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I Was Caught A Second Time


It was eight months ago when my husband found out I was having an affair with a black man. I tried to get out of it, but the pictures in my cell phone told him differently. He told me from that day on that he would never trust me again. I shrugged it off and contacted my lover to tell him that we were found out and I was asked to remove him from Facebook as well as my cell. I also had to remove his e-mail addresses so I would no longer have any contact with him. I also told him that our relationship was far from over.

Several days after our huge blow out, I went out and bought one of those pay as you go cell phones to contact him on and that way I could contact him for our meetings and continue to text him and send him pictures of me, well my big fucked white titties that he loved so much. I in turn would get pictures of his extra large black cock that I loved to suck.

We have still be meeting and sneaking around and I would text him every evening unless he was not able to or I wasn't. We gave each other different signals to let the other know if sending the text for that night was good or not.

You see, my husband is white, so am I but my lover is black. My husband hates blacks and uses that horrible "N" word when he refers to their race and he knows it makes me made. I stick up for them all the time and it pisses him off. When he found out the pictures on my phone I was lucky he didn't read any of the "juicy texts" he questions me and the story I came up with didn't sit right with him. He has been giving me the cold shoulder since.

Let me back it up a bit too - he frequents a go-go bar during the week and it could be 1, 2 or 3 times a week and I never give him a hard time when he goes. I know he used to go to another place for years before it closed and he's been going to this one for almost 13 years. I know he was screwing around with one of the girls a few years back until she died suddenly and when I questioned him on it, he swears nothing ever went on and I do not believe him. He's made other "friends" and I think they cover up for him. I know who they are because I drive him there because he lost his license and I am his ride.

When I was caught, he thought it was a recent thing with me and my lover but it has been going on now for almost 6 years and I am leading to believe it was recent.

I've been meeting my lover at least once a week since we were found out and love being together and loving each other and I've been falling deeper and deeper but I am never asking him to leave his wife and family for me. I'm not looking for a commitment from him and always said that family comes first.

After sending pictures and texts the other night, I decided to take the phone with me in the basement like I did many nights before but usually have it in my pocket of my pants or sweatshirt. I had it in my hand and I pass my husband in the hall as he was going to the bathroom and I was going to the basement. After doing what he had to in the bathroom, he came down the basement to see what I was doing down there and questioned what I brought with me and I picked up a black brush that could have been the phone but it wasn't.

We wrestled to the ground and I told him off and wouldn't give him the phone and I really got him upset again because I was still cheating. I agreed to throw away the phone and before I did I contacted my lover and told him that my new phone was found but I would contact him from my job the next day.

My husband was grief stricken to say the least and begs me not to leave him and cried like a baby. He said he cares about me and doesn't want me to ever contact my lover ever again and again I lied and said I wouldn't.

I called him from the phone in my office asking him to call me so I could explain what happened. He did and he told me he didn't want me to get into trouble and I told him the same for him. I called him again to today and we had a brief conversation. After work today, as always I was going to the supermarket and on the way I stopped to get myself another phone.

It will be activated in a few days and I told my lover ahead of time that I may keep the phone in work during the week and lay low for the night time pictures and texts and he was okay with it. We are also planning on meeting tomorrow to finish some unfinished business we discussed before all this happened.

I left him a message that I got another phone and it would be activated in a few days. I can't wait to him and his smile and suck his cock. Told him today how much I miss him and he said he missed me too.

My husband is clueless to this and other things that have happened over the years. He is still going to the bar weekly and I an enjoying having my extra cell to contact my lover.

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