tagHumor & SatireI'm a Beast Ch. 01

I'm a Beast Ch. 01


This story is dedicated to all of the girls that tried to keep their virginity and their boyfriend, to all of the wives that tried to keep their mate sated and faithful.

Techsan read and edited the dedication above and the following story. Now I add techsan to the dedication. He edited about a fifth of this story and read the remaining parts that I had finished. He said, "I like what you've done with the story so far and am looking forward to see where it goes."

The original intent was to finish and release this in early October but things happen. I feel driven to live up to his expectations and I hope I succeed. The world is a poorer place without techson and I am a richer man for his touch upon my life.

I would like to thank Solitary Thinker also for his help and direction. He is a great thinker as well a 'Solitary ' one.


Oct 10, 2006

I grieved for what was and what could have been as I watched my handful of dirt turn to mud on the casket below. The drizzling rain hid the tears in my eyes that betrayed what could have been as my soul soared on the wings of what was. My mind drifted back to that day at the bar where it all began. Just another day like so many before yet so pivotal. I never dreamed it would go this far nor end like this.


Day 1

Aug 29, 2005

I always enjoyed a drink with friends at The Junction, our neighborhood bar, at the end of a long day. Mike was his usual crotchety old self, complaining that his two gorgeous daughters were going to be the death of him if they couldn't stay out of trouble. Curt, a divorced working man and old buddy, always joined me in ribbing Mike about our failed attempts to fuck his daughters in our youth. For some reason this only made Mike more proud of his daughters. Denny was a new addition to the happy hour crowd and was telling his own stories about the daughters. We were interrupted from our joking by my cell phone ringing.

"Hello," I said.

"Hi. Where are you?" my wife Trista's melodious voice rang over my phone.

"I'm at the bar. Where are you?"

"In bed," she replied in a drawn out sexy voice.

I shuddered at the picture in my mind and the carnal thoughts that accompanied it. As I arched my right eyebrow in anticipation I saw Mike staring at me. His intensity made me wonder if he had noticed. Under the watchful eye of Mike, I said, "I understand. Bye. I love you."

"Bye bye. I love you too."

As we were talking I had no indication of the happy days ahead nor the sad ones along the way. I hung up and turned to the other regulars I was sitting with and told them that I had to go.

Knowing that Mike had watched me, I recognized the start of his fishing expedition when he asked, "Are you cooking dinner tonight, Joe?"

I laughed. Mike knew that if I get home before my wife I usually cook dinner. The odds of my getting laid are greatly increased if she comes home to a hot meal than if she has to cook it when she is dead tired. I thought I would slide on out of there with a simple, "No, Trista is home."

"Is Trista cooking?" Mike asked.

Mike always was persistent if not single tracked so to end it with honesty, I replied, "No, she is in bed."

Everyone there assumed the same thing that I was assuming and they erupted in laughter. I left without any further questions.

When I got home I found Trista lying on the bed with her chin in her palm looking seductive and sexy as hell. She had on a sheer leopard robe that accentuated all of her voluptuous curves. There wasn't a single button fastened and I could see she was totally naked under the robe. She looked up at me with those deep green eyes and said, "I'm a beast."

On the way home I'd been wondering what Trista had planned. Was it to be straight sex, a quickie or was it to be some kind of game. Now my heart fluttered at the thought of a little role-playing and I jumped right in.

"Oh, yeah, baby. You always were a real animal."

"Nooo, I went to the doctor today. His chart said that I'm obese."

Anyone that has been in a similar situation would identify with my 'deer caught in the headlights look'. I was ready for a little role-playing and was now facing a female emotional crisis. Being unable to quickly think of some way to salvage this situation, I decided to stick with my original thought.

"Oh, yeah, baby. You always were a real animal and now I'm your prey."

As I climbed onto the bed and moved towards her, Trista said, "You know just how to make me feel desired. You know that's why I called you."

"I know," I said. "You're the embodiment of a leopard, sleek, graceful and quick. That's hotter than anything I imagined while racing home."

"You really do love me."

As I spread her legs, I said, "Yes, but I have to eat this leopard pussy before I get eaten. Law of the jungle you know."

"Oh, I don't know. When mom taught me about the Birds and the Bees, she didn't mention that part." It seemed that Trista was getting into the game but was playing hard to get. Maybe my next question would clear things up..

"I bet she didn't tell you about getting fucked like a bitch in heat either."

Trista said, "Eat or be eaten. Law of the jungle you know," as she guided my head between her legs. Well, that was clear enough for me so I buried my face in her pussy. Before long I had her singing like a canary . My tongue was flicking her clit as I licked her slit; round and round I went. I tried to keep my tongue dry and rough like a cat's but Trista's juices were flowing like a fountain. I snaked my tongue into her love canal until she was panting like a fish out of water.

When Trista came like a river I knew it was time for my trouser trout to make a spawning run upstream. It knew the way instinctively and at the headwaters of Trista's love canal it made the mighty plunge. Trista started buck ing wildly beneath me. The pace was frenzied as if we were fucking like rabbits though I've never seen a rabbit fucking in the missionary position - oh, well.

Exhaustion came and I could pound her pussy no longer. I wrapped Trista in a bear hug pulling her deeper onto my cock . We ground together as we caught our breath. While I contemplated how rabbits really do fuck I realized that mounting from behind already has a name. It's called 'doggy style ' so 'fucking like rabbits' must refer to the rapid pounding pace.

I whispered 'doggy style' into Trista's ear as I released her from the bear hug. She rolled over and raised up her ass for me to take her. I thought this shit don't happen in real life. Well, I was going to mount this bitch while the mounting was good. She backed her ass into me when I started to enter her. When we had a good rhythm going I noticed her puppies swaying back and forth. How does one get puppies? First you have to fuck her like a bitch in heat .

Grabbing Trista's hips firmly, I said, "Here comes the getting fucked like a bitch in heat part." She started to whimper as I stroked long and slow. As the pace changed from long and slow to fast and furious the whimper became a howl. Commands spilled from my lips.

"Bark ... Bark at the moon, bitch ."


You can see the bar from our bedroom window and I could hear the sound of a Harley starting up over Trista's howling. I assumed it was Denny since he had been the only one there on a Harley.

"Louder, bitch!" I yelled.


I started howling myself when I felt my orgasm building. This was becoming too much for the senses to bear. The concoction of sex, sound, sweat and fury was intoxicating. If I stopped now it would end. If I kept going it would really end with a massive orgasm.

Once my orgasm was eminent I plunged my cock deep into her pussy and held her tight so she couldn't move. The intent was to stem my orgasm but her snapper was still milking my cock . I started to dribble and pulled out of her before I had a major orgasm. Trista started laughing like a hyena . The small amount of cum that I had deposited deep within her started to roll out of her pussy down her split and across her clit. My first reaction was to reach for a towel to wipe her slit but there wasn't one. I knew that a wet spot would spoil the moment so I did the only thing I could.

Placing my head under her beaver allowed me to swirl my cum around her clit with my tongue. Trista squirmed and squealed as I swirled around her clit. I was happier than a pig in shit until another load came rolling down her split and across her clit. Yes, I had to swallow the first load to make room for the second. Obviously the amount of my cum mixed with her cum wasn't so small. I ran my tongue up her slit to catch as much of the cum as I could. The unwritten rule had always been 'If she had to swallow it during a blowjob I had to kiss her afterwards.' therefore she has to kiss me after a creampie. With cum in my mouth I crab crawled from underneath and kissed her. We shared with tongues swirling and fingers twirling nipples.

After our cum swap I went back to her clit and slit to maintain her aroused state. As I was licking her clit and fingering her pussy I realized how much Trista was getting off on this and that it wasn't that bad once the major load was gone. Maybe this could be a way to get Trista used to the taste of cum again. If she had to taste it regardless maybe she would give in and taste it during a blowjob again. It had been along time since she swallowed. Hell, it had been a long time since she sucked it.

Trista started to squirm and squeal and I swallowed as she came. My cock was rock hard and it needed relief. As I crab crawled up the bed and beneath her I asked Trista to take top. She rose to her knees and climbed into the saddle in a fluid motion. Her pussy was so sopping wet that my cock hit bottom on the first stroke.

"Fuck me like a cowgirl, baabyy."

"I'll be your cowgirl, baby, but I'm going to fuck you like my wild stallion. "

I whinnied, "Wheeeeheheh ... wheeh" and she proceeded to make good on her promise. She rode me long and hard like a wild stallion as I braced her puppies with my hands for pivot support. I was her bucking bronco and try as I might I could not throw her.

As she started to stiffen I bucked wildly beneath her. I spilled my seed at her first contraction. My sperm were making that final run like salmon with one objective: reproduce or die. Trista leaned over me in her final spasms and gave me her own bear hug. We were soaring like eagles in our post-orgasmic bliss. My thoughts as I lay there were 'WOW that was a whale of a good fuck, most satisfying.' I buried that thought in light of the prior 'beast/obese' mistake. There was no sense throwing fuel on that fire.

As we lay on the bed Trista started telling me about her visit to the doctor. The first thing they do is weigh you. There is always a chart hanging on the wall that correlates your weight and height. That's when her troubles started. Some invisible line had been crossed, another category, another label. Then came the litany of excuses of why it was okay to be overweight but not obese. I failed to contain myself and let a small chuckle escape.

Trista pounced on it and said, "It's not an excuse, damnit, Joe ... you know that I've had two children. It's hard to get that shape back and loose the weight. Most women never do."

Trista had rolled onto her stomach and I straddled her thighs and started to rub her shoulders.

"I know, dear, but you've lost your weight twice. The first time was after Ron was born. Jill and you did a lot of walking and you're ass was so hard."

I reached down and kneaded her soft supple ass with both hands to emphasize my words.

"The second time was that diet that's not a diet. Eat less and move more."

"Jill and I walked all day. We walked and shopped from the time we dropped Trina off at school until it was time to pick her up. Plus I was burning more calories because I was pushing Ron around in the stroller. I don't have the time for that now that I'm working and I don't have Ron to push around."

Leaning into her I applied pressure as I ran my hands up each side of her back. Trista relaxed as the tension drained from her.

"Well, that covers the first time you lost the weight. What about the second time?"

"I'm working now. It's really hard to get a routine going when your work schedule fluctuates like mine. I can't do the things requested with the timing required. If only I had someone to work with, to walk with like Jill."

My hands slid from her back to the sides of her breasts in a circular rubbing motion. She momentarily tensed from the tickling sensation.

"It's really too bad that she moved away. There isn't enough time to lose it all by walking. It would have to be some combination of diet, exercise and walking."

Trista turned her head towards me.

"It's like I said before. If only I had someone to work with ... to walk with."

Moving from her thighs to the floor, I replied, "You said 'like Jill' and now you're looking at me."

As I spread her legs, she replied, "Why can't you walk with me and ... and work with me? If you didn't bring food around me constantly I wouldn't have to look at it. When someone brings food in and starts nibbling in front of you it's very hard to resist the temptation. You don't have to diet but don't tempt me either."

I gently took her ankles and started to bend her knees. Once I had her feet touching each other I guided them in overlapping counter-rotating circles. As the pace quickened her muscles relaxed allowing an even flow. You could easily tell if she was tense or fighting you because of an uneven flow.

"If I were to do this I would essentially be your trainer. As your trainer I would help with encouragement to resist temptation. I wouldn't be allowed to snack in front of you but as your trainer you would have to listen and obey. When I said give me twenty squats you would have to give me twenty. When I chart your progress and give constructive feedback you will have to accept and act. Combine that with your independent streak and I see potential trouble for me. The question is whether it would be more trouble than it's worth."

"With the shape I would have in the end I think you should be willing to do just about anything for a sexier wife. I think I can do that."

Trista's knees were at maximum bend; her heels almost touching her ass. I applied pressure gently until her heels were on her ass and held them there as I pondered her statement. Unknowingly she had touched on one of my nagging doubts. A lot of my friends have lost their wives once they've lost the weight. Was our love strong enough to deal with the attention a hot wife attracts? I thought it was but only God and the Shadow knows what lurks in the hearts of men (and women). If she is really committed I couldn't in good conscience let her be overweight because of some slut wives I've known. Regardless it would be nice to have my hot wife back.

"Could you? Could you submit to me? I think you'd end up hating me. If I commit my time to something I expect results."

"I expect results too. It should be more like partners than a trainer. If we were partners I think you would get better results."

As I moved from the floor to the bed between Trista's knees I released her feet. My intent was to keep her legs spread once I released control. Now that my hands were free I started to massage Trista's waist.

"Well, before you think about that, think about this. You could be everything I want in bed simply by doing what I desire. I'd never request something that we've not already enjoyed the pleasure of. It would be nicer if I never had to make a request. The same would apply to your exercise and diet. You've lost your babies' weight gain twice and you can do it again. I would ask no more than that. I will be your partner if you will agree to work on all of the above. We could call it our sexercise program."

"Sexercise? What did you have in mind? More sex than walking."

My hands slid down the sides of her waist kneading the supple curves along the way to her belly. She lifted slightly to allow access.

"Well ... 'eat less and move more'. The 'move more' part would be a daily walk. You would have a captive audience for a half hour a day to talk about all of the things you talk about before sex. Then we can talk about sex during sex. Sprinkle in a mixture of sex, squats, sit-ups and there is your program."

"Why the squats and sit-ups? What about kegels?

I thought, "Kegels ... now there is something I didn't think of." She relaxed on the bed as my hands moved across her ass on the way to the V of her spread legs.

"Well ... we all know what the kegels are for and that's an excellent idea. The sit-ups are for your tummy and the squats are for sex."

Trista quivered and giggled as I gently ran a finger up her slit.

"Oh ... I should have known. Well ... losing weight is hard and takes time. Your request is also hard and neither is going to happen overnight. If you're going to help me lose weight I suppose the least I can do is try."

"Does that mean you'll agree?"

"It sounds like it could be a win-win situation for us."

So began the happy days. We started our daily walks the next morning and the sexercise the next night. Life was good.


The following chapters will be posted in the category that best fits them. There is one more techson chapter, 6 chapters waiting for edit and half of another to be written. My intent was to release a finished 9-chapter story rather than a work in progress. I apologize for that but things happen and I would like an editor.

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