tagRomanceI Haven't Seen You In Years Ch. 01

I Haven't Seen You In Years Ch. 01


It was the first time I had laid eyes on you in years. You changed so much, yet you were the exact same. I couldn't believe my eyes. I had been waiting for the day that I could finally see you again. You locked eyes with me, smirked and immediately started heading my way. You hugged me tight. I took you in, you smelled of citrus and a hint of sweat. It was a hot summer night when I decided to go to a house party back in our hometown. Subconsciously I hoped I would see you, but thought the odds were very slim. My palms started sweating as soon as you began walking my way. My heart raced when I felt your arms around me. We decided to walk into an upstairs room. It was empty, bare white walls with one window and hardwood floors were all the room held. You sat Indian style in the middle of the room. I joined you, sitting probably two feet away from you. Our conversation started innocently enough. Your basic small talk to begin with, the quick descriptions of our lives and the past eight years. We moved on to our past, our old friendship and feelings. I confessed my high school love for you, making sure you were aware of my feelings. I felt, and still do feel, that we missed out on a great opportunity for love. You looked shocked, not realizing how strongly I felt for you so long ago. I felt the need to remind you that I was in high school and things have changed, including me. We talked for hours, with never a dull or awkward moment. Suddenly the intense conversation stopped. We stared at each other for a moment, almost in awe of everything we had just confessed to each other.

You were wearing a black wife beater and jeans. You had taken off your tennis shoes hours earlier and they were thrown to the corner of the empty room. Your dark brown hair fell into your face. I leaned forward to swipe the hair out of your face when our eyes locked. We stayed nose to nose for what seemed like an eternity, until you ran your fingers through my hair and pulled me into you. Our lips locked together for a soft passionate kiss. I wrapped my hands around your neck and kissed you harder. I pulled away from you and looked into your eyes. There was a glimmer in your eyes I've never seen before. I lifted my arms straight up for you to pull off my shirt. I could feel my heart beating out of my chest. You sensed my nerves and placed your hand on my bare chest and softly kissed my forehead. I lifted your shirt off and pulled you into me. Our bodies wrapped around each other. I could feel your heart rate speeding up. We lay down on the hardwood floors. You were on top of me. You kissed me, first on my forehead, then nose, and then to my lips. You pulled away, kissed my chin, then my neck, and down onto my collar bone. You kept going onto my breast bone then down to my navel, following the curves of my body with your hands the entire time. You slowly unbuttoned my khaki shorts, and then looked up at me, almost questioning if I minded what you were doing. I smiled and moved your deep brown hair out of your eyes as reassurance. You began slowly pulling my shorts down, kissing my thighs, to my knees and calves, and then to my ankles until my shorts were off.

I pulled you back up to me, kissed you softly and ran my hands down your chest to your belt buckle. I pulled your belt through each loop, never removing my mouth from yours. Still keeping my lips to yours I unbuttoned your jeans and pulled down the zipper. Before pulling your pants off I ran my hands through your hair and kissed you hard, sucking on your bottom lip before releasing and pushing you onto your back. I pulled your dark blue jeans down over your knees, leaving your socks on. You were wearing boxer briefs, navy blue. I pulled them down, too. I pulled you to me, sat on your lap and wrapped my legs around you. Our chests were pressed together, sweat dripping from my breasts onto your stomach. We kissed hard, passionately our tongues intertwined together. We both pulled away and stared into each other's eyes. You lifted my hips and slid me back down onto you. We both gasped before our lips met again. I slowly began sliding up and down on you, feeling every throbbing inch of you stretching me. With every stroke my juices flowed and I was able to take more and more of you. I began to move faster as you wrapped your arms around me, with your hands sliding down to my hips. You laid me on the cold hardwood and took complete control of my body. My legs stayed wrapped around your back as you laid one arm under my head, resting your other hand on my cheek and kissed me before thrusting into me deeply. My arms instantly slung around your back holding on tight for what I knew would be the most intense orgasm of my life. I felt my body throbbing and toes curling. You felt it too and kissed me hard, biting my lip and controlling every second of my climax.

I lay in completely numbing utopia for at least ten minutes with you still on top of me. Our bodies covered in sweat were slippery next to each other. My panting began to slow down as I gained some breath back. I looked up at you and kissed your nose. You smiled at me and kissed me softly on my lips. You rolled off of me onto the cold hardwood floor. After lying for a few more minutes, I stood up and put my clothes back on. I was walking down the hall towards the kitchen when I realized it was very quiet downstairs. I came back to the empty room to let you know that we were the only ones here and you decided to join me for some water. We didn't talk much in the kitchen, mostly just smiled back and forth at each other. I didn't know what to say, I didn't even know what to think. Usually when you finally do something that you have been longing to do, it ends up disappointing you. You didn't disappoint me, if anything it felt natural and passionate. It was the most intense sexual experience of my life, not a letdown at all. I walked up to you, you had only put your underwear back on and your chest still glistened with sweat. I rested my hand on your cheek and barely grazed your lips with mine. Feeling hydrated and rejuvenated, I walked out of the kitchen, pulling my shirt over my head as I did. Before I turned the corner to go up the stairs and turned and winked at you.

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