I Hate Her! Ch. 01


I opened my eyes to see her looking down at me, her head propped up on one hand. She pushed a lock of hair out of my face and smiled down at me.

"Hey, beautiful." she said.

"Hi." I said.

She kissed my eyelids and pulled me into her. After a moment, she spoke.

"So, did I handle my business?" She said, that cocky bravado apparent in her voice.

I pushed away from her and sat up. She looked shocked by it.

"Why do you do that?" I said.

"Do what, baby?" she said, trying to run her hand along my back. I pushed it away.

"You get all cocky and say things like 'so did I handle my business.' What is that? Why do you do that?"

"I...I..." she stammered, her face loosing all that tough girl look she tried to keep up. I hadn't wanted to hurt her.

"Listen, I know you can be so much sweeter. What happened to the girl in the coffee shop? I liked her so much better."

"I guess I just thought you'd like it. Y'know, confidence is supposed to be sexy." she said.

I held her face and looked into her eyes. "You don't have to do that for me, baby. Just be who you are."

"Okay. I'll just be me." she said, grabbing my hand and kissing it.

She just looked at me, her face softening. I leaned in to kiss her, and laid on top of her. Soon, we had a repeat of what happened just an hour before. I really hadn't expected to care for her this much this quickly. I was so happy to be with her, in her bed, in her arms.


The next morning, I woke up in Dee's arms. I smiled and snuggled closer to her. She wrapped her arms tighter around me.

"Good morning." she said

"Good morning."

"Mmm...you feel good." See! That's what I'm talking about! So sweet!

"You do too." I said, feeling so warm and safe with her holding me.

She kissed my shoulder and held my hand. We laid there like that for a few minutes, then I felt her jump a little.

"When's you're first class?" she asked, as if she were about to start moving to get ready.

"It's Saturday! I don't have any." I giggled.

"Oh, well good. I have you all day." she said, settling back into the bed. "Stay with me."

"Sounds good, but let me go get some more clothes and take a shower." I said

"Alright, baby." she said, getting up with me.

I picked up my clothes and slipped on one of her oversized T-shirts. We made plans to meet up at 12 to go eat lunch. I walked to the door, and she opened it for me.

"I'll see you later." she said

"Okay," I said.

I got one last kiss from her and walked out of her room, then padded down the hall to mine.


I sneaked into my room, trying not to wake Tasha. I got my things together to head to the showers when I felt something hit me in my back. I turned to see Tasha sitting up on her bed, a shit-eating grin on her face. She had thrown a teddy bear at me and looked like she wanted to burst. I just looked at her waiting for what I expected to be a shriek, but instead she spoke very calmly.

"So, I saw you two leave last night."

"Yeah." I said, smiling at her. Then the shriek came.

"Ohh! Tell me everything!" she hopped up from her bed and ran over to me, pulling me to sit on my bed with her.

"Well...She's a lot sweeter than I thought at first. We went to get some coffee after class a little while ago, and she was so...great. She was smart and charming and sensitive. She was nothing like she was on the first day. We've been getting coffee after class for a little while, and she's been amazing me. She's so opinionated and focused! She's got a book! She's so great." I couldn't really get out all that I wanted to tell her.

"So, last night I saw her on the dance floor, and walked over to her. We started dancing. She's a great dancer. Then, things got a little...heated, so we decided to leave. " I stopped after that, leaving out the reason I hadn't slept in my own bed. But, Tasha wasn't having that.

"And?" she said, knowing that there was more

"And...we just went to her room..." I said coyly

"You know that's not all. That T-shirt on your back and that smile on your face let's me know that you've been naughty." She said. I just smiled back. "So tell me. How was it? I bet that girl can bone!"

I was shocked by her frankness. "Hold on now, you sound like you've been watching her a little too close." I said jokingly.

"Oh, no. You know I love my man too much for that." she said, "But you still haven't answered my question. How was it..."

I just smiled at her, not answering the question, then she spoke again.

"She broke you're back didn't she?"

I paused for a second. "Yeah, she did." I said, laughing.

"I knew it! You've got that glow." She laughed

"It was amazing! I mean, damn!" I said, recalling the night before

"I knew she would wear you down. I could just tell."

"Tasha, she is so wonderful. I know it's soon, but I really like her."

"Good." she said, smiling at me.

"Well, I need to go take a shower, cause she's coming to get me for lunch." I said, getting up.

"Well, go make yourself sexy." she laughed

I did just that, rushing off to the showers. I got in the shower, thinking about Dee, her hands, her lips, her hips, her fingers. I had to fight the urge to touch myself. Otherwise, I would never be ready on time. I got out of the shower, and went to my room to decide what to wear. I decided on a cute pair of shorts and a shirt, both clung to me well and showed off my figure.

At about 11:50, there was a light rap on the door. I opened the door to Dee, looking 'dee-licious.'

"Hey, Dee." I said, biting my lip.

"Hey." she said.

"Hey." Tasha said, smiling at Dee

"Hi, Tasha right?" Dee said.

"Right" Tasha said.

"Ready to go?"

"Yeah." I said, grabbing my purse and heading out with Dee.


We went to Chili's for lunch. We talked about this and that. We were sitting and eating, laughing and joking. Two of her friends walked up and said hello.

"Hey Dee, what's up?" they said.

"Nothing, just living." She said, smiling "This is Jamie. Jamie, these are my friends Trish and Tabitha."

"Hi." I said.

"Nice to meet you." Said Tabitha, then she grabbed Dee's shoulder "You take care of our little Dee. We don't want any more broken hearts." she joked, and Dee looked a little embarrassed.

"I will." I said, curious about the broken heart thing.

"Well, y'all have a nice day." said Trish, and they walked away.

I could see their reflection in a mirror behind Dee's head. They both smiled at Dee, giving her "OK" signs, and nodding their approval. I was glad that I'd met her friends' standards. They, of course didn't know that I could see it.

Dee turned to me, a little sheepish. "I've known those two since highschool. They act like I'm their little sister or something." she said.

"Oh." I said, "What did they mean by 'anymore' broken hearts?"

Dee looked a little uncomfortable for a second, and I hurriedly assured her that she didn't have to tell me about it if she didn't want to.

"No. I don't mind." she said. "I used to date this girl named Mellissa..."

She went on to tell me that she had loved Mellissa more than she had any other girl. She had Dee wrapped around her finger, and Dee would have done anything to make her happy. Then, Melissa left her for another girl. Dee had been crushed.

"I guess that's why I started that whole smartass routine. I just didn't want a repeat of that. I didn't want to get hurt like that again," she said, looking so vulnerable. I wanted to hold her.

"Well, you don't have to worry about that with me. I won't hurt you." I said, grabbing her hand.

She smiled at me, and we started talking about lighter things. We had finished our meal and were talking about class, but I had a question, and I needed an answer.

"So, am I your girlfriend?" I said, looking straight into her eyes.

She grinned, "Do you want to be?"

"Do you want me to be?"

"I'd love that." she said, grabbing my hand

"Good, because I would, too."

She just smiled at me, and it was agreed. We were now a couple. That made me so happy, and I know it did the same for her. I love her more than I could have ever imagined. We will be celebrating our two year anniversary next week. I hope we celebrate a lifetime more.

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