tagIncest/TabooI Kissed A Girl

I Kissed A Girl



I kissed a girl. That kiss eventually lead to more. Normally this event would not be so remarkable -- certainly hardly worth writing about -- but the girl was my twin sister, Melanie. The series of events began one July afternoon in our attic...

Chapter 1

The attic of our house seemed as hot as the heart of Hell. I slid across the faded green linoleum on my hands and knees. Before me were several large cardboard boxes. I pulled one towards me. It was filled with toys and games from my childhood. I smiled as many happy memories flooded my mind.

"Hey, Mark, look at this; I found my old Barbie dolls."

I turned towards my twin sister, Melanie, kneeling beside me. She was born minutes before me, so sometimes liked to refer to herself as my older sister. She was holding up a doll with long blond hair, wearing a long sequined gown.

"What do you think these things are worth on eBay?" Melanie asked.

I shrugged.

Normally I would not have been up on the attic, nor would Melanie -- especially on such a hot day in late July. But our mother had made a deal with us. She wanted to get some of the old junk and things we no longer used out of the attic, so she suggested that Melanie and I have a yard sale. We could keep the proceeds of whatever we sold, providing we split the money evenly.

Melanie and I had turned eighteen that past March. Neither of us had jobs, so whatever money we could earn was more than welcome. I was taking a few classes at the local college, but that was mostly to avoid getting a job. We took up our mother's offer of the yard sale in an instant, lured by the prospect of how much money we might make. Neither one of us realized at the time just how much work was involved though. It was a Wednesday afternoon when Melanie and I had gone up to the attic to search for things to sell. We had decided to have our yard sale that Saturday, and perhaps Sunday if we had enough items left over.

"Fuck, it's hot." I said, wiping my brow.

"Yeah... I'll be glad to get back downstairs where it's cooler." Melanie remarked.

I looked at my sister crouched beside me, shifting through a box in front of her. She seemed unfazed by the stifling heat of the attic. Her long sandy blond hair hung down over her shoulders. A few strands dangled over her left cheek. She brushed them aside. Melanie was wearing a light yellow tank top and blue shorts. Her feet was bare.

"How come you don't mind this heat, Mel?" You're not even sweating."

"Girls don't sweat, Mark." she replied, not looking up from the box. She sounded like she really meant it.

I laughed at the notion.

In front of Melanie and me were two boxes. I could see garland and Christmas lights in one, but the other contained board games, toys and sundry other things that once belonged to me. I spied a G.I. Joe doll and a drab green plastic helicopter and pulled them from the box. I moved the toys and games in the box around with my hand, thinking of how much money they might be worth.

Now I was kneeling in front of Melanie. I could see the top of her head as she peered inside the box in front of her. Running my eyes down further I discovered that I could also see down the front of her loose tank top. She was wearing a white bra with tiny pink and red flowers all over it. Her heavy round breasts shook a bit as she moved. They looked firm enough to bounce a quarter off of and were much more than a generous handful. My cock began to thicken. It strained the front of my jeans and I was glad that there was a box in front of me, hiding my crotch.

I turned my attention back to the box, pulling out things I thought I could sell and placed them in another box of items I had already selected. I continued to take occasional glances down the front of Melanie's top. I found her bra sexy, but somewhat out of place on her. With it's snow white cotton and cheery flowers it seemed juvenile. It would have been better suited on a younger girl, rather than holding my twin sister's ample breasts in place, I thought.

Melanie raised up and reached for another box to her right. Her shorts were pulled tight over her firm ass as she stretched. My eyes moved up the backs of her soft, tanned thighs to her curvy backside. Her breasts shook a bit as she leaned over and drug the box towards her with a groan.

"Hey, look what I found!" Melanie exclaimed.

I raised my head from the box and saw my sister holding a wooden box about eight inches square. It was covered with pink paper and had brass hinges in back.

"What's that?" I asked.

"A makeup kit that mom got me years ago." she explained.

Melanie opened the box. On the inside of the lid was a small mirror almost four inches square. It was smudged with makeup. The bottom had a row of small trays containing various shades of eye shadow. Green. Blue. Brown. Red. Beside that were two tubes of lipstick and a stick with sponges on either end. They were stained blue and brown with eye shadow. Atop them was a small circular brown compact with C G in gold letters in the middle. Melanie smiled as she looked inside the box.

"Mom got me this because she was fed-up with me playing with her makeup and making a mess of everything. I must have been ten or twelve and I wanted to be as pretty as mom."

"Too bad that never happened." I spat out, laughing.

The smile on my sister's face vanished. She snapped the box shut and tossed it aside, then lowered her head. She began digging through the box once more.

"What?" I asked, surprised by Melanie's hurt expression.

"Sometimes you can be a real jerk, Mark." Her narrowed brown eyes met mine. She now seemed more angry than sad.

"Lighten up, Mel. I was only teasing." I said.

"Well, it wasn't funny." she snapped, glaring at me once more.

To me it was funny, or at least ironic. Melanie was very pretty. The prettiest girl I had ever known, in fact. Anyone who saw her thought the same. I would have never suspected that she was so insecure about her appearance. Not only was she stunning, but she had a body that everyone seemed to notice, men and women alike.

"I'm sorry, Mel," I mumbled "it's just that... well, c'mon... you're not exactly ugly. I thought you would know I was only teasing, because..." I feared that had already said too much, so I stopped before I crossed some sort of line that I couldn't detect.

"Because what?" Melanie leaned back, holding the edges of the box, waiting for me to explain myself.

I sighed, searching for words to console her that were still appropriate for a brother to say to his sister.

"C'mon, Mel -- you're pretty. Everyone thinks so. I mean, you're my sister, but even I'll admit to thinking it too."

Melanie giggled, although I wasn't sure whether it was because of my sudden nervousness, or at what I had said. She was smiling once more at least, so I was relieved by that much.

"You think I'm pretty?" she asked, sounding incredulous.

I gave her a silent nod, reluctant to admit to it aloud.

"Thanks, Mark. You're the best brother anyone could ever have." she gushed.

Melanie slid over the linoleum, around the boxes and to my right. She wrapped her arms around my shoulders and pulled me closer. Her lips were soft and moist as she kissed my cheek, but what I was most aware of was the feeling of her breasts. My right arm was sandwiched between them as she hugged me. They were firm and felt larger than they had appeared earlier when I had seen them nestled in her bra. I tried my best to fold my arms over my lap to hide my erection.

"Okay... thanks," I stammered "you can let go of me now, Mel."

I couldn't tell if the sweat on my palms was caused by the heat of the attic or nervousness, but as much as I enjoyed my sister's embrace I wanted it to end before she could detect my arousal. I could feel by cock pushing up on my wrist through my jeans.

Melanie relaxed her arms, but did not remove them from around my shoulders. Now it was my turn to be teased I discovered.

"What's the matter, Mark, don't you like girls?" she asked, seeming impish.

"Sure I do," I said "just not you -- not like that anyway."

"But you just said that you think I'm pretty. I thought you'd like it when a pretty girl gives you a hug and kisses your cheek."

I couldn't tell whether my sister's question was serious or an effort to taunt me, although I suspected the latter. What I was sure of was I'd feel more comfortable once she let go of me.

"Okay, whatever." I snapped, trying to wriggle free from her embrace.

"So it's okay for you to look down my top when I bend over, but I'm not allowed to give you a hug..." she countered.

I snapped my head up and looked at Melanie with wide-eyed terror.

"Thought I never noticed, didn't you?" She had a smug look on her face, but never seemed angry.

The tone of my sister's voice puzzled me. I fully expected her to be irate, even repulsed, knowing I had been leering down her top, but she sounded playful. Still, I lowered my head in shame, unable to meet her gaze.

"Oh, chill-out, bro," she said, giving my back a brisk rub "I'm only teasing you. I'm not pissed. I'm used to guys looking at them. Most of the time I don't care, especially if they're cute, like you."

Now I was equally surprised by Melanie's reaction and her referring to me as 'cute' and didn't know what to say.

"Yeah... but..." I mumbled.

"Yeah... I bet you were staring at my butt too." she shot back with a smirk.

"Look, can we just finish looking through this stuff? It's hot as hell up here and I want to get downstairs." I snapped.

Melanie let go of me. She dropped her arms to her lap. I could tell she was thinking. "How about we just bring down what we have so far and do the rest Friday night when it's cooler?" she suggested.

"That's a good idea." I agreed.

My sister's idea was indeed a good one. It also meant that I could put some distance on her physically, which appealed to me even more. I stood up and picked up one of the boxes full of toys and games and began walking towards the stairs. Melanie followed behind, carrying another box.

"You guys really managed to find a lot of stuff." our mother remarked as she looked at the boxes that Melanie and I had brought downstairs.

"Mark found most of it," Melanie said "I think you guys bought him more toys than me." She gave mom an exaggerated pout.

"No, I just never broke mine like you did." I shot back.

Mom laughed as she looked into the boxes.

"I'm thirsty." Melanie announced as she went towards the kitchen.

I slid the boxes to one side of the downstairs hall. I was tired and hot. My back hurt from leaning over and my knees ached from kneeling. Melanie's comment about being thirsty reminded me that I was too. I joined her in the kitchen and poured myself a glass of juice.

"So, how much money do you think we'll make?" Melanie asked.

"I don't know; maybe a hundred dollars, if we're lucky."

Melanie frowned and I knew what she was thinking. Fifty dollars each was not a lot of money for our effort, but at least it was fifty dollars I didn't have at the moment I reminded myself.

"Maybe we can find more stuff Friday night to sell." she remarked.

"We will. I saw a few more boxes of toys and things up there." I told her.


Melanie went to the fridge and poured another half glass of juice. She hopped up on the kitchen table and began drinking it. Her bare legs dangled beneath her and I ran my eyes up from her bare feet to her hips flaring out from her shorts.

"Still mad at me?" she asked, sounding nervous.

"I wasn't mad at you." I told her.

"Well, you seemed it up there."

I shrugged and took another drink of juice. "I'm not mad at you, Mel." I repeated.

Melanie sat her empty glass down and slid off of the table. She stepped over to me and put an arm around my shoulders. "Does that mean I can give you a hug?" she asked, her eyes glimmering once more.

"Ah... sure." I told her.

Melanie wrapped both arms around my shoulders and rested her chin on one. I could feel her hot breath and hair move over my face, down my neck.

"You know what?" she asked.


"You're my best friend, Mark." she said, giving me a hard squeeze.

"I thought that Natalie was your best friend." I replied.

"Sure, I like Nat a lot, but no one compares to you." She kissed my cheek. I smiled, staring at the wall behind her. Her breasts shifted against me and once again I was overcome with a mixture of arousal, guilt and nervousness.

"You can hug me too," she encouraged "I don't bite... maybe just nibble a bit." Melanie let out a lewd sounding laugh. Now I worried that our mother might walk in on us.

Melanie tugged at my shoulders, turning me towards her. Feeling awkward and quite nervous I eased my arms around her slim waist. I interlaced my fingers against the small of her back and pulled her closer. My cock was throbbing and I felt her stomach pressing on it. I waited for her to react with shock or disgust, but when she didn't I relaxed. Either she didn't care, or didn't notice, which I doubted.

"This is so nice." she said in a soft voice that fed my arousal.

About a minute later I pulled away from my sister and let my arms go limp at my sides.

"What's wrong?" she asked, looking confused. Her arms were still draped over my shoulders.

"If mom walks in she'll think that something weird is going on between us." I answered.

A mischievous grin appeared on my sister's face. Her eyes were riveted to mine. "Maybe something is." she suggested, then winked.

My mouth opened, but no words came out.

Melanie eased away, still smiling, then left me alone in the kitchen to fathom her remark.

Chapter 2

For the next two days I saw little of my sister. Melanie and I both spent most of our time with friends and doing things around town. It was only during meals that we were together and because our mother was also present there was no chance of us having another uncomfortable, if not inappropriate, exchange. I was relieved by this, but knew that we would be alone in the attic that evening.

"Ready to go up and look for more stuff to sell?" Melanie asked me after we had finished supper that Friday night.

"Sure." I answered as dread filled me.

The irony of my situation was not lost on me. For a long time Melanie had been the muse for my libido, but now that things between us were verging towards what I had fantasized about alone in my bed I discovered that the situation made me uneasy. Life is never really as good as we envision it I reminded myself.

I followed my sister upstairs, then up to the attic. I stared at her ass in her tight jeans as she climbed the steps. Her hips had a gentle sway as she walked, which I found captivating. Further up her body I surveyed the back of her white blouse. It was smooth, devoid of any lines caused by a bra underneath. Earlier, as we ate, I had suspected that she was braless. Now I was positive. My cock was hard even before we were in the attic.

"I think there's more stuff in the box over here." I said as I pointed towards my left.

Melanie followed me towards the box and stood above me while I looked in the box. I concentrated on what I found in the cardboard box and tried to ignore my sister beside me.

"What do you want me to do?" Melanie asked.

"If you can find an empty box, or dump what's in one into another that's only half full, I can use it to put what I find in here." I told her.

Melanie wandered around the attic, searching for a suitable box. She returned with two -- one empty and another filled with toys and some clothes. She dropped them down beside me.

"Thanks." I told her as I tossed a few things into the empty box.

Soon Melanie had found some items for us to sell. They joined the ones I had tossed into the box beside us. Already it was filling up, which encouraged me.

"Hey, look at this," Melanie said as she held up a red t-shirt with a picture of The Spice Girls on the front "I can't believe I used to fit into this."

"I can't believe that you used to like The Spice Girls." I retorted, sneering.

Melanie laughed as she held the t-shirt up to herself, looking down at it. "Think I could still fit into it?" she asked.

"No way. Not a chance." I laughed, looking at her front.

Melanie tossed the t-shirt aside. "Are you saying I'm fat?" she asked, although I could tell she was not upset by my remark.

"No," I blurted out "it's just that it's too small for you now."

"What you really mean is that my boobs are too big, right?" she corrected.

I gave my sister a guilty nod and a shy smile.

Melanie seemed happy with my silent admission. She placed her palms on her hips and pushed her breasts outward. The thin material of her blouse grew taut over them. I could see two faint bumps capping her round breasts through the cotton.

"I think they're my best feature." she remarked, sounding unusually boastful.

I said nothing as I stared at my sister's chest. Now her nipples were thicker, harder. Even more tempting. I felt my tongue run over my lips as my eyes locked on them.

Melanie tilted her head down, then up at me. "I guess I was right about it being cooler up here at night." She gave me a smirk, knowing I realized what she was referring to.

"If you're cold you could go put a sweater on." I suggested, although it was mostly because I thought that a bulkier top would curb my temptation to stare at her chest.

"I'm fine. Besides, I've got you to keep me warm." Melanie inched over to me and wrapped her arms around my waist, leaning her chin on my shoulder.

I felt myself bristle as Melanie pulled me to her, pressing herself against me. She must have noticed my unease because I felt her relax and pull away.

"What's the matter? Are you afraid that mom will come up and think something weird is going on? Don't worry, we can hear her long before she gets up here." Melanie assured me.

I never answered.

"Relax, Mark," she told me in a soft tone "we're all alone."

I moved my left arm around my sister's lower back and tugged her back towards me.

"That's better," she whispered "why are you so nervous around me anyway?"

"I'm not." I lied.

"Is it because you're scared I'll notice your hard-on?"

My sister's blunt question stunned me. Normally she was more tactful -- certainly not so crude. Now my face felt as hot as it had the last time we had been in the attic. I turned my head towards Melanie in surprise.

She kissed my cheek and gave me a reassuring smile.

"I don't think it's weird," she told me "I think it's perfectly natural."

"Not when it happens because of you it's not." I said, feeling shameful.

"Even when it happens because of me," she corrected "most people say that relatives shouldn't be close -- in that way, I mean. But who are we closer to than our family? I love you, Mark."

"I love you too, Mel." I told her. The words came out naturally because I meant them, not because I felt as though I had to echo her sentiment.

"Well, it's normal to get turned-on when we're around people we love, isn't it?" she asserted.

I couldn't argue with my sister's logic. I nodded. "Yeah. I guess." I said.

"Give me a hug, Mark; a real one this time."

I twisted around so I was facing Melanie, then moved my right arm around her. She tugged me to her and leaned on me. I slid my hand up her smooth back, then down again. She let out a soft moan as she wiggled against me. Her breasts moved over my chest and I lowered my eyes towards them.

"We better finish looking through this stuff so mom doesn't wonder what's taking us so long." I told my sister after a while.

"You're probably right." she said as she leaned away from me.

Instantly my eyes drifted down to the front of her blouse. Her nipples were harder and thicker than earlier. Their size and shape were very noticeable through the white cotton.

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