tagMind ControlImpregnating Paula Ch. 02

Impregnating Paula Ch. 02


Impregnating Paula part two

Paula didn't understand what was happening. They had went to the Hypnotherapy Clinic on the recommendation of their family Doctor. Hypnosis was supposed to relax them and assist in her impregnation. Instead, her husband was impotent, except at the clinic. There, he was larger and more powerful than ever before, but, he couldn't get an erection at home. He had never been like that before their first visit to the clinic. Maybe, she had gotten pregnant when he had fucked her so forcefully during their visit. Still, he was less than useless as a lover at home.
She couldn't remember the details, but, her body knew she had been fucked completely with a large, strong cock. Feeling his flaccid dick in bed, how could that have happened just a few hours earlier? Did hypnosis make him that much bigger temporarily? There were questions she needed to ask the Doctor.
The Doctor's receptionist called the next day asking if there would be a problem coming in the evening. They were open late on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Would it be possible for them to make arrangements to be her last patients on these days?
Without having to ask John, Paula knew the evening was much more convenient. She readily agreed they would be there Monday at 6pm.
Dr. Zimmerman was ecstatic with the knowledge she would have the sexual services of this beautiful wife three times a week for at least a month. Unknown to John and Paula, Paula was being used, and sexually exploited for the monetary benefit of the respected Dr. Marcia Zimmerman. John was a nuisance that had to be tolerated, but, she believed she had the answer to that problem. With more sedation and hypnotic suggestions, he could sleep through the sessions and dream of his sexual prowess with his wife. That would also save the bonus Beth was demanding.
Monday evening, the receptionist sent John into the office first. Within fifteen minutes, Paula was called, but, John had disappeared.
"What happened to my husband?" Paula inquired.
"Tonight, he will be in the room ready and waiting for you. We have a few minutes to discuss any progress that has been made. Is there anything you are concerned about?" Dr. Zimmerman asked sweetly.
"As a matter of fact, there are several things. The first is how can I remember my husband being so much bigger than I know he actually is?" Asking that was the last Paula remembered. Suddenly, she was no longer curious about the answer, but, accepted as true her husband being well endowed during the sessions. If her mind believed he was bigger, her body would accept it as reality. Everyone knew a larger and powerful penis was more apt to impregnate a woman.
Put that way, Paula was determined not to question the Doctor again. How could she possibly doubt a Doctor doing everything possible to resolve her problem?
Showing Paula to a room and entering with her, Dr. Zimmerman pointed to a door and instructed Paula. "When you place your hand on the door knob, I will turn out the light. Enter the room. Your husband will be laying on the bed in the dark. It's the same as before, except he is naked and ready for you. Remove your clothing and prepare yourself for your husband. Remember, he is bigger and more virile than ever before. Enjoy yourself."
Paula could just make out the outline of her husband. She could tell he was completely naked, as she walked to the bed. Silently, she bent over and kissed him. His lips were fuller and his tongue more forceful, as he pulled her tighter against his chest. Breaking the kiss, she sucked his nipple, her hand was caressing his huge balls. She desperately wanted to make love to her husband. Slowly, Paula worked her mouth down his torso until her mouth hovered over his huge cock.
When Paula took the base of his cock in her hand, she was unable to close her hand around it. Holding onto the ridged pole, she licked the head as if it was a giant popsicle. Strands of pre-cum and saliva were already stringing between the head and her tongue. His cock was fully erect now and she could barely fit the huge head into her mouth. Using both hands, she was stroking the shaft.
Not able to wait any longer, she straddled his hips and squatted over his long, thick cock. Guiding it toward her cunt, and balancing herself with her other hand, she slowly lowered herself, anticipating pain as the knob split her pussy lips.
To her surprise and delight, she was so ready and wet, his dick penetrated easily. Making a soft, slurping noise on the way in, she slid down his long, fat cock until their hairs meshed together. She gasped when she felt him fully embedded in her stomach. A sensation like a mild electric shock coursed through her quivering body.
She eased herself onto her knees and began a rocking motion back and forward, always impaled on his strong shaft. Coming forward, her breasts hung close to his face, raising up, he sucked her nipple into his mouth. New sensations exploded within her and she felt her orgasm begin to surge upward, looking for an outlet.
She grabbed his hands, their fingers interlocked, and began bouncing up and down on his hard cock. Moments later, she threw her head back and in loud gasping moans soared to a place beyond time or space. Half conscious, she collapsed on his chest, still spitted on his throbbing monster.
Never slipping all the way from her tight pussy, he rolled her over and got on top. He began long, deep strokes that caused her eyes to roll back in her head. He fucked her powerfully and thoroughly till she was crying out as she felt her orgasm begin to well up in her toes and racing up her legs and thighs, before exploding deep in her pussy.
She climaxed again when she felt his cock begin to swell and pulsate inside her body. She could feel his semen flooding her pussy, filling her to overflowing, and finally to gush out around his cock head.
Before she had recovered, he quietly left the room, leaving her limp and gasping in the afterglow of complete sexual satisfaction.
After the couple had departed, Dr Zimmerman, Beth, and Susie were gathered in her office discussing the next phase of the treatment. Beth was the most vocal of the group and was offering a dire warning. "If you don't change your tactics concerning her husband, you're going to have a divorce on your hands. Two divorce lawyers could very well uncover your little scheme going on here. They're very much in love, and his impotence is destroying their relationship. You should remove that suggestion and let them lead a normal life when they leave here. Greed is overcoming your better judgment this time."
"I've been thinking of that very thing." Marcia agreed. "It's worked before, but in this instance, it's doing more harm than good. Will you agree to accept John under your wing and take care of him each visit?" Receiving a frown from Beth, she continued. "For a small bonus, of course."
Susie spoke up. "Another thing we have to remember. This golden goose will only lay for another two or three weeks. When she misses her period and determines she's pregnant, the money stops till you find another couple. It's still amazing how they pay to be fucked and you have men paying to fuck them."
"Sarcasm doesn't suit you and you should refrain from using it." Marcia said sharply. "They want to get pregnant, and I can guarantee they will definitely be pregnant when they leave here. The means is immaterial as long as they're satisfied. If the treatment is unorthodox and I happen to make a little money unknown to them, it hurts nobody. All parties are happy and satisfied in the end."
"One more thing, all the men have been hung about the same so far. I'll continue with that policy for now. Here's the question. Bob Seymour has been pestering me again and is willing to pay double for another chance. He has seen Paula's photos and wants it to be with her. If I accept, it will be at the end of the sessions and he will be the last man to have her body. Her pussy will be stretched enough to take his giant tool by then. I'm undecided whether to let him ruin another pussy, or not. I believe her vagina will revert to it's original size, but would probably take a couple of weeks."
Beth suggested. "For that much money, let him. You can always suggest to them a woman's vagina gets larger when she becomes pregnant. The average couple would accept that explanation."
"Okay, everything is settled and we all know our duties." Marcia finished. "I almost forgot, get hold of John and have him stop in sometime tomorrow. I may as well take care of that little problem and get it over with."
Tuesday afternoon, after talking with the Doctor, John felt as if a heavy load had been lifted from his shoulders. For the life of him, he couldn't remember what they had discussed. An even bigger surprise awaited him that night. Laying next to his silent wife and thinking how much he loved her, his dick showed signs of life! It was actually getting hard. He was ecstatic! He had to let Paula know he could now get erect at home. "Honey, I'm not impotent after all! I knew it was only temporary."
"That's great, honey, but I'm still recovering from last night. You certainly weren't impotent at the session! My pussy is still tingling. Go to sleep. You're going to feed it to me again tomorrow, but not tonight."
True to her words, Paula was royally fucked three times a week for the next two weeks. Both were completely sexually satisfied during each and every session. Sex at home was unknown. John loved to sport an erection and was proud he was keeping his wife so happy. Unknown to him, Beth was becoming quite fond of him and could actually climax a few times during his lovemaking.
Dr. Zimmerman had Bob Seymour ready to go Friday evening. Knowing Paula's menstruation cycle, she knew she had little time left before Paula and John dropped from the program. She had a feeling Friday would be the last.
On the way to the Doctor's, Paula was saying. "I think tonight will finish this hectic month. I'm not complaining about our love sessions, but I keep feeling something is not right. I'm always satisfied without knowing how, or, remembering any details. Doesn't that seem strange to you?"
"Oh, I don't know. I always remember having sex with you and you're the greatest. I'm the luckiest man in the world. I think we've finally made a baby. But, it's possible you're not pregnant and if we cancel tonight, Dr. Zimmerman won't take us back.
"I hope this is the last time. We'll know before the next session schedule. Let's get in there! Remember, how big and strong you are. I'm getting horny thinking about you taking me for the last time in this place." Paula gushed.
By now, they knew the routine and were comfortable being in a dark room, with nothing but a red glow lamp under the bed. Little did either know that the red lamp was the trigger putting them under.
This time, Paula entered first and was waiting for her lover. She sensed someone at the foot of the bed. Looking down, she could only see the black outline of a body because of the darkness.
His hands were massaging her feet and stroking her legs, moving ever higher, spreading her thighs as he did so. She could barely see him bending toward her pussy, not sure what was going to happen next. Feeling his breath gently blowing on her pussy, she thought she was prepared for what was coming next. With fingers on each side of her pussy lips, he spread her labia wide and planted a sloppy kiss right in the middle of her cunt. The flat of his big tongue licked her from bottom to top, and back again. Each time flicking her clit with his soft broad tongue. Licking around her lips, before thrusting his tongue inside like a large soft dick. Her clitoris was a hard little nubbin and he sucked it into his mouth, as his tongue swirled around and around it. Paula was jerking and squirming, not knowing if it was to get more or get away from the maddening tongue.
The decision was taken from her, as he suddenly moved up her body. His tongue left a wet, slimy trail up her stomach and to her aching breasts. First one, then the other of her nipples and areolas were sucked into his mouth. His teeth nibbled on her nipples, almost painfully. All the time, his fingers were stroking her pussy and rubbing each side of her clit.
When he finally reached her lips and stuck a thick tongue inside, she could still taste herself. Her husband was really going all out tonight, their last night!
Her pussy lips were still spread as he placed the huge head at her opening. Pressing just between her soaking lips, he rubbed his monster cock up and down, preparing for the final penetration. Applying pressure, her pussy began stretching to allow the invasion of his cock. The mushroom head finally popped inside, and Paula was groaning from the insistent pressure. Spreading her legs wider, entry was easier as more and more sunk inside. His cock slowly slid deeper and deeper into the recess of her body. Without her being soaking wet and his pre-cum to ease the way, the pain would have been unbearable. As it was, she felt a great pressure on the walls of her pussy, but very little discomfort.
When he began making short, forceful strokes, each burying his cock deeper, Paula began responding by arching her hips and moaning eerily. At this moment, he groaned and thrust fully into her, his pubic bone slapping against hers. Her cunt was stretched tightly against the entire length of his thick cock.
He began pumping with long powerful strokes, feeling her pussy clench his cock like a tight leather glove. Paula suddenly stiffened and cried out, as an orgasm rocked her entire being, her body in spasm and shaking from the hot waves of pleasure emanating from within her pussy.
Her lover slowed only a few moments before thrusting more powerfully and forcefully than ever. He was punishing her, destroying all her resistance with his massive cock. She was groaning continuously, her thighs spread wide in complete submission and surrender. She was incredibly aroused and helpless to resist his conquest of her soul. Her body was responding again and another orgasm was rumbling like magma of a volcano rushing toward the surface.
He was thrusting even more strongly and grunting with each mighty stroke of his powerful cock. She gave a hoarse cry when she felt his cock begin to swell and pulsate deeply within her. Paula exploded in another climax of epic proportions when the first spurt of potent sperm hit her cervix. Squirt after squirt of baby making sperm shot into her belly, filling every crack and crevasse. If she wasn't pregnant before, she certainly was now.
With a final kiss, he eased away from her body, his cock making a plopping sound as it was withdrawn from her well used hole. Paula lay there with her legs spread wide, her pussy lips gaping open, red and swollen, as thick sperm seeped from her cunt and streamed down her ass.
When the light came on, she had to be helped to the shower before dressing. Paula had never been fucked so completely before in her entire life. Meeting her husband in the hallway, she knew in her heart he wasn't the one who had just left her laying exhausted on the bed.
Later, as they were lying side by side, she idly fondled his limp dick. Memories of being fucked and satisfied, by large, powerful cocks for the past month, rushed through her mind. She didn't know what had happened, but, was certain the dick she was holding had not been the one. She decided to keep the thoughts to herself, but make certain she never darkened the doors of Dr. Marcia Zimmerman again.
Paula was pregnant. Life returned to normal and routine, except for her dreams. She loved John and enjoyed his love making, but, there was always something missing. He could still make her climax, just not the mind shattering orgasms of her dreams.
Sometimes, late at night and unable to sleep, Paula longed for another month long session at Dr Marcia Zimmerman's Hypnotherapy Clinic.

The end

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