Mia was sitting at her desk breathing a sigh of relief over her nearly completed workload when an email popped up in her inbox. Her boss reminded her that year end was approaching and that she hadn't completed any professional development training. Mia had essentially taken the summer off, spending every available moment with Luke at the beach windsurfing or surfing, living out of a van, sleeping with salt in her hair and his warm body beside her. It was worth it, but it took her most of October to get caught up and it meant other responsibilities had taken a back seat. She hastily did some research, but all of the conferences had either passed or were half-way around the world and way beyond her work's training budget.

A week of fretting had passed and she contemplated telling her boss that it had totally slipped her mind when an email from an international colleague appeared about a conference in Reykjavik. Although it was geographically closer than most places, she knew the cost would be exorbitant and that it would be tough to convince HR to let her go. To her boyfriend's dismay, she spent an entire weekend researching cheap accommodations and clever ways to save money on food and transportation until she had a whole itinerary planned to the penny in order to show its viability. In the end, her boss agreed to let her go, but told her to keep it on the down-low in case her fellow employees became jealous or resentful.

Mia's research had led her to a small Air BNB, a bit out of town near some walking trails and hills. The pictures of the beautiful landscape got her very excited and the description of the house included details of a small hotspring on the property that could be used by guests. Her boyfriend's lack of enthusiasm betrayed his jealousy, so the night before she left, she modelled one-piece swimsuits with thoughts of braving a chilly dip in some geothermal pools.

"This will be it for five days," she said, tracing the seam of the bathing suit along the curve up to her hip. "Better take it all in while you can."

She turned and shook her hair out like a movie star to tease him, pushing her arms out of the top. Without saying a word, Luke moved to the edge of the bed next to her.

"I remember that suit from the summer," he said. "It was hard to get off."

She slipped it down over her ribs and he could see the side of her breasts, some remaining tan lines from their adventures in the sun. When the suit had reached her lower back, he grabbed a handful of the stretchy material and pulled her towards him. She fell backwards into his lap and could feel him pressing up into her. She ground herself down onto him, feeling a vague bump pushing against the fabric between her legs. Luke reached around and took her tits in his hands, rubbing her nipples between his fingers. The feeling travelled straight from her breasts to her groin, tingling under the tight suit.

She turned around to face him and got down on her knees beside the bed. His cock was in her mouth before his pants hit the floor. Mia could feel herself getting wet and, wanting to keep her swimsuit clean for her trip, peeled the rest of it off as she bobbed. She threw it into her open suitcase as she stood and climbed over top of him.


It was a short flight on Iceland Air and a quick cab ride from Reykjavik to the small conference centre near the heart of the city. Mia met some familiar faces at the meet-and-greet, including her colleague, but she decided to ditch a little early and check out her accommodations. It didn't take long for the cab to reach the city limits and approach the little country house set off the road with small, beautiful hills behind it. She knocked on the door and a young man answered. He was striking in the way Icelandic people can be, blonde and rugged, clean-cut and proper. He was very handsome, but young, in his early twenties, and shy. He stumbled over his words as he held the door to let her in.

"Yes, hello, my father is coming to help," he said. "I can take your bag here."

As he took her luggage from her, his father arrived at the door and the resemblance was almost comical - simply a slightly older-looking version of his son. The father welcomed her graciously and began showing her around.

"My wife usually deals with the guests," he said. "But she is away with family. I'll do my best to make sure you are at home."

The son simply stared at her, holding the bag with both hands in front of him. They were very kind and followed behind, the father pointing the way to the rooms and amenities. Her room was lovely, very cozy and sparsely decorated.

"I'm not very good at this thing," he said, in good but strained English. "So I leave you alone."

As he was leaving, he told her to get him in the upper room if she needed anything. The son propped her luggage on a chair and made to follow his father when she stopped them to ask about the hotspring.

"Oh, yes," said the father with a motion to follow him. Out the back door, through the yard and onto a little trail, they reached a beautiful little steaming pool set on a secluded mound. It smelled faintly of sulphur, but looked undeniably enticing. Surrounding the pool were a series of led lights that presumably came on when the sun set. Attached to a small post was a mounted video camera.

"It gets dark soon," he said. "The lights come on for you. The towels are in your room. Sorry for the camera, we have teenagers drinking alcohol sometimes, causing trouble. We only turn it on during weekends."

As the sun set, she went back indoors. The darkness came quickly to the house and she spent a bit of time rehearsing a small presentation she might offer her afternoon group the following day. The father came to her door and asked if she needed anything before he went to bed. She thanked him and waited until the house was quiet before deciding to finally check out the pool.

She put on her swimsuit, grabbed her towel, and closed her door behind her. In the hallway, she bumped into the son almost immediately. He smiled and she tried some small talk, but he was very shy and his cheeks turned red.

"Out for a swim?" he said politely. She noticed he was trying not to look at her body and maintained perfect eye-contact while she told him how much she loved the water.

"I love the water too," he said.

"Why don't you join me?"

"Oh no, it is a bit late I think," he said with a smile that made her feel suddenly warm all over. "Maybe tomorrow."

She found herself feeling a little sad, now, at the thought of going alone. She realized it might be fun to have the attention of a young adoring man while bathing under the stars. He smiled again as they said goodnight and she waited a moment as he wandered down the hall to his room.

It was very cold on the way out and she ran through the hard ground, her bare feet in her shoes. When she reached the pool, she was half frozen and eased herself down the rocks quickly. It was very hot, but she was very cold and needed to get in. It was a shallow pool that only came up to her waist, but it was wide enough to lower herself up to her shoulders. After a minute, she was in all the way in and loving it.

There was something in the water that made it very buoyant and she floated on her back watching the stars. The water made her skin feel amazing and totally relaxed. After a while, she felt the heat becoming too much and raised herself up and out as if she were pushing herself up onto a pool deck. Even before she was fully out, the cold hit her body and she had to lower herself back in before mentally preparing herself to get out. On the second try, she ran to her towel and scurried back to the house wrapped in it. The house was quiet and she returned to her room invigorated and ready for bed.


Unsure of the time, Mia woke in the night with a thirst. She turned down the hall, but saw a light in an adjacent room. Wondering if someone had simply forgotten to turn off a light, she headed down to check.

The light was coming from a room with a door slightly ajar. She peeked inside and saw the son watching a video on his computer. She looked closer and saw that it was a video of her at the pool. He was watching her sliding out of the pool, her breasts round and tight in the cold air. He was rewinding and letting it play, watching her get in and out, her nipples hard in her swimsuit. She noticed he was moving his hand under the desk and realized he was stroking himself. She watched him for a while as he manipulated the video and slowly worked himself harder and faster. Then he turned to the side suddenly and she saw his big cock in his hands just before he shot his load all over the floor. She quietly slipped away as she heard him trying to control his heavy breathing and sighs.

When she returned to her bed, she gave a small laugh and noticed that her pussy was very wet. She found herself shaking a little bit from the excitement. Although she was incredibly turned on, she was also exhausted from the day and drifted into a warm sleep.


The next morning, the father and son prepared a simple breakfast for her. She had a conversation with the son about Icelandic music and his father boasted that his son was a very accomplished musician. The son turned red again, but it was clear he didn't know that she had seen him during the night. He tried to play it cool and hide the fact that he had a crush on her, but she got a little tingle thinking about him jerking off to the sight of her. After breakfast, the father dropped her at the conference on his way into town.

It was another fun day and evening with the conference crowd and she left the with a little buzz from the wine served with dinner. She arrived home late and met the son coming in through the back door.

"I hope you had a nice day," he said. "Father's gone to bed, I might go too. Can I help with anything?"

"I might have a quick dip in the pool," she said.

Mia saw his eyes light up.

"OK," he said. "Enjoy, sleep well."

He disappeared down the hall towards the room she caught him in last night. She dipped into her room and donned her swimsuit again before darting out to the pool in the cool, dark night. It was still cold, but the chill from the night before was gone. She noticed the lights were arranged a little differently than before, lighting the front of the pool instead of around the back. She checked the camera, but couldn't tell if it was recording. She slid into the pool and floated there for a little while thinking of the son. She wasn't sure if it was the wine or the feeling of being in the water, but as she imagined him in the room watching, she decided to give him something a little more exciting to watch.

Mia stood up in the shallow pool and pretended to look around to make sure nobody was looking, then she slowly lowered her bathing suit strap from her shoulder. She did it much more slowly and sexily than she would have if she were getting changed, then removed the other one, inching it down her upper arm and around her elbow. With one more exaggerated look around, she then slowly peeled the front of her suit down to reveal her perky tits. Her nipples were hard from the cold and she made sure she was in full view of the camera. She looked around again then floated in the water a bit before pulling the swimsuit from her body. She put it on the rocks and ran her hands through her hair. Bobbing in the water lightly, she let the water wash over her tits, making them bounce a little. She turned around and to the side, giving every possible view. When she got out, she stood in the light beside the pool to towel off slowly. Though it was cold, she felt a nervousness in her body that warmed her. She turned, facing away from the camera, and bent over, spreading her legs, towelling them down slowly, one then the other. As she stood upright, she gave her hair a little flick and wrapped her naked body. She took her suit from the rocks and ran back to the house suppressing a giggle.

Inside, it was quiet and she didn't see any lights, so she headed to bed wondering if her show was in vain. She waited for a little while at her door, listening hard for a sign that the son was up, but heard nothing. In the end, she left her bedroom door open a little in case she heard something and fell into a light, restless sleep.


Later, Mia woke to the creaking of a floor board and noticed a very faint light coming through her bedroom door. She got up and looked down the hallway to see the same light as the night before. Without making a sound, she approached the room slowly and, before she could even look in, heard the sound of heavy breathing. She peeked around the corner and saw her naked body on the computer screen. He was switching back and forth from watching her pull down her swimsuit to seeing her pussy as she bent over and spread her legs. He was stroking himself furiously now and leaning back in the chair. She couldn't see him fully and dared herself to poke her head in for a better view. She saw him rubbing his cock slowly at the head, then all the way down to his balls which he cupped and fondled. He was taking his time, enjoying her for as long as possible. He was moaning but trying to remain quiet and then he turned again and she took cover behind the doorway, still watching as he blew his load intensely. She was fixated by his cock, big, perfectly shaped and glistening with the cum dripping to the floor. He waited a moment and re-cued the video, then amazingly began stroking himself again. As she moved back to her bedroom, she wondered how many times he would jerk himself to the sight of her. She imagined what it would be like to grip his swollen head and stroke him as he watched her. Although Luke loved the idea of watching her with other men and likely would've encouraged her to take matters into her hands, she felt it might be wrong without talking to him first.

Back in bed, Mia sent her hands straight into her pajama pants and slowly ran her fingers through her wet lips. It took less than a minute before she was trembling with an intense orgasm that caused her to hold her hand over her mouth so no one in the house would hear. She fell asleep with her hand still cupping her warm wet pussy.


The morning was the same as the previous day, but the son had fetched his guitar and proceeded to play her one of the most beautiful pieces of music she had ever heard. Mia was in awe of his skill.

"See," said the father. "I told you."

She realized she was late and, in a hurry, fawned over the son's talent, telling him that she hoped to hear more that night.


Unfortunately, the last day of the conference ran late with the after-party and Mia returned late again, slightly drunk from wine and a parting cocktail. The house was dark and quiet, but she knew, she hoped, the son was waiting for her. She hurried to her room for her towel and swimsuit and rushed to the pool again. She entered slowly and waded around for a bit, looking directly into the camera. She pulled the same stunt as the previous night, but before she got out of the pool, she decided to put on one last show.

Mia arranged her towel on the flat rocks at the edge of the pool and raised herself out, sitting onto it. Pretending to look around again, making sure no one was watching, she bent one leg up while letting the other dangle back into the pool. She spread her legs and showed her pussy to the camera. She began running her hand down her body and between her legs. She slid her fingers into her wet pussy and fucked herself slowly. Spreading her lips, she revealed her pink swollen clit. Her fingers ran to the sides and then over her clit until she moaned and threw back her head.

It didn't take long until she was rubbing herself faster and faster, toying her pussy in every way. She imagined the son in the room watching over and over, his dick long and hard in his hand, spending hours rubbing out his cum to the sight of her. She imagined herself on her knees before him in the chair, his cock in her hands slowly moving from bottom to tip as he watched the videos. She imagined Luke watching her pulling on the hard cock, watching her fingering herself on the screen, while he stroked himself. She imagined them both cumming to the sight of her and the feeling of it dripping warm down her body. Her orgasm came so hard, she shook uncontrollably and arched her back hard until was over. She smiled and laughed and slowly slid back into the water before exiting and grabbing her things.

Before she left, she walked straight to the camera, looked directly into its eye and blew it a big kiss. Back in bed, as she tried to decide whether she should visit the room one last time and risk getting caught, sleep overwhelmed her and she drifted off.


At breakfast, the son was very shy again, but she caught him shooting glances at her all morning. She said her goodbyes with a hard stare, but he busied himself with the cleaning and offered only a quick handshake. The father went out to load the car with her bag, but before she joined him, she approached the son loading dishes into the washer.

"Enjoy the videos," she said quietly, and leaned in to give him a deep kiss. Running her hand down the crotch of his pants, she felt him hard and poking. "You've got a beautiful cock."

She then turned quickly for the door, giving him a knowing smile before closing it behind her.

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