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In The Beginning


Carol and Tom were perfect together, or so it seemed. They had met three years ago after Tom dialed a wrong number and reached Carol. Starting out as just two voices talking late one night, their mistaken meeting soon developed into something more. They exchanged phone numbers and their conversations became a nightly ritual, a time they both looked forward to.

It wasn't long before they felt as though they really knew each other. Sharing every aspect of their lives, even the intimate details. Although they had never met and really didn't have any idea what each other looked like, their conversations became quite sexual at times. It was no secret they both enjoyed sex immensely and were very open about trying new and different things. Since neither of them were involved in a relationship, these conversations became their only source of sexual release. Hearing each others sounds of pleasure was very much a turnon to them both.

The very first time this happened was completely unexpected for Tom, but also very enjoyable. The conversation was going as usual, just sharing their days and talking about the things that had went on when it happened. Tom yawned and something about the sounds he made triggered an idea in Carols mind.

"Mmmmm Tom . . . you shouldn't make noises like that without me," Carol teased as many different thoughts of being with Tom ran through her mind.

Not sure what she was talking about Tom asked, "And what noises would you be speaking of?"

Carol blushed a little even though she was alone as she replied, "Well, those soft, low growling moans you made just now. I have to admit they made me think of being with you and causing you to make those sounds myself."

With this response Tom slid down a little further in his bed, resting his head on his pillow with his back flat against the mattress. "Well let's say you were here with me now. I'm lying on my bed with just my boxers on and there's plenty of room for you here with me. Tell me, just how would you go about causing me to make such noises?", Tom teased back, his cock already acknowledging his thoughts.

Treading on new ground, Carol's mind reeled with the many different possibilities. She had participated in phone sex before but never with anyone that meant anything to her. She was nervous but in a good way, in a way that made her tingle inside like never before. So she settled down in bed and tried to relax. She closed her eyes and put herself there with Tom.

She began . . . "I'd walk into your room, wearing this T-shirt I sleep in and a pair of panties. I stop at the doorway and just stare into your eyes, not saying a word. You know why I'm there . . . you can see it on my face. I want you Tom, in a way that I've never wanted anyone before. I reach down and pull my T-shirt up over my head . . . holding it in front of my breasts for a few seconds before dropping it to the floor. Then I take my hands up to my full breasts and caress them gently, squeezing them and softly pinching my nipples before sliding my hands down my sides and over my flat stomach. The whole time I'm doing this, I'm still staring into your eyes, watching your face as you witness my arousal."

"Ohhh baby," Tom whispered, "I'd so love to watch you doing this for me. I wish you were here right now."

Pleased with his response, she again closes her eyes and continues her seductive descriptions. "My hands continue their pleasurable journey, moving down along my hips to my thighs and then moving between my legs. My left hand moves back up to left breast as my right hand slowly comes to rest on my pussy, then moves deeper between my legs . . . lightly teasing the lips, tracing along the opening."

Tom can barely believe how turned on he's getting just from hearing words. He had never experienced anything like this before and couldn't understand just what kind of hold she had over him. Whatever it was, he was loving it and so was his cock. He didn't even realize his hand had slid into his boxers until he looked down and saw his hand wrapped around his cock. Imagining Carol there with him, stripping in front of him had made him so hard and so damned horny.

"Damn girl, am I gonna have to come get you? You're making me hard as hell over here." Tom groaned as he gave his cock one last squeeze before sliding his hand from his boxers. He couldn't believe he was on the verge of masturbating while on the phone.

Carol noticed a slight change in his voice to a lower, huskier tone filled with a burning sexual desire. She loved the sound of his voice, but this difference was definitely something she could listen to forever.

"Mmmmm baby, I would love to be there taking care of that hard cock for you. I'm glad you're enjoying our evening. Shall I continue?", she asked coyly.

He wanted her to . . . oh how he wanted her to. But he knew if she did he'd end up doing something she may not want him to do. "I would love to know all that you had on your mind but Carol, to be honest I'm not sure if I can handle hearing it without uh . . . well. Without needing to take care of the raging hardon I know I'll get if you go very much further," he confided.

"Tom you have no idea how badly I want to hear you cum for me. I want you to play along with the things I'm telling you. I want to know how turned on you get, hear it in your voice and your breathing" Carol whispered.

Once again Carol closed her eyes and she was there with Tom. "I'm standing there in the doorway, my left hand softly caressing my left breast and my right hand between my legs, slowly moving back and forth along my pussy lips. Carefully I slide one finger between them and bring it up to my clit, making a slow circle around it and then back down again. Then I slide another finger between the lips and again I move upward to my clit, making a couple of slow circles before heading back down. Slowly I slip them inside my pussy, pushing them in deeply. My eyes close for a few seconds as my pussy squeezes my fingers, not wanting to let them go."

By this time Carol's hand has slipped inside her panties and is doing exactly as she's describing to Tom. Her breathing has become a little quicker and her voice a little softer as she continues. "But I slide them out and back up. My eyes open again and look into yours as I trace circles around my clit, feeling it grow harder with desire. I see you take your cock into your hand and start to stroke it slowly for me. Seeing how hard you've grown, makes me even more wet. Again my fingers move down and slide deep inside me, only this time I don't just take them out. I fuck myself with them a few times, pushing them inside deeper with every thrust. Then I take them out and bring them up to my mouth, you can see the wetness from across the room as I smear it onto my lips. My tongue sliding out licking them and then sucking my fingers into my mouth as I taste myself on them, sucking them clean."

Tom hears her as she sucks her fingers just as she's told him she was doing. This makes him so hard he can't help but take his boxers down and take his cock in his hand. He closes his eyes and starts to slowly stroke his cock as her lustful words of desire reach his ear.

Sliding her hand back inside her panties, Carol continues her tale of hunger, "Then I take my hand back down and again slide my fingers deep inside my pussy, fucking myself harder and faster this time. Going as deep as I can, imagining it's your cock sliding in and out of my hot, wet cunt. My left hand comes down and I start to rub my clit as I continue fingering myself. I close my eyes and lean my head back as I fall against the doorway. Ohhhhhh God Tom . . . Ohhh God . . . I'm gonna cum. I keep rubbing my clit faster . . . and harder as I keep fingering my pussy deeper and deeper. Ohhhhh yessssss . . . ohhhh Tommm . . . I'm cummmming." She moaned loudly as the phone slipped from her ear. But she didn't care, she was having one of the best orgasms she's ever had.

As Tom hears her deep breaths and moans of unending pleasure, he continues stroking his cock slowly. His eyes closed as he imagines Carols fingers sliding in and out of her beautiful pussy, her face showing the pleasure she's feeling as she cums so hard her legs tremble and shake. Then he hears her pick up the phone once again as she tries to catch her breath before speaking.

"Carol," Tom whispered, "You have no idea how much I want you right now. What I wouldn't give to hold you in my arms and feel your body tremble."

After catching her breath and somewhat composing herself, Carol finally was able to speak, "But Tom dear, we're certainly not through yet. We've only just begun our adventure. Are you stroking that hard cock of yours for me?", she asked breathlessly.

"How could I not be? After hearing you just then and imagining what you were doing, there's no way I could have kept my hands off myself. My cock is so hard for you right now baby," he replied.

Taking one last deep, calming breath and closing her eyes, she again continues, "I slowly take my fingers from my pussy. You see them glistening with cum, so wet and sticky looking. I walk over to where you lie on the bed and bring them up to your mouth, gently brushing them across your lips. Your tongue escapes from between your lips as your hand catches mine. You then take my cum soaked fingers into your mouth and suck on them hungrily, tasting my warm sweetness. My legs grow weak from feeling your tongue teasing my fingers, making me want more . . . so much more."

"I climb onto the bed, straddling your waist and lowering myself down onto your hard cock as it lies flat against your stomach. Not letting it inside me, but having it lie flat on your belly as you feel my wet pussy against it. Looking down into your eyes, I slowly start sliding back and forth along the shaft of your cock. Letting the head of it rub against my clit with each forward motion, your cock getting slick from my wetness. Pressing down hard, I start moving a bit faster, arching my back and letting my clit rub along your hardness."

By now Tom's breathing has become somewhat faster and deeper, just as his stroking has become faster as well. "Carol, if you're not careful I'm gonna be cumming here a few minutes," he moaned.

"Well that's the point Tom," she answered. "I need to hear your cum for me. I want so badly to hear your moans and sounds of pleasure since I can't be there to see them. Keep stroking your cock for me, keep thinking of my pussy sliding along your cock, getting it all wet and slippery. But then I stop moving and lean forward, brushing my tongue across your lips."

"I then move down between your legs, spreading them far apart. I take the base of your wet, cum soaked cock in my hand then slowly swirl my tongue around the head. I look up into your eyes with a devilish smile as I take the whole thing into my mouth, feeling your hardness against my tongue. Then slowly I bring my head up, your cock sliding across my lips as I suck my sweet juices from its shaft. I look up at you again, you see my chin and lips glistening as I once again take your cock into my mouth, wrapping my lips around it tightly and again sucking as it slides across my lips."

"Suddenly I feel your hand on my head as you entangle your fingers in my hair. I feel your hips start to move as you push my head down onto your cock, forcing it further into my throat. I know you're getting close to cumming as you start fucking my face faster. I start sucking your cock harder, loving the way you feel and taste but wanting so much more."

Carol hears Tom's breathing quicken, she knows he's about to cum at any moment and can't wait to hear his moans, so she continues, "I taste the precum as it oozes from your cock, so sweet and warm, like a tease of what's yet to come. I moan softly as your hand pulls my hair tighter, guiding my head up and down along your cock."

"Aaahhhhh . . . Ohhhh Goddd baby I'm cumming," Tom moaned as the cum erupts from his cock with such force it hits the wall behind his head. Gasping and moaning softly as he makes the final strokes, milking his cock for all it has to offer.

Hearing Tom cum she has to finish, "I feel you explode deep inside my mouth, so thick and warm. Loving the way you taste and feel, I swallow all you give. Feeling the final spurts on the back of my throat, then sucking gently on your cock as I feel you slide out across my lips. I look up into your eyes and see the look of satisfaction and exhaust on your face. Moving up beside you on the bed, I lean over and kiss you deeply. Our tongues entwining as you taste your cum on my lips."

Carol and Tom both rest in silence for a few seconds, just enjoying listening to each others breathing and their own private thoughts of what just happened. Neither really knowing what to say, but both loving the closeness they just shared.

"Tom . . . I loved hearing you" Carol finally said, breaking the silence. "It was amazing, and you are amazing."

Tom didn't know what to say. He felt a slight feeling of embarrassment, yet at the same time a wonderful feeling of intimacy with this woman he's never met. "Carol, I don't know what to say. I've never done anything like that before in my life. I don't know if I should be embarrassed or proud. But I do know one thing. You sure have a way of telling a story and I too loved hearing you as well. You're a wonderful woman and if I didn't know before tonight I know now that I would do anything to meet you in person someday soon."

"That sounds like a great idea to me Tom. The next time we talk lets make arrangements and see what happens," she replied.

"Okay, I'll talk with you soon baby. Now you get some rest tonight and dream up our next adventure," Tom teased. "Goodnight."

"Goodnight Tom," Carol giggled as he hung up.

Still holding the receiver, Carol thought back on the events of this evening. She had been nervous when she first starting going into the phone sex idea but now was so glad she went for it. Hearing him cum was one of the most beautiful sounds she had ever heard. She knew in her heart this was a special man who just so happened to enter into her life.

Replacing the receiver, she snuggled down into the covers and fell asleep with a smile on her lips, something she hadn't done in a very long time.

~Part 2 Coming Soon...

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