tagIncest/TabooImmaculate Conception

Immaculate Conception


Copyright TabooFruit 2012 All rights reserved.

This is a story about an incestuous coupling between a consenting brother and sister. If this subject matter offends, please don't stress yourself by reading further.

All characters are over 18 and entirely fictitious.


Mother of Pearl. Thick, viscous, fluid, pulsing with the rhythmic spasms of a girl in heavy orgasm.

Dangerous, potent sperm moving towards the girl's fertile, unprotected womb.

He studied her face, feeling slightly guilty. After all, hadn't it been he that had seen this through?

Those eyes, big, deep brown, so like his own stared back.

A fleeting emotion in her. What was that? Guilt too? Concern? All too brief then gone.

"So bad." Sounding breathless. "Can't believe I just let you do that." Still panting, slightly less so. Her pretty face framed by damp, long brown hair. Breasts moving. Her complexion deep pink, dewy. Mixed emotions. Disgust for sure, regret yes, but dirty, raw, animalistic contentment as well.

"Never thought it would get that far. Was expecting a kick in the nuts. A refusal. You to start screaming. Something. I. I couldn't stop!"

Silence. Awkward moments. Rising and falling. The mattress moving slightly.

More silence.

Finally. "So, was it different?" She waited, intently. Needed to know. Absentmindedly traced a line over his chest.


"Yeah. How does fucking your sister compare with Jane Doe?

He considered for a while. Post coital, this was strictly off the menu for conversation. Normally. But this deserved an answer somehow.

"Difficult to compare."

She sat up and turned to him. Eyes searching his. "Oh come on! I'm not some floosie you're trying to get a second helping with."

"No. I mean it; really. I mean how does fucking you compare with fucking, say, Debs? Physically it was mind blowing. Raw.

He looked his sister over. What a body. Cupped a breast lightly molding it in his palm appreciating its firmness.

" You've got THE most perfect tits; a firm, tight ass, you've got a few curves but in all the right places. The way I like it. Your pussy is perfect. The fit felt so good, so tight, I felt...locked in." He shook his head, smiling. Disbelief, "insane."

"But," he considered again, trying to coalesce thoughts from the 10 minutes they'd spent rutting, "psychologically? Mentally? Nothing compares to that. When I looked into your eyes as I fucked into you... It felt like.. felt like I was looking into my own. When I was on top of you, I kept looking at my cock disappearing inside you, up you, knowing that open, receptive pussy wasn't some bit of skirt but," he looked into her eyes, "my sister's cunt. Now that's so bad! Can't believe I KNOW what you feel like inside."

His cock stirred. Mind replaying. "I just put my dick in a place so deep, so off-limits. Never been that deep in a girl before and it was with you."

His hand continued to explore her breast causing her nipple to harden, gratifying him.

"When I was close, I knew I had to pull out. You never said anything, never cried out "Don't cum in me!" He leaned over towards her, moving his mouth near to her ear. When he spoke, it was softly. "And if you had told me to pull out, I wouldn't have." Her eyes widened slightly, "I HAD to cum in you. Had to know what THAT orgasm would feel like unprotected, as nature intended." He considered that last part. "Well, maybe not as nature intended." Any remaining tension between them broke as they both had to laugh at that. "I never fucked a girl without a condom before."

"And to think it was your sister who gave you that pleasure. Tut tut. What a naughty girl."

Something occurred to him. "You are taking something?"

"You mean am I on birth control? Nope. Nada."

Disbelief now. Something else too. His cock twitched again. "Yeah right. Nice one sis. You got me."

He was expecting something back. Nothing. He crooked onto his side, shifted up to look at her, needing to know if this was for real. Nothing. No smirk, eyes serious.

"Nothing? Fuck's sake! You just let your brother fuck you without any protection?" Was it possible to feel anxiety and what? Pride? Immense taboo pride? Certainly felt something like that. He lay back down.

" You've got to take the morning after pill, Sis." Mind racing now. "Do you always have unprotected sex? Fuck you are so dirty."

"Nope." She reached over to the bedside cabinet, the draw slid open, something hit his stomach -- a diaphragm, or so he assumed, having never seen one before. A fleeting thought came into focus of his sister washing off the sperm from her latest catch. It felt strange uncovering one of his sister's most intimate secrets.

"Trouble is, someone wasn't waiting." She pointed to his semi-erect cock "and something wasn't thinking."

She began to stroke him. Up and down his chest. Down to his navel. Back up.



"You said my pussy was perfect. How?" Chuckling now, her breasts jiggling, almost playful.

"It is. I've seen all kinds of pussies. Big fleshy lips, small thin lips, hairy ones, shaven ones, pussies, sort of, out of proportion?" he looked at her to see if she knew what he meant, "Yours is perfect. I mean the proportion of it, your pussy lips, the way you keep it trimmed." He trailed a finger down her stomach, between her wet thighs and drew it through the liquid of their coupling. He circled her still-engorged clitoris slowly, watching her carefully. His sister half-closed her eyes. Sighed.

"And you? How was it for you?"

She dreamily opened her eyes again, focused on him.

"You mean after I actually moved on from the question of whether I could actually do it with you? Open my legs for my brother? Actually, did I ask myself that question? Hmmm. Anyway, After I felt I couldn't find any other way to bat you, my brrutthher away", she pronounced the word using an affected staccato, "was it any good?"

"Was it any good after your all-night persistence finally wore me down? After my inhibitions had been softened up with just enough booze?"

He pulled his hand away from his sister. Awkward.

"Don't worry. I'm 28 and big enough to say 'no'. If I were being philosophical about it I guess I could ask whether I felt I had the choice of saying 'no'. After all, I've had first-hand experience of you in action now bro. But let's assume it was consensual and I got caught up with the moment."

"It was good. What can I say?"

"Good?" Her brother was the one who was concerned now. It mattered somehow.

"OK. It was great sex. Darwin would be proud of you."


"Darwin. Natural selection and all that? There was a program on TV the other week looking at why humans orgasm. Apparently a guy's orgasm is all about reproduction -- to pass on his genes. The girl's is all about pleasure, she makes love for the orgasm. So if the guy gets it right, I mean if the girl is 'ppleassured'" she wrapped her tongue around the word as she said it, "her orgasm causes her vagina to contract flushing the sperm further into her, ergo his sperm have a better chance to... ." she tailed off. Thoughtful. "You know it can be as quick as 30 minutes for a sperm to fuse with an egg?"

The thought, just the chance of his sperm impregnating her overwhelmed her mind. Sure, no big deal, she'd take a pill to make sure the evil deed bore no consequences, but for a second she allowed herself to indulge. Imagined his baby, their baby, growing inside her. She noticed with no small amount of shock that the thought didn't horrify her anywhere near as much as it should have.

The sun suddenly grew intense, brightening the room, pulling her focus back to the bed. "When did you think you'd try it on with me?"

He considered those words for a moment, 'try it on', they didn't sit comfortably with him.

"Not sure really. Number one; put this in context, I was out to pull last night. Just had to. Had the itch -- you know." Looking at her for understanding. She nodded, just slightly but he took it as affirmation. "I don't know when my focus switched to you. Think it's when I got an echo off you."

She was intrigued now "Echo?"

He poked her rib playfully. "C'mon -- echo! You know, that boy girl thing? I felt something from you a couple of times early on in the night club. Not sure -- the way you danced, you kept on looking at me?"

He thought about it further -- "When we were all dancing. Sure, you were in front of that guy seemed like half the night but something about the way you moved. Felt like you were being sexy for me? Couple of times we ended up catching each others' eyes. Looking away. You know. Echoes.

She laughed then. Incredulity.

"I NEVER made a play for you. You are my brother. Remember that little detail? Or did your cock overrule your head?"

"So what? You just allowed me to keep my hand on your thigh under the table for the hell of it?"

"I didn't think much about it really. I mean you were several beers down, thought you were being high spirited."

"Hah. High spirited! And what about later on, when we were grinding on the dance floor. Was that high spirits too?"

"Brother. Dearest" sarcasm now, "selective memory?" - An aside, "they do say the memory struggles after sex. - I kept pushing you away, remember? I DO know when a guy is coming on strong. Trust me. If anything, I was more taken aback that it was you. I mean how does a sister respond when her brother is rubbing his hard on against her? You know Jen caught an eyeful of your little performance with me don't you?"

"Fuck Jen." He resented the intrusion of his sister's best friend. "So why didn't you just get up and walk away?"

She couldn't answer immediately. Needed time?

"I couldn't. Where could I go?"

"You could have come back here, to your flat. Told me to get lost; slipped out when I wasn't looking. Anything to avoid having your brother FUCK you. Specially if you knew that was the play."

She laughed wryly. "When were you NOT looking? Anyway, why would I have to cut my evening short with Jen and the others?"

"Well, it must have turned you on a bit, huh? I mean at some point you must have considered it -- letting go. Doing it with me?"

"Ut ut." She backed it up with a wave of her finger. "I can honestly say there was no point when we were out about town I thought. Hmm, you know what? I'm going to let my brother fuck me." Firm now, needed to re-affirm this was his show.

"So why are we naked, in bed together? Unless you're saying I raped you?"

Nothing. Silence. Deafening. She was actually considering the question.

"Nnn. No"

He let out his breath.

"Well what then? Either you wanted to or you didn't."

She withdrew the finger idling across his chest, cupped her head in her hand, turning to look at him. "I don't know when it was. I don't even know if it was a conscious decision. Hhappened so quickly."

She thought about it some more. "Maybe, when you pushed me back on the bed. I remember my legs sort of springing up as I hit the mattress. You were so in control. It felt, I felt so submissive then..."

She stopped, eyes searching his. "You were on me, I mean kneeling between my legs, on me, doing that thing with your nose" her voice rushed slightly as she recalled "stroking your fingers up and down my legs - boy, you sure know how to press all the buttons bro -- my skirt being pushed up and then, and then -- your tongue -- on me." A slight shudder as she recalled the feeling.

"You still could have said no."

"Brother. Dearest. Bruutther," that affected way of saying it again, "I was saying 'no' all night. You weren't taking 'no' for an answer. I wonder whether, because it was YOU, that changed the script somehow? I mean right at the point when I knew you were pushing me to go all the way the rules sort of went out of the window. Maybe BECAUSE you are my brother?" She considered her own question. "Hmmm. Maybe."

"So there wasn't a point when you were getting off on the fact your brother was screwing you?"

"I didn't say that. Biology, physiology takes over. Hell at some point during sex anything goes."

"Not what I meant. You know what I mean. There wasn't some point the fact it was your bruutther's cock in you that was getting you off?" He mimicked her pronunciation of the word, it seemed incredibly erotic to him somehow.

She went quiet for a moment. Didn't want to admit it; anything but the truth.

"The point was, I said 'no' all night, you had to TAKE me. I didn't GIVE it to you." She snapped at the words, maybe a little too quickly.

"Me doth think the lady protest too much."

Stalemate. No words.

He stroked her upturned face. Traced lines over her nose, to the tip. Worked his fingers down to her lips and pushed along them and lightly between them. He pushed a little harder, trying to part them and insert his finger into her mouth. She bared her white teeth and caught the digit sharply between them.

"Ow! Let go!"

She giggled through clenched teeth. Released the offending finger.

She noticed his cock rapidly inflating at the horseplay. So natural.

"Looks like Mr Biggy wants a little action there champ."

He searched her eyes, looking for an invitation. "We could..."

"No! Na uh. That was a one-off, never-to-be-repeated. You saw, you conquered, you came. Finito, finished, finis."

He shifted, moved up to her ear again. Softly now. "C'mon sis. One more mind blowing fuck for the road? One more, never-to-be-repeated orgasm?" He moved his hand down by the side of her cheek, walking his fingers lightly down her neck towards the V between her breasts; traced lightly around her well-proportioned flesh in a figure of 8 watching her nipples firm and rise.

Her chest started to rise and fall a little more quickly. Looking up, he smiled at her closed eyes, her mouth opened slightly. A tongue tip appeared, moistening her lips, the action involuntary.

Her hand rose, caught his, trapping it to her breast. "No. Once would be a fix. Twice would create an addiction."

She felt him shifting, his hand slipping from its weakly imprisoned state, "We cannnn't. Ohhhh!" Her eyes snapped open, focusing on the crown of her brother's head as it moved delicately between her thighs. His lips grazing on hers.

Her vagina, already flushed and glistening with the fluids of their first mating began to moisten. She was heating up; melting. Knew it, but felt powerless to stop it.

She grabbed his hair, pulling it hard.

"Nooooh. Pleease. Donn't. Oh Godd."

Her hips began to grind slowly into the sheets. From somewhere deep in her loins she felt a tell-tale jolt of electricity that intensified with every lap of her brother's tongue across and around her rapidly sensitising clitoris. Her pert bottom and hips moved rhythmically under the expert caress of his lips and delicate tongue tip. She felt his wet tongue move down between her now thick lips and stab rapidly into her moist vagina.

"Ohhhhhhh." So delicately. So sexily. Almost whispered.

The electrical charge began to build, its energy radiating outwards, seeking, positively needing release. Her left hand dropped suddenly, screwing up a handful of the bed-sheet giving her purchase as her thighs gripped her brother's head and her hips bucked savagely, involuntarily.

"Ohhhhh fuck. Oh Fuck. Ohhhhhhh." Her hips, so powerfully charged, lifted them both up together in one quick motion.

Momentarily he felt trapped by her. Then, gradually, the come down, her panting subsiding, her thighs relaxing, releasing him. Her fingers that had been crushing his hair, relaxed. Began to caress his scalp.

He was aware that his cock and balls were aching with anticipation. He needed this, needed her, to feel the delicious taboo of slipping into his sister one more time. He looked up at her, from between her thighs, noticed the brown down of her trimmed pubic hair surrounding the same vagina that was filling his nostrils with her heady, tangy scent.

The hand that had gripped the bed sheets had now moved up, the arm covering her face? Was she trying to hide from him? Maybe convince herself this was just another fuck? Perhaps she was trying to close down her senses to focus purely on the delicious touch of her brother.

Again, that involuntary tongue tip snaked out a little way between her lips.

Jesus it was so hot between her legs, so moist, musky.

He knelt, and hooked his hands under her thighs, simultaneously pulling them up and widening them, exposing her pussy, that now opened up for him wantonly like an oyster in the process of being shucked. So pink, glistening and vulnerable.

He shifted his weight forwards, placing his hands either side of his sister, kissing up her body, trailing his tongue through her pubic hair, over her pubis, and then up, pausing briefly to circle her navel, which elicited a small chuckle from her. That spot was sensitive.

Upwards, delicate, almost feather-like, his tongue trailed over her skin, found her left breast, lapping the underside, God so perfect, circling around towards the top, carefully leaving the nipple like some exquisite morsel to be savoured last. She was sensitive there. In fact, when he thought about it, she was the most responsive girl he'd ever been with and that pleased him. His lips found her nipple, applied pressure, he began to suckle on his sister as though he might draw milk from her.

"Ohhhhh. Ahhhh."

He dwelt long enough. Made sure she was deriving the maximum pleasure. It pleased him. It mattered to him. He wondered how he compared to her other lovers.

As he pleasured her right breast, he sensed the electricity again. The charge building up in her. If it was possible, her thighs had opened even wider and he began to tease her pussy with the tip of his rigid cock. Ploughing through her lips, undulating his pelvis so his cock rose up and then sank back down through them.

He loved this -- it was his little thing -- loved to tease a girl with his cock as his lips nibbled at her breasts and neck and finally settled onto her mouth. Penetrating her both with his cock and tongue at the same time.

"Look at me."

His sister's eyes were still covered by her arm.

"Look at me when I put it in."

Her arm dropped, revealing glassy eyes, so close to his. They studied each other, mirror images, for a second.

He felt his abdomen meshed to hers, the damp heat between them impossibly hot, the underside of her breasts pressed into his chest.

She shook her head slightly, whispered, "I want to."

And with that, he felt his penis, so hard that it felt as though it might burst, being enveloped by his sister's delicate fingers and drawn to her. Their hips shifting automatically and naturally for the best angle to couple. The very tip of his penis sensed the warmth and wetness of her, then the full heat of her body internally as it split her lips and entered her.

He sank his hips, pushing up slightly, enabling his cock to sink into his sister's slick pussy deeper, deeper. Until one final, animalistic rut up and into her so her pussy possessed him totally and in his turn, he possessed her utterly.


Her thighs came up either side of him enabling her to lock her feet around her brother's back.

"I want you right in." She said it breathily.

He didn't move just then. He wanted to savour the moment, feel the incestuous connection between himself and his sister. Commit to memory this feeling, her smell, her velvet pussy gloving his cock. To feel his balls sandwiched between her wet pussy and his damp thighs.

He moved his cock in her. Withdrawing slowly.

"Look at me."

Thrusting back in.

"Sis. Look at me."

Their eyes locked.

"You are so bad. Can't believe I'm letting my" he pushed back up into her again "Aaagh! Brutther..."

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