tagMind ControlI Know It's Wrong

I Know It's Wrong

bySean Renaud©

"Julie I don't want to alarm you but the sky is falling." As soon as I said those words her eyes lit up like embers. It works every time. Jasmine's nipples were already starting to harden and her hips rolled with each step toward me. "Something wrong honey?" I asked taking a step away from my attractive wife and a step closer to the door. She lowered her head slightly and shook it. Her tongue slithered between her lips to wet them and she continued to prowl towards me. "You feeling okay? You're starting to look a little flushed." She was, but that always happens when she's really excited. She's just so pale that she turns pink as she gets excited.

"I feel just fine." Jasmine shoved me up against the nearest wall and kissed me working my pants off with her hands. A few years ago she would never have shown this kind of aggression. If I didn't initiate it just wasn't going to happen. "I just saw you and I suddenly needed to get a taste of your nice big cock. I need to taste it." Jasmine leaned over to suck my cock. She knows that I think that's so much sexier than kneeling or squatting down. I love the way a woman's ass is pushed into the air when she kneels to suck. It doesn't hurt that I can reach down and fondle her breasts either. "I'm sorry baby. I just started thinking . . . about . . . your big . . . fat . . . juicy . . . cock." Jasmine punctuated each word by plunging my cock to the back of her throat gagging herself slightly in the process. "Just . . . made . . . me . . . hungry." She moaned as her brunette curls bounced in time with her head over my cock.

Jasmine was completely determined to get my cum. There wasn't anything else on her mind when my cock was lodged in the back of her throat. I know because I'm the reason that she was thinking those thoughts. Not that I'm the sexiest stud in the universe. I'm not. I'm a little shy of six feet, a little overweight, have long scraggly hair and I'm married to the sexiest woman to ever walk the earth. I don't know if anybody reading this has ever had a woman who truly wanted to swallow your load but trust me it gives her a certain enthusiasm. Jasmine was slurping my cock like her very life depended on it. Like she was starving to death and the only sustenance in the world would be drained from my cock. If you've never been the complete focus of someone else's world I can't describe it with words alone. It's euphoric, a better high than any drug I've ever had. It only took her a few minutes to reach her goal and swallow a gullet load of my cum.

"Hey babe, how was your day?" Such a simple phrase so easily slipped into any conversation. That was why I chose it by the way. As soon as I said those words she was back on her feet. She didn't even remember that she'd had my cock in her mouth. She scolded me about inappropriate behavior and I pretended to be embarrassed as I zipped up.

The truth is that I should take the blame for the things that are my fault. I know my wife didn't do the things that I wish she had. I wish she'd been aggressive with me. That's no excuse for how things turned out between us. There is no excuse for what I did.

Jasmine and I spent the next fifteen minutes doing what we've done almost since getting married. We pretend to take an interest in each others lives. I'd rattle off some facts about my job that aren't even that interesting to me, and mean nothing to someone outside my industry and she'd drone on about her mother, or her sister. I don't really know what she was talking about. All I could hear was I'm a dirty tramp. That's all I've been able to hear since it happened.

It was almost two weeks after we'd gotten married when it happened. I don't even think she was really trying to hide it from me now that I look back. I should have seen it. I came back from work early, not terribly early just a few hours and she was with him. He was her Ex. Or at least that was what she'd told me for the entire year that we'd known each other. Looking back it's hard to believe that I never noticed it sooner. What other reason would she have had for going back to visit her friends after we moved? That's not normal. She'd never actually been loyal to me. Jasmine was just another whore.

So like I said, in retrospect it shouldn't have been a shock when I came home and found her rolling around in bed with another man. I should have expected it and like a friend of mine told me if I had really been in love with Jasmine it wouldn't have bothered me. I would have been happy for her happiness. I wasn't. Like most men and women I don't love the person I'm with, their happiness comes third. First is my happiness and second is my pride. To this day I cannot justify why people are angry when they find out they aren't the only person their loved one has sex with. It's stupid and if I were a real man it wouldn't have upset me, but it did.

I wanted a divorce. Jasmine wanted half. More than that she wanted to stay Mrs. Renaud. She was aware that splitting what I had would probably bankrupt me in the long run. No matter what she took there was no way I'd be able to run my business without it all. We stayed married. We tried counseling, therapy. Everything. Eventually I started to learn to live with the fact that my wife was a cheating whore.

The more I think about it the worse I feel. It was hard enough to rationalize being upset about sex when it was just a thought in my head. Now that I can see and hear them as actual words I know that I'm a monster. And so is every man who ever did anything but smile when he found his woman in bed with another man. Women aren't property that gets stolen, they are people who want to experience things and be happy. You cannot deny a person's chances at happiness and claim to love them. It doesn't matter.

What matters is what I did about it. After we'd tried everything to reconcile enough to live in the same house together I took radical action. I invited her to dinner and a show. The show featured a magician named Sardo. Sardo could do all of the regular tricks, make a woman disappear, cut her in half, float and most important make her a sex slave.

Really he could have made her anything I asked him to. In front of the crowd he put the initial hypnotic suggestion in her. If I ever wanted I could make her act like a dog for the rest of her life. I actually thought about that for a while. I decided I liked having my own personal whore was better.

The sad part is that ultimately this worked out for everybody. Jasmine gets to keep the money that makes her so happy. She also still fucks Chad at least once a week and barely bothers hiding it from me. I get laid whenever, and however I want. I guess I should count myself as lucky. Instead when we finished eating I told her I'd help with the dishes.

"Don't worry about cleaning a thing." Jasmine purred leaning across the table to grab me by the collar and haul me into a deep kiss. "I want to be dirty. Fuck me, right in the ass." Still kissing me she wriggled out of her pants and relieved me of mine at the same time. "I can't wait, I want it. I need it." Jasmine spun around leaning over the table squishing her tits against our dirty dishes. Reaching back with both hands she pried her ass open and wriggled slightly. "Right there. That's what you want isn't it? You want to fuck me filthy. Do it." Dipping her finger into some of the melted butter from dinner Jasmine lubed her asshole. "Do it. Fuck me."

There was no way I was about to turn that offer down. I moved up behind my wife and grabbed a fistful of hair which only made her squeal and rammed my cock up against her ass. "Get ready." I growled in her ear. She responded by hooking her arm around my neck and pulling me back into that lust filled kiss and rammed her hips back impaling herself on my cock.

I don't know what it is about anal sex that just gets me off so quick. I just love it. I love how tight she is back there. I love how she wriggled and moans when my cock is plumbing her bowels. I love how dirty and forbidden it is. I think most of all is that she really enjoys it. I've brought her out of the trance in the middle without her so much as missing a beat. She really is a whore. I wish I was more able to bring that out in her.

"Fuck me!" Jasmine insisted. Here eyes were on fire when she made that demand and continued thrusting her hips back against me. "That's it. You love it don't you?" I could only nod emphatically. It was taking every ounce of self control I had to keep from shouting at the top of my lungs. I fucked Jasmine for almost fifteen minutes before I dumped my load deep in her ass. She squealed as I flooded her butt with warm cum. "See. Isn't that what you wanted? All you had to do was ask baby." She twirled around and kissed me. "All you ever had to do was ask."

Jasmine locked her eyes with mine and sank to her knees till she was level with my cock then starting at the base she licked me. Gathering all of the cum and butter on her tongue. She had a smile on her face as she gulped down my load and lightly kissed the tip of my cock. "Good night honey." She whispered and sauntered off.

Yeah I know its wrong what I've done to her but I'm happy and so is she. Isn't that the only thing that matters?

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Have Sardo alter the hypnotic suggestion to have her become physically sick every time she saw someone's dick that was not her husband's?

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