tagMind ControlI have the Power Ch. 01

I have the Power Ch. 01


I am so horny, I just have to go out hunting. So I decide to wander up the trail. I see a girl out jogging. She's fairly young, 18 or 19, and petite, 34B with shoulder length brown hair. She's wearing a tank top with a sports bra visible, and some nice tight black running pants that mould themselves to her skin, showing off awesomely muscled legs as she runs.

She sees me and as our eyes meet I use my power on her. Time around us freezes and the forest seems to blur and fade, all details lost except for the two of us. Even the sound of the forest fades.

She stops and her lips part as the overwhelming need for me hits her. I walk up to her as she breathes deeply in anticipation. She tries to grab me for a kiss but instead I hold her shoulders, and then reach down and pull her shirt up and off, tossing it on the ground. The rest of her clothes follow quickly and she lets out a couple yips as I'm not being at all gentle.

She is slim and athletic. Her breasts are perfect, and she has a nicely trimmed patch of hair leading down. Her skin is just slightly moist with sweat from her run. Her eyes are wide and deep blue.

Unable to wait any longer she tackles me, kissing hard and ripping at my clothes. I help her remove them and throw her to the ground. Her legs wrap around me as I push my cock into her and she lets out a scream of pleasure.

She is using her legs to make me slam into her as hard as possible with each thrust. Her back arches, her head is thrown back, her mouth open in a silent scream and her eyes are tightly shut as the pleasure of a continuous orgasm overwhelms her.

I grab her wrists and use one hand to hold them to the ground over her head as I pound into her. I love the sight of her tits stretched out in this way, and I get even harder thinking of how powerless she is right now, even more so than my usual victims. I lean down and bite the side of her neck, almost hard enough to draw blood and this time she does scream. As I lean back again I can see the first glimmer of fear in her eyes, mixed with pleasure.

My other hand roughly mashes her tits, pinching hard on her nipples as she lets out yelps of pleasure and pain. Then I push hard on her chest and use that pressure to slide my hand up to her neck.

Her eyes go wide with fear as my fingers wrap around her neck. Her groans and aahs of pleasure are cut off in a choking sound. Through all this she is cumming again, I can feel it all over my rock hard cock as it slides in and out of her.

I stop thrusting into her and lean right in to her ear, where I whisper: "Now you've gone and gotten too wet, I can barely feel your pussy around my dick anymore! Now, what are we going to do about that?" All she can get out is a choked moan of fear.

I pull out of her and slide up her body, trailing her juices all over her belly and tits. Maintaining pressure on her wrists with one hand and using my feet on her belly to keep her pinned, I release her throat and shove my cock into her mouth.

She is gagging but I don't care as I brutally fuck her face. She is shaking with yet another orgasm even as tears leak down her face. Despite her fear, she can't help herself and her lips are wrapped around my cock, sucking as hard as she can.

I'm finally ready to cum and I shove my huge dick all the way into her mouth down her throat and the cum explodes out of me. She is violently shaking now, desperately trying to breathe around my cock.

She finally goes still even as the last of my cum drips into her throat. I pull out, take one last admiring look at her body, then I collect my clothes, dress, and walk away. As I do, the sounds of the forest return, the visual details popping out again, and behind me I can hear her gasp for breath even as she chokes on my cum.

I think to myself "Just wait until she finds out that she's pregnant!" I head home with a big smile on my face, because I have the Power.

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