I Love My Daughter


My daughter impatiently grabbed her own knees and pulled them up to her shoulders, she was holding her legs wide for me. Her big blue eyes were on fire with emotion.

She begged, "Please Daddy, Pleeeeeease..."

My naked daughter was lying on her back looking up at me. She looked so delicate, and my erection just seemed huge in comparison to her small petite little body.

I asked, "Carrie, are you sure this is this okay?"

She nodded her head with desperate approval, and I watched her pull her legs even wider, urging me to keep going.

I pressed the smooth head of my penis against my daughter's wet vagina, I watched as it slowly slipped into the sopping open folds of her pink pussy lips.

Feeling this, she begged me, "Please Daddy, Fuck me..."

Hearing her say that, my heart began pounding, she was looking up at me, begging me with those big adorable eyes.

I pushed a little more and watched as my hard dick slid its way deeper. My daughter just seemed to melt. I could see the big head sliding in, and I pushed harder with my hips. My erection was steadily gliding deep inside her.

She looked up at me and pleaded, "Fuck me, Daddy, Fuck me, Fuck me..."

I was electrified at what was happening. My beautiful daughter was begging me to fuck her. I was amazed at how loving and emotional it felt.

I watched her shudder from the sensations of my erection inside her tight little pussy. It felt so much better than I ever could have imagined, it was so much tighter than her mother's, and at the same time it felt incredibly smooth and slippery. It was perverted and beautiful.

I cautiously asked, "This doesn't hurt, Baby, Does it?"

"Oh no, Daddy, I love it, I love it."

I started pumping, slow and steady. My daughter's soaking little pussy felt like it was gripping me, but at the same time it seemed to effortlessly swallow my hard erection each time I pushed.

She started whining, "Daddy, Oh God, Oh God."

Little by little, the tempo increased and I began pumping into my daughter with strong steady strokes. The slippery sensation was bewildering, and I was amazed that I could glide in so smoothly and so deep because her body just seemed so perfect. I watched her delicate little breasts bounce with each time I pushed. I was standing right up against the edge of the bed, and I reached under to hold my daughter's soft plump ass with my hands.

She let go of her knees and she started getting up onto her elbows. At first I thought she was going to lean forward to hug me, but I could see she was trying to look down between her own legs.

I was unsure what she was doing and I asked, "Carrie, what is it?"

She whispered with a kind of nervous eagerness, "Is it okay, if I watch?"

Hearing her say that made me totally stop with my dick pushed deep inside of her. We were both totally still for a moment, and she never moved her focus, she was staring down between her legs with wide eyes, and her mouth open in an expression of astonishment. I had never seen he look so totally trusting and captivated.

I was so aware where she was looking and I wanted to make my motions as sensual as I could. I wanted my baby to see something tender and loving. After a moment, very slowly, I began to slide myself away from her, and we both watched as my long erection eased way out until the sopping wet head was showing, but I kept it just barely tucked in the sopping lips of her vagina.

My shaft of my wet cock was glistening in the soft light of the bedside lamp.

We stayed still for just a few seconds, and then, as slowly as I could, I eased my long erection back in. Even though it felt incredibly tight, my daughter was so wet that it was gliding effortlessly.

Carrie was entirely focused and gasped, "Oh my God, Daddy, This is SO beautiful."

Her giant eyes were fixed between her legs. I continued to move as smoothly and slowly as I could, I was insane with excitement knowing my adorable daughter was watching me fuck her.

Each time I pulled my erection out of her, it was shimmering with her wetness, and each time I pushed, it just seemed impossible that her body could take it all back inside of her.

I could tell she was mesmerized by what she was seeing. I tried to make my motions as long and as affectionate as I could, the way I was standing right up close to the bed, I felt like I could let my erection slide in straight and steady. Oh my God, I absolutely loved knowing that Carrie was looking at my soaking wet cock as I fucked her.

It felt like I was hypnotizing her with my steady motions. We were both quiet, the only noise was the soft wet squishy sound from between her legs.

I asked, "Do you like watching what we are doing?"

She answered with a breathy sigh, "Yes, I love it."

I slowly began to increase in the intensity of each push inward.

She kept her eyes focused in between her legs, and then she spoke in a kind of dreamlike whisper, "Oh God, Daddy, you're fucking me, you're really fucking me..."

Hearing her say those words just made me crazy with passion.

She started breathing deep and loud, and she reached up and put her hands on my shoulders to steady herself, and so she could more directly look down at my wet erection as I continued to fuck her. Her breathing turned to an excited crying.

Carrie so clearly loved what I was doing to her. There was something so insanely arousing knowing that this is my own daughter and she was eagerly letting me push my hard cock into her tight little pussy. It was really happening and she was crying out with pleasure.

My baby kept her head arched down, focusing on the wet image between her legs. She watched as her sopping vagina swallowed my erection over and over and over. My hands cradled her smooth ass, holding her in position so she could watch as I steadily gained speed with each rhythmic thrust. Now she was breathing with shaky little gasps.

I asked, "Carrie, does this feel good?"

She replied in a haunted stammer. "Oh God, Yes, I can't believe, how amazing it feels."

The force of my hips against her was getting more and more powerful, and at one point it felt like I pumped so hard that she collapsed backwards onto the bed.

She stared up at me with her arms out to each side. I let go of her ass and reached up and held her legs out wide as I fucked her with long loving motions. Her breathy little gasps had changed to something different, now the noise she was making was so much more desperate and emotional.

I was watching my beautiful daughter and the way she was lying in below me. Her arms were stretched out wide on the bed, in a pose of total submission. She looked so willing lying on flat her back.

She panted emotionally "Daddy, you're fucking me, you're fucking me - you're fucking me..."

Oh God, she sounded so grateful.

I told her, "Yes baby, your Daddy is fucking you"

I was so entranced by what I was seeing. The image of her soft tummy, her perky little breasts, the smooth pale color of her skin and her delicate puffy nipples. Oh my God, she looked so beautiful. She was staring up at me with wide-eyed expression of yearning.

In a slow serious tone I said, "Carrie, I love fucking you"

Oh my God, Carrie was looking up at me with so much trust and there was something so delicious about her shaved pussy; it looked so innocent and pure. She lay there, arms out wide, shuddering with each thrust, and she was absolutely glowing with ecstasy.

She pleaded, "Harder Daddy, please, fuck me, harder, please..."

I was so turned-on hearing her beg like that. It was perverted and beautiful, and I started pumping into my adorable daughter even more forcefully.

She responded by gasping, "Oh, Yes, Daddy, I love you, I love you!"

My Baby looked so cute I thought my heart would break. I watched her cute breasts franticly bounce from the impact my pumping hips. I was losing myself, everything felt so magical and beautiful.

With each thrust of my hips, she started desperately repeating the words, "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy..."

I was spellbound by how desperate she sounded. I was astounded by how wet my daughter was getting, so much more than her mother ever would. Everything felt so smooth and dripping. Carrie began to whimper even louder and faster. Her words changed to short passionate gasps.

I looked down and asked, "Baby, can you cum again?"

She gasped, "Yes, yes, I'm so close..."

I wanted to do anything to satisfy her, to make my adorable daughter have another orgasm. I wanted to make her to squirt again, to ejaculate like her mother would do; I wanted her to soak me.

I saw wet tears running down her beautiful face. Her whole body was quivering; I tried to support her by holding her legs steady so I could direct each thrust as straight and smoothly as I could.

She cried out, "Fuck me, Daddy, Fuck me, Fuck me!"

I watched my baby as she arched her back and her mouth was suddenly wide and open, as if she was trying to scream, but all that came out was a shaky whining. Then her whole body started to tremble.

I was holding her knees wide, and my eyes were entirely focused on her sopping little pussy. Suddenly, my erection was out of her and she was literally convulsing with ecstasy. There was a hot wet splashing, all over my belly. She was squirting again, she was gushing, exactly like her mother had done.

I was insane with eagerness, and I dropped to my knees so she could squirt onto my face, and it splashed all over, and up at me.

She cried out "Daddy! Daddy!" as she exploded all over me.

I was clinging to her hips as I moved my open mouth against her pumping vagina. Both of us were lost in a passionate spiral.

And it just went on and on and on. It was incredible how long it lasted, the stream was strong and hot, and the smell, the sweetness was luscious. It was incredibly warm, slippery and smooth.

This pose, this beautiful pose with my daughter's legs spread wide, and my mouth pressed against her squirting vagina, the gushing seemed to last forever. I was clinging to her hips with my face pressed between her legs, my tongue against her sopping pussy lips as the squirting slowly subsided, Oh God, the fulfillment was unbelievable.

She was trembling, trying to regain her breath after such a staggering orgasm. Carrie let out a breathy, "Oh God, Daddy, I love you so much..."

I immediately stood back up and without any hesitation I pushed my erection back into her dripping wet pussy and I started fucking her again, slow and smooth.

She looked up at me, at my soaked and naked body. I looked down at her beautiful face, and I could see she was absolutely joyous. I was euphoric with the perverted knowledge that I was fucking my adorable daughter.

She looked up at me and spoke with a passionate gasping, "Daddy, I want you to cum."

I replied, "Oh fuck, Yes, Carrie, yes..."

She was panting in the same rhythm as our bodies, and she said, "I want you to cum, on me, all over me, Daddy, please..."

Hearing that, I was reminded of what her mother would say, and it made my heart soar. I slowly pressed myself deep into to her, and I climbed up onto the bed, I stayed inside her, all the while easing my daughter across the sheets. Now I was back up on the bed with her.

She gasped, "Daddy, please, please..."

I could feel it building in me. I was breathing deeper and stronger. My baby had cum twice, now I could let go. I was on my knees on the bed fucking her, the steady pumping motion made her little breasts jiggle, it was the most beautiful thing imaginable. Her nipples seemed insanely hard and pointy. She could tell I was looking directly at her little breasts.

She eagerly asked me, "Daddy, I want you to cum on me, cum on my tits."

Oh my God, my daughter was repeating exactly what her mother would say when we would fuck. Had she heard us all those years ago? Hearing her say those words was such a frenzied turn-on. She reached up and she started pulling me towards her, she was acting so needy.

My baby started begging in that squeaky voice, "Please Daddy, cum on me, cum on my tits, please Daddy, Pleeeeease!"

I asked her, "Where, Baby, show me where."

She reached up and held her breasts in her hands, she pressed them closer together. I watched as she started impatiently rubbing and squeezing her big puffy nipples.

"Here Daddy, right here..."

"Are you sure Baby? You want me to cum on your nipples?"

"Oh God, yes, YES!"

With that I pulled myself out and I crawled on top of her, with my knees on each side of her chest, just exactly like I had done with her mother.

My sopping wet erection was positioned directly over her flat smooth chest and she eagerly reached up and held onto it with her little hands. She pressed it against her smooth little breasts. I could see she was urgent to please me, to make me achieve something glorious.

She looked at me with emotion filled eyes and pleaded, "Daddy, I want you to squirt your cum on me, on my nipples, please..."

I pushed my hips upward, pressing the head of my hard penis against her smooth little breasts. She was holding my throbbing erection; she was guiding the head across her puffy pink nipples. Instantly, I began writhing in ecstasy.

My hard cock was dripping wet from her and it was slippery in her grip. Carrie was stroking me with an impatient yearning. I shuddered with excitement, and she felt it.

She timidly asked, "Daddy does this feel good?"

I eagerly replied, "Oh fuck, Baby, Yes, it's beautiful."

She was looking at my wet erection in her little hand as she pressed big head directly against one of her nipples; she rubbed it back and forth against the puffy pink bump. Her eyes were wide and her mouth was open in an expression of absolute astonishment.

"Daddy, this feels so amazing."

She spent a long time rubbing the very tip of my erection against her hard nipples. I can't even try to describe how electrifying this felt; it was so just so beautiful.

She timidly whispered, "I love this, that you are letting me do this."

I replied, "Oh Carrie, just looking at you, I feel so blessed."

"Me too, I feel it too."

I know it's crazy, but we both seemed to get even more excited by talking to each other like this.

Then, I felt her stroking change; her little hand was easing me away from her breasts, she started gently pulling it. She was guiding my erection towards her open mouth. Before I understood what was happening, her lips were wrapped around my wet cock.

I instantly gasped, "Oh God, Carrie!"

I looked down and watched as she eagerly started sucking the head of my cock, I was mesmerized by the image of my beautiful daughter doing something so affectionate and so loving. I was overwhelmed with how innocent she looked.

"Carrie, you are so beautiful, so beautiful..."

Her lips were all moist and glistening, from the wetness of her own vagina. There was something so haunting about her plump little lips as they sparkled in the pale light of my bedside lamp. Oh God, everything about my daughter was unimaginably lovely.

She was enthusiastically sucking the head of my cock while she looked up at me with those big adorable eyes. The sensation was mind-blowing. I was so emotionally turned-on, I just felt this deep need to talk to her.

I asked her, "Carrie, can you taste your own wetness, from your wet pussy, on your Daddy's cock?"

She eagerly nodded her head yes, she was answering me as she sucked. I could feel her slippery wet tongue wiggling against the underside of the head of my erection. She and I both knew I would cum soon.

"Baby, I love it that you can taste yourself, from when I was inside you, fucking your soaking wet pussy..."

Telling these things to my daughter like this was making me feel all crazy. And it was obvious that she was getting even more excited hearing me talk to her like this.

She stopped sucking and started licking along my hard cock, she was licking her own slippery juices she was doing it because I encouraged her to.

I asked her, "Oh baby, does your pussy juice taste good?"

She submissively replied, "Yes Daddy."

After attentively licking the entirety of my erection she started sucking the head again.

I kept talking, "Carrie, Baby, I love your breasts, I love your nipples, I love that you squirted on me, I love watching you suck me like this..."

She and I both knew I was getting close to cumming. I could feel myself starting to tense up, it was going to happen soon.

I told her even more, "Baby, I loved fucking you, I loved it..."

Hearing my desperate words, she sucked harder and faster. And then I started gasping as the sensations multiplied.

When she was begging me to cum on her breasts She sounded so needy. Oh God, the thought of cumming all over my daughter's chest, just like I used to do with her mother, made me frenzied with lust.

My voice was shaky with emotion as I told her, "Carrie, I'm going to pump my cum all over you, all over your cute baby breasts, I want you to watch when I cum all over your nipples, your big puffy nipples."

She stopped long enough to pull away and beg, "Yes, I want that!"

Then she started sucking again. She looked up at me with her big blue eyes with such devotion.

Then I whimpered, "I'm gunna fucking' cum all over your cute pink nipples..."

We were looking into each other's eyes, my adorable daughter was sucking hard and the feeling was so emotional, the flooding of absolute love was electric.

I stammered, "Oh God, Carrie, I fucked your tight little pussy. Now my baby is sucking her daddy's cock."

I was raving, but I was just so insanely turned-on, and she seemed to rejoice in my obsessive words. She sucked faster, and louder.

She impatiently reached up with her hand and wrapped her fingers around my thick wet shaft. I was just about to cum and she knew it.

I watched Carrie sucking, and she stared up at me with such love. The intensity was overwhelming, Oh God, it was glorious.

Then, my hips began to shudder and I cried out, "Oh God, Carrie, I love you, I love you!"

And then I could feel my penis throbbing, it was pumping, and I could feel myself starting to cum. I urgently pulled back, my erection was out of her mouth and it was right above her chest. She aimed my cock at herself as it started to spurt.

She cried out excitedly, "Cum on me Daddy, Yes!"

Suddenly, everything was hot and wet, she watched wide-eyed as a thick stream of milky cum pumped out onto her adorable breasts.

My beautiful daughter watched as my hips shivered, I was spurting downward onto her soft little breasts, and I felt my erection pulsating in her hands. I know she must be feeling the powerful contractions as it squirted.

It was magical to see her puffy nipples suddenly covered in that loving wetness. She watched as each strong spurt landed on her pale skin, she was intensely focused on making sure it all hit her chest. After a moment, the final spurts turned to a slow wet dripping. She continued to hold my cock, hoping for more to come out of it. Little by little I felt the electricity of my orgasm subsiding.

My daughter's expression was euphoric. I could tell she was utterly transfixed by the site of her own chest all wet and warm. I was breathing hard and deep.

I panted out, "Carrie, oh my God, this is so beautiful..."

We were both looking at her adorable breasts, now soaked with my warm cum. She radiated a glow of relief and gratitude.

She stammered with excitement, "Oh my God, thank you Daddy, thank you, oh God, thank you, thank you..."

Carrie's expression was electric and satisfied.

I stayed on my knees above her chest as she pressed my cock back against her breasts, she lovingly slid it back and forth in the glossy puddle of milky cum, rubbing it from one wet nipple to the other. She was smiling and radiant, I watched as she played with my erection, covering it in my thick cum.

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