tagNonConsent/ReluctanceIf You Love Me (Let Me Go) Ch. 02

If You Love Me (Let Me Go) Ch. 02


Hello Members Of Literotica,

I am back with the second chapter of my story. I apologize for the amount of time it has taken me to finish it and get it posted. I hope you all enjoy it and would love to hear your feedback. <3


In the flames of a thousand burning souls, a stretch of scorched soil and rubble lead up a path to a dark castle that loomed over the land. The black marble walls of the castle reflected the haze of red in the distance. Appearing along the path was a dark carriage pulled by two burly horses that stood just shy of 8 foot tall. Their hooves clomped and dug into the rough terrain as it pulled the lord of the Underworld to his kingdom.

Inside he sat, tall and proud with a smirk upon his pale face. His strong jaw line and his deep set eyes gave him a powerful appeal. Lord of the underworld meant power.

Slightly curled on his lap slept a peaceful Persephone. She mumbled and whimpered in her sleep. Hades reached down and curled his large hand into her hair to stroke her gently. The powerful shocks he had sent through her body at a pressure point had done its job, but it was beginning to wear off. As she stirred in her sleep, he braced himself for her fight.

He knew she was half awake and leaned over to mutter in her ear; "When you fully awaken, little one, you will be confused and frightened. I want you to know that you are safe and should not fight me. There is nowhere for you to run here."

Groaning, she sat up and rubbed her neck. A grimace lined her face and her lips pushed together in a thin line. "Wha-?" she said. The corners of Hades mouth subtly turned upwards at her disorientation. "What's happening? Oh, my neck hurts badly."

"Here, let me." Hades reached a strong hand towards Persephone's weary body and pushed her silky hair to her side. He then began to massage the smooth skin on the nape of her neck. He exhaled with a devious grin. Her small body felt wonderful under his grasp.

Persephone closed her eyes and shuddered softly at the slow relaxing of tension from her neck. What had happened? Last she could remember she was having a fight with her mother and laid down in her bed to sleep it off....but...she didn't sleep it off. A man....a man had awoken her...a man with deep brown eyes and strong tall features. She glanced to her left at the strange man whose hand was gently massaging her sore neck. His dark brown eyes looked deeply into hers and she noticed his masculine facial structure.

All of a sudden she snapped out of her dream like state. "Who are you? Where have you taken me to?" She said cold and roughly. She pulled away from his grip.

"Hush, child. Everything will be explained gradually," He spoke charmingly, "but for now all I want you to worry about is making your way out of the carriage without hurting yourself. Then I will show you around my kingdom." The carriage pulled up in front of the dark, looming castle and stopped. He smiled at her and turned away to open his door. He slammed it shut and she could hear the crunching of his feet walking around the carriage to her side.

Suddenly she thought to reach for the door he exited by and to make a run for help while he was around the other side, but she decided against it only thinking he would surely catch and punish her. With as big as a man as he, she would not want to see him angry.

He opened her door and smiled politely saying "My lady" with a hand out to help her down. She scowled at him and ignored his hand. She began to step down out of the large carriage and realized she was several feet from the ground, but she realized this too late as she tumbled out to land face down. Instead she landed in a pair of strong arms and she looked up wide eyed, mid gasp, into her capture's eyes.

Staring at her wide eyes he felt empowered and grinned slyly. "It appears you are still dazed from your rest. I shall carry you so you do not stumble and fall again." She was then lifted higher into his arms and he shut the carriage door with his foot.

"Put me down!" she growled. "I do not need help from you who have caused nothing but trouble for me. I am able to walk". She tried to pull away, but he held her tightly as if her strength was of that of a feathers.

Chills went through her as his soft, low chuckle filled her ears. "Your anger is equivalent to a kittens my dear Little One. Do not fret. Relax. I assume you would like to see your new room? It is a guest room for now." He began walking and carrying her struggling body with him up the stairs leading to the door. "You may take a shower and get more comfortable with your surroundings. It is to late tonight to show you the tour of my kingdom, but tomorrow you may see".

She pouted in his arms as he opened the door. The large, thick, wooden door creaked open and instead of seeing horrible dungeons and cobwebs, Persephone saw a beautiful entrance corridor. The floors were lined with black Onyx tiles and massive golden portraits lined the walls. The ceiling was at least 3 stories high and in the center of the room was a wide stair case with red carpeting. Persephone gasped.

"Don't worry. What you were probably expecting is in the basement and underground tunnels. We can explore that later if you would like" he whispered seductively in her ear causing her tense up and it sent shivers down her spine. It sounded more like a threat.

"Release me please." She pleaded.

"Will you force me to chase you, my sweet?"

She paused and considered her options. Grimly she realized that she had a near impossible chance of escaping at the moment. He heard her sigh and say "No." defeated.

He let her down on her feet and straightened the ripples he had caused on her dress, his hands smoothing down her sides. She pulled away and gave him a frown.

Hades smiled and stood proudly as he adjusted his own clothing. Stepping forward, he led her up the stair well. She reluctantly followed him and her fingers came together in both hands as she tried to wipe away the sweat build up. What did he have planned for her? Their feet both made loud footsteps upon the floor and they passed many doors, all spaced out a considerable amount. The hall ways were dimly lit and smelt lightly of vanilla, unlike outside where it smelt like burnt grass.

Finally they reached a door near the end of the hall way on the right and her kidnapper opened it with a silver key that he pulled out of his back right pocket. His dark brown hair fell over his face slightly when he looked down and soon he sent the door swinging open.

"Your bedroom, Little One"

The ceiling was lined in golden trim and the walls were a pale brown which gave off a calming, relaxed feeling. Stepping inside, Persephone noticed more about the room. There was a balcony and window at the left of the room in the far corner. She tried not to stare at it too much for him to notice and read her mind. It could be her way out of here.

Hades laid his hand upon her shoulder making her jumped and he grinned as he lightly pushed her into the room. He brought her to close to the bed for her comfort and she turned around to face him.

Hades saw her eyes widen slightly and then relax as if not to show her panic and her nostrils flared as she breathed harder. "Take a seat." His arm extended toward the red and brown silk sheets upon the king sized bed.

"I am fine where I am. You may leave now." She said quickly in defense and realized she must have been too sharp because a spark of anger lit in his eyes. It quickly ceased and he smiled sweetly again.

"I will not hurt you. I just believe you will be more comfortable and could get ready for your shower. It will soothe you and calm your, obviously on edge, nerves." He said the last part like a command, deep and controlled.

Realizing the door behind her, she decided that it must be the bathroom. "Thank you.." she said nervously, "I can handle it from here. I assume that door is to the restroom?"

"Yes, but let me show you where everything is located first." He moved from her to the door in a few long strides and opened the door for her once again. 'My, my, what a gentle man he is.' She thought sarcastically, 'opening all the doors for me. Who knew kidnappers were so sweet at heart.'

She entered after him just wishing she could be home. She would much rather apologize to her mother for her behavior than be in a strange house, in strange world, with a stranger, showering her his strange bathroom. How did she even get into this mess? Just an hour or two earlier she had been home and almost asleep in her own bedroom.

"The towels are over here." his voice snapped Persephone out of her train of thought, "There are clothes your size in all the drawers of your new bedroom and you may choose what you wear tonight. Usually there will be maids to help you with all that, but I'm sure you would like your privacy for the night."

Persephone stuttered, "Clothes, h-how are they all to my fitting".

With a smirk and a quick grab, Hades twisted her around to face the opposite way of him. She gasped. "You do not realize quite yet how long I have watched you and how much I know." He chuckled deeply, yet in a sweet tone. Then with a soft stroke he brushed her hair away from her back and unbuttoned the first two buttons of her dress.

"What are you doing!" she spun around and glared into his dark eyes. 'If only he hadn't kidnapped her and taken her to this place against her will, he would have been quite gorgeous, in an almost threatening and dark way.' She thought as she looked him over. "I can undress myself, thank you. I do not need a handsy kidnapper like you for any reason at all. Now, I think you have harassed me enough for the night so please go and-"

Hades grabbed her wrist as she pointed at the door and twisted it. She cried out in pain and tears welled in her soft blue eyes. In her ear he whispered coldly, "You are here under my command and will not speak to me in that way. I am far more powerful than you and expect to be treated with more respect." Persephone could feel the ice laced in his tone and tried hard not to look him in the eyes.

He released her and wiped a tear away from the young girl's cheek. He could see her shaking in fear. "Take your shower" he spoke gently again. Hades turned to the door of the bathroom and began to walk out, his dark aura nearly radiating around him.

"I just want to go home." Persephone whispered. Hades paused, frowned, and shut the door. As soon as he was gone, Persephone began to cry.


Gingerbread and toffee scented bubbles coated Persephone's blonde, and soaking wet hair. It lay in a pile on top of her head as she scrubbed her body free of any trace of the man who had held her shortly ago. Tears rolled down her face still, but most of her crying had ceased. Now she was left with soggy cheeks and the sniffles. Hot water poured over her body and she rubbed a soapy hand towel down the curves of her sides. 'I should have believed my mother when she told me all those stories about men. They are simply cruel. What does he want from me?' Persephone thought to herself. 'I won't be here long enough to find out'. She thought stubbornly.

Persephone began to plan her escape even as her mind grew weary from the long day. 'What time is it anyways?' she sighed and began to rinse out her soapy locks. Bubbles rolled down and off her body. I suppose I should get out and go get an idea of the place. It should make it easier to find an escape route. She turned off the water and stepped out onto the red bathroom rug.

Goosebumps covered her body and she wrapped herself in a black, over sized towel. It nearly swallowed her. She dried off and got into a baby pink, silk night gown and made her way out of the room to secretly explore the castle.


After Hades shut the door to the bathroom on Persephone, he immediately began to feel guilty. The poor girl had cried before him. 'I meant her no harm though', Hades thought to himself, 'She should be thankful that she is out in the world and away from her overbearing mother.'

Hades clomped out of her room and down the hallway to his own bedroom chambers. His chain of thought veered off course and to the hardness inside his trousers. She had looked lovely with her hair to her side, her dress part way unbuttoned, and her small curvy body pressed tightly to his own. 'Two more night until I can make her my own' he smiled coyly.

The door creaked open and his dim lit room room filled his view. His bed looked enticing. The sheets were pure silk and as dark as the mask of night. They were silk for his pleasure, a fetish of his. He closed his door, but it creaked open an inch before he could realize. He shed his clothing on the way to his bed, dropping them in a trail. Drowsily, he rolled into the center of his bed.

Silk sheets rubbed against his pale, yet muscular body and he let out a soft sigh of pleasure. His penis, already hard, protruded higher in a straight line to the ceiling. On his elbows he sat himself up farther on the pillows and his body cast a shadow on the walls from the lamp. Hades thoughts lingered on the beautiful, young woman down the hall.

'She is naked in a steaming shower just a few rooms down from me.' he became uncomfortably stiff as blood continued to flow to the head of his erection. He grabbed his hard member in his hand and squeezed. His golden eyes fluttered closed. 'She's pure, a virgin, all for myself.' he thought about taking her.

His large hand rubbed upwards along the shaft of his 9 inch cock and a drop of pre cum formed in the center of the tip. He bit his lip and moaned softly. In his mind he played through how he would take her virginity. 'Hopefully she will be responsive and make it easier for herself.' He hoped he wouldn't have to be forceful and she would just relax and let him slowly penetrate her tight body. Moans from her soft lips would drive him insane with lust.

He pumped his dick faster; up and down, gliding with slick pre cum. Heat began to form in his core. Her soft, curls between his fingers, his thick cock wrapped tightly in her warm, slick, virgin pussy, her gasps, and the scratches on his back; images danced across his clouded mind. 'Silk,' he thought, 'her undergarments would be silky as he tore them from her body, and snow white, for innocence.'.

His hips began to move in a slight upward position as he moved his cock and hand together in swift, rough strokes. "Mmm.." he sighed. He was close. Her body danced across his imagination and her name was nearly upon his lips.

Suddenly he heard one of his guards yell out something frantic and before he realized it his door swung open. Persephone, dressed beautifully in a pink, silk night gown fell face first into his room and onto his floor. In shock, he yelled out her name, and his cock sprung to life and pumped out his first load of cum. "Ooo" he grunted. Shot after shot it came out and onto his hand that still clung tightly to his thick shaft.

It was all too much, the cumming, the guard outside, and Persephone scared nearly to death looking up at him. He watched her run out and, still cumming, he grabbed a shirt to cover himself as he nearly ran after her. "Gah!" he yelled out in frustration as he realized he probably shouldn't follower her naked. The guard outside standing almost near his door tried to look away and Hades bellowed for him to leave. The guard left in a rush and Hades cleaned his softening cock off.

With a black, silk robe wrapped and tied around his body he rushed down the hall towards Persephone's room. His face, slightly crimson colored and sweaty, was set in a grimace. He reached her door and knocked on it loudly.

In the room behind the door, Persephone sat trembling on her bed under the sheets. She hadn't meant to stare at her captures strange act and especially didn't mean to fall through the door, but it was left slightly opened as she explored the area.

Hades pounded harder and yelled her name. "Persephone, open up. I have a key, but I would rather you let me in than make me barge in."

Persephone's heart began to race faster. 'Oh, no. He can get in." She heard the key in the door and saw it swing open. In the doorway was a very flustered, tall, broad man. His eyes clearly showed his embarrassment, but also his temper. He stood in a black silk robe, and she could see his half erect tool still visible from behind his clothing.

Her eyes darted to the door way of the bathroom, but he caught on. She leaped, her hair wildly flowing behind her, to the next room. In an instant he ran towards her and caught her slim waist with his arm wrapped around her and she shrieked.

"Stop, Persephone. Relax. I won't hurt you." he soothed, although his hand lay over her mouth to muffle her cries. Everything was quiet for a moment as time stood still and she began to relax ever so slightly. Her body wiggled under his grasp and he released her, though his stance remained wide in case she tried to get away again.

Persephone wiped around to face him and backed away, hugging herself tight, protectively. "I-I didn't mean to barge in ..I...the ..the door was cracked and.." tears formed in her crystal blue-green eyes.

Hades stepped forward and motioned her to the bed with an arm around her shoulders. She gave him an apprehensive look, but eventually sat down stiffly on the bed. He sat beside her and could feel her trembling in fear. "I.. am sorry you had to see that, Little One." he spoke apolitically "I am not angry, but I wish you would stay in your room instead of wonder the halls at night. There are more dangers out there beyond the castle that my guards try to keep out, but it is possible that they could still find a passage to the inside."

He looked down at the girl in his left arm and studied her face. Long, blonde eyelashes left shadows across her cheeks, and her large eyes sparkled with water. She looked confused. She avoided looking straight into his eyes and pretended to be fascinated with the silk gown between her fingers. He reached over and pushed a long curl behind her ear. He leaned down, as he sat much taller than her on the bed, and kissed her pink cheek. She flinched as he neared, but looked at him in wonder as he backed away.

"You will not have to stress anything you saw tonight. You are still two days away from your eighteenth birthday and that night will be special and full of pleasure. Until then, you should get some rest. I will send in a maid to give you something to help you sleep." he stood and walked towards the door.

Persephone stared at him in wonder as he began to leave. "Sweet dreams, Little One." he smiled, showing his white teeth. Then Hades closed the door and left Persephone alone with a million thoughts racing through her mind.

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