I Turned 18 on Halloween


Not so fast bitch. I put up a stunner in front of her attack. If she runs into it, she gets zapped. She didn't fear me, she came right at me and ran into it. Seems it caused quite a bit of pain. She lost her footing, but her husband and son held her up.

She looked like she was in her mid-30's, huge breasts, zero sag, long blond hair, a witch costume of course. She was the school's hottest MILF by far. She was gorgeous but then she was also a bitch that enslaved my parents. I started getting hard looking at her sexy costume and enormous breasts. I found my energy grew as well. Interesting.

I shout, "Gail, I need your help down here. NOW!"

Bella settled herself, put her wrists together and sent a fireball at our house. I countered but it did blow the top third of the house away. While I was busy countering Bella, Danny tried to attack me. He was weak, I made him paralyze his dad and suck his dick. The girls, now behind me, laughed at him.

That enraged Bella. She started throwing everything she had at me. I was holding my own for a while, however, she had more strength, more experience, and it soon became clear that I was losing. Sure, I countered everything, but as time went on her spells were being countered closer and closer to me. Eventually she would kill me.

I reached out to the girls and apologized for ruining their evening and not being strong enough. What I got back was thoughts of lust. I was protecting them and they all wanted to pull my pants down, suck my cock, then then mount my cock. They had felt the virtual cock of mine, they craved the real thing. Trudi had told them how wonderful it was in exquisite detail.

I felt a huge surge of power, my mother's ghost was sucking my cock and she is awesome! She too had lots of experience with dad and thousands of men due to Bella's sex parties.

I was now rock hard; my power was off the charts. I no longer tried to stop Bella. Her spells bounced off me. Her anger rose, she cast faster and faster, but her power quickly dwindled as she used it up. I magically castrated them (Bella and her son). I absorbed their magic ability.

I erased the husband's memory and made him dominant now. He would beat the hell out of her. With the loss of power also meant the loss of her beauty and her breasts. She no longer even needed a bra. She was hideous. She ran home screaming, father and son walking behind her with a smile on their faces.

I put up an illusion on the house to hide the damage. Bella had put up an illusion to hide our battle, only a few people noticed what really happened. I turned to Trudi, tapped her forehead, she went to go sit in front of the TV and smiled. I turned to Emily and brought up my finger.

Emily pleaded, "Please don't. I want to remember this so that every time you fuck me, I will remember that time you saved me from a fate worse than death. I could feel what she wanted and what she was going to do to us, the same as your parents. Weren't you looking for someone to love you?"

I paused. She is cute. She is Gail's friend. She wants to be my friend, maybe more.

I smile, "I was just going to ask if you wanted a glass of water."

She ran at me and jumped into my arms giving me a hard, passionate kiss. It reminded me of the ones between mom and dad. Maybe this is the girl.

I then hear a voice booming in my mind, "Not so fast lover boy. She was my fiend first."

I look at Gina, she smiles at me, "Emily is awesome, I love her to death. However, I have needs too and your cock sure can please a woman."

She swapped bodies with Emily so that Gail had her own mind but Emily's body and says to me, "I want some as well."

She slowly walked up to me. Gail (looking like Emily), "I have waited years for this."

She lightly kissed me on the lips and used her hand to feel my cock get hard.

Gina teases, "I need me some of this stud. Let's turn off the lights and go upstairs."

Gail swapped bodies back to normal.

Now confident, I show off, "I can do better than that. I summoned a Mummy and handed him the basket with candy.

I tell Gail, "Gail, take a candy bar."

She reached in and took a bar of candy. The mummy nodded its head.

I tell Emily, "Emily, take two."

She reached in, and took two candy bars. The mummy grabs her hand with lightning reflexes.

The mummy spoke, "Mummy says one is enough ... unless your smart," causing Emily to drop one.

Mummy moans eerily, "What kind of music do mummies like?"

Emily thought then said, "Wrap music."

The mummy gave her the second candy bar. Both girls giggled.

We went upstairs and both girls stripped me in seconds.

I remind the girls, "Trudy is downstairs having a wonderful time watching TV. I don't think we need to bother her. Do you?"

Gail is annoyed, "I think you need to be quiet and eat some pussy."

Both girls strip. Gail being the bigger of the two laid down on her back in the middle of the bed. Emily crawled up the bed and laid down on Gail, their slits were almost lined up perfectly, clits almost touching. The smaller Emily was face down in Gail's large breasts, feasting on her nipples.

Surprisingly, dad did have experience with this situation, mom and the neighbor? Ooooo kinky. I started at Emily's anus, licked down to her clit, then jumped to Gail's clit and on further down to her anus. I then proceeded to back track to Emily's anus. Both girls are sweating and breathing hard. I don't have to move my head much to move from pussy to pussy.

The one that didn't have my oral expertise got my real finger. However, to them, it feels like my cock. I twist, turn, and use my tongue to get them both off within minutes.

Tenderly I say, "Normally I would stick my cock into your slits and fuck the hell out of you."

They looked sad that I wouldn't.

I continue, "I will fuck both of you but since this is the first time for both of you, you each get my full attention separately. No group sex for your first time, this is a special moment and you both deserve to have your own moment. You know what to expect, there will be pain from the tearing. I can't and won't stop that."

That surprised them.

Lovingly, I add, "I want you to feel like a real woman tonight, like every other scared teen does. This is your moment. It will be special. I will go slow and will stop after the pain starts.

With a commanding voice, I say, "Emily first, on your back."

She laid down then I got in position above her. She looked at my cock and got nervous.

I question her, "On the pill?"

She nodded no.

Showing off, I say, "I will put up a barrier, you are safe."

A look of relief came over her. I slowly inserted my cock, she was tight, it took a while. I found the blockade and used a quick short thrust.

Emily screams, "OH FUCK!"

She starts to cry.

Emily pleads, "Please, help me."

With much hurt in my voice, I tell her softly, "Sorry. I love you too much."

Those few simple words brought a smile to her face. A few minutes later she asked me to continue. I continue to plow ahead and expand her pussy. Eventually I run out of cock to give her.

I stop and smile at her, "All in."

She reaches up and kisses me. I pull out and push in a few times. Now that she is ready, I pick up the pace to a nice consistent rate.

She is filled with joy.

Emily loudly forces these words out, "Oh fuck. So good. It's better Gail, far better. I can feel the heat and its slightly different each time. Not mechanical like masturbating. OH MY! Fuck me harder and faster. I want this!"

I went harder and faster. I was pounding her good. She was grunting with each thrust into her. She was trying to meet me by thrusting her hips up at me. I was dripping sweat and feeling that great moment coming up. I was ready and waiting for her. Gail used her hand and rubbed Emily's clit.

That set her off into a hard orgasm that rocked her world. Her back arched, her body went stiff, she stopped breathing, I swear she seemed to glow. It was an awesome sight to behold. Meanwhile, I climax and shot my wad deep into my sister's friend. My girlfriend?

She eventually fell limp, laying in the bed with no energy to move. Couldn't even open her eyes, she was drained. However, there was one sign that all was well, she had a huge smile on her face.

I look at Gail, "I need some time before I can go again."

Gail bashfully responds, "Don't, I have changed my mind."

The look of hurt on my face must have been great.

Gail embarrassingly replies, "Oh no, it's not like that. I am going to fool around with you, suck your cock, and other fun things, but I got a better idea for losing my virginity. Be patient, my cunt has your name on it."

That was an interesting image in my mind, a tattoo around her orifice that said, "Danny's Pussy!"

No kids for an hour so I dismissed the skeleton, turned off the lights, turned off my room lights and curled up behind Emily in bed. Gail curled up behind me and placed my hands around Emily's breasts. Not a bad birthday.

It is November 1st, the day after. Trudi joined a different group of friends, she felt left out. She was. About 6:00 PM the doorbell rang. It was the next-door neighbor that watched me fuck Trudi. She had a large box that smelled amazing.

Lizzy gleefully announces, "Hi, my name is Lizzy, I saw you had an interesting day yesterday. Your parents asked me to look after you guys. I know I don't compare in power to you, but I am an adult that can help with legal issues if you have needs. I work at a big office, I am good. Let's have dinner!"

She made an amazing lasagna and garlic bread. The four of us ate together.

Lizzy happily says, "You are going to find that this small area has a bunch of people like us. You are the best of us so there will be many people like me bringing dinner, stories, and a thank you. I don't even have to check, I can see the love you have for these two, I won't ask you to fuck me. If you ever get bored, I am available."

She is a high-priced lawyer and was a high-priced call girl for Bella that couldn't say no to anyone or anything. She is looking forward to just one career now (law) and not having to perform at Bella's sex nights.

Over the next two weeks all kinds of neighbors came over to offer their thanks. Each had a skill, a story of depravity at the expense of Bella, and a fantastic dinner. I fucked Emily at will and Gail gave me increasingly better blowjobs. I gave her pointers from mom. Gail loves giving me blow jobs in school after I put a bubble of invisibility around us.

Over several months, the authorities gave us a hassle because they thought we killed our parents, but no evidence and a great lawyer helped a lot. Magic can't fix everything or every database so sometimes it's just easier to follow the rules and prove your innocent, then they leave you alone.

We graduated High School and started at a local community college. I have the memory of 30 years of computers and 200 in accounting, I knew my stuff. College is easy.


October 21, one year later, the girls and I start planning a Halloween party. A Halloween party of epic proportions and we send out invitations in the mail. Well, an invitation would be misleading. I worded it as a threat of death for not showing up.

Lizzy was pissed that she would be forced to attend another of Bella's sex parties. She told me how disappointed she was in me and that she thought I would be different and not like every other male asshole. She should have known an 18-year-old would think with his wrong head. Yes, the whole neighborhood had turned hostile.

October 31st, my birthday started out pretty good. Gail took two minutes to deepthroat me and my load. I then used my morning wood to pound the hell out of Emily. She craved a hard fuck in the morning and in the evening, she wanted slow and loving. She was something else.

We are anxious for the party. We did mundane things like laundry, grocery shopping, making lunch. Anything to use up time. At 4:00 we got dressed for the Halloween party.

I went as Count Dracula, simple cape, white dress shirt, and black dress pants. Nothing special. Gail went as an angel. She wore a pure white dress, like a toga. It went below the knees, it wasn't slutty, and had a single sash over a shoulder. It wasn't sheer, but you could tell no panties and no bra. The hard, dark nipples were the give-away on top.

Picking up her dress front was the give-away on the bottom. She had big wings attached to her back with a wrap that came around her body under her breasts to hold it in place. It made her breasts stand out even more.

Emily went as the classic French maid. Like Gail, no bra or panties. With Emily, I verified with my hands. I cupped a breast and felt no bra and I stuck two fingers under her dress and up her twat. I shook them around, she was ready.

At 5:00 we showed up at Bella's to make sure the prep was ready. The husband and Danny will remember tonight as a standard yet dull costume party. They purchased lots of food and entertained people they didn't like. Today, Bella rules the roost again, so they do as she commands. I restore Bella's fake beauty and off she goes to get dressed into her sluttiest costume.

Nobody shows up early, but they are all there by 6:05. This is the unhappiest group of people I have ever seen for a party. I don't blame them. My invitation was a bit, oh I guess you would say dramatic:

To: (Fill in name)

You are required to attend Bella's Halloween, Sex, and Torture Party on October 31, 6:00 PM sharp. Come in costume and ready to play. Your attendance is mandatory. There will be live entertainment before the debauchery begins. Anyone not there by 6:05 will be summoned and .... don't even think about not attending.

David Danson


You see, they didn't have much choice.

The main entrance hall fits everyone easily. Their all standing around and clearly, not happy. It's a big round room, white marble floors, and on both sides of the room are gaudy gold stairs and railings going up to a landing where Gail and Emily are standing to my left. I clap my hands and the room goes silent. Above the landing are two more sets of stairs leading to the second floor.

Bella steps out and there is a collective "OH!"

She is as beautiful as ever, possibly even more so. She has a push up half bra that is keeping her magnificent breasts pushed up. Her areolas and nipples are visible. She has on black sheer stockings that accentuated her long gorgeous legs. Her feet are strapped to a pair of dark red 5" heels. She wore a black thong allowing full view of her perfect white skin, a pair of slapable cheeks in the back, and almost nothing up front, proof that she shaved. Not a hair on her.

The best part was the smirk on her face like she knew more than they did. In her mind, that was true. She thought she was killing them all tonight.

She glided effortlessly down the stairs and to my side. The son and husband now had serving platters and were handing out glasses of champagne to the guests. I took a step forward.

I loudly announce like a town crier, "I promised live entertainment tonight and that you shall get. I have restored Bella's beauty but made a few changes." The smile left Bella's face. "Bella is a virgin again and will be for every guy that enters her. She will rip open, bleed, feel pain. Don't hold back guys, gentle is not her way. For you guys, it will be twice as good when you fuck her. Women will get triple the pleasure from her willing tongue."

A variety of BSDM equipment appear on the walls.

I continue the announcement, "Tonight, as you fuck her, your cocks will feel like sandpaper to her. You can paddle and whip her all you want. She will feel ALL the pain, she will turn red, but her skin will not break. No need to hold back."

Bella's legs gave out, but I held her tight to me. Gail stepped forward.

A shy and reserved Gail announces, "I will be the second piece of entertainment. I am going to get fucked in front of everyone, lose my virginity, and get pregnant all at the same time."

I looked at her in horror.

She looked sad and softly whispers, "I need to do this my way. Sorry."

She looks down, she can't look at the hurt in my face.

Addressing the crowd again, my voice faltered so I had to try again, "Unlike other parties at this house, you are now free to go if you do not wish to participate. I am sorry for wording the invitation the way I did, I didn't want anyone to find out my plan."

I smile and continue, "I wanted all of you to see she is powerless. We will be teaching Bella a lesson today, 'Payback is a bitch'. You are all free to have fun now!"

I took Bella and threw her off the balcony. She landed with a thud, she cried out in pain, then she got up.

They stripped her, paddled her, squeezed her breasts, whipped her, fucked her almost constantly. Couples took turns. The husband fucked her while the wife was pleasured by Bella's tongue. Random people used all sorts of whips and paddles. Nipple clamps, butt plugs, enormous dildos up the ass. They spit on her and slapped her clit.

As soon as she passed out from the pain she was auto revived by my magic, cleared of pain and trauma, only to have it continue. This continued for three hours.

I moved Emily in front of me and she held on to the railing after pulling down her skirt. She was naked waist down.

I ask with an amused voice, "Why stop?"

She thought then took off her top at well. She is now standing naked in front of almost 60 people. I moved behind her, she bends forward at the waist.

Emily whispers in my ear, "No spells, leave me unprotected."

I got harder. I mount her from behind and start a faster than average fucking. I figure being on display is going to spur her on quickly, no need to hold back. I was right.

She is moaning and breathing hard almost immediately. Many stop what they're doing to watch Emily and me. That turns me on more than I would have thought. I am now going full speed, slamming my body into her. Thrusting my shaft into her receptacle. It feels perfect, magical, and then the feeling builds fast. It normally does but this time it's so fast, it just happens, I am impregnating my girlfriend, my future wife?

Everyone senses the impregnation. We get cheers. She is spent. The railing is holding her up. I am now on my knees, I used up all my energy. We take a few minutes to recover from our hard orgasms.

I produce a silver dog collar and leash. Emily never hesitates, she puts the collar around her neck, locks it in place, hands me the handle to the leash, and stands at my side. She puts nothing else on.

She lovingly looks me in the eyes, "I am yours, now and forever. I love you more than anything."

I return the love, "I love you. I will be a good husband." Did I just propose?

Gail walks down the stairs. People spread before her, making a path. Slowly, she descends the staircase. Everyone freezes. Gail moves to the center of the room, then lies down. They leave about a two-foot space between her and them. She is gorgeous in that almost sheer material. She claps her hands twice.

A decent sized guy comes into the room. He is dressed as a medieval executioner (how appropriate I think), mask over his head, tall executioners axe in one hand, and a bucket of water in the other. He hands the axe to a gentleman and empty's the bucket on Gail. She is basically naked as everything turns translucent. She is gorgeous.

He grunts and pulls up the dress well above her waist but below the breasts, they are still on display, clearly. Dark areola, hard puffy nipples. What wonderful breasts she has. I want to reach out and play with them. They guy reaches out and starts to tweak her nipples. She loves that, I love doing that to her.

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