tagFirst TimeI Remember

I Remember


I remember!


The clothes I wore, the heat of the room, my hair stuck to my face as I looked in the mirror. The coolness of the water as it filed the bathtub beside me. The sound of you next door singing to my music.

The way the cold floor feels when I step onto it,

The red of my nails and the blonde of my hair the blackness of my bra and the freedom of removing it.

I remember

My frowns as I look to the mirror and do nothing but judge, one day I will see a person I want to be. Until then I will stare at this body and complain.

You still singing, each word sounding wrong. It's not in tune I thought please stop before I scream!

I remember

The water as I sank below the coolness as it circled around my areas and the signing as I relaxed.

Hearing the door opening but pretending not to. I can hear you but not see you. You presence is like a cloud, a bad taste I don't want to remember but I do. You're here now beside me and as I look over you smile it is not a smile I recognise I have never seen this you before part of me is scared but it soon dies and your hands enter the water and plant droplets across my chest.

As I laugh, a nervous laugh that fades as quickly as it arrived. I smile and cover myself but you pull my hands away. I remember your soft voice close to my ear your words are full of air and send shivers through me. I remember words that I don't understand and some that I do, words that make me blush and giggle words I know I shouldn't be hearing especially from you.

I remember

Your touch, your fingers, they glide, the swim across my stomach and dance around my breasts, small but growing I protest which brings a laugh from your lips and then a kiss to each nipple which feels as good as you can imagine it to be. I remember

One staying as the other searched, lower, lower and lower still my mind is filled with thoughts, thoughts of all you say and do. And now as you reach your goal those thoughts grow strong still as does my silent moans.

Electricity as you rub my spot and enter with two full fingers as you continue to add kisses upon me and my heart beats faster and I can hear you words over and over they are endless they never leave me.

I remember

It's all too much now, more than I can take, my mind begs for it to end, I know it is wrong but I'm wanting more. I remember your touch, your fingers, your hands, the feeling, the electricity.

More, more, please don't stop I beg to you don't ever stop.

You speed up and the feelings grow, faster and faster. You remove your hand from my breast but only to soak it in the water around me and then you reapply it to my aching chest to continue your sensual massage.

My vision starts to fade as does all my strength.

I remember my hips rising.

I remember your fingers in me.

I remember screaming.

I remember it all.

I remember your words.

"You will remember this!"

I remember.

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