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I Knew What I Wanted


Taking a line from an old Sam Cooke tune "Another Saturday Night and I ain't got no body" seems to apply to be right now. It's been like this for a few months but it was my decision to break it off with my last boyfriend. He had roaming eyes just like every other guy but he was much to obvious about it. He also was really friendly, sometimes too friendly with other women and it would drive me crazy. He told me when we ended it all that I was a flirt and I did my share of staring at other men that he picked up on it. He also mentioned that usually the men I would stare at were black. Some he happens to be a white boy and I'm a white girl but I've always had a thing for black men ever since I can recall.

After calling a few of my friends and finding out they were either too tired, broke or had other plans, I decided that I'm taking the week ahead and going out and splurging on myself with all new clothes, jewelry, a new hair color and cut, the works and then Saturday night I'm going to go out and have some fun. I thought that I don't need a man to have a good time and I'm told I'm usually a lot of fun to be with, so I will put my plan in motion.

Monday morning came and I made all my arrangements for during the week. I scheduled to get my hair and nails done on Thursday, heading out to the mall after work tonight and tomorrow. Wednesday I would treat myself to a night at the spa and Friday I would plan on my wardrobe and accessories for Saturday night.

Upon arriving at the mall, I ran into an old friend from high school and we chatted and she mentioned about getting out more often and meeting guys that were decent and not the creeps that she has been finding in some places. She said she never had a real steady guy, but was really into this guy but he didn't feel that way about her. She is a very attractive girl with a great body and a wonderful personality. I told her that I had a relationship go sour several months ago with this white guy but think I'm going to try and find myself a black guy. We exchanged cell phone numbers and I even asked if she would like to join me on Saturday and I would even pick her up and she said she would let me know by Thursday at the latest.

After ending my little reunion with my classmate, her name is Cara and my name is Sarah, I started to shop for just the right outfit for Saturday. I wasn't bad looking if I must say so myself. I stand a mere 5'2" tall, weigh about 115 lbs., have honey blond hair and green eyes. My biggest "asset" is my tits. They are 38D's pretty big for a little girl but they are natural and not one of those implants.

I went into different shops and I finally found the outfit. The store was brand new and it was in the store window and it had my name on it. It was a turquoise and black dress with a plunging neckline that would make my tits really stand out in the crowd. I went in and they had it in my size and it look awesome on me. I found a nice pair of low heeled shoes as I wasn't one for high ones and a gorgeous handbag in turquoise. I decided against any of the costume jewelry because I had a pair of southwestern turquoise earrings set in sterling silver that I got as a gift from my friend Leslie when she went to New Mexico.

I didn't need to go shopping Tuesday night so I just threw myself in a TV diner and went to bed early after trying to figure out what I was going to do with my hair on Thursday. I wear my hair on the longer side but I was ready to cut it off because Bruce liked when I grew it long but Bruce is out of the picture now so Sarah can do what she pleases.

The night at the spa was so relaxing. I was able to let myself go and enjoy. I was thinking about Saturday and hoping I could find myself a nice black guy. Part of me regretted asking Cara to join me but she will just have to humor me and let me do my thing. It felt so good to get the tenseness out of my body and Bruce out of my head with thoughts of going black with my man. I decided I would keep my hair the same color basically but maybe just brighten it up a bit with some highlights. The cut would be about shoulder length and maybe some nice layers. I would let the girl decide on the color of my nail polish and toenail polish. I came home and I fell asleep and slept like a baby for the first time in months, maybe even a year.

My hairdresser was fantastic as he suggested that I just lighten up my hair and the haircut would be a choice of his and would make me look wonderful. He always makes me look so good and I feel like a million dollars when I do. Michelle picked out a pale lavender nail polish which would go great with the dress which I brought with me. I decided against the shoes I bought the other night because they are closed and my pedicure would be hidden. I still had some time tonight to get back to the mall to get a pair of open toe or even sandals to wear.

When I got home, I got a call from Cara saying she couldn't make it Saturday but hopes we could try to go out again soon and she would be in touch with me. I was a little disappointed but it was very little. How awful of me after all I did ask her to join me.

Friday wasn't busy at work so the day dragged but I did manage to pick out a few places that I may want to check out the next day. There was one place that had a nice gallery of pictures and from the looks of it, it appears that there is quite of few blacks that frequent there so that may be where I was heading. I picked a back up as well in case this place wasn't what I expected.

Saturday I did some of my housework but didn't want to ruin my nails. Thankfully it wasn't too bad this week and I would put off washing my floors until next week. No one was over during the week and I didn't have really a lot of laundry so I was in great shape. I made a light lunch of tuna over a tossed salad and a club soda with lemon. I would probably eat something before I went out so I don't let the whiskey affect me. I even gave myself time for a nice long bath and even a short nap. I looked at my clothes that I laid out in my spare room/office and I couldn't wait to get myself out into the world again.

I got dressed and I have to admit that I looked hot. My haircut was perfect, the dress fit me perfect and I was in a perfectly good mood. I spoke to no one today and I was fine with that too. No one was going to bring me down today or put me in a foul mood. I was going to have myself a great night I kept saying to myself.

Hit a little traffic on the way to the club, but it gave me time to stop and think if I was doing the right thing and I knew that it was. Why shouldn't I be happy like everyone else and why shouldn't I go look for a black man if I wanted to have one. I know that black men go for white women and I don't want any ghetto talking, jive talking, all about myself guy that his second words to me after hello is "Do you want me to fuck you?" That would turn this white girl right off and onto another man. Traffic started moving and I was anxious to get to the club.

I was lucky I found it without any trouble because my friends refer to me as "Getting Lost Sarah" even when the directions are 100% right, I do something wrong. Got myself a great parking space and I was ready for action. I kept telling myself that this isn't the only place so if this one suck the big one, we have a back up.

After walking down the parking lot, I reached the door where the bouncer was white and appeared to be one of those "it's all about me" and "I'm good looking right?". I'm not into those kind of guys and I never was before. After getting inside, it looked like a great place. It has two large bars, a dance floor, a spot where a band could set up and then there were some tables and chairs if you wanted to eat I guess. I was scanning over the crowd and there were about a two dozen black people in the place mostly men and a few black women. There were a few that seemed to be the trash I discussed earlier not liking and then a few that thought that their shit didn't stink with a number of interesting prospects. I decided to park my white butt in between two black guys asking first if anyone was sitting on the empty stool and the both told me the seat was empty.

I ordered my Jack Daniels on the rocks and sipped it as I looked around to see what appeared to be a decent crowd. The band was just setting up and I had some good vibes that it would be a good night for me. I actually felt funny at first being along as I never went to a bar or anywhere with out either a boyfriend or a group of friends. The black man to my left started a conversation with me and it turned out he was waiting for his lady as he referred to her as so I knew I wouldn't be making any time with this one. He was very polite and had some striking features. I wasn't about to step over the line as I wouldn't want to get hit on after saying I was waiting for my boyfriend.

The black my to my right seemed a little shy but after a while, he warmed up to me. He was from out of state on business and would be here for a few weeks. He seemed nice but did I want to go for someone that didn't live in the same state and there might be weeks between that we wouldn't be able to see each other. He got up after talking for about 10 minutes and never came back. I didn't say anything to upset him as he did most of the talking.

The band began to play. They were like a combo band of hard rock, jazz and a little R & B. They sounded really good and playing a some really good tunes. Without realizing it, another black man sat next to me and he was smoking hot. He had a shaved head and was built like a teddy bear. When he spoke, he had voice like Barry White. When he stood up he had to be at least 6'4" tall. He excused himself and then he asked me if I would like to dance and I said yes. As we were approaching the dance floor, he introduced himself as Samuel but his friends called him SJ short for Samuel James.

We took the dance floor and he was smooth on his feet and I could just about reach to put my hands around his neck. His skin was so soft like a baby's butt and he smelled like heaven. He made me feel so safe in his arms and we were just dancing. He saw that I was straining to reach his neck and he slightly bend over so I could have a better hold onto his neck. After the song was over, he gave me the slightest peck on my lips but it really did something to me. I didn't know if it's because I had it in my head that I was looking for a black man or it was all that he was.

Arriving at the bar we ordered a few more drinks and talked some more. We discussed work, our families and friends, etc. and much to my surprise, we were so much alike but different in so many ways. We laughed and talked and drank and danced and had a great time. I didn't want this night to end. They were calling for "last call" and we decided that we had enough so we didn't get a last call drink. I was very surprised to find that SJ picked up the entire tab. I tried to give him money towards the bill and the tip and he told me that he wanted to take care of bill. I had a thought that maybe he was expected something from me in return for paying for our night, but I didn't get that vibe from him at all.

We walked outside and SJ asked me where I parked and I pointed out my car to him. He walked me to my car and I asked him if he wanted to stop by the townhouse for maybe a coffee or a night cap and he said he would love to. I told him to follow me and we got into our separate car. He followed me home and I am not a fast driver, but tonight for some reason I put the petal to the metal and got us home in record time. SJ opened up my car door after parking his and we walked up the stairs to the deck on the side of the townhouse. I had gotten out my key for the side entrance and we went inside. I asked him what he wanted to have and his reply was "You Sarah". I was shocked and surprised but this is how it all went.

SJ told me that I looked so beautiful tonight and enjoyed my company very much. He asked if I would go out with him again and I said yes. He took me into his arms and then kissed me with such passion. It wasn't a forced kiss, but like a kiss that came naturally. I found myself sticking my tongue into his mouth and he responded by giving me his. I began to suck on it like it was a cock and I was in heaven as this is my favorite way to kiss. I could feel myself getting all excited and I felt SJ's cock start to swell. We went over to the couch where he also began to feel me up and I went to his crotch and it was like a rock and felt so big.

On the couch we made out like teenagers and I could feel myself getting more we with every kiss and every touch we exchanged. I felt SJ unzip my dress and he started to remove it and I was unbuttoning his shirt and his chest was massive; he had so many muscles and was firm. Before you know it we were both completely naked and still making out and then he took me by the hand and started to figure out which door would lead him to my bedroom. He picked the right door and he laid me across my king sized bed and started by kissing me on my lips, down my neck and then took one of my tits in his hand while squeezing my nipple and I could feel myself moaning and climaxing at the same time.

I sat up to look and he had the sexiest cock I have ever seen and it was larger than any I have ever had. He was huge but he enjoyed the way I went down on him sucking his cock and he seemed to be enjoying the way I jerked and then sucked and ran my tongue up and down his shaft and then he was getting bigger and harder and he asked me if he could make love to me and I said yes. Slowly rubbing the tip of his cock at my waxed pussy and they slowly entering my pussy with his huge black cock. He didn't hurt me as I know was so tight and he took his time with me and we started slow and then the thrusts were longer and harder and I wanted him to cum all over me and then allowing me to swallow. He tipped me forward and fucked me like no one has ever before. His thrusts were coming fast a d his cock was harder than it was before. He pulled out and I got on all fours as he fucked me from me behind and he was going like a house on fire. He then pointed his cock towards my ass and I had never had anal before and he said he would wait until we were both ready and possibly lubed. I was back on my back with in minutes and then he grunted and announced to me that he had to spend his load and before I knew it he was spraying my face and titties and then allowing me to take it back into my mouth when I got to taste my handsome stranger from this week.

That was the first night I had mind blowing sex with SJ. He stayed the night and when we both arose that morning we were in each others arms and ready to go at it again and we did. We then showered and I made us a brunch of eggs, bacon, french toast and coffee and he loved it. We took a shower and spent the rest of the day at his place.

Since that day, SJ has been mine exclusively and I was finding myself falling in love with him more and more with each day that passed. He is all that I ever wanted in a made and was by far the best lover I have ever had to.

There will be another installment shortly - hope you have enjoyed. Be back so or as they say "this will be continued.

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