tagErotic CouplingsI Hot Tub with Nancy

I Hot Tub with Nancy


Nancy is married to a businessman who often has to travel for several months at a time. Because of the nature of his travels he is not able to take his wife with him so he does not object to Nancy having a sex life while he is gone as long as she does not embarrass him, become pregnant or contract an STD. We are always careful that none of these things happens.

The last time we got together, Nancy was wearing a bathrobe when she met me at the door. She closed the door then spread her arms to hug me and her robe fell open, showing off her lovely nakedness. Nancy has short, dark hair, a pretty face and a slender body with small breasts. After a few minutes of hugging and kissing and fondling, she led me up to the deck overlooking the town, which was where our love-making always takes place. After shucking off her robe, she stepped into the shower and I undressed quickly and joined her.

I like taking a shower with a woman before making love. Both of us are clean and it eliminates the need for undressing each other because we are completely naked when get done. Besides that, it is so much fun playing with each other in the process. After washing the soap off Nancy's titties, I bent over and began caressing her nipples with my tongue. She giggled and fondled my cock. Holding one of her titties in either hand, I sucked and licked on the nipples, alternating between them. Nancy enjoyed the attention I was paying to her but she was eager to get to other matters. "Bend over and spread your cheeks", she said. I did as I was told and Nancy carefully washed out the cleft of my ass. When she was done, she turned around so I could do the same for her, and I could see her sweet rosebud winking at me in anticipation of what was to come soon. Nancy and I both like to rim each other and we believe in hygiene. When both of us were clean, especially our asses, we entered the hot tub from opposite sides and met in the middle.

We hugged and kissed passionately. It was great to feel our naked bodies pressing against one another in the warm water, which was just under four feet deep. Nancy wrapped her arms around my neck and I picked her up and carried her to the edge of the hot tub and set her down on the deck. Her titties were now at face level to me, and my mouth resumed caressing them, sucking one inside and licking the nipple and areola. They are small, but each was a good mouthful as I licked and sucked on one, then on the other. Nancy enjoyed the oral attention I was giving to her titties but she enjoys oral attention to her pussy a lot more. So I could give her that attention better, she lay down on her back, with her legs spread wide and her knees bent so her pussy was hanging over the edge of the tub, presented fetchingly to me. While she lay on her back, I bent over, wrapped my arms around her thighs so her legs were draped over my back, and prepared to eat her delightful pussy.

I began by licking Nancy's adorable love hole. One problem with sex in hot tubs is that the water washes away the pussy juices, so I didn't get much of a taste. Even without the juices, however, eating a beautiful pussy like the one that I had before me is something I dearly love to do, and immediately after I started, Nancy was producing some fresh juices. I loved the aroma and the taste as my tongue squirmed into her love hole, and my tongue relished the feel of the delightful place it had found. Nancy enjoyed what I was doing too, and her pussy squirmed around my tongue while her breathing was fast and erratic. She put her hands behind my head and held my face against her pussy to get my tongue in as far as it would go. I kept moving my tongue in and out and was rewarded when her pussy produced gush after gush of delicious pussy juices, and I eagerly consumed them all.

Although Nancy adored the feel of my tongue in her love hole, she knew the best was yet to come. She released my head and I pulled my tongue out from its delightful nest and my lips began nibbling on the silky lips of her pussy. As I sucked on her delectable labia, my tongue was darting and probing for the sweet spots that were so plentiful. Nancy’s breath was faster and more erratic but I knew she wouldn't cum until I started sucking on her clit and I was in no hurry to get there yet. That was the destination but I was enjoying the journey too much to hurry it. Nancy was enjoying the journey also, and in no hurry either. She was sighing and her pussy was squirming more while she thrust herself against my face. I continued licking and nibbling, taking a long time, and Nancy continued squirming and thrusting until she was ready to cum.

She signaled her readiness by saying "Lick my clit." I enveloped that adorable love toy in my mouth and began gently sucking while my tongue probed around the base and sides. Nancy let out a soft moan and began cumming; her pussy fucked harder against my face and her thighs tightened around my head while I sucked harder on her precious clit and applied more pressure with my tongue. She sat up, and pushed my head tightly against her pussy and held me there for as long as she continued cumming. Nancy climaxed with a jerk of her hips, thrusting her pussy into my face one last time, and then she relaxed, let go of my head with her hands and legs and lay back on the deck. Even with all the times women have cum while I was eating their pussies, it is still one of the greatest experiences I know of, for many reasons, one of them being the fragrant and delicious cum juices that are produced. I love all the juices from pussies but the ones produced when a woman cums are the best of all, and the products of Nancy's pussy are no exception. While she lay back, relaxed, I devoured all the delightful nectar.

After a few minutes, Nancy sat up, grinned lewdly at me and said "Lunch time." She got back into the water, turned around and rested her body on the edge of the tub. Then she reached back, spread the cheeks of her tight, shapely ass, and presented her cleft for my further eating pleasure. I approached her with my mouth at just the right eating level, wedged my face between her asscheeks and began lunch. Starting at the top of her cleft, I licked the insides of both her cheeks. Nancy's skin was exquisitely soft and smooth and a joy to my tongue and I covered every square millimeter of the upper part and the sides of her cleft, and licked my way down to where her adorable rosebud was patiently waiting her turn.

I paused a second for effect and then pressed the tip of my tongue against her puckered hole until it broke through. Nancy drew her breath in sharply. My tongue expertly squirmed its way in deeper and then began oscillating rapidly. Nancy's breathing quickened, her ass began squirming, as her pussy had been squirming before, and she spread herself more to present herself even better to my searching tongue. Nancy really loves having my tongue in her ass but she didn't want me to fuck her there. She prefers to save my cock for other things. I probed deeper into Nancy's lovely ass and then turned and twisted my face, while twitching my tongue. I really love eating asses, especially an ass as nice as Nancy's, almost as much as I love eating pussies. I didn't want to overdo it, though, so I pulled my tongue out of her delectable rosebud to vary my stroke. Up and down I licked, with broad strokes of my tongue, sometimes stopping briefly to tunnel in again, but then resuming the broad strokes. Nancy kept thrusting her ass to meet my tongue, the movements of her ass duplicating the earlier movements of her pussy when I was eating her there.

My tongue continued to pleasure itself and Nancy’s ass until she decided it was time to return the favor. She immensely enjoys having me eat her ass, just as I immensely enjoy eating it, but she does not cum from it. "My turn now", she said and I turned around, waded to the opposite side of the hot tub, bent over and spread my ass cheeks the way she had. Nancy came up behind me, buried her face in my cleft and began her lunch. Expecting that my ass would be pleasured by Nancy’s tongue, I had shaved that area in the morning. The smooth skin was more enjoyable for Nancy and more sensitive, so I could better enjoy what she was doing, which was licking my entire cleft, starting at the top, then slurping her way down, around my hole and including my crotch. She had her face wedged tightly between my ass cheeks and her tongue was flicking across my hole to lick my crotch. I raised my hips, and Nancy moved her face so her nose was in my ass and her clever tongue was flickering all over my crotch to the base of my balls. She moved her face again and insinuated her pointed tongue directly into my ass. I felt incredible pleasure as Nancy thrust her tongue all the way into me and wiggled it. My cock was thoroughly stiff now, and ready for action, as Nancy could tell when she reached around and felt its hard roundness. She knew it was time for the main event, so she removed her tongue from my ass and asked "Did you bring condoms?"

I had, of course; I am always prepared for something as pleasant as fucking Nancy's sweet pussy. I went over to my pile of clothing, removed and unwrapped a condom, and rolled it onto my cock. As I waded back into the water Nancy waded in to meet me in the middle again. We kissed each other and then she put her arms around my neck and wrapped her legs around my hips. With one hand I opened her pussy lips and with the other I guided the tip of my cock into her adorable love hole. Nancy flexed her thigh muscles and pulled herself forward, impaling her pussy on my eager cock. She isn't very heavy and the water was supporting most of her weight and her arms around my neck were supporting the rest. Nancy spread her legs as far as they would go and I cupped my hands under her ass to guide her, and pulled her all the way onto my cock. Now, every inch was imbedded in the place where both of us most wanted my cock to be.

With my hands holding onto Nancy's ass I moved her away from me until my cock was most of the way out of her pussy, then I pulled her back to me, thrusting forward as I did until my cock was all the way in again. My slow, deep strokes continued and Nancy lowered herself slightly so my cock was pressing against the top of her love hole, so I was caressing the underside of her clit with every thrust. She sighed with pleasure, and whispering into my ear about how much she was enjoying our fucking and how good my cock felt in her pussy. I whispered back how good her pussy felt around my cock. When I moved my right hand slightly, I could feel Nancy's sweet rosebud, where my tongue had given and received so much pleasure earlier. I slipped the tip of my middle finger in, and she twisted her body toward my hand and whispered "Go for it."

I did just that; quickly my middle finger was buried to the hilt in Nancy’s gorgeous ass. The muscles there were clenching and unclenching my finger; the muscles in her pussy were clenching and unclenching my cock, and the top of my cock was massaging her clit as we continued with the slow, deep strokes.

Nancy panted and sighed and her head jerked back and forth and sideways in time with our fucking. "I'm cumming", she told me.

"Me too", I said and she wrapped her legs around my hips again, using her thigh muscles to pull herself forward and impale her pussy on my cock again, while I thrust forward to meet her. She started controlling the tempo, fucking herself on my cock and I matched her speed until she climaxed with a soft groan. I gave one last forward thrust and released a load of cum into my condom. Nancy's back and legs began relaxing but her arms remained around my neck. My rapidly-softening cock was still in her pussy but our fucking was done for the day. Holding each other tightly, we walked to the side of the hot tub and lay down. My cock fell out of her pussy, reluctant to leave such a wonderful place. Her pussy and my cock and my mouth would get together again, hopefully many times in the future.

Thank you for reading this story. I would appreciate having your opinion, either good or bad, either posted publicly or emailed to me. I have found that feedback helps and encourages me to write more and better, and I always reply when I receive it.

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