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I Want


I want

Ask me what I want. Go on. Ask me. I dare you. I double dare you.

I want you. I want to fuck you. I want you, to want, to fuck me too.

I want the fantasy. I want to fuck you in stockings, a corset and high heels, bent over my desk, pleading for more.

I want to tease you, stimulate, excite and please you. I want you dancing to my touch, flinching, clenching, straining.

I want to feel the tension, as your muscles tighten. As you push yourself onto very tip toe. I want to feel your legs quiver, see your body shiver as you teeter.

I want to play you, lead you, hold you, control you. I want to take you right to the edge. I want to push push you and pull you as you try to hold back.

Then I'm going shove you. Not carry you, not lift you, but shove you right off that cliff.

And as you start to fall, I'm going to grab you, take that moment from you. As you try to let go, I am going to squeeze, pinch, flick, nip, bite, slap, push you right back. I am going, stop you falling, force you to keep going.

I'm going to pull you up, turn you round, push you back against the wall. Hold you there my mouth, my lips, my arms, my hands. Kiss you and take your breath as your legs give way. I want to push you, force you back, I won't let you go. I won't ease off or give up until I have you where I want you.

Then I going to fuck you, lift you, carry you, force you.

I want it to be a fight. I want you to try to stop me.

I want to overwhelm you. I want your body to fight me.

I want it to be, too much, too intense, too acute. I want your mind and body to rebel against me. I want you to fight me. I want you to lick suck bite scratch and tear at my flesh as your body starts to give into me.

I want to be hard, forceful dominant. I want to drive you. I want to be relentless, merciless and I want to hear you say please, please, please.

I want to make you cum hard fast and strong And then as you try to come down, I want to make you cum again and again. Harder longer stronger. Until I make you fly.

I want to fuck you until you beg me to stop.

Then I want to use my mouth, my lips my fingers, my tongue to tease you until beg me not to.

I want to fuck you until our bodies give out, until we're a sweaty, dirty, tangled heap on the floor.

And still I won't be done.

I want to drag you carry you into the bathroom. I want to undress you, bath you, caress stroke and soothe you. I want to make you purr and whisper my name. I want to be tender, gentle, soothing, until I have you stealing kisses. Until you have the strength to climb out of the tub and stand on unsteady legs so I can dry you.

Then I want to take you, to my bed.

And finally with your arms around me, I want to make love. Just you, just me. Until there are no thoughts, no words, just you just me.

And later, I want to watch you wake in my arms. Moan softly as your soar muscles and bruised flesh protest. I want you to snuggle closer, deeper into me and kiss my flesh. I want to see that little smile of contentment, that says you know the world is right and you can taste me on your lips.

That's what I want.

But even all that's not enough.

All that's nothing. If you don't want to fuck me too.

If you don't want to lead. If you don't want to play with me, Use me and abuse me until I beg and plead. All that is nothing, if you don't want to fuck me into submission.

I want you to dress me up to please you. I want to be vulnerable and exposed. I want the stockings, the heels, the corset so tight I can barely breath. I want to feel that constrained restriction, as you tie and bind me. I want you, to want me, in killer heels so high I can't walk, Just able stand, legs shaking, calves screaming and make me pout, so you can paint my lips.

I want you to take control. I want to be your play thing. I want you to make me dance. I want you to play with me until I'm just where you want me. Until you have me right on the edge, where you can hold me. Right on the edge where I love to be held.

And when I'm ready, when I can't hold on any longer. When I'm right at the peak of pleasure. When the pain pleasure balance is as high as I can take it, when any more would be unbearable, intolerable, unthinkable.

Right there. At that moment. I want to see you watch me.

And as I crest and start to cum. I want, you to be cruel. I want you to bite, pinch, slap squeeze me. Do whatever you need to. Have to. To force me back on to that knife's edged.

I want to be helpless. I want to let go and have you force me back. I want to feel that sweet agony of being so close, of cresting again and again. But not falling. I want you to control me, until you break me. Until I scream and shout.

I want you to laugh with delight as I call you 'bitch'. I want you to be merciless as I beg for forgiveness. I want you to tease me until you are ready to make me come so hard it hurts.

And as my body tries to crash, I want you to take me and make me. I want you to break me.

I want you to make me beg you, please, please, please.

I want you to use me even as I plead for mercy, as I beg you to stop. I want you to me merciless. I want you to fuck me until the pleasure overwhelms the pain and I start to soar. Fuck me until I begging you to make me cum. Until I'm begging you to let me cum. Until I'm begging you not to stop.

And when I cum. When you push me over that edge and ride me as I fall. I want you to drive me hard. Force me deeper into that all consuming pleasure. I want you to drive everything else out of me. I want you to crush me inside you, until I pass out.

And later, when I wake and my body aches, I want to feel your arms around me. And I want to smile, because I know the world it right. And I can taste you on my lips.


That's almost, all I want.

There's just one more thing. I've told you what I want. So now it my turn. I'm ready. I'll ask you. I'll dare you, I'll double dare you. Tell me. What do you want?

So, you all think I'm asking for too much?

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