IdeaCity Ch. 02


Author's note: This is another part in the continuing adventures of Jack Hart. While attending the IdeaCity conference in Toronto during June 2002, he was invited by Moses Znaimer, one of the organizers, to attend a special party for conference guests and the employees of his television station, CITY-TV.

Jack's first encounter was with the blonde cougar, Ann Rohmer, who gave him three fantastic blowjobs. While his next encounter will be with the voluptuous Jennifer Valentyne, he (and I) realize that he will require a little time to recover from Ms. Rohmer. Hence this little interlude:

Interlude 1:

Moses led me down a corridor towards a small theatre. We stopped at a bar and grabbed some drinks. He indicated that I should take a seat and enjoy the show.

"I'll be back for you after you've had a chance to recover." he stated, leaving me with a few other white robe clad men and women.

The area in front of seats looked like an office, with bookcases, a desk and a padded leather bench in front. There was a red apple on the desk with a ruler and some papers.

The room was equipped with large TV monitors and three cameras gave a view from different angles of the desk and bench.

The door opened, and middle-aged man with dark hair rolled in on a wheelchair. A caption on the monitor identified him as David Onley. He moved behind the desk and shuffled through the papers. After a minute, he called out "Enter!" and a woman entered. She was Asian, about 25, and dressed like a Catholic schoolgirl: white blouse, red tie, blue plaid kilt, white knee socks, black shoes. The monitor identified her as Jee-Yun Lee.

From where I was sitting, it was obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra, as her dark nipples were clearly visible through the sheer fabric of her blouse. The skirt was far shorter than the usual for a school uniform, showing her thighs as she walked into the room.

"Take a seat, Miss Lee." the man commanded.

The woman complied, swishing her skirt as she sat on the bench.

"Miss Lee, you've been sent to this office because your outfit doesn't conform with this school's dress code. I note this is the third time this term that you've been sent here for correction on this issue. I will repeat the dress code requirements for your edification.", he droned.

"First, all students must wear the appropriate underwear. It is plain to see that you are not wearing anything under your blouse, contrary to that rule."

Jee-Yun pulled off her tie, and shucked off her blouse, revealing two small A-cup sized breasts with hard, dark nipples. "Do these look like I need to wear a bra, Principal Onley?" she teased, cupping them with her hands.

"Rules are rules, young lady. Now your skirt appears to be too short. The rules state that the hem must be less than 4 inches above the knees when measured from a kneeling position. Get up on that bench and I'll check."

The woman clambered up on the bench, kneeling and facing the desk.

Principal Onley picked up the ruler and wheeled out from behind the desk. Stopping next to the bench, he held the ruler vertically from the bench, measuring the distance to the bottom of the skirt. "Hmm., 8 inches. That also doesn't meet the code." Then he used the ruler to flip up her kilt, which revealed black thong underwear. "And that's not according to the dress code either! What are we going to do with you, Miss Lee?" he continued.

"Don't expel me, Principal Onley! My parents will kill me if I get expelled!" the Asian student pleaded.

"Well, there is always the option of corporal punishment, I suppose." Intoned Principal Onley. "That would be a bit unusual, but I guess we could accept that."

"Ok," the pretty student conceded.

With that, the principal forced the topless girl onto the bench. As her head reached the leather surface of the bench, her skirt naturally flopped down her hips, exposing a cute butt. One of the cameras focused on her face, turned to the right as she lay on the bench. When he pulled the thong down her thighs, she started to struggle, "Hey, what are you doing you pervert!" she cried.

"School regulations require that all corporal punishment be applied directly to the bare buttocks." Onley stated.

Grasping the ruler firmly in his right hand, he struck he firmly across the ass. The sound was like a shot in the quiet theatre.

"Hey, you bastard, that really hurt!" Jee-Yun exclaimed. "Stop it."

As her right hand reached back to try and stop the blows, the Principal grabbed her discarded tie and used it to fasten her wrists behind her back. As he continued to smack her ass with the wooden ruler, she started to howl. He took the apple from his desk, and giving her behind a mighty whack, quickly rammed it into her open mouth, muffling her cries.

"Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven ..." he measured, "and there's twelve."

The student was crying on the bench as the Principal put the ruler away. We could clearly hear her sobbing and see the tears welling in her eyes. He moved to the end of the bench and examined the red welts on her posterior.

"These don't look too bad. " he commented. Gingerly, he touched the angriest looking welt. Jee-Yun flinched.

"Sore, eh? He said. Pushing her knees apart, her lowered her down with legs on either side on the bench until she rested flat.

A camera zoomed in so we could see that the lips to her vagina were wet and slightly pouting. "Maybe a little of this natural lotion would help. " he continued.

Putting the index finger of his finger up into the moist pink slit, he moved it around, collecting her secretions. Jee-Yun moaned a little at this digital intrusion. Pulling his finger out, David proceeded to smear the juice over her mottled ass.

"Ah, that seems to seems help." he continued. And he continued to work his finger up her slit and applying the fluid to her butt. After a minute or two, he started to use two fingers, painting the liquid in broad strokes. Jee-Yun started to moan repeated as he pumped his fingers in and out and finally she shook and let out a sound of pleasure. The camera on her face showed that her skin was flushed.

Quickly, David wheeled so that his chair was facing the girl's head. The monitor switched to an overhead view as he unzipped his fly and pulled out an impressive erection. Popping the apple from Jee-Yun's mouth, he slid his dick between her lips. Pulling her head towards him with his right hand, he commanded, "Suck me, bitch1"

She tried to pull her head away, but the pressure from his arm kept forcing her back, thrusting his dick into her mouth. Eventually the action was enough to make David come, with a groan. The camera zoomed in so we could see a trickle of semen escape her lips.

After a minute, the lights came up and the small audience started to applaud. Jee-Yun sat up and wiped her mouth with a hand. David zipped himself up and rotated his chair so he was facing the crowd. They both acknowledged the applause, and after Jee-Yun sat in lap, David wheeled out of the room.

Moses came back and asked, "Ready for another go?"

I nodded assent and pulling my robe closed, got up and followed him out.

Part Three: A Valentyne and a Hart make 2 gallons.

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