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Ideal Day 06


As I stated in "Ideal Day One" there are many "ideal" days when one thinks about the various ways one can have sex with his or her partner. Following along on that theme, I give you a version of what might be "Ideal" as I am returning from working in the field for almost two months.

My work has me out of town, Way out of town, for several weeks at a time, but only a couple times a year. That means that by the time I do get home I'm so horny I will take as much sex as I can get, any way I can get it!

Since the drive time from my latest job is nearly fourteen hours, I have lots of time to think about how I want sex. This time I lucked out and was able to leave mid afternoon On Friday, the day before I thought I would be able to and drove about half way home that day. I knew Lynn had the day off on Saturday; I called her as I was nearing home to let her know and have her get ready.

When she told me she was already wet just thinking about me getting home we started talking about what she was doing while I drove down the road.

"I'm sitting in my chair talking to you," she says. I can hear the smile even over the phone.

"You know that is not what I meant," I reply.

"What do you want me to do," she asks.

"I can think of a couple things, but it requires you to put the phone on speaker first, and then take off your clothes," I say.

"Ok," she says back, and I can hear the difference in the phone as she puts it on speaker, then the sound of a zipper as she undoes her pants. Next is the thud of her shoes hitting the floor. Lastly I hear the sound of the blinds sliding shut. I am totally surprised; she is not normally one to indulge in phone sex.

Over the phone I now hear, "Ok, I'm undressed, now what?"

"Touch your pussy and tell me how wet you are," I respond.

After a slight intake of breath she tells me, "I'm so wet the juices are starting to run out of my pussy and down my ass. My lips are swelling and opening up."

This is enough to make my already hard cock twitch and grow even harder. Thankfully I have a hands free phone setup so I can adjust my cock in my pants to relieve the pressure.

Once I have made room, I respond. "Reach down with one hand and hold your lips open and use your other hand to play with yourself, I want you to have your pussy slick all over."

"Okay, I'm running my fingers over my lips, spreading my juices all over. I just slide a finger into my pussy too. Now I am rubbing my clit with the full length of my finger." And I can hear her moan lightly as she does so.

I'm on a long straight stretch of freeway so I'm not too worried about keeping my full attention on what is on the road. But I'm also looking for a place that I can pull over to make this easier. A catch 22, I want to be home sooner than ever now, but also could go into the trailer join in the fun if I was at a rest area.

"That's great, now put one finger on each side of your clit, sliding up and down while squeezing it gently between them while you do it," I reply.

An intake of breath tells me she has just done as I ask and she responds with, "that does feel good, I like it when you do that but when I do it I can control the pressure and speed to just the right amount."

We continue to talk about what she is doing and soon I can tell she is reaching climax, her breathing is faster and I can hear the chair squeak as she moves along with what her hands are doing.

It is just as things are coming to a climax; pardon the pun, when I hear over the phone, the door bell ring! We don't normally use the front door where the door bell is so I know she will have either move things to answer the door or call out from the side door that she is there.

All I hear over the phone is, "Crap, someone is at the door, I'll have to call you back," and the phone goes silent.

My imagination goes wild of course. All I can see is her answering the door in her house dress (That's what is quickest for her to get dressed in and is the normal item of clothing she will grab for that purpose). In my mind I see her standing there talking to a UPS driver, or some other person in her dress, her pussy juices running down her thighs, her nipples hard and poking at the fabric of the thin dress.

Soon the phone rings again and she tells me it was just that, a delivery guy bringing a package that she had to sign for.

I tell her what I was thinking and we both agree that it was an exciting thought, if not a true reality. Well other than the hard nipple, but she has put on her pants and blouse, not her house dress.

The mood has been changed now though and I'm only an hour or so from home so we hang up and both anticipate my arrival in our own thoughts.

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