tagSci-Fi & FantasyI was an SSMV240 Mission Ch. 01

I was an SSMV240 Mission Ch. 01


I Was an SSMV240 (Sex Slave Male Variant 240)

Mission 1: Rebellion

By 2200, so much scientific progress had been made that the standard of living of even the poorest human beings was dramatically higher than the richest only a few generations before, and the human population soared to hundreds of billions. Virtually all infectious disease had been eliminated except for the occasional new organism or mutation discovered at the frontier, and materials science had advanced such that feats of engineering previously thought impossible were commonplace. The average human lifetime was 150 years. Cheap solar power technology made fresh water abundant via desalinization and/or condensation, and advanced microbiological agriculture and nano-filtration and smart membrane technology made nutritious and pollution free food abundant. The same technology made cheap and effective sewage treatment universal and 100% recycling and reuse was an everyday practice.

Pioneering colony ships to nearly planets established beachhead colonies and then larger suspended animation and multi-generation colony ships populated distant earthlike planets, which turned out to be much more abundant than anyone expected, but few had any native life. Faster than light 'probability' drives killed thousands of test pilots and never really proved practical for widespread and affordable travel. FTL ships were eventually developed that were merely very risky and very expensive and were primarily used by the military or hardy explorers seeking new natural wormhole junctions and new systems and planets for colonization.

By 2300, artificial wormhole based 'anchored hyper-tube' technology linked most populated planets to each other in a network not unlike the railroads of the old American West, and exotic trade goods and travelers rapidly traversed the network as disposable incomes of billions of affluent citizens created demand and pulled in new and interesting things to buy and discovered wonderful and exotic places to see.

The search for other intelligent civilizations had borne fruit, but in an ultimately disappointing way. Although there proved to be to be a many thousands of times more planets in the 'Goldilocks Zone' for liquid water and thus carbon based life than had ever been estimated before the galaxy was explored, the other serial probability coefficient terms of the Drake equation were far smaller than previously thought. The vast majority of earthlike planets were young and had only simple life forms. Some had none at all. Humans appeared to be the only living sentient race in the Milky Way galaxy, but there was widely accepted archeological evidence of one non-human advanced civilization, which apparently died out long before recorded human history. SETI signals were found that were thought to be of intelligent origin, but from such vast distances that they were almost half as old as the universe itself when they reached human receivers. Most scientists now believed that ultimately there would prove to be only one or two advanced civilizations per galaxy, and that they were so widely separated that conflicts would prove unlikely.

Modern human civilization was even more sexually 'liberated' than people of the 21st century could have ever thought possible. Bisexuality was the norm, and there had been almost a complete mixing of what were formerly known as 'races' such that few previously stereotyped groups were even identifiable. Sexually transmitted diseases were virtually exterminated, and almost all sexual dysfunction had been eliminated by modern medicine. Bestiality was universally eschewed, because a complete understanding of membranes and cellular recognition and signaling pathways proved that it was inevitably damaging to both species involved, and allowed some dangerous organisms to jump from one species to another. Child sexuality was also universally shunned, and even teenaged sexuality was now frowned upon, with the growing understanding that some important brain pathways were not fully mature until an individual reached their twenties. The longer lifespan meant that even those who did not begin sexual activity until then could still look forward to at least 100 more years of an active sex life.

Surprising many pundits, 'test tube babies' and other 'reproductive technology' had proved as dangerous, unreliable, and expensive as FTL drives, generating literally thousands of defective and non-viable beings for each functional one, and as a result the traditional 'two parents of opposite sex' family unit was still almost universal throughout human civilization. Those parents might have sex with lots of other partners of either sex, or with groups of them, and practice almost any sexual variation that made them happy, but barring accidental deaths, parents generally stayed together as a family unit until all their children reached full adulthood, and families in general were large, averaging six children per. The high birth rate, longer lifespan and greater prosperity also meant there were more multi-generational households with more grandparents and great grandparents around for child care, and more young people to take care of the really old ones.

But human civilization was far from ideal. It was fortunate that there were no 'alien monsters' to threaten, as there were still more than enough monstrous human beings around to threaten everyone. Genetically engineered humans, clones and chimeras were created in secret and used primarily in crime, and the defective and damaged beings created by the processes were murdered and either sold for parts or recycled for food on the planets that engaged in such activity. As entertainment, stimulation, and titillation became an export commodity with a huge and easily addressable market, and new colonies needed effective workers more than any other resource, genetic slavery flourished as an underground black market economy. The arguments often paralleled those from many years earlier in the fight over child pornography: 'If the image is created on a computer out of digital bits or is just written as a story and has never been an actual child, then the depictions are not exploitative and should be completely acceptable.'

The genetic slavers and the planets that harbored them held that beings created specifically for slavery could not possibly be the victims of a crime, since they would not exist at all if they had not been created for the very purposes they served. The vast majority of planets disagreed and held that any kind of slavery was wrong, and a genetically created slave was no more acceptable than a formerly free being that had been forced into slavery. Enforcement of the anti-slavery laws on those planets was almost universal, and a virtual ongoing state of war existed between the slave and non-slave planets. The slave planets were constantly trying to sell their products and make new colony planets adopt slavery and become customers, and most other governments tried to prevent the movement of slaves and slave produced goods through the hyper tube railroads, and to track and board any slave ships and liberate their cargo.




I was a member of a rare but hopefully growing group: a liberated sexual slave. I was actually one of the most famous and sought after 'lines', an SSMV240, or 'Sexual Slave, Male, variant 240, originally designed as a physically optimized and sexually indefatigable male to be at the beck and call of either male or female masters. I was decanted on New Chicago, the epicenter of the genetic slave trade, human genetic engineering, black market organ transplants, and corruption in general. I was 6' 4" tall and about 240 lbs, with incredibly low body fat and genetically engineered development of my leg, abdomen, and buttock musculature to provide superior sexual power and endurance. I had a penis that was of well above average length and girth in the 'golden ratio" proven most effective for stimulation of whomever I might penetrate, with almost voluntary control of erection and ejaculation, legendary endurance and minimal refractory periods after orgasm. The head of my penis was a large mushroom cap shaped battering ram, originally evolved to displace other male's semen from a cervix, but also found to be the optimum shape for female vaginal enjoyment and male or female anal stimulation. My tongue was longer and thicker and much stronger than average and protruded much further from my mouth than normal. I could not only lick my eyebrows, I could comb my hair with it. Even my ejaculation was genetically engineered to be optimized for not only sterility, but force, volume, consistency, and taste!

I was liberated by marines from the NOS Will Rogers. New Oklahoma actively targeted the slave trade and stopped and boarded the slaver ship I was being transported on. At the time of the marine raid, I was fully grown and had finished my early education and physical training and then undergone two years of specialized training to fine tune my sexual knowledge and performance, and was about to be delivered to a wealthy and politically connected master in the New Arkansas system, a notorious battleground for pro and anti-slavery forces. My new master had also purchased an SSFV160, a female sex slave that was considered to be the most muscular and striking female line ever developed. We were taken back to New Oklahoma and granted full citizenship in a ceremony that still makes me tear up if I am not careful when I think about it.

I was given the name John Tulsa to replace my SSMV240 serial number, and my SSFV160 female compatriot was given the name Susan Anadarko. We were offered job training for civilian jobs, or the opportunity to join the marines if we wanted to contribute to the liberation of other slaves. We did. After basic training, we both tried out for Special Forces, and were fortunate to be two of the 400 that received a Special Forces slot each year. We were trained in several different martial arts, including the evolved version of an ancient Earth martial art disguised as dance moves, and could use our genetically optimized muscles to kill in many different ways. We were then told we could volunteer for covert missions to slave planets, and all 400 graduates did so. Susan and I were among the 10 that were selected for covert ops and for even further training.

That training consisted of intensive psychotherapy to fine tune our motivation and ability to endure suffering and humiliation, intelligence tradecraft, and historical and political intelligence on the planet we were going to. We learned many covert signaling protocols, and also had subliminal and post hypnotic protocols implanted. Our mission was to get ourselves insinuated into the households of important political and military leaders, then either gather and pass intelligence on to our contacts or carry out covert missions, including assassinations if required.

We were taken to our target planets by 'turned' slave traders that had been captured and boarded, then sent back out to sell 'plants' like us mixed in with 'legitimate' slaves. Their ships were now full of disguised special ops crewmembers and recording gear that monitored them continuously. Ironically, I was placed on the same ship I had been liberated from, with the same trader, since he had the best access to the target system for my mission. I had to call on all my training to overcome the urge to pull his arms off and beat him to death with them. We managed a covert FTL trip to the New Philadelphia system without detection, and flew a shuttle to the country estate of the wealthy buyer on the completely corrupt and slave friendly planet.




The buyer, and thus my first owner, was Prius Invictus, a young and distant cousin of the planet's ruling family who had recently inherited his family lands and businesses. He was a nouveau riche playboy 'wannabe', and was planning some rapid social climbing via the contacts he would make while providing a party playground for philandering business associates of more wealth and importance than he. He had a city apartment in a tower convenient to the seat of government, in addition to his ranch house on a giant country estate. He had purchased Susan and me for our novelty value. Most of his jaded friends knew that a slave from the SS240 line like me was intended for 'bull' duty and was usually purchased to satisfy demanding women several times per day. The trader that sold me told him, upon instruction from our intelligence officers, that I was not the normal 'bull' stud but an unusual 'sub-variant' that was bred as a 'steer' for submission and service, and thus would serve as rare and memorable 'décor' for his new place. Likewise, his companion purchase, a tall and beautiful SSF160, was normally an imposingly powerful dominatrix, but she was also a 'special' submissive example.




We were initially stationed as 'suck subs' in the guest bathroom of our master's party pad, intended to remain kneeling near the toilet whenever a party was going on. We were told that when a party guest used the toilet, they would choose one of us to wash them using the bidet next to the toilet, and if they chose, perform oral sex on them. Some of the more 'inventive' males, after urinating, might chose to forego the bidet and just have us clean them with our mouths, and we were directed to accommodate them if they so chose. And although it might have excited some of the guests with more sadistic tastes, we were not allowed to use our mouths to 'clean up' after bowel movements due to the potential sanitary problems for the subsequent guests. I never heard the risks to the slave mentioned.

The first party was designed to impress the invitees, and no expense had been spared on stimulants, narcotics, hallucinates and aphrodisiacs, both imported and domestic. Our presence in the bathroom had apparently not been well publicized, and the first guest to wander in, a small, pasty faced man in his nineties, looked at us very suspiciously and turned around and went back into the living room. A few moments later, he appeared again with Prius Invictus. From our owner's obsequious manner towards the man, he must have been well connected and high up on the list of social climbing targets. The man was apparently quite familiar with both our slave lines, and suffered from a case of 'shy bladder syndrome' at the idea of pissing with a bull and a dominatrix as his audience. Prius carefully explained our special status and talents, and encouraged the man to enjoy the novelty of subjugating us.

He finally was able to piss, and shook himself once before he got a silly grin on his face and presented his penis to my lips. I closed my eyes and concentrated on getting him off as quickly as possible. My training kicked in, with some suppressed rage too, and he may have thought he had stuck it in a bear trap as I sucked his meager length down easily and then used my tongue, which was actually much larger than his penis, to pummel him inside my mouth. He came in less than 30 seconds with a small and foul tasting spurt, and his blood pressure must have dropped so much that he almost passed out. He steadied himself with the gold handle on the wall, swayed a minute, and then closed his trousers and left without looking at me again.

Then a young and attractive blonde girl walked in, in revealing attire. She had likely been hired to attend the party, look good and respond positively when certain designated men or women hit on her. She hovered over the toilet and pissed, then used the bidet to wash herself carefully. Then she lifted one leg, but hid one hand inside that leg where only Susan and I could see it, and made one of our contact recognition signs! Then she lifted her leg and leaned over toward Susan, and smiled at her almost apologetically. Then we noticed Prius' wife, Fisker Electra, coming into the room. As if on cue, the young girl grabbed Susan's hair and said "Eat me, slave!" Susan smiled up at the girl and then enthusiastically began tonguing her, keeping eye contact and breathing rapidly.

I knew Susan was well trained, and she seemed to respect the risks the young girl was taking to work with us, since she was obviously not of a slave line. Susan was so effective that the girl just closed her eyes and threw her head back, and was soon swaying and breathing heavily. I could smell her pussy getting wet, since I was only about three feet away, and I wondered if Fisker Electra could too. Fisker must have, as she moved over next to us and without bothering to use the toilet, lifted her skirt and pushed her pussy onto my mouth, while watching the other two women closely. I knew I needed to distract her, so I used my best gentle licking plus escalation techniques. When she was fully wet and engorged, I slipped my tongue all the way into her vagina and found her G spot. I was racing with Susan. I was motivated to distract Fisker, but I think Susan really wanted to pleasure the young girl, and when she came, she cried out and put one hand forward to steady herself. I increased the pressure and motion on Fisker's G-spot, and she too came loudly, closing her eyes and throwing her head back, too. At just that instant, the young girl made a perfect palm pass of a folded piece of paper to Susan.

Fisker opened her eyes and looked down at me. I tried to hold her gaze and pushed my tongue another inch past her G-spot, pressing it even harder and faster. Her eyes got a wild look and she came again. I then pulled back and gave her a gentle little kiss on the clitoris, followed by a wide grin. She held my gaze for an instant, then gulped audibly, pulled her skirt down, and went back into the living room. Susan hid the paper in her costume, and I took the opportunity to wash my mouth out with water.

Our first customer must have commented on his experience, and a good bit of alcohol was being consumed, because soon we had a steady stream, so to speak, of people to service. Men seemed to be more attracted to Susan, and Fisker Electra must have made some comments about my tongue, because I got more women. I even got a return visit from Fisker Electra late in the evening, and I gave her some extra vigorous tongue work, hoping she would want some individual attention later, so I could check out the rest of the house. Prius Invictus looked in about that time and looked a little nervous. We overheard that Prius had just stocked his ranch property with some exotic off world game, and had arranged an early morning hunting party for those that were interested. Fisker Electra was clearly looking forward to having him leave!

The hunting party left before dawn, and most of the other guests were already gone. Fisker Electra offered us some food and water, and then the opportunity for a shower and use of a sonic toothbrush, which we were grateful for. When we emerged clean and almost dry, Fisker made it clear we were to accompany her to the master bedroom. At first she seemed a little tentative, but then Susan smiled and slipped into her dominatrix role, while I conducted a mental inventory of the room and its contents. Fisker was clearly ready for Susan to take over, and she was hoping for both of us to take on our more 'traditional' roles, and we did. Susan held her hands loosely above the bed, and she began kissing one breast while I worked on the other. Fisker closed her eyes and cooed happily.

Soon she was obviously aroused, wet, and breathing rapidly. Susan took a risk, and deftly sat on Fisker's face, forcing her to submissively eat her amazing pussy, which was also genetically engineered for great feel and taste. The risk paid off as Susan's pussy began to gush and she praised Fisker's oral skills loudly. She did not have to fake orgasms, she simply triggered them and shook as Fisker happily lapped up Susan's juices. Susan motioned me onto the bed and onto my back, and directed Fisher to straddle me. Susan noisily slurped Fisker's already wet pussy, and then used her hands to slip my cock into Fisker and lower her down for maximum penetration. After she was fully impaled, I let my erection grow to its full size and hardness, and she drew a hissing breath as she felt her pussy stretched to its maximum.

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