active and aggressive participant in the kiss. She had intended to tease and embarrass me. She tried to push me away and pull her mouth from mine. With one of my hands behind her head, I was too strong for her.

For a few seconds she struggled. Soon the feel of the struggle changed. She was no longer trying to free her mouth from mine or to pull her body away. Instead, her mouth opened wide and our tongues were caressing and probing each other's mouths in a kiss that was getting our faces wet. I no longer had to hold her. She was pushing her body against mine and she was panting in a fashion similar to Sis when some of our kisses had gotten particularly energetic.

I completed my domination of Carol by running my hands under her cheerleading skirt and into her panties. With a quick motion, I found the top of her panties and then I had a hand squeezing each of her buns.

Then, from back in the coach's office, "Hey, anyone in here?"

Carol and I both had a moment of panic and began disconnecting, I removing my hands from her ass, and she pulling away.

As she pulled away, she looked down at my erection which had been pressed against her crotch. While still breathing heavily, she did two things very quickly. One, she squeezed my dick and two, she whispered in my ear, "You're definitely not gay," then exited the locker room just ahead of Coach Barker's entrance.

"Tyler, it's you. I was going to call you in but you seemed lost in thought and I figured you might still need a little time."

With my back to him since I didn't want him to see my boner, I opened my locker and got my things and began dressing. "Thanks Coach. I did need it."

"Are you going to stay with team? They probably aren't finished with you."

"Yes sir. I'll be with the team as long as you'll have me."

"Good man. But try not bring any more trouble on yourself, if you know what I mean."

"Yes sir. No more panties."

Coach grinned and nodded, "I hope she's worth it."


My thoughts on the way home were a mixture of excitement and guilt.

I entered the front door and closed it. No sign of Sis.

From upstairs, "Tyler! You're late. What kept you?"

I moved to the steps and at the top, I could see Sis. She surprised me by being fully dressed for the first time in over two days; blouse, skirt, even shoes. We could have gone to the mall together and she wouldn't have needed to cover anything up.

It seemed that she might have had second thoughts about sex with her brother. I admit it. I had second thoughts myself but I couldn't help myself. Philosophically, I knew it was for the best but it didn't feel like it was for the best. I know I was pond scum for what I wanted to do to Sis, and I also felt like I had earned it.

I heaved a deep breath and sighed, "Hi Sis." To myself, 'If you were going to change your mind, I wish you'd done it before football practice.'

Sis must have seen the letdown in my body language and started down the steps. By the time she was halfway down the steps, she was staring at my face. I guess the guys must have done more damage than I thought.

"What happened to you?" as she raced the rest of the way down the stairs.

Standing close to the bottom step where Sis had stopped, I put my arms around her waist and pulled her against me. In my current mood, I needed some sympathy.

As I related what had happened in the locker room and my non-practice, Sis began planting delicate kisses on each mark on my face. I recounted the lie I had told, like she had with Tommy and Billy, and that I didn't think they believed me. I stopped short of telling her about Carol.

"Those assholes! What do they think? Violence is the answer to everything. They're a fucking bunch of animals." Sis didn't curse. She seemed genuinely pissed.

"Did you know this was going to happen?" she asked. There were tears beginning to slide down her cheeks. "Nothing like this was supposed to happen."

"I wasn't sure what to expect, but I didn't expect it to be good. If coach hadn't been there, I would really have gotten my ass kicked."

Her cheeks were wet with tears now, "I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have asked that of you. Does it hurt?"

I couldn't take her tears, "Not really. I usually hurt a lot worse after practice."

I made up my mind. It might help to tell her about Carol. Maybe she'd feel like I was getting something out of her lessons.

"Did you ever wonder why I never dated in high school?" I went on before she could respond. "Have you ever seen hot girls tease a geek? Try give them a hard on or something, like in the lunch room. That was how I met Carol my freshman year... That's why I never dated... Everybody in class, especially the girls, knew. Today, Carol thought she could do it again... and I think she was curious about the queer guy wearing girl's panties."

Without thinking about how it would sound, "After Friday night, I never want someone to control me that way again."

Sis's crying rose to a new level. She was blubbering and trying to apologize through the sobs. I could barely understand her. She was clinging to my kneck and had her faced buried on my shoulder.

"I'm... I'm... hnnhh... so... hnnnh... sorry. You... hnnnh... hnnnh... must hate... hnnnh... me." Her arms were wrapped tight around my neck and I could feel the sobs shaking her body. Finishing the fight at practice would have been easier.

"I could never hate you, Sis. What you did was because you cared for me. Carol thought she could control me, get some kind of perverted pleasure at my expense. To her, it was a dominance game all over again. She thought I was gay because I never dated... said she could tell if I was gay. She thought she could tell by kissing me. Thanks to you, I turned it around on her. I frenched her good! I had a hard-on but I also had my hands in her panties on her ass! And she was letting me! I think I could have done anything I wanted to her if the coach hadn't interrupted us. It was just like you said, and it felt really good to get even with her after all this time, and I owe that to you. Thanks to you, I can handle myself and Carol."

Sis's sobs diminished. "You don't have to worry about me doing anything to embarrass you ever again, but what about the damage I've already done? Can you stay on the team, and what about school? It sounds like they're already starting to talk. Everyone in school will know. Everyone! The teachers, the Principal, and probably Mom and Dad when they get back. God, what did I do to you?"

My thinking hadn't gotten as far as Sis'. She had pointed out some difficulties that I hadn't thought about.

With calm that even surprised me, "Last week, this would have been a disaster. After the last few days, I can handle it. If the guys want to fight, I'll just fight. The worst they can do is beat me up and maybe I get kicked off the team. It's not like I was planning on a football scholarship. As far as what everyone else thinks, I'm not going to let it get to me. Mom and Dad are the only ones I'm worried about. They won't understand, but they love me, so it won't last forever. I'll take my punishment and wait for it to blow over."

"I'm even ok with you changing your mind about us having sex. What you've already done for me was great and I'll be ok now. You don't have to worry about me."

Surprised, "What makes you think I changed my mind?" Sis pulled at my t-shirt and wiped the last of her tears from her matted eyes and face and leaned back against my arms to get a good look at my face.

"Well, you're all dressed, head to toe. I figured you decided it was too much for you to do, even for me."

"I got dressed FOR you. I wanted you to get the full experience. We've been on a date. We've kissed. Now I want you to have the thrill of undressing a girl and having sex with her."

I stood not knowing what to say.

I guess the things that had happened at practice had shaken Sis's confidence, that and me just standing there frozen.

She paused and was thoughtful for a few seconds. With a sad frown, "Oh God, I'm sorry. It never occurred to me, but I guess no boy wants his first time doing this to be with his sister. It should be someone who's special."

Now I was stunned, but not long.

"Jesus, Sis. You are special to me. I'd rather have you be my first more than anyone."

"Even that slut, Carol? You said she gave you a hard-on."

"She does kiss pretty well but she doesn't care about me. You do. Besides, I like kissing you better and you're prettier than she is too."

She put on a pouty smile and wiggled her body against mine obviously enjoying the verbal stroking, "I guess that's ok."

She turned and started up the stairs, "Why don't we go upstairs to my room and start today's lesson?"

By the time she got me upstairs, I was thoroughly aroused in anticipation and the mid-thigh length skirt she was wearing didn't help either. Sis has a great pair of legs and I was getting a clear view as I followed her up the stairs. I stared unashamedly. I'd earned this.

She stopped at the edge of her bed and turned to face me. Staring at the bulge in my pants, she reached her hand toward me, but stopped short. "Is it... ok if I touch you?"

My comment about Friday night had stung her. I nodded my consent, "You never have to ask, Sis."

Her hand completed its short journey to the waist band of my shorts and wormed its way inside, underneath the red panties. Once there, she wrapped her fingers around my shaft and followed that by a firm squeeze and a few slow strokes.

There was a wide smile on her face as she watched me watching her. It looked like she was as excited as I was, but it was different. For me, it was all lust for what I was receiving. Sis was enjoying the giving.

She continued slowly stroking me. I grunted as I felt myself getting ready to unload, "Better not do too much of that or I'll make a real mess in your hand and panties."

She stopped instantly. I guess she recognized the look on my face and realized how close I was.

Her eyes diverted from my face to look down where her hand had been working so effectively. The top of the red panties were exposed, "I'll give you a little rest," and with a mischievous grin, "let's get you out of those panties."

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