IdeaCity Ch. 03


IdeaCity Pt. 3 Jennifer Valentyne: Express Yourself

Author’s note: This is another part in the continuing adventures of Jack Hart. While attending the IdeaCity conference in Toronto during June 2002, he was invited by Moses Znaimer, one of the organizers, to attend a special party for conference guests and the employees of his television station, CITY-TV.

Jack’s first encounter was with the red-hot, Ann Rohmer, who gave him three mind-blowing blowjobs. Before his next encounter with the sexy Jennifer Valentyne, he had a chance to recover while watching a naughty schoolgirl skit performed by David Onley and Jee-Yun Lee. Now, led on by the gnomish Moses Znaimer, he heads to his next assignation.

As Moses lead me down the hallway, I asked him “What was all that about?”

“What do mean?” he replied.

“Those two people, that little play-acting session I just witnessed”

“Oh, some of my employees don’t like having sex with strangers, so they put on these erotic vignettes. I hope you enjoyed It.,” he continued.

“Well, it was interesting. Who were those people anyway?” I went on.

“David is one my reporters. He has the technology beat. And Jee-Yun is my new consumer affairs reporter. I think she going to be really hot.” Moses added.

“And why the wheelchair? That seemed a bit out of place.”

“That is real. David has polio and needs it to get around.” he explained.

“Oh.” I exclaimed. “So what is next in this sexual smorgasbord of yours?”

Moses leaned over and said “Jennifer Valentyne. Perhaps the most voluptuous employee working here. In her thirties, curvy and very eager to please. Used to be a cheerleader before she started to work here, She’s had two children and she’s still one of the hottest woman working at CITY.”

“I think I’ve seen her already. Isn’t she one of the reporters on the early morning show?” I said. I had seen this show while getting ready in morning and if it was the same woman I had seen doing a field report, she was a real looker.

“That’s right. She does the LiveEye reports every morning, “ he replied.

We came to another room; this one had what looked like a weight-lifting bench with some extra bars and handles. There was one of white robed attendants, who directed me to remove my robe and lie on my back on the bench. I hung up my robe and placed myself as directed, head towards the bars. The attendant slipped a condom on my erect penis and then put a dollop of jelly on the tip.

Jennifer Valentyne entered the room, wearing a white robe. When she took it off she revealed that all she was wearing underneath it was a pink satin corset, which left her naked below the waist and exposed her darker pubic hair. I noticed when she turned around and put her arms over her head that the sides of her breasts were visible even when she was facing away. She had cute, oval face, and honey blonde hair that reached her shoulders. The attendant fastened a set of leather cuffs to Jennifer’s raised wrists. As she came towards the bench, I could she that her nipples were hard and pointed.

The attendant had Jennifer squat over my erection with her knees outside my legs. As her crotch came down, the attendant placed my penis so that the tip entered the spread lips of her vagina. Then she fastened Jennifer’s cuffs to the bar over my head, forcing the blonde to bend over at the waist. She was shorter than me, so her top of head came to my chin. Then her hips were pushed down so my prick fully impaled her. Further straps around her legs fastened her in place.

Jennifer smelt like baby powder, I thought.

Moses said, “Now you can find out why her nickname around her is ‘Two Gallons’.” Then he and the attendant left the room.

I attempted to move my penis around inside Jennifer’s vagina, but there wasn’t any movement possible due to the way she was fastened. Despite having had two children, her cunt was still very tight; I could feel her heat even through the condom.

“I’m not sure how we’re supposed to proceed from here.” I told her.

“I can’t seem to thrust in or out.”

“You’ve got to milk my breasts. They’re so full, they hurt.” She said perkily.

I reached up with my right hand and touched her left breast. It was silky smooth but seemed a little hard. Almost like an over-inflated balloon, I thought.

Finding the nipple, I rubbed it with my thumb.

She started to squirm and said “No, you’ve got to milk them harder!”

I grasped the breast with firmer grip and pushed the flesh towards her chest. I pulled it back out and this time when I pushed it in, I was rewarded with a gush of liquid from the nipple.

“Yes, that’s it.” She moaned.

So, I continued with milking action. Then I noticed that as I was milking her, she was milking me! The walls of her vagina were contracting, rippling and squeezing my captive penis; Her pubic mound was rubbing against the base of my penis as she twisted slightly. She was getting very vocal as well, almost singing with delight. I brought my left hand up and started to work on her left breast.

Soon, both breasts were spurting milk. It shot from her nipples and dribbled down my stomach. The action of her vaginal muscles intensified, working on my prick almost like a hand job. She seemed to be in a constant orgasm, grinding her clitoris against the base of my cock.

I continued to pump her breasts which had now softened and felt more natural. She started to kiss my chest and the singing had become continual cries of joy. The motions of her pussy muscles on my prick had nearly brought me to a climax.

Since my hands were starting to cramp, I switched my milking method. Forming my fingers and thumb into a ‘C’-shape, I gripped each breast tightly and squeezed. This produced further jets of milk and caused Jennifer to squeeze my cock tightly. This, coupled with her frantic jerking up and down, caused me to ejaculate, safely contained by the condom.

Jennifer kept having mini-climaxes grinding her clit against me. She started to kiss my nipples softly. Feeling the flow of milk subside, I used to my thumbs to massage her wet nipples. Stroking the ball of my thumb around the aureole, I could feel that the nipples were still turgid and very sensitive.

She reacted to this attention by having a strong orgasm and biting my chest. Now, I gripped her nipples between my thumb and index finger, pulling them to either side of my stomach and then just pumping up and down like there were the teats of a cow. This caused a few more jets of milk to be expressed. Jennifer started to cry and I could feel her tears against my body.

Now that my erection had subsided, I was able to slide my penis out of her juicy cunt. Wiggling my body downwards, I was able to get our heads together.

“Why are you crying?” I asked.

“My milk, its all over the place.” She answered.

“There’s no use crying over split milk.” I responded.

She stretched her face down to mine and started to kiss my lips, tenderly at first and then passionately. We necked for a few minutes and then I inched my way down so I could reach her nipples. I started to suckle on the left nipple, getting a few drops of milk and causing Jennifer to come, loudly. I switched my attention to the other nipple and after a short period of nursing drawing yet another orgasm from her.

We stayed in this position for a few more minutes, exhausted and spent.

Two attendants came and unhooked Jennifer, one of them putting Jen’s back on and leading her out of the room, The other sponged the milk from my chest, disposed of the used condom and washed the sticky residue from my limp cock.

I got up and put my robe on. As I was leaving the room, Moses showed with a gleam in his eyes.

“Ready for more?” he asked.

“Not tonight!” I replied wearily. “I just want to go back to my hotel and get a good night’s rest.”

“I understand.” He stated. “Time spent with Jennifer can be a draining experience. If you’re up for another session tomorrow, we’re having an alumni reunion. I’m sure the ladies will be pleased to please you.”

I said my goodbyes and took a cab back to my hotel. I wondered what the next day would bring.

Coming soon:

IdeaCity Part 04: Erica Ehm; Hat Trick


While this method of posting doesn't allow the posting of picturres, any search engine should be able to find pictures of Ann Rohmer, Jee-Yun Lee and Jennifer Valentyne for you to enjoy while reading these stories.

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