tagFetishIbiza Holiday Ch. 03

Ibiza Holiday Ch. 03


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The third day in Ibiza

I was ashamed the next morning and stayed in the room all day. There was a note under my door that evening.

Rom 901 10:00 pm tomorrow. The day and date were specified I had another 24 hours of calm before the next sexual storm. I went to the pool and was relieved to be alone. I notice an odious little man watching me. I dismissed him from my mind. I was to meet him later in bizarre circumstances.

I could have found out who was in room 901 but did not enquire. To tell the truth I did not really care. These weird people were into bizarre extreme sex who was I to care. I would go along with the flow.

I ate a good meal in the restaurant, there was another group of people at a big table and they were constantly looking my way. I guessed they were here for this evening event.

I showered and dressed then presented at room 901 a full minute before the time. I knew that this evening was either Amanda or Kelly I did not care which. The door was opened by James so tonight was Amanda's fantasy. The door shut and he handed me the swipe card.

"Michael I know what Amanda is going to do is dangerous; someone else is going to do the video." He was visibly afraid.

"Please don't let him kill her!"

I struggled to get a word out but he strode off and disappeared down the fire escape stairs.

Dangerous? And I was in charge again. Dear God this was getting worse. I considered leaving then remembered what I had done to Jennifer. I swiped the door lock and entered.

This time there were men and women in the room and the odious little man was there as well. He was rubbing his hands together in anticipation. Just what was Amanda's fantasy?

I scanned the room there were twenty men and women in scanty dress, equal numbers. Plus the odious man. They acknowledged me. I returned the acknowledgement and went into the master bedroom.

Amanda was dressed in a simple black dress.

"Hi Michael you are really the best you have passed all our tests. I trust you implicitly. That odious man is going to abuse my body. When he is finished, the audience can have me if they want, but I want you afterwards. There are a camera spare cassettes and batteries on the TV. But you just have to keep control."

I looked left and right but felt puzzled.

"Take me out there strip me and let him stick his needles into me. There are one thousand of them be sure they video every stab!"

"Jesus Amanda he is going to stick needles into you?"

"Yes all over my body." She was positively beaming. "There will be quite a lot of blood of courses do not panic. He knows what he is dong. I watched him do it to someone else and now he is going to do it to me."

I tried to digest this information. I was to take Amanda into a room strip her and watch her becoming a human pincushion.

"I promise you will enjoy the session after!"

I shook my head in disbelief.

"Ok it's your body what is you safe word?"

"No safe word Michael he knows what he is doing!"

I was now agreeing to be a witness to a potential homicide. I paused.

Amanda came close and whispered in my ear, "remember the difference between sex and love?"

I was cowed by her comment. I went back into the main room.

"Ladies and gentlemen tonight for your entertainment I present Amanda."

Amanda strode proudly to the front of the audience and Looked expectantly at me.

I stood behind her and began to run my hands over her body.

"This delightful woman is tonight to experience the torture of one thousand needles."

The audience gasped, cheered, and applauded.

"To do that she must of course be naked."

I pulled the zipper of her dress down and slowly removed her clothes. Dress, stockings, garter belt, Bra and Panties. She had played the part. Resisting, but not resisting as I removed each article of clothing. She was now naked.

I caressed her curves and the audience clapped in appreciation. I pushed a finger into her hot wet snatch and the audience applauded even louder.

"Ok here is her torturer give a big hand for..."

I realized I did not know his name, but that seemed not to matter as the odious man stepped up and opened a doctor's bag and proceeded with his preparations.

He made a big performance about cleaning the myriad of needles; he made a big performance of indicating where on Amanda's body he was going to plant these needles.

I was in shock already I watched as he produced small, large and huge needles. Just where were those supposed to go?

The audience gasped in shock as he plunged a needle into Amanda's left breast. The end was up against her flesh. An Inch of steel needle was buried into her woman flesh.

I was totally unprepared for what happened next. This odious man gave me a needle and indicated I do the same to her other breast!

"Stab her with a single thrust. Its quite safe, one clean hit right up to the end of the needle." He told me.

I was in a trance and approached Amanda she was smiling and standing unrestrained waiting for me to stab her with the needle.

I saw her push her breast forwards inviting me, daring me, I stabbed the thing into her breast and stood back white with shock.

The audience exploded into a wild applause, they knew I was a novice.

The next few minutes were a blur as the odious man and then I pushed needles into Amanda's breasts her body compliant. She did not move a muscle.

I soon learned that slow was painful, fast was just as if nothing had happened. I began to put my needles in slowly. I was beginning to enjoy this perverse sport.

There were hundreds of needles in Amanda's breasts. And blood was seeping from a few of the entrance wounds most were ones that I had inserted.

The odious man I never ever knew his name then switched targets. Amanda's thighs, buttocks and belly were peppered with needles. I had put half in and dribbles of blood tracked down her body. She had smiled broadly every time it was my turn to impale her.

Another hundred or so needles were pushed into Amanda's back. There were just a few huge needles left in the tray. Evil looking things about twenty in all.

The odious man made Amanda spread her legs and bent in front of her. The next needle went through her left outer labia. I had to do the same to the right. Amanda did not flinch and smiled at me as I took her flesh in hand and pushed the needle through very slowly. I felt her shudder beneath my hands.

More needles penetrated her labia. Then The odious man presented me with a needle without placing one of his own. He indicated her left nipple.

I pushed the needle through. Amanda almost fainted but smiled at me. The odious man the squared her right nipple then pushed a needle through it. Amanda smiled. Another needle was presented and the odious man indicated Amanda's nether regions. I was aroused but confused. The man pinched Amanda's engorged clitoris and indicated that that was the target.

I took the needle and looked into Amanda's eyes. She smiled at me and I placed my hand at her cunt then bent and parted her folds. I placed the sharp needle against her clitoris and looked up at her. She was staring back at me. I pushed the needle slowly into and through her clitoris. A wave of pain and passion passed over her face.

I stood back and admired my handiwork. There was no blood but the effect was plain to see Amanda was in ecstasy.

There were just two huge needles left. The odious man picked up one and quick as a flash sqwered Amanda's left breast. A giant needle penetrating her woman's flesh. He handed me the last needle. A twin to that which he had just used.

I do not know who was most aroused, Amanda or me. I approached her unrestrained body and put the tip of the needle to the outside of her right breast. Amanda's mouth was open. Her eyes were wide open and focused on the needle. I slowly pushed and it entered and penetrated her, coming out the other side.

The audience descended into what I can only describe as an orgy. There were people fucking everywhere.

They were oblivious of the removal of the needles. The odious man pulled them all out, swabbed down the entrance and exit wounds, and with a retort of a closing medical case was gone. Amanda took my hand and we left the audience still rutting like beasts. She pulled me to into the bedroom and to the bed.

"Fuck me Michael Fuck me hard." Was all she said.

I fell asleep very soon after

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