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In Bed Together


Paula Darian, a cute, short, petite 18-year-old blonde, beamed with her pretty blue eyes at her tennis instructor, Gavin Mundt, as he was playing a game with another man on the court where she'd just had a lesson with Gavin an hour before. She hadn't gone home yet because her crush on the big, tall, handsome 38-year-old kept her sitting on the bleachers, her head following the ball in play as it went back and forth, left to right to left to right. When the ball wasn't in play, she looked only at him, even when he wasn't serving. She was so absorbed in watching Gavin that she didn't even notice her next door neighbour, a man who regularly used the tennis court, walking by and waving to her.

At one point, the man Gavin was playing against hit the ball outside the boundaries, and it bounced by the bleachers where she was sitting, two tiers from the bottom. Gavin went to get the ball.

He picked up the ball, noting how, once again, she was eyeing him longingly as she had so many times before during her lessons with him. "Paula," he said, smiling his flattery. "Why are you still here?"

She just looked at him with flirtatious eyes and, not knowing where her boldness was coming from, clearly mouthed the words, "I love you."

Chuckling and slightly sneering at the naive passion of a teenage girl, but also hiding his real emotional reaction, he went back to his game.

"Sorry, Manny," he said to the man he was playing against. "My serve?"


Gavin wasn't the only man she fancied. She'd been getting rock climbing lessons from Devin 'Buzz' Ness, a 39-year-old who, like Gavin, was also big, tall, and handsome. She'd quickly decided to have 'Big Buzz', as she liked to call him, teach her when she saw him win at a rock climbing competition on TV. She watched the TV screen with rapt attention.

"So, your rock-climbing school is in Toronto: is that right?" a reporter asked him.

"Yes, that's right," Buzz said, smiling for the camera.

"How convenient," Paula said to herself. "His school is right here, in town."

"What do you have to say to those environmentalists who accuse you of never practising 'clean climbing', and damaging the rock you climb without remorse?" the reporter asked him.

"Oh, please," Buzz said, trying to hide his contempt. "I say to them, 'Get a life'. It's just a sport."


A month later, and after several rock-climbing lessons at his school, Paula was climbing with him on a rock wall there. He was just under her, and her pretty little behind was just a foot or so above his face. He stared at it, smiling lewdly.

"I hate the way those environmentalists always demonize you, Big Buzz," she said.

"All I want to do is get right to the top, higher than everyone else," he said, still smiling as he ogled her ass, and knowing as well as Gavin did that she liked both men. "To hell with keeping the rocks pretty."

They got to the top of the wall and looked at each other. "I love watching you get it up...uh, get up, uh, to the top," she stammered, giggling shyly and blushing at her slip of the tongue. He laughed, too.

"I love taking you up with me," he said. "I want to take you up to the top with me."

They looked in each others' eyes, practically reading each others' minds, but not saying anything.


Sometimes Buzz would go over to play tennis at Gavin's tennis court; Buzz would enjoy watching Paula having lessons with Gavin. The two men would see each other, but would look at each other coldly, particularly when Paula was there.

"Hi Buzz," she said, smiling and waving at him one day as he sat at the bleachers. He smiled and waved back, then frowned when he saw frowning Gavin.

"So, you get rock climbing lessons from him?" Gavin whispered in her ear as they picked up their rackets and balls.

"Yeah," she said. "So?"

"You like him, don't you?" Gavin asked.

"Oh, don't be jealous," she purred. "I like you better."

"Good, 'cause Buzz is lecherous. He'll seduce a girl, then leave her. You don't want that." They walked over to the court together. "Right-wing hypocrite that he is."

"I'll be careful." She smiled, flattered and excited by the attention she was getting from both men.

"Why don't you quit rock climbing?"

"'Cause I like it."

"You should focus on one sport, to get really good at it. Your natural talent at tennis should make it obvious which sport you should quit."

She smirked as he served the ball. Which man should I have? she thought as the ball came at her; Big Gavin? Big Buzz? Both? She giggled, hitting the ball back at Gavin.

Buzz watched the lesson, smiling at her when the ball went to her, to his right, then scowling at Gavin when the ball went to him, to Buzz's left.


After finishing a climb up the rock wall in Buzz's school, he and Paula rested at a table, drinking iced tea he'd bought for both of them.

"You should quit your tennis lessons with Gavin," Buzz said. "Focus on rock climbing."

"But I like tennis," Paula said.

"Lessons with both of us must be getting expensive," he said. "You sure you can afford it?"

"I manage," she said. "My parents help."

"I'm sure they do. They waste more money than the socialist nanny state."

She smirked, delighted that both men wanted her enough to be jealous of each other. "I gotta go pee," she said, then got up and left the room.

He followed immediately after, but was careful not to let her see him follow.

She went into a small, one-person washroom and closed the door, locking it. He stood by the door, watching the halls so no one would walk by and see what he was doing. He took a skeleton key out of his pocket and slowly, silently unlocked the door.

Waiting first for the beginning sound of her piss hitting the toilet bowl, he opened the door quickly and walked in on her. There she was, on the toilet with her shorts pulled down to her ankles, and her pretty pink panties showing, too. Her legs were open, and her pee could be seen pouring out into the toilet bowl in a straight line.

Blushing and giggling in embarrassment, she quickly closed her legs and put her hands on her crotch, covering the little spot of brown pubic hair he'd already clearly seen.

"Buzz," she said, giggling and grinning sheepishly. "I'm peeing."

"I can see that," he said, closing the door and locking it, always looking down at her half-naked body. "Don't be embarrassed, sweetie. You look beautiful without your clothes on. C'mon: move your hands away; let me see it all again." He gently pulled her hands up from her lap.

"But I'm peeing," she said, now frowning, and still blushing. "I'm smelly down there." The golden juice kept pouring out of her now-exposed urethra.

"I like the smell."


"Because it's yours." He held her hands up in the air.

She squirted out a few last drops. He smiled, enjoying watching her natural bodily functions. "I'm done. I need to wipe myself."

"In a minute, sweetie," he said. "Stand up."

"OK." She got up, still frowning.

He squatted down and took off her shoes and socks, then got her bare feet through the leg holes of her shorts and panties. He sniffed her urine-smelling snatch and grinned.

"Buzz, what are you doing?" she asked nervously.

He got up, then pulled off her T-shirt, which she reluctantly allowed him to do. Now she had only a pink bra covering her tiny tits. He put his hands on the clip between them.

"But Buzz," she said almost fearfully. "They're really small. You won't like them." She seemed like she was going to cry.

"I like small ones," he said, taking off the bra and revealing the little but firm breasts. He looked up and down at her naked body. Shy, she avoided his eyes; she was afraid he wouldn't like what he saw. "You're beautiful."

"Really?" She quickly reached back and flushed the toilet, hating the smell.

"Oh, but I like looking at your pee, sweetie."

"But it's such a gross thing to like."

"No, it isn't."

"How not?"

"It's yours. I love everything about you--even your natural smells." He looked up and down at her frontal nudity, admiring her small breasts, and her small spot of pubic hair. She shyly covered both private places with her hands. "No, let me see." He pulled her hands away, adoring the vulnerability of her nudity. "You're beautiful."

She giggled nervously.

"Turn around. Let me see the rest of you."

She did, her heart pounding in a mixture of fear and excitement. He grinned at the sight of her cute little buttocks. He caressed them and patted them gently, then he sat on the toilet, with her ass in front of his face.

"Spread your legs and bend over," he said.

"OK." She did as she was told, exposing her pretty little brown anus and urine-soaked, pink pussy. She wasn't aware the first hole was showing, and she would have felt her hair stand on end had she known he was thinking about penetrating it. "Do you like it?"

"Very much." He took some toilet paper and wiped the dripping piss off her pussy. He was delighted to feel a bump of innocence there...a hymen!

"Baby?" he asked with a grin. "You're a virgin?"

"Yeah," she said, embarrassed again.

"Sit on my lap." She did. He looked in her eyes yearningly as he gently and slowly rocked her back and forth, enjoying the feeling of her soft little buttocks touching the hard-on in his pants. "My sweet, innocent little baby. Please let me deflower you."

Rubbing her buns against his hard-on, she ecstatically sighed, "Yes." She leaned back, turning her head, and they began French kissing.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. He put his hand on her mouth and said, "I'm in here. I'll be out in a minute."

"OK, Buzz," a female voice said; then she left.

"I must see you later," he said to Paula. "As soon as possible."

"My parents won't be home till late tonight," Paula said, pecking him on the lips. "Can you come over now?"

"You still live on Glenrose Avenue, right?"

"Yeah, 241," she said, getting up and reaching for her clothes.

"I can get there in about an hour," he said. "I have some stuff to do here first."

"Great. That gives me enough time to shower."

"OK, I'll see you there at about four." He got up and left the washroom.

"Bye," she said as he walked out the door.


He arrived at her house at about 3:45; he rang the doorbell. In a white bathrobe, she opened the door.

"Wow, you're early," she said, surprised.

"Yeah," he said as he went inside. "What I had to do at the school didn't take as long as I thought it would."

As she closed and locked the door, he undid her robe and pulled it off her now-nude body.

"I haven't showered yet," she said, covering her body with her hands again in embarrassment.

"That's OK," he said, picking her up and carrying her up the stairs to the bathroom on the second floor. "Let me bathe you. Which room's your shower in?"

"Over there," she said, pointing to it. They went in.

He put her down in the bathtub and turned on the water. She put in the plug while he reached for the soap, beginning to lather it.

Gently running his hands up and down her soft, smooth skin, he soaped up and cleaned every inch of her body. She washed her face and shampooed her hair. When he'd washed all of her, from her shoulders to her toes, he gently pushed down on her. "Squat down," he said.

"OK," she said, squatting. With her legs spread open, he could see the next part of her body he wanted to clean: her virgin cunt. As he rubbed the soap all over her labia, her clitoris, and her vulva, she gently moaned and got horny. At one point his fingers gently pinched her hymen and shook it slightly. "Don't!"

"Does it hurt?"

"No; it just embarrasses me to be reminded I'm a virgin."

"I think it's beautiful that you're so innocent, and vulnerably nude."

She giggled and blushed.

"OK, sweetie: get up, turn around, and bend over," he said.

"OK," she said, and did as she was told.

"Spread your legs; I need to see what I'm cleaning."

She spread her legs, revealing her asshole again. Sighing lustfully, he lathered up his hands and started soaping up the pretty hole. When he gently poked a soapy finger an inch or two inside her rectum, she winced. "Eww! Buzz, that's where I poo. It's so dirty there."

"That's why it has to be clean," he said. He continued cleaning, sticking his finger in deeper and rubbing it against every rectal wall. She moaned in a paradoxical combination of pleasure and discomfort. He thought, I'll conquer you, too, pretty asshole. She'll lose her anal virginity as well...when the time comes.

After the shower, he dried her, inspected every inch of her body, especially her two holes when she was bent over, then picked her up and carried her to her parents' bedroom. He laid her on the bed on her back, her legs spread wide open to receive him.

"Please be gentle with me, Big Buzz," she timidly pleaded, shaking with the same mixture of fear and excitement as before, only now it was more intense. "Don't hurt me."

"Well, popping your cherry is going to hurt, sweetie," he said, unzipping his pants. "But I'll be as gentle as I can. Now, close your eyes, and Big Buzz will give you a big surprise."

"OK," she said, closing her eyes and grinning with expectation.

He pulled out his big, long, thick erection and pushed it against her vaginal opening, poking against the hymen. He got on top of her in the missionary position.

He poked and poked, puncturing the hymen by degrees. She squealed in pain and pleasure, putting her hands on his arms and gripping his muscles. His cock was soaked in her blood and vaginal fluid.

Finally, after enough aggressive thrusts (he was nowhere near as gentle as he'd promised to be with her), he broke through the hymen completely. She screamed in pain, her blood staining her parents' sheets.

They fucked and fucked, her feeling a paradox of increased pleasure and soreness. When he'd had enough of digging inside her, he pulled his cock out, then reached for some nearby Kleenex and wiped her blood off his cock.

She hadn't orgasmed, but she didn't care: she wasn't a virgin anymore. "How do you...do fellatio?" she asked, panting and licking her lips.

"Let me teach you," he said, sitting on the side of the bed with his cock, pointing up through the zipper of his pants. She got off the bed and knelt between his legs.

Looking up at him, she took the tip of his cock to her lips. Looking down at her, he held her head and caressed her cheeks.

"First, kiss and lick the tip and underside several times," he said.

She did, always looking up at him anxiously to learn, by his facial expressions, if she was doing it right. So far, so talented.

"Good," he moaned. "Now, take it inside." She did. "Massage the...underside with...your tongue." She did.

Never as she sucked his cock did her eyes leave his face, so anxious was she to know how well her mouth was pleasing the man she loved.

"Play with...my balls. Oh!"

She took them in her hand and jiggled them slightly, tickling his scrotum with her gently-scratching fingers.

"Oh, yeah," he moaned. "That's much better. Ah!"

She slid her lips up and down his shaft, covered in her lubricating saliva. Her tongue flickered and tickled his protruding corpus spongiosum; he put his hand on her head, pushing his cock deeper inside so she could deep-throat him. She coughed and gagged at first, but not wanting to displease him, she quickly adapted and learned to control her gag reflex. Soon, she was deep-throating him almost effortlessly.

She's a natural, he thought.

Finally, after a minute or so more of sucking, he felt himself ready to come. He kept his cock at least half-way inside as the first few squirts of come splashed inside her mouth and went down her throat, making sure she couldn't spit any of it out. Indeed, she swallowed every last drop, regardless of whether she wanted to or not. When the last squirt finally came out, he took his spent member out of her mouth and put it in his pants, zipping them up. He stood up, coldly not even looking at her.

"I love you," she panted.

He walked out of the bedroom without even saying goodbye.

She didn't have any time to react to his coldness, for she noticed those bloodstains on her parents' bedsheets, and hurriedly took them to the laundry to wash them, hoping she could get the stains out before they set in.


A week had gone by, and Paula hadn't seen or heard from Buzz: he wasn't at the rock-climbing school, nor was he available on his phone or even online. She was completely at a loss to understand why he'd disappeared so suddenly, as confused by this as she was eager to see him again. Finally, she went to the school and asked the receptionist there where he was.

"Oh, Buzz went with his wife and kids to California for a vacation," the receptionist said.

"Oh, OK. Thank you," Paula said, turning around slowly and walking out of the school. He told me he was divorced, she thought, beginning to cry; he just used me for sex. He never loved me.

She went sobbing all the way to the tennis court to see Gavin, the only man she could imagine being able to comfort her. By the time she saw him there, she was bawling out loud.

"Oh, baby, what's wrong?" he asked, putting his arm around her. "Come on, let's go somewhere private."

He took her to his office (for he owned the tennis school, as Buzz owned the rock-climbing school). She kicked off her sandals at the door and went in barefoot. He locked the door, then took her to his sofa, where he sat, with her on her knees between his legs. He hugged her, her head on his left shoulder, and her knees pushing against his bulging hard-on.

She was wearing a pretty white dress with a flower pattern on it; but it wouldn't be on her long, for he quietly, slowly, surreptitiously unzipped it at the back. He was careful to lift the dress up gently where the zipper was being lowered so she wouldn't feel it going down her back. That she was too overwhelmed with a broken heart to notice made it easier for him to undress her.

"What happened, sweetie?" Gavin asked in a soothing, avuncular tone. "Was it Buzz?" The zipper was now down all the way.

"Yeah," she sobbed. "Buzz seduced me, but he's married. He just had me...and dumped me...when he'd had his fun." she sobbed louder.

"Bastard!" Gavin growled, untying her dress's shoulder straps and slowly pulling the dress off her, careful not to let the material touch her bared skin. He kept her from noticing not only with his patiently undressing hands, but also with his distracting words. "I warned you about him. Mr. Big Buzz Ness, Mr. white-collar conservative family man." Gavin slowly lifted each of her knees off the sofa while carefully bringing her removed dress down her legs to her feet. He continued his distracting talk. "Hypocrite! Buzz pays his employees peanuts for a salary, never above minimum wage. Climbs rocks and doesn't care that he's damaging Mother Earth, and seducing teenage girls and cheating on his wife. I told you he was a lecher."

"I know; I shoulda listened to you." Her dress was on the floor now. She was in only her pink bra and panties. Still with her head on his shoulder, her face soaked in her tears, she was too distracted by her sorrow--and his comforting words--to notice she was half-naked.

"Don't worry, sweetie. I'm here," he said, now with his hands on the elastic of her panties, slowly, patiently lifting them from her skin so she'd not feel them coming off. He gently pulled them down to her knees. "He used you, but I won't."

He kissed her teary cheek, then pulled her left leg up gently, getting her panties around and below that knee. He slowly, carefully did the same for her other leg, her still not noticing.

"I'm so stupid," she cried, always with her head on his shoulder, soaking it with her tears. "I was so stupid, trusting him."

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