In Passing


"Quick, let's go in here," Johnny said to his friend Bob.

"What for, you hiding from someone?"

"Yeah, I just spotted an old girlfriend, I don't want her to see me like this."

"If she's an ex-girlfriend why do you care how you look to her?" Bob asked.

"Don't you get it, I don't want her to see me trashed out like this."

"Just because you dress casual on the weekends doesn't mean you're a bum or something. Lot's of people dress down, especially here."

"You just don't get it, I mean look at her," he said, nodding his head out the window toward a woman walking down the street.

"She's looking good, her friend is not bad either."

"Yeah, I don't know who that is. After we broke up we kind of went different ways with our friends," Johnny replied.

"In other words I'm the best you could come up with?"

"Well Bob, to be completely honest..."


"Okay, okay, we just ran with different crowds. Oh damn, I think she saw me," Johnny said slipped back into the shop.

"She's crossing the street Johnny."

"Oh hell, I might as well get this over with," he replied, brushing past his friend to step out onto the cobblestone street. "Meridith, hi, what a surprise to see you. How have you been?"

"Hi John, I was just doing a little shopping."

"You are really looking great," he replied, letting his eyes gaze up at her face, then her neck and take a quick peek down at her cleavage. Oh I remember those breasts, how the nipples would perk up so hard. It used to turn me on taking them in my mouth and sucking them, and then rubbing my face over them. I could spend hours caressing the soft skin, running my fingertips over the areola and then gently pinching the nipples.

"You look pretty good yourself," Meridith replied, glancing down and noticing Johnny's hands. Oh John, how I loved the way you touched me, especially my breasts. Your fingers would circle my nipples and then pinch them, then you'd run your tongue over them, sucking my nipples into your mouth. You made them so hard, and then you'd run your face over them, that turned me on so much, I think there was a time you actually made me come just caressing my breasts.

"Yeah, I was headed up to the bookstore, you know me and my books. I see you're shopping for clothes, you always dressed so nicely," Johnny replied. I remember that time I pushed you against your apartment door and undressed you right there. As you leaned against the door I kissed and licked your breasts and then ran my tongue down, dipping into your belly button and then downward. Your curly hair was so soft down there it felt so good on my face as my tongue slid wetly over your clit. And when I pressed my fingers to your pussy you were so wet already, they slipped inside and your wetness actually ran down on my hand. You seemed to come so quickly then, god that turned me on.

"This outfit, it's just something I threw on for the day. I bought a pair of shoes, but I'm just mostly out enjoying the weather," she replied, reaching up and adjusting his collar. I remember that time you shoved me against the door and went down on me. Oh I came so quickly then, oh it felt so good. Suddenly you lifted me and placed me down on the carpet and shoved your cock into me. I was so wet it slid easily and I came again in no time, hell I must have come five times before you finally came inside me. I remember we then went out to eat and to a movie and all I could think of was your cum there inside me.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Meridith, this is my friend Bob. Bob, Meridith." Yeah I know what you're thinking, I've really gone downhill. Hell, I don't dare even suggest... but oh wow it felt so good sliding my cock into you. There were times I never wanted to take it out.

"Yes, so silly of me, this is Janet, you remember Janet? Janet, this is John, we used to date a while back," Meridith replied, introduction her friend. Yes I know she's a bitch and you could never be interested in me and my friends again, but damn what I wouldn't do to feel you inside me again.

"Well I better be going now, the book store is closing soon," Johnny said shyly waving to the women. If only I could touch you again.

"Good luck John, I hope you find what you are looking for," Meridith replied, waving back at Johnny. If only you would touch me again.

They both walked in different directions on the cobblestone street, only the sound of their shoes on the road broke the silence.

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