tagIncest/TabooI Love My Son: Tee Time

I Love My Son: Tee Time


It was about 8 am Saturday morning. I felt a hand on my breast. Still in a dreamy state, my mind was on the last time that I had made love to my son, Jim. I began to get aroused, lightly moaning in my half conscious state of mind. I could feel his hand as it lightly stroked my nipple. Mmmmm I moaned, slowly awakening. I almost called his name before I realized that it was my husband's hand stroking me. I was startled and opened my eyes wide.

Bob said, "I am sorry, honey. I woke up horny this morning and I thought that we could make love before I leave to play golf." I was disappointed but I smiled at him, like a good wife should and put his hand back on my breast. Bob quickly removed the covers and began caressing my breasts then moved his hand to my wetness. He said, "Baby, you are already wet." He then moved between my legs and put his small cock against my wet pussy. Without hesitation, he rammed it into me easily. He immediately started sliding in and out. I wrapped my legs around his back, trying to pull him deeper, but he was as deep as his small penis would allow. I moaned convincingly while telling him how good he was. As small as it was, his cock was beginning to feel good. Suddenly, without warning, his penis began shooting his load into me. "Oh God, not yet!" I thought.

Bob quickly pulled out. My nerves were still alive, craving satisfaction. He quickly got up saying, "Got to hurry, honey. Have a tee time at 9 am. The guys will be pissed if I am late." As he hurriedly, cleaned himself and got his golf togs on, I lay there disappointed and lonely. He came over and kissed me on the cheek saying, "See you later, Baby. I will have lunch and some drinks with the boys at the club."

After he left, I lay there aching to be fucked hard. I rubbed myself trying hard to get myself off. It wasn't enough. I needed a big hard cock inside my wet pussy.

Finally, I got up, went into the bathroom, showered and cleaned his sperm from my pussy. I let the pulsating stream of water from the shower massage run against my clit. Mmmmmm that felt good, but it wasn't a cock. I got out of the shower and dried off, putting my terry cloth robe on my aroused body. Maybe a cup of hot coffee will calm me down, I thought.

I started down the hall down the kitchen. As I passed by Jim's bedroom, I noticed that the door was cracked. I couldn't resist the temptation to peek in. I saw him lying there, still sleeping on his back. Looking closer, I noticed the big tent in his cover. "Hmmm, what is he dreaming about?" I wondered. The thoughts of that big hard cock made tingles go through my body, starting at my starving pussy and radiating to my breasts. My nipples hardened and I felt a warm ache in my tummy.

Slipping slowly into his room, I slid under the covers beside him. He stirred, but didn't wake up. I lay there looking at his handsome face so calm and peaceful. His beautiful brown hair was ruffled. I gently began smoothing his hair, running my fingers lovingly through it as I had done when he was a child. I stroked his forehead and his cheek carefully. I didn't want to disturb him, but I needed him so badly.

My hand moved to his muscular chest, lightly stroking him. Even in his sleep, I could feel his nipples harden. Carefully, pulled the covers down and laid my head on his shoulder gazing down his athletic body. He began to stir and opened his eyes. "Mom, what will Dad think?" he whispered. "Don't worry, Baby, he has gone to play golf and won't be back until afternoon. Let Mommy make love to you."

He relaxed and smiled. "Yes, have your way with me."

I took his face in my hands and placed my lips on his. We kissed hungrily as my hand moved down his tummy, feeling the soft hair on his muscular abs. Shivers went through my body as his hand reached for my nipple, lightly pinching and stoking. He had learned well.

My hand passed his hard erect cock as I reached for his testicles, fondling and caressing them. His cock jerked as I gently squeezed them. Seeing that large muscle that was soon to be deep inside me intensified the ache deep inside me. Slowly, I began to stroke the underside of his shaft from bottom the sensitive area under his mushroom head, lightly touching as I moved my fingers up and down.

He was caressing my breast and pinching my nipples, one then the other. My juices were flowing down the inner side of my thigh as I put one leg across his, rubbing my wetness against his upper thigh. I wrapped my hand as far as I could around the bottom of his shaft. Leaning over him, I began to kiss his chest and nipple as I slowly stroked up and down his shaft. Kissing down his tummy I put my tongue in his belly button and twirled around inside it.

Without releasing my hold on his cock, I moved to straddle his thighs. Leaning down, I began to lick the head of his cock, swirling my tongue around, licking the precum from it. I opened my mouth wide taking the whole head into my mouth and sucking gently as I continued stroking up and down. He was moaning loudly now. I knew that he couldn't hold out much longer. I lifted my head long enough to say, "Cum for mama, Baby. Cum in my mouth!!" I opened my mouth wide again and went down, taking as much as his large cock into my mouth and sucking hard. My head was moving up and down while I stroked the base of his cock. I could feel him swell inside of my mouth. His hips raised off of the bed as he screamed loudly, "I'M CUMMING!!!!"

His hot sperm hit back of my throat as I struggled to swallow every drop of my darling son's seed. After several wave of juice came from him, I milked his shaft to taste every drop. I held his cock as I licked all sides of his now limp tool.

"Now its your turn", he said as he slid down and easily pulled me up and sat me over his face. I leaned forward, holding on to the headboard as he began licking the juices from the valley of my wetness. I knew that I was finally going to get the release that I so badly needed. He licked and sucked until he had cleaned my pussy, then concentrated on my clit. I moaned loudly as he sucked my engorged clit into his mouth. He nibbled on it as he gently sucked and flicked it with his tongue.

I could feel all of the heat and ache that had built up in my body concentrate on that little bud between my legs. The tension was rising as I humped my son's hungry face. He reached up between my legs and slide three fingers inside my throbbing pussy, pressing against my sweet spot in the top of my love tunnel. I screamed loudly as I came hard, spasms ripping through my belly and clenching his fingers tightly as wave after wave of pleasure swept through me.

I slid back down his body, rubbing my juices down his chest and tummy. When my bottom got to his pelvic bone, I felt his cock standing tall again against my ass. (Aren't young men wonderful?) I raised myself over his long pole and sat on his thighs. Putting my hand on each side of his body, I began to slide my wetness back and forth over the bottom of his cock. As my clit reached the large head, I would grind myself into it. His hips began to move, sliding his cock against my clit. I almost came again, but raised up to remove the pressure. I wanted to feel that cock inside of me. I raised up taking his cock in my hand, ready to slide down it, when he said, "Mom, Can I take you from behind again?"

I quickly got off of him and moved to lay my head on the pillows with my knees on the bed and my legs spread slightly to give him access to my entrance. He got off the bed and pulled my hips to the side of the bed. "I want to stand behind you and give it to you hard and fast." I quickly adjusted to his wishes with my knees on the side of the bed. He was the boss now. He could have anything he wanted.

Jim stood behind me, sliding his hard cock between my legs, teasing my clit with the head. I don't know how long he teased me, but I begged him to ram it inside of my hot pussy. I was moving my hips back and forth trying to catch his cock with my entrance. Finally, I felt the big head sliding into me. "aaahhh"

He slid all the way out, then in a little deeper, still teasing me. When I pushed against him, he would pull back. "PLEASE, Jim, baby...give it to me!!" Suddenly, in one stroke, he rammed it deep inside of my wet tunnel, driving me forward as I felt that huge head hit my cervix. He withdrew slowly and began a rhythm of long slow strokes in and out, withdrawing almost all the way out before sliding back in. I picked up his rhythm with the movement of my hips back and forth. Oh, it felt so good to be filled completely with hard throbbing flesh.

Our moans got louder as he picked up the pace, ramming into me. His balls were slamming into my clit with every stroke. "Baby, I am going to cum again." I screamed. I could feel his cock swelling inside me. His pace quickened as he was groaning. "Here it cums, MOM!!!!!!" as he rammed into me one last time before exploding deep inside of my belly. My spasms clenched his hard cock as I came again and again.

He collapsed on my back as I fell onto the bed; both of us spent and exhausted. We lay there until we caught our breath, before getting up and getting into the shower together. We washed each other and dried one another, before putting on our robes to go to the kitchen. I fixed a large breakfast for my loving son and we sat and talked while we satisfied another appetite.

Jim looked out and commented that it was a lovely sunny day. It would be nice to sit by the pool and catch some rays. We have a nice pool with a privacy fence so that there is no need to wear swimsuits. But, that is another story...

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