tagNovels and NovellasIn The Beginning Ch. 15

In The Beginning Ch. 15


I awoke with a start. My cock was hard and I had shot my wad in the bed. I lay there trying to recall what it was I had been dreaming about that would cause me to cream the sheets. As I groped for a memory, I looked across the room and saw Janice curled up in one of the chairs in front of the waterfall. She was asleep in a big fluffy robe. I had to take care of my morning business, so I tiptoed past her into the bathroom and when I had finished, I grabbed a towel to wipe up the bed with. As I was drying the sheets, Janice stirred in the chair and opened her eyes. She seemed to be startled, not knowing exactly where she was. "Ssshhhh, it's okay, Sweetie." I reassured her. "You're here with Old Cool. Don't be frightened." I walked over to her and crouched next to the chair and brushed her hair out of her eyes. "You never have to worry here." I told her. "We'll take care of you."

"I couldn't sleep and I thought maybe I could just listen to the water running over the rocks. It's so beautiful to listen to it." She said. "I was watching you sleep. You look so peaceful when you sleep." "Why didn't you crawl in with me?" I asked her. "I didn't want to wake you." She said. "I was having a beautiful dream," I said, "and I shot a big puddle in the bed. I just wiped it up. I'll have to remind Louise I need clean sheets today." "I'll take care of it." She said. She reached out and touched my lips with her fingers. I sucked the tip of one into my mouth and she smiled at me and said, "I wish it had been me in your dream. I would have taken your seed into me and it would not have been wasted." I chuckled and told her to run some warm water into the tub and I'd let her wash my back.

We lathered each other all over and scrubbed away the cares of the world. I shampooed her hair and she did mine and we acted like we were in love for a few brief minutes and she said, "You're being so kind. I've never been treated like this. Louise tells me you're the answer to her prayers. I hope she would not be jealous of me being here with you, instead of her." "I don't think we have to worry about that, I spend plenty of time with her and there are others too. I try to treat each of you the way I would have you treat me." I said. Her hand reached under the water and cupped my sagging ball sack. Her other hand wrapped itself around my lengthening cock and she said, "I want to feel you in my mouth. I want the taste of your cum on my tongue through this whole day. Let me dry you off and come to the bed and give me your honey."

She toweled me dry as I did her and I lay back on the bed. I pulled the pillows up under my head so I could watch as she took my engorged prick deep into her throat. Her mission was simple; she wanted me to fill her mouth with cum. She made no qualms of that fact and went straight to the business of achieving her goal. With long, steady and deliberate strokes, she brought me to orgasm. I emptied my seed into her hot mouth and she held it for several seconds before she swallowed it down. Her smile told me her wish, to have my taste on her tongue, had been fulfilled.

I dressed and went up for breakfast. "You're getting your dickey done almost every morning now, aren't you?" Louise cackled as I came into the room. "What a way to start the day." I declared as I sat down at the table. "She's feeling wanted, that's good. I really enjoy having her around." Louise said. "She makes me laugh, and she eats pussy soooo good." I had to chuckle then, "She sucks cock real good too." Now we both laughed as Janice walked into the kitchen in her big fluffy robe. "What's so funny?" She asked. Louise answered her with a pat on the butt. "We were just commenting on how well you eat pussy and suck dick. I think we'll keep you around." Janice smiled and poured us each a cup of coffee.

The phone rang and Louise handed the receiver to me. It was Lisa Holiday, the pilot. "Morning there, Mr. Cool." She sounded cheerful. "Got a change in plans, I'm flying down to get our daddies on Saturday morning instead of Friday. Just picking them up at the airstrip, and coming straight back. We'll be back in St. Augustine by 2:30 at the absolute latest. How about keeping me company?" I thought that might be fun so I told her, "Sure, that sounds like a gas. Where do I meet you and what time is good?" She gave me directions to the hanger and I said I'd meet her at 6:30 on Saturday morning. After hanging up the phone, I departed for school.

The next two days at school slipped by uneventfully and I spent the remainder of both days opening crates and sorting the video equipment into a semblance of order so when we started to install the systems, everything would be readily accessible. I was becoming ever more interested in the video project due to the incredible amount and quality of the cameras and associated equipment. I had watched the tape that Louise, Janice, and I had recorded and my mind was buzzing with ideas. I had surveyed the cellar area and I started to visualize the plan for a very nice studio. I had also been prowling the house looking for ways to put cameras in some of the rooms upstairs. Louise and I were going to be partners in watching over the activities taking place in the house. I was giving serious thought to a complete closed circuit surveillance system covering the gates, grounds, and as many rooms in the house as we could get cables into.

Friday night was commencement for Karen. The program would be held in the auditorium at her school, in Ormond Beach. Louise and I were invited and I had made reservations to take the four of us to dinner after the program. I kept in mind that Karen and I had a date later for her to spend the night with me. Helen had reminded me that Karen had made the request that she have me to herself for the whole night so I planned dinner early and then we could get crazy afterwards. I wore my best linen suit and Louise looked like a million bucks in her White shift and diamonds. Her huge bosom was well displayed and she had her hair all piled up on top of her head. Helen was to ride with us to the school, so we took Louise's Lincoln Town Car. I wished we had a driver so I could sit in back with the two stunning women in my presence. Helen had been to the salon as well. Her hair was flawless and her red dress fit like paint on her supple body. Both women had on stockings and garter belts and heels. They were both showing me lots of stocking tops and thigh as we got into the car. "Too bad we've got to get right to the school." I said. "I wouldn't mind taking the two of you somewhere and letting you screw my brains out." Both of them laughed and Helen commented, "Tonight is Karen's night, she'd kill us both if we got to you before she did. Besides, Janice, Louise and I are going to get together later and have our own little party in the War Room. Louise has been itching for a licking and I think I can handle the job. Maybe we can use your camera?"

"So, you've been recruited for stardom?" I asked. "I can't wait." She breathed, "I want to see her tongue licking my ass hole and I want to actually watch myself explode all over her face." Louise told me later that Helen wants to be taped with me too. I, of coarse, have no problem with this. I thought it would be hot to see her flooding me with woman cum. Her juices flow so freely. It will make for some interesting viewing later. My cock was now steel hard and I asked them to change the subject so I could settle down before we arrived at the school.

I glanced at my two ladies as we walked up to the door. Each one of them had a hand linked through each of my elbows and I was enjoying the moment immensely. Both of them are extremely wealthy women, old enough to be my mother, and dressed to draw attention. They drew attention. All eyes in the room were on us as we found our seats in the auditorium. "Y'all are the bells of the ball." I whispered as we sat. "Ding-a-ling." Helen cooed in my ear and Louise just laughed and squeezed my thigh. The program took almost two hours and at about 7:30, we met up with Karen out in the front foyer. "Ride with Cool, Karen. Louise and I will take your car to the restaurant." Helen instructed and we left for dinner.

Karen was wearing a floor length, light blue, strapless evening gown that was spilt from the floor all the way up the back to just below her tight butt. Her hair was done in soft ringlets that hung to her shoulders. She had applied her make-up with care and she was a handsome young woman. "Don't take a deep breath," I said, "or you'll loose the whole dress." She giggled and replied, "The only thing I'm taking deep tonight, is you pecker in every one of my holes." She clung tightly to my arm as we walked to the car. I opened the door and helped her in. She had to pull the long dress high up on her legs to sit. I had no objections. She slid close as we drove and her perfume invaded my head and I felt her hand slide up my leg and rest with her fingers touching the bulge in my trousers. "I wish we didn't have to go to dinner." She said. "I want to go home and fuck." "Patience, Little One, we have all night for that. First, we have to share your graduation success with your mother and Louise, after all, they were there for the whole thing too, you know." I said.

She agreed and we were soon seated in the restaurant, at a great table overlooking the ocean. I ordered Asti-Spumante and appetizers. We chatted and reminisced about growing up and how we would miss Karen when she left for college soon. We ordered lobster and prime rib and soon we were all stuffed. Helen and Louise were definitely in heat. Karen and I watched as they played touchy-feely under the table and giggled like kids. I told Karen we should get them a room so they didn't have to drive home and everyone had a big laugh over that. Soon they departed leaving Karen and I to our own devices.

Her eyes sparkled as we talked and soon she said, "Time to head back, Big Boy. I want some man meat in me soon." I paid the check and we turned the big Lincoln toward the Islands Estates.

I opened the door and let us into the studio. I closed the door and turned and Karen was in my arms with her eager mouth pressed firmly over mine, and her searching tongue fought for entrance. We tongue wrestled 'til we both needed air. She turned and walked toward the bar, stopping to place her hands on the bar and lean forward pushing her pert ass out behind her. I moved up holding my hard cock in the cleft of her buns and pulled the zipper on her dress all the way down. She stood and the dress descended to the floor leaving her clad only in a strapless blue bra, blue hose, matching blue garter, and her blue pumps. She turned and reached for my tie and carefully undressed me down to my very naked self. I unfastened the front hook on her bra and she stepped out of her shoes. We hadn't spoken a word since entering the room. I knelt before her and noticed that the tops of her hose had already become stained with the secretions from her leaking pussy.

I leaned into her taking her fat cunt lips into my mouth and drank of her flowing juices. She gasped at the first contact between my tongue and her engorged clit. She flooded me even more as I manipulated her sensitive love button. I felt her knees start to give and I picked her up and carried her in and laid her on the clean white satin sheets. I reversed myself and returned my attention to her wet pussy. She pulled my turgid cock into her hungry mouth and made slow pumping motions as I continued to torment her clit. The muscles in her lower abdomen started pulsing as she neared her first orgasm. I slowed my attack and let her relax a bit. She had abandoned my cock and lay with her head back taking deep breaths as I gently sucked on her outer lips, drinking in her sweet juices. "Fuck me, Cool. Put your beautiful cock in me and make me cum." She pleaded. I turned around and knelt between her splayed legs. Her cunt gaped open, inviting my hard dick to enter within. "C'mon, Cool, don't make me wait, put it in my cunt, now." She whimpered as I touched her with the very tip of my tool. I slid it up and down her wet slit and let it slip just inside. "Oooohhhh my God, Please pit it in me!!!" She bawled. I eased myself in all the way in a slow steady stroke. All her breath came out in a long, heavy sigh. "You feel so fucking good. Fuck me."

I started my assault. An inch each way at first and then increasing in length until I glided in and out my full length. She climbed to the edge and I slowed down and let her slip back away from the top. "Make me cum, Cool, please let me get off." She gasped. I increased my speed again and slowed once more. "Oh please make me cum, I can't stand it any more, fuck me hard." She was begging for release now and I started slamming into her drenched cunt with magnum force. Again and again I plowed into her and she rocketed over the top with a great rush of breath and a flood of her woman cum gushing out over my heaving prick. I pumped her boiling caldron full of love potion and mixed it with my churning fuck stick. We stayed coupled for many minutes and I slowly withdrew from her depths. Liquid dripped from my softening cock and dripped onto her flat stomach. I sat back and witnessed great dollops of our mingled fluids oozing out of her and down between her ass cheeks and onto the sheets. I leaned forward and sucked a huge mouthful of cum out of her cunt and crawled up and kissed it into her waiting mouth. She savored my exchange and begged for another mouthful. I sucked her as dry as I could and again brought my lips to hers and shared my harvest with her. "You make me so fucking hot, Karen." She sucked my tongue into her mouth again and milked on it.

I got up and turned the water on to fill the Jacuzzi and brought her a towel to help with all the jizm we had spilled. "Sorry about the bed." She giggled, "I just can't help it. When I'm with you I seem to squirt so much more." "No problem, I'll get clean sheets in the morning." I told her. We eased into the warm water and let the motor pump the bubbles around us. We laughed and talked about her going away for school. I chided "You'll have a whole string of hound dogs sniffing on your trail in no time. I'll bet you won't even remember my name the next time you see me." She got a pained look on her face and said softly, "You're my best friend in the whole world. If we never made love again, you'd still be my best friend." I looked at her and told her, "Don't worry about that, we'll be doing this for a long time, regardless of who else is in picture. Speaking of pictures, I have got to show you all of the video stuff dad scored on, I have a complete TV studio to set up. I can make movies of us right here in the Jacuzzi, if you want." She asked excitedly, "Can you record us doing what we just did in there?" "In living color, with stereophonic sound." I replied.

"I want you to record us." She said. "Can you do it now?" She asked. "Sure, but it's better if we have somebody else run the camera. They can move all around us and get in close. Here, let me show you the tape I made of Louise, Jan, and me." We toweled off and I put the tape I had made in the player and turned it on. Karen watched intently as the tape played. I could see her holding her breath as I shot my cum all over Jan's face at the end. "That is so fucking hot. Home made pornography. Get the camera, Cool. I want to fuck for the camera." Her face was flushed and I could tell she was serious.

I got a tripod and mounted the camera on it. I aimed it at the bed and turned it on and watched as Karen lay on the bed fingering her cunt. I joined her and soon she had me in her mouth sucking for all she was worth. She made loud slurping sounds with her mouth and like Louise and Jan, she soon started to talk for the camera. "I want you to fuck me again, Cool. Stick your big love muscle in me." She took a couple more long strokes with her mouth and then she turned around and presented her pretty ass to the lens. "Shove your cock in my shit hole, lover. Fuck my hot ass." I needed no further encouragement. I kneeled behind her and swiped my hard cock through her wet pussy lips to lubricate it and sent it forward into her bowels.

Karen went off like a cannon shot. I felt her juices flooding my legs as she hunched herself back on my rampant cock. I lunged into her repeatedly until I felt my load start to travel up my cock. My first blast ripped it's self from the end of my cock up her ass. I pulled out of her and aimed the next shot straight at her open hole. The shooting stream of cum disappeared right through her open star. I missed with the next shot, it went to the side and the next shot was high. As my climax subsided, her haunches were splattered with glistening white ropes of sperm. My legs were flooded with her juices and the bed was soaked. The camera had captured the whole scene on tape.

Karen collapsed forward onto the bed. I leaned over her and coaxed one last long string of after cum from my cock and let it drool down on her already plastered ass cheeks. I held my cock in my hand and smeared my discharge all over her with my cock head. "That will be quite a show." I said, as I stepped off the bed to turn off the camera. I found another towel and brought a damp washcloth to Karen. I cleaned her backside of most of the cum and said, "Lets get back in the water and clean up. I'll find some clean sheets for the bed."

We basked in the hot water for a short time and I got out to change the bed. "I think I'll sleep at home." She declared coming from the bathroom drying off with a towel. "Thanks for the great evening, Cool. Can we watch the tape tomorrow?" I told her I was flying down to pick up dad with Dan's daughter but when I got home we could watch our movie. She kissed me hard on the lips and danced out the door turning just as she was about to leave and saying. "Ain't no college boy's ever gonna fuck me like you do, Virgil, nobody."

With that declaration, she departed for her own house and I collapsed into the bed. What a day!! I gave some thought to checking in on the action going on upstairs in the War Room, but dismissed the idea. I had an early departure with Dan's daughter tomorrow and I was bushed.

I was startled out of my dreams by the buzzing of my alarm clock. I mashed the sleep bar, but thought better of it and turned the damn thing off and got out of bed. I showered quickly and dressed. I climbed the steps to the kitchen and found Janice sitting with Helen having a cup of coffee. "Don't you people ever sleep?" I asked. They looked at me and laughed in unison. "Look who's talking, Mr. Casanova. We still heard shrieking from downstairs at one o'clock this morning." Helen declared. "My little girl can wail like a banshee when she hits her nut. Janice, don't you just love a howler?" "You know it, Honey. Makes you feel like you did a really good job when they holler at the top of their lungs when they pop off." Janice replied. I couldn't believe I was involved in this conversation so I calmly fetched myself a cup of coffee and excused myself to drive to the airfield at St. Augustine.

I pulled up in front of hanger number 36 just as Lisa Holiday opened the huge folding doors. She directed me to a suitable parking space and I joined her in the hanger near the sleek executive jet. I marveled at the sheer elegance of the aircraft and Lisa was most pleased with my praise of her pride and joy. A burley man on an airplane tow vehicle appeared out of nowhere and hooked on to the front wheels of the jet and quickly pulled it out onto the ramp. Lisa thanked him and we climbed into the plush private airliner. She gave me a brief tour of the passenger compartment and then led me to the cockpit, pointing to a seat on the right side. "Your side. Buckle in and if you like, you can use the headset there on the side of your seat. I already did the pre-flight so we can call the controller, and fly." She instructed as she took her seat and started flipping switches.

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