tagBDSMIn Service to my Mistress Ch. 02

In Service to my Mistress Ch. 02


It's been over a year since I wrote the first installment of my story.

My Mistress recently read it for the first time and told me to continue with the next chapter. She found it quite amusing actually. I have not been allowed an orgasm now for close to three months and I have been begging her lately for release. Well... I hint at it hesitantly anyway. She has forbidden me orgasm until she decides I deserve one and even begging for one would be seen as arguing with her or questioning her and that would mean an instant punishment. My Dominatrix is not lenient with her lessons. Not even remotely. The burning becomes overwhelming at times though. My clit, far too small to ever please her, still longs for some pleasure though. It becomes especially difficult when I have to fluff her men and stand there ready to serve while I watch helplessly as they fuck like wild animals. She loves hearing me whimper for her and hearing me beg to serve her while she is screaming in orgasm. My wee wee bound tight in a very small cock cage. Her control over me is absolute. I do not play at being her slave. I am hers completely with no will of my own. I am her property and she my Goddess and owner.

I live on my knees beneath her glory.


So it has been a very long lonely day. Actually the past 5 days have all been the same. My Goddess has been away on a business trip and tonight's the last night before her return and that always means the same thing. My Goddess always arranges her returns for the night of the day after her work ends to give herself a free evening and time enough to recover the next day, for a night of fun, drinking, partying and extreme debauchery. She has followed this pattern with every trip she has taken since I have become her slave and has found some way almost every time to somehow cause me some form of pain or embarrassment. My Mistress is an extremely intelligent woman and her evil imagination knows no bounds. By all that is evil I love her.

Tonight was no different.

I had spent the past 5 days cleaning, doing housework, laundry, vacuuming, dusting, ironing her business suits and clothes. All the chores I am required to do every day. I'm always required to be naked in the house being allowed clothing only if I must go outside to complete some task she has assigned me or to run errands for her or the upkeep of her home. Food shopping, taking or picking up her more important clothes to the dry cleaners, mowing or raking the yard, etc...

I'm also always required to clean all of her BDSM equipment, floggers, whips, large collection of dildos, wall cross, horse and benches, bondage equipment, leathers, heels, shoes and boots. The last three I must do with my tongue. Anything that touches My Goddess actually I must clean thusly and with reverence. My worship for her must be absolute.

Of course I have to also keep her bedroom spotless and well stocked with all the necessary items for her to entertain herself and her Bulls. Every lube, powder, oil or ointment and condoms. All must be available at all times. My Mistress very well may have a man over at any time.

I do all of this out of love, not fear in any way. I know her punishment will be intense should I fail at any time. That though is not the driving force behind my servitude. I love the woman with all my soul and cringe at the very thought of her being unhappy or displeased with me. I lost my will to her the day I met her.

So I almost tripped over my own feet when I heard her ringtone on my phone. Oh yes, a quick side note. She controls and commands me even with that. She made a ringtone for my phone that is her own voice ordering me to answer my phone and not keep her waiting. Now I had been cleaning the oven and was hardly in the position to talk but all of that means nothing at all to her. I swept up my phone, falling to my knees in the living room, shaking in submission, head bowed and answered her call.

"slave" her voice was soft, sensual and dripping with confidence. I melt every time I hear it. Even her whispers cause me to shake. Her voice is like fire and sex at the same time.

"In service to my Mistress" I automatically reply. I trembled a bit. I had not heard that glorious voice in several days. I realized though that she was probably in a club since I heard voices, laughter and music in the background.

She left the phone for a moment. Seemingly talking to some man who was obviously showing her more than a little attention. "Give me a moment darling". Her voice came back solidly again.

"slave. Jason and I just got off the phone and he's very horny. While I am going to be home tomorrow night he can't get away from his wife for several more days and wanted to come over tonight."

Jason was one of my Mistresses three main bulls and I knew instantly what this call meant.

"He should be there any minute. You WILL pleasure him and obey him as you would me. Do you understand?" The question was not even remotely an actual question. My Goddess has a standing rule that if she is unavailable or simply not in the mood that I must pleasure her men. Their desires matter far more than any wishes or desires I may have. I am never allowed pleasure in the process either, at least never allowed to orgasm. I know this and so do her Bulls.

Having been alone without my Dominatrix for 5 days I both welcomed such a visit as well as feared it. Her men are far from gentle with me. She at least see's me as property and as such does protect me. After all few people intentionally damage the things they own. Her Bulls have no such restrictions.

I heard what sounded like a soft moan and kissing and she panted a quick "My other Bulls may drop by as well" before she hung up on me. She has never said goodbye to me.

That stunned me. All three of her Bulls may come by? I quickly however ran to wash up, do my makeup as sultry as possible, sprayed on my female pheromone spray and perfume, put on a skimpy negligee (I am allowed clothes to pleasure her men) and get ready for...

Knock Knock.

Damn that was quick!

I ran to the door, falling to my knees before it as I turned the handle to let Jason enter. My head lowered in total respect. This was a man that my Mistress enjoyed. A man she had spent many hours with. A man who fucked her very often and who's cum I had many times devoured from her pussy as well as his shaft when cleaning him afterwards.

Master Jason stood easily 6 foot 2. Had jet black hair. Was very muscular. I'd guess about 35 in age and most important for my Mistress he was a very well hung black man. She and I both loved black studs. I even had a Queen of Spades tattoo on my left arm. Actually all three of her main Bulls were black.

Jason closed the door behind him and sneered down at me.

"Stand up girl" he ordered. "Get me a brandy."

I stood and rushed to the cabinets to get a glass for his drink and poured what he had demanded. He had seated himself on the living room couch. I swiftly returned, knelt down before him, head lowered with my hands outstretched holding his drink for him as my Mistress had trained me to always serve. I waited for his next move. Trembling still. As hard as he may become with me failing to please him would get me even harsher punishment when my Mistress returned.

I felt his eyes on me for more than a minute. I stayed where I was without moving. A slave girl obediently awaiting her Masters pleasures.

Slowly he removed the drink from my outstretched hands and took a rather big swig. And why not? He was in total control here. My Mistresses home and all of Her property was here for his use. Including me.

"Make me more comfortable pig".

I knelt and began to remove his shoes.

"With your teeth worm! Hasn't your Mistress taught you anything?" I felt a sharp pain on my left buttocks as a riding crop struck me. He had picked up one of Mistresses crops which She keeps in the umbrella stand near the door without my knowing it. "I don't want you using your hands at all".

My hands quickly flew behind my back as my Goddess had trained me and I leaned over, struggling not to fall forward while I pulled on first his laces and then his shoe heels with my teeth.

Shoes off, then came the socks by the same manner. They tasted vile and dirty but somehow very musky and manly as well. I pulled his socks off and inhaled the pungent aroma deeply. That may have been a mistake because my wee wee started to get hard in my cock cage. Which hurt.

He laughed at my discomfort and stood up.

"Now my pants whore". The crop tapped my ass.

I struggled for a few minutes with him ridiculing me and snickering. Unable to undo his belt or pants with just my mouth. Finally he snorted "Useless piece of shit" wacked my ass with the crop hard again and undid his own belt, pants and zipper.

I gratefully whispered "Thank you Master" and started pulling his pants down. My ass burning from the strokes. This was still rather difficult but doable. In a few more minutes he stood there with just his shirt and jockey's on. While I began to pull on his briefs I felt his upper body moving and his shirt was flung down onto my back.

"Get my dick out you pathetic cocksucking pussy ass"!

I tugged his underwear one last time and his 8 inch hard, thick, throbbing, big black cock erupted from his crotch and struck my face. I helplessly gasped at how beautiful it was and the smell of hard cock filled my senses. I almost swooned with lust.

Master Jason grabbed my long blonde hair and roughly pulled my head back, stepped out of his last stitch of clothing and shoved his pulsing hard cock deep into my throat.

I gagged, coughed, struggled and quickly went wild sucking him for all I was worth. My Mistress rode this wonderful piece of man meat often and now, once again, he was violating my transsexual throat. He trust into me hard. My mouth was nothing more than another soft wet pussy to him. I was less than nothing.

I went totally wild, devouring his massive manhood. He pounded my face over and over and over until I felt I was going to pass out. Then he pulled back and filled my mouth with a gigantic burst of thick tasty sweet man cum. I drank as quickly as I could. My Mistress would punish me bad if I were to allow even one drop of his wonderful cream to go to waste.

He threw me down to the floor gasping for breath while he lounged and finished his drink. His glistening black dick still bouncing and hard. I crawled to him and took his still hard black cock back into my mouth.

Master grabbed my hair again and pulled me to my feet. I all but fainted as his strong hands grabbed my negligee and started to rip it completely off of my body. I shook and shook under his control and power. He tore every seam and destroyed the entire nighty. I was now naked before him. My outfit in shatters.

He laughed at the sight of my bouncing breasts and tiny wee wee in it's metal cage.

As my Master started to drag me into the bedroom my phone rang. It took every ounce of strength not to pass out from his treatment... the phone ringing? It was almost to much too hear...

"Answer the phone right now! What do you think I've got all day? How dare you keep your Mistress waiting? I said answer the fucking phone slave!"

Master shoved me towards my phone which I grabbed, falling to my knees, weakly lowering my head and answered. "In service to my Mistress" I gasped.

I heard my Goddess being fucked on the other end... "Put your phone on speaker phone slave girl!" I did as commanded.

My magnificent Dominatrix was screaming in lust and trying to get her man to stop a second so she could talk. "Jason. Is she obeying"?

"Yeah... Was just about to take her tight ass".

I heard my Mistress as well as her new man laugh. "Trust me it's not that tight. Let me hear you take her. I want to hear her scream while Bill fucks me".

Jason roughly picked me up off the floor, bent me over the back of the couch and drove his large cock swiftly into my ass. I was barely lubed at all and the pain was intense. I screamed both in pain and in lustful bliss. Master let out a roar as he trust deeper and I heard My Mistress scream as well as she started getting fucked again. "Screw her darling"! My Goddess yelled at Jason. "Fill that girls ass with your biggest load"! My Mistress and her man were intensely fucking. He was grunting and she orgasming again and again. My Goddess usually had a dozen or more orgasms when being fucked.

Master pounded me so hard it was all I could do not to cum myself, cage or no cage. My wee wee throbbed and burned. I could not cum though without her permission and then only with her striking my balls. I was so well trained it wasn't even possible anymore. Mistress merely had to speak the words "cum slave", wack my nuts hard and I would start shooting instantly. Right now though I was nothing but an object for Masters pleasure and my Dominatrix's carnal entertainment. My enjoyment was meaningless.

Master thrust and thrust, I flailed beneath him, Mistress screamed in yet another orgasm, Master started pulsing, cumming hard, flooding me to the point his cum was shooting out of my asshole, the man fucking Mistress yelled "Here it cums baby". Mistress screamed in an intense orgasm again. Gasping in her current lovers arms.

Knock Knock.

I heard my Mistress laugh out loud "She's in for a rough night" as she hung up on me again.

Masters cock limply fell out of my cum filled pussy ass, laughing at me as I crawled to answer the door.

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My second chapter

My supreme and glorious Goddess insisted I continue the story of my slavery to her. I sincerely hope you enjoy these. They are almost totally true. I did make them a little milder than the reality. Evilmore...

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