tagIncest/TabooI Love My Son: Second Time

I Love My Son: Second Time


In my first story I told you about the first time that I had the pleasure of making love with my son, Jim.

After that first night, there were some feelings of guilt and we avoided personal contact for a few days. My husband, Bob, was home much of the time. He is a Consultant and is home for days at a time then might be gone for a week.

There were nights that I would lay in bed thinking about that first night and touching myself pretending that it was Jim's big hands on me. Some nights as I would get up and go to the bathroom I could hear obvious sounds of Jim masturbating. I hoped that he was thinking of me. One morning, I found a pair of my panties in the clothes hamper that were soaked with cum. I knew that I hadn't worn them so that I knew Jim had taken them from my dresser drawer. I was so aroused by know that it was me that he wanted that I felt that I had to do something. That night, after Bob was asleep, I sneaked out of bed and listened at Jim's door. Again, I heard him moaning. I quietly cracked the door. Jim was lying on his back. There was a bottle of lotion on the bedside table. His hand was on his beautiful cock.

His head was back so that he couldn't see me. The sight of his hand sliding up and down that large shaft made me so wet that I could not resist the temptation. I slipped into the door and crept to the side of his bed. Very carefully, I leaned over him and licked the precum from the head of his cock. It startled him, but when he saw that it was I, he relaxed. I replaced his hand on his cock with mine. I stroked it while I gently licked around the mushroom head. He began moaning louder, but I shhhhed him pointing to our bedroom where Bob was sleeping. I resumed stroking and began licking around the large head of his cock. I reached down and took his balls in my hand, fondling them as I licked up the underside of his shaft. My tongue flicked that sensitive spot under the edge of his large mushroom. He placed his pillow over his face to muffle the moans that were coming from his throat.

I began stroking the base of his shaft while I began to take him deep into my mouth. Tightening my lips around his cock I began sucking and moving my head slowly up and down. His hips were moving meeting my sucking mouth. I felt his hand on the back of my head. My lovely son was fucking my mouth. I reached down and began rubbing my wet clit. Now I was moaning with him. My moans vibrated on his cock. I could feel him swelling in my mouth. His balls tightening. My hand was moving faster on my wet pussy. He buried his face into his pillow. I came as I felt his hot seed gushing into my throat. I sucked and swallowed as much of his cum as I could, the excess running down his shaft and on to his balls. I squeezed his cock and milked the last drops from him. I licked him clean, making love to every inch of his beautiful cock and large testicles.

I looked up and met his adoring gaze. I moved up to lay beside him . We locked in a passionate kiss. He began lovingly stroking my breasts pinching the nipples and rolling them between his fingers. Again, I began to feel the heat between my legs radiating up into my belly.

He removed his mouth from mine and said that he wanted to do something for me to show me how much he loved me. I smiled and told him that there was something special that I would like. There began his first lesson in how to please a woman with his mouth.

As I began his instructions I was surprised at how fast he learned. He confessed later that he had watched porn movies and had learned some tricks from them. He had always wanted to try them on me.

He began by licking his way down my chest, licking around the right breast and up between my breasts, then over the top of my right breast. I spread my legs wide, feeling his hard abdominal muscles against my wetness. I locked my legs around his muscular thighs, pulling myself hard against him. He licked the tip of my hardened nipples, one then the other. He began too suckle my breasts as he had the first time we made love. I placed my hands on the back of his head and pulled his face hard into me. I told him to bite me gently. His teeth scraped lightly up my nipple sending a tingling sensation from my nipple to my clit. Again he clenched my nipple lightly pulling it up, his teeth scraping lightly as it retracted to my breast. He repeated this several times until I begged him to stop. The painful pleasure was too much for me to handle.

I began to push his head downward coaxing him to journey farther south to the center of my pleasure. He licked and kissed my soft tummy, stopping to put his tongue in my belly button. After pausing there he kissed his way downward. Suddenly, I felt his tongue on my clit. He flicked it lightly then circled it with his tongue. I could hardly suppress my moans. I raised my hips wanting to give him access to my wet pussy. I pushed his head down farther begging him to fuck me with his tongue. Oh my Gawd, what a sensation it was, feeling his tongue sliding into me. I told him to press his tongue hard against the top of my tunnel stimulating my sweet spot. I felt the heat building inside of my belly.

He began to fuck me with his long tongue. Oh man, I was close to exploding. My hips were bucking off the bed. Jim put his hands under my bottom and held me hard against his face as I exploded, spasming on his tongue. He continued to lick and suck my juices until another orgasm hit me…. I was in heaven, not caring that this was my own son that was giving me so much pleasure.

I reached down urging him to come up so that I could give him a loving kiss and thank him for giving me the best loving that I had ever had. He moved up on me, his lips pressing mine, our tongues playing…. I was about to push him off so that I could clean up and go back to my room before Bob woke and realized that I was gone. Then I felt Jim’s large cock, hard again, lying in the wet valley between my legs. He was moving slowly up and down. The bottom of his cock sliding up and down between my swollen lips, teasing my clit with its large, hard head. My god, I thought. Can I stand any more pleasure?

He pressed harder against me. I looked up into his eyes seeing the pleading in them. I moved my hips up into him, offering my love tunnel to the large head of his cock. He slowly slid into me, the head stretching my opening. While I was still wet from my orgasms, I urged him to take slow, short strokes at first, going deeper with each thrust, giving me a chance to adjust to his large cock. I felt myself stretching and being filled completely. God, it felt good. At last, he was buried deep inside of my, the large head pressing against my cervix. He began to move with long slow strokes. As I got accustomed to his size, I wrapped my legs around him urging him to fuck me harder and faster. I could feel another storm brewing inside and I knew that it wouldn’t be long before I was cumming hard on my son’s wonderful cock. He was thrusting harder and deeper. His face filled with lust for me, his mother. The thought overwhelmed me as I began to spasm and spread my juices up and down his shaft.

My clenching inspired him as he continued to thrust even faster. I could feel his cock swell, making it even tighter, triggering another orgasm deep inside of me. Jim groaned as he exploded sending his hot cum into my womb. I clenched him as his cock continued to throb and send his seed into me.

I quickly pushed him off of me and took his cock into my mouth, licking him clean. I pulled him to my breast. He was breathing hard and my heart was beating fast. I held him, lovingingly as we enjoyed the afterglow of our second taste of the forbidden fruit.

I glanced at the clock and realized that it was almost 4 am and Bob would be waking soon. I hurriedly gathered my nightie, went into the bathroom to clean up and compose myself before going back to the bed beside my sleeping husband. I felt loved and satisfied as I drifted off to sleep thinking of the good times ahead with my wonderful loving son, Jim.

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