tagExhibitionist & VoyeurIllicit Liaison Ch. 03

Illicit Liaison Ch. 03


(I wrote this series of stories without dialogue intentionally as an experiment)

You stand in front of the mirrored elevator doors thinking that this has been our best adventure yet, and at the same time you have a strong suspicion that we really haven't started on the main part of my plan. If I could hear your thoughts, I'd agree on both counts, but instead I am standing beside you, staring at your gorgeous reflection in the elevators doors, and lost in admiration for what a truly powerful, sexual creature you are.

When the bell rings to announce the elevator's arrival I place my hand in the small of your back and lean forward to kiss you gently on the neck, whispering to ask you if you are ready for whatever comes next. You smile back at my reflection and assure me that you are not just ready, but hungry, starving even, for whatever awaits. As we step into the small cabin of the elevator a spontaneous thought arises (no, I really hadn't planned anything for the elevator trip) and I glance at the doorman to ask if the elevator ride is a long one. He replies that it's not, but reaches into his coat pocket and produces one of those circular keys, explaining hopefully that if we don't mind some company he can make the trip last as long as we want.

Of course, given what he just witnessed in the driveway, he could have guessed that we don't mind company...at all. But knowing what I do about our plans in the restaurant, I was hoping for a little "alone" time with you while we had a chance. I start to decline his offer when I look up at you, leaning against the back of the elevator with one foot on the floor and the other propped against the wall behind you, your knee lifting the hem of your short dress nearly to the point of exposure. The look on your face is pure feminine lust, and as I follow your gaze to the crotch of the doorman's tight fitting pants, I immediately realize that I had better not completely deny your desires in favor of my own, not if I hope to fulfill my carefully laid plans for the rest of the night.

I ask him to join us and hold the elevator door open for him. I see his eyes light up as he steps aboard, and when the doors slide shut I turn to see that your dress is already in a black satin puddle around your ankles, and you are sliding your thong and butterfly down your smooth thighs to expose yourself completely to his unabashed stare.

As the panties and vibrator join your dress on the floor and as you kick the whole tangle of garments aside, your reach out and grab the doorman's tie, pulling him toward you for a passionate kiss. He hands me the elevator key, then slides his strong hands down your bare back and under your beautiful naked ass, lifting you off your feet and out of your pumps. You wrap your legs around his back and reach down with both hands to fumble with his belt and zipper, never breaking your heated kiss. Deftly and quickly your fingers unbuckle, unbutton and unzip, and you use your hands and feet to push his pants and boxers down his strong, flexing legs.

I hear the sound of his hard cock slap up against you as his erection escapes the waistband of his boxers. I see him curl his hips under you, searching for your entrance with the tip of his organ. Transfixed by the display, I almost forget to put in the key and stop the elevator's swift progress to the restaurant. As I do, the lurch of the elevator pushes you down abruptly onto his shaft, impaling you entirely on his long thin cock. The two of you never break your passionate kiss; even as he thrusts hard into you, slamming you back against the elevator wall, even as your own long-denied orgasm tears through you gasping and shuddering, crying out for more. Your violent climax provokes his, and in a moment he is moaning his own peak of pleasure into your open mouth, bucking hard into your tight pussy as his hot creamy load fills you.

Finally the kiss is broken as you both gasp for air, your arms and legs still wrapped tightly around him; he leans against you and the wall for support as his softening member slips out of your pulsing hole, and your combined juices drip onto the tile of the elevator floor. You slide down him and give me a naughty, almost guilty smile as he backs up and leaves you standing, exposed, completely naked, with a sheen of lust still covering you.

It's the most delicious and irresistible sight I've ever seen, and I'm on my knees in an instant, lapping at your mixed flavors, teasing your clit with my nose and upper lip as I push my long tongue as far inside as I can. You push my head against you as you shake in a climactic aftershock.

When I've cleaned you up as best as I can, you take his flaccid member in your delicate fingers, guiding him toward my mouth. He doesn't resist as you feed his whole salty, sticky cock into the back of my throat. He starts to harden again as I make sure every drop of his semen is drained, and every trace of your lovemaking is carefully licked from his cock and balls. I briefly consider sucking him back to full erection so that we can repeat the performance, but the buzz of the elevator call indicates that someone is waiting, and our brief time is up.

He zips himself back up as you slip on the dress and shoes. No time for the thong and butterfly, you simply hand those to me and leave me to figure out how to conceal them. In seconds the elevator doors open onto the posh lobby of the restaurant, the colors of the sunset just beginning to fill the brass and hardwood décor with soft orange light. As we step out of the elevator cabin, past the two elderly, early-bird diners waiting to ride down, I wonder if the man notices the disheveled look to your hair, sees the glisten of sweat on your body, is aware of the points of your erect nipples pressing through the fabric of your dress, or detects the trail of cum slowly creeping down your inner thigh. You wonder if the lady perceives the musky scent of sex in the elevator, decodes the self-satisfied smirk of the doorman as he welcomes them aboard, avoids the puddle of your lovemaking still on the tile of the elevator floor, or recognizes the pink shape of the butterfly vibrator I am simply holding behind my back in an artless attempt to hide it.

The young, pretty brunette hostess behind the podium greats us with a cryptic smile, aware before I say a word that I am the man who specifically reserved booth 236 earlier this week. She introduces herself as Jessica and offers to lead us to that special location at the far end of the sumptuous dining room. Both of us fail to notice the furtive glance she gives to the hidden monitor in the podium, currently displaying a high-definition, full-color view from the camera in the ceiling of the elevator as she watches her boyfriend, the doorman, holding the door for the little old lady as she exits on the ground floor.

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