In the Amazon


(The following story is the first work of fiction that I have created. It refers to a real life celebrity and as such should not be regarded as fact.)

Safely tucked away in comfort of the plane, the vast expanse of the Amazon jungle had been a magnificent sight, especially for Danny who'd never even ventured out of California before. It was exactly the experience he'd been looking for when he'd taken the opportunity to join a professional documentary crew with the famous British adventurer, Bear Grylls. For a junior cameraman who'd worked on nothing but a few commercials and local news spots, working on a globally successful survivalist show was too good to pass up and so he'd left his girlfriend and family behind for the three month expedition to the tropical South.

When he'd first awoken to the sound of burning foliage and the intense heat of ignited fuel, it was immediately obvious to the inexperienced American that, up close and personal, the Amazon was more akin to hell. The charred remains of the aircraft had tangled intself in the canopy above, the force of such an impact throwing the lifeless bodies of his colleagues into the thick undergrowth. The horrors of such a gruesome sight had been so overwhelming that Danny wasn't even aware of someone else moving through the suffocating smoke.

If there was anyone Danny would have wished to survive, it would have been Bear Grylls hands down. He'd been a fan of the survivalist since his show made it to the US and had seen him successfully navigate his way through many dangerous situations. Dealing with the shock of losing people he'd befriended silenced his appreciation however, and the first few hours of their escape from the crash-site had been painfully quiet.

Now, as daylight slowly dwindled and their trek had temporarily halted, Danny found Bear's plan of action more than efficient,

"First, we need to create some shelter. Humidity is rising and it looks like we've got heavy rain on the way." Having no clue about such things, Danny only offered a quiet nod before the other man quickly set about hacking makeshift construction materials from the surrounding trees. It was impressive to see him work with such skill and the cameraman found himself surprised with how little time it actually took the intrepid explorer to design and build a single shelter across some low hanging branches. In contrast, Danny had always hated roughing it as a kid during their various camping trips and barely had a clue how to survive in his own apartment, never mind a wild and completely hostile environment like the deep south.

With shelter and water accommodated for, Bear turned his attention to the need for food and after double checking their temporary camp, had set off further into the jungle to scavenge anything he could. Alone with nothing but the sounds of shrill animal calls and the light patter of rain on the canopy above, Danny found himself left with nothing but the camera and his own thoughts.

*** Video Log #1 - 1/4/11 ***

'I still can't believe that the others are dead. The flight was supposed to be simple - capture some aerial footage before heading back to the airfield...but for some reason, we hit a problem and the plane went down. I've tried to sleep since we started our journey towards the river, but I can't get the image of the others out of my head. I was nervous about this trip from the start and now I'm feeling guilty because I'm glad I have someone who knows how to get us out of here. If we ever get out of here. I try not to think about the possibility that no one knows we're stranded in the middle of nowhere, that they consider everyone dead. We managed to salvage some equipment from the wreck, including this camera and a few extra battery packs. I'm going to keep a diary as long as I can, for my own sanity if nothing else.'


With visibility down to a few feet and the sound of heavy rain now drowning out any signs of life from the jungle itself, even the opportunity to process his own private thoughts was no comfort. Bear had been gone almost an hour and Danny soon felt hunger begin to weaken his resolve, the search for decent rations in their single backpack proving to be a fruitless effort. Even in those most dire circumstances the idea of eating whatever Bear found in the jungle was less than appealing and Danny soon found his gaze wandering. Above the shelter, on the branch of another tree hung a clump of dark berries, similar to blueberries but far larger in size. How dangerous could a fruit be? Danny was more than willing to put up with a little vomiting if it meant he could forego the beetle stew.

Taking a handful, Danny gave the berries a sniff before piling them into his mouth. Sweet juices began sating the rumbling of his stomach and the uncomfortable hunger began to fade. It took less than a minute or two for Danny to realise that there was something definitely wrong. The jungle began to spin and muscle movement became increasingly difficult. The berries he'd eaten seemed so normal, like any fruit you'd buy at the store, how was he supposed to know they were poisonous? In less than five minutes, the toxins had quickly taken hold of his motor functions, inducing a state of paralysis that was slowly but surely suffocating him.

Aware of movement below, Danny felt a surge of panic as Bear returned to their shelter and felt the moist trail of a tear roll down his muddied cheek. The older man carefully sidled along the thick branch that made the floor of their shelter and was kneeling beside him now, concern clear in his expression.

"Those berries contain a neuro-toxin and there's nothing here that'll neutralise it..." The small satchel that Bear had been carrying was forgotten as the explorer examined the discarded fruit and Danny had no choice but to watch, helpless and certain that his cause of death was going to be a possibility he hadn't considered. Revealing itself slowly in his expression, an idea seemed to grip the older man and his next words came slow and hesitant.

"There's one one option that I don't think you're going to like." There was serious doubt in them both now as Bear shuffled closer to his paralysed charge, his hand moving to check the younger man's pulse.

"Certain tribes in this region have been known to ingest semen as an antidote for some poisons... right now, it's the only thing I can think of." If he could move, Danny would have recoiled in horror, but even shaking his head in refusal was impossible, the only sign of his disgust being a muffled groan. It was obvious that Bear sympathised, but it didn't deter him from hastily unfastening the buttons of Danny's fly.

There was a moment of clear doubt as his hand hovered over Danny's groin, before necessity forced it into the opening of Danny's shorts and exposing the American's limp flesh. Being unable to move was one thing, but Danny could still feel every touch and when the older man's hand wrapped around his cock, he let out another groan of panic and embarrassment. He wasn't the only one. Bear's gaze focused on anything but the actions of his hand, the only thing allowing him to continue being the desperation of their situation.

With no control over his automatic responses, Danny felt his cock harden against the firm grip and humid air, his eyes clamping shut in an attempt convince himself that it wasn't real. Even with his vivid imagination, it was impossible to ignore the familiar responses that accompanied stimulation of his sensitive flesh and Danny felt his heart-rate quicken. The rhythmic stroking along his shaft intensified the knot of desire in his stomach and soon his solid shaft begun producing clear, sticky pre-cum as his balls pulled tight against his body. Never in a million years would he have imagined receiving a hand job from another guy and his mind desperately tried to cling to the image of his girlfriend back home as reality sunk in.

Reluctantly opening his eyes, Danny watched Bear's free hand pull a large, flat leaf from one of the branches and expertly fold it into a makeshift cup within his curled fingers before placing it at the tip of the American's aching cockhead. Long strings of pre-cum slowly oozed from his piss slit before his cock spasmed, and with a burning ache radiating through his entire groin, Danny came thick and fast. Spurt after spurt of warm milky seed shot into the folded leaf, over Bear's hand and with his paralysed body caught in the aftermath of orgasm, Danny watched the other man quickly shuffle towards him, bringing the leaf to his lips. The hand that had brought him to orgasm now lifted his head and with no choice in the matter, Bear tipped the leaf's contents into the younger man's mouth. The taste was just as unpleasant as he'd imagined, the thick, jelly-like juices slowly flowing down the back of his throat towards his stomach and if it were possible, Danny would have wretched.

"If it's enough, you'll start to breath easier and your heart-rate will slow down." Danny could barely concentrate on the other man's words as the last of his seed coated his mouth and Bear wiped his cum-covered hand against his lips. Their journey so far had been surreal in itself, but nothing in his whole life could ever compare to lying in the Amazon, another dude stroking his junk because cum was the only thing that would fight the toxin. It was definitely something he'd keep to himself and he only hoped that Bear would do the same.

With the salty tang of his own juices now strong in his senses, Danny waited eagerly for the paralysis to wear off, aware that he'd most likely be dead in a matter of minutes if it didn't. Another silent moment passed between them as Bear saved what dignity he had left and carefully returned his spent flesh back to his underwear, though Danny was feeling more panicked as his condition only worsened and now, even Bear was showing signs of worry.

"It's not working, it must not have been enough." It didn't take a genius to work out what solution suddenly came to the explorer's mind and Danny watched in horror as Bear once again retrieved the leaf, this time reaching for his own belt.

"I'm sorry, but I'm not going to give up and watch you die when there's something I could have done." The older man's tone was once again sympathetic, a sad attempt at a comforting smile aimed in his direction before Bear turned as much as the shelter allowed and reached inside his own shorts. No words were spoken as Bear retrieved his own cock, the soft flesh quickly hardening as his hand violently began stroking. Within a couple of minutes, the grunt of the older man orgasming cut through the dull thud of rain and Danny watched as the cup was once again brought to his mouth.

"Close your eyes and don't think." The idea would have been a good one if there was any way it would work. Instead, Danny once again lay helpless as a new, musky aroma assaulted his senses. Surprisingly the scent was less unpleasant than his own and when his mouth finally received Bear's cum, Danny found the taste shamefully appetising. The warm sweetness of Bear's thicker and more plentiful load coated Danny's mouth and throat, managing to soothe the bitter after taste of his own essence. Feeling the semi-solid liquid traverse his oesophagus like he'd just eaten a yoghurt, Danny found himself horribly curious as to the copious amount of cum one man could produce.

The pounding of blood rushing through Danny's ears was the only sound he heard as Bear studied him with apprehension. If the only idea the other man had didn't work, there wouldn't be a lot of time left to worry about how embarrassed he felt after having to down both their loads. Slowly, the thump of his heart slowed and the restriction in his chest slowly lessened, the sudden intake of increased oxygen making Danny light-headed before the younger man slipped into unconsciousness.

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