tagNovels and NovellasIn The Beginning Ch. 18

In The Beginning Ch. 18


The drone of the mower rumbling past my window shook me from my slumber. I lay there and waited for it to pass again, it did and then again. Gerald was taking advantage of our day off school to work on the lawns. Things were in fine shape around the entire estate and I yearned for a favorable reaction from Dianne and Camille upon their arrival tomorrow.

Classes had been completed and except for rehearsal, and picking up caps and gowns, I had successfully executed high school. I looked forward, with great anticipation, to what lay ahead of me, and the rest of my family. I had made few concrete plans for the long term, but for the immediate, I was sculpting a couple that included forming or finding a new band. And also, constructing a video sound stage in the cellar of the house.

Today, I planned to talk with dad about finding someone to assist with the assembly of the control panels and the wiring of the cellar to handle the increased electrical load.

My thoughts were also returning to the proposal from Marie Stone regarding the lyrics she had been writing. I could come up with all kinds of different tunes but I always had a hard time finding prose to go with the notes. Marie's prowess as a writer might be exactly what I needed. Not to mention, her fantastic sexual depravity.

I slid out of the bed and into the shower. After toweling off, I walked back into the bedroom with the towel over my head, drying my hair, and collided with two huge, black nippled tits connected to Louise. "Easy does it, Big Guy," she warned, "we don't want to wear any of this hot coffee."

"Sorry, Lou," I apologized for nearly spilling the coffee, "I didn't hear you come in."

She put the cup down on the dresser and pulled the towel from my hand and rubbed it vigorously over my head. "Geez, Louise," I bawled, "I can do that myself, you know."

"Hush, Chile," she soothed, "or I'll be forced to put you over my knee and teach you some manners."

After she had done her thing with the towel, I found the cup and carefully helped myself to some hot coffee.

"Janice spent the night in your daddies bed last night. He's acting like a teen-ager," Louise said. "I'm so happy for them, I could just bust."

"I hope she doesn't ruin it by getting it on with me," I said. "Do you think he knows that she's was down here yesterday morning?"

Louise nodded her head and said, "I heard her tell him all about it right after she was down here. He called her a Spanish Harlot and told her to go ahead and get all the peter she could get; he intended to do exactly the same thing. I haven't seen him like this in years. The girls are in for a real treat this weekend. Having the both of you to amuse them is going to be hot stuff."

I asked her if dad was up yet and she told me he'd been up since daylight, same as always. I excused myself to the bathroom to do my teeth and comb what was left of my hair. I found an old pair of jeans and headed up the stairs for the kitchen.

Dad was on the kitchen deck with his coffee and The Florida Times Union. I joined him and asked if he had any luck with the electronics guy.

"As things would turn out," he said, "I spoke with a feller I know. He's the electric shop teacher from St. Augustine Senior High, and he's looking for a summer job. I queried him about the video angle, and it turns out he was in TV up in New York before he came to Florida. He sounds like he knows his stuff."

"When can he come by and take a look see?" I asked.

"He's anxious as you are. He says he'll see us before ten this morning. I know this guy, he's a right nice kid," he said.

"Cool, I'm all in a lather to start this project. Just like when we bought the old ford, out there, remember. You drove it home and we spent all afternoon and almost 'till midnight cleaning it up. Then we tore it all apart, down to the nuts and bolts, and spent a whole year building it back together," I jabbered.

"We did good on the car, and your sound studio too. You cost me a young fortune on that too, but not like the video equipment. I put almost six hundred large in that stuff," he said, I'm as interested as you are to see it working."

I was astounded at his declaration regarding the price tag on the video gear. Most of the people I know won't make that much money in their entire lifetime and he just spent it buying some used video equipment because I wanted a camcorder for a gift. He's a rare person indeed.

Then he drops the other shoe when he says, "That little Spanish Honey's a real piece of work, isn't she? She tells me you two really light up the sky, together."

"Uh, yeah, what can I say?" I stammered, "She's a hottie, for sure. She tells me your taking her away from us when you go south."

"Seems like the thing to do," he said. "I need somebody to take care of me and we get along. Not to mention, she gets my dick hard again and I was really missing that. She tells me she wants you to come give her a ride whenever you can."

"You don't have a problem with that, do you?" I asked.

"None at all, she's more than one man can keep under control and I'm sure as hell going take another woman if she presents herself to me. So what can I say?" he concluded as the gate buzzer rang and he jumped up to see who it was.

We walked out the front door and waited as a yellow Corvette pulled into the drive circle and parked. A short, sandy haired, very muscular man crawled out. "Hi, Roger Syvertson," the man said, nice to see you again, Virgil." He stick out his paw and dad grabbed it and shook it vigorously.

"Hi, Roger, meet my son, Virg," dad said and Roger stuck his hand in my direction. I had a feeling and was ready as the vice clamped down on my hand. I returned the squeeze and luckily, I didn't receive any broken bones. Those short guys always have to make up for their size with some kind of big muscle deal to counter for the lack of height.

"Morning, Roger, a real pleasure," I returned.

With all the pleasantries out of the way, we worked our way down to the back of the house and the cellar where I had separated the video equipment. We spent the better part of four hours looking over the various control panels and consoles. We spent a while talking about possible schemes for building the sound stage and placement of the control booth and also the closed circuit surveillance system to cover the grounds and house. Roger was like a little kid with new toys, and we all agreed we would start immediately to build the studio.

"I can bring my tools and other necessities over later in the week," Roger stated, "and we can start construction on Monday."

"Outstanding," I declared, "I'm glad dad remembered you. I'll be looking forward to working on this together."

We yakked for a while and I found out Roger was forty-two, divorced and had twin daughters in college. He lived in St. Augustine and had been teaching electric shop for ten years, after relocating from New York. We hit it off and after a couple of brews he excused himself and said he'd see us later in the week.

Dad and I allowed as we had struck a gold mine when Roger showed up and our excitement was becoming evident. We sat on the patio behind the house and talked for another couple of hours.

Louise leaned over the rail from above us and asked, "Y'all want to eat or are you gonna just forget about food altogether today?"

"What's on the menu," I asked.

"Shrimp, and pussy," she said, matter of factly, "in which ever order you want 'em."

I looked at the old man and he said, "Let's eat, Sonny Boy, I like the sound of the menu."

I went to my room and changed into a pair of shorts and a sport shirt. I washed up and headed for the kitchen. The table had been set for four in the dining room and Louise and Janice were just placing the bowls of shrimp and coleslaw on the table.

Louise had on a yellow lace 1/2 bra and lace panties, a diamond choker necklace, earrings, bracelet, and two huge diamond cocktail rings, and yellow stiletto pumps. Janice was wearing a black garter belt, black hose, and spiked sandals, and nothing else.

Dad and I stripped down to a smile and sat at the table, one on each side. Louise took up residence next to me and Jan sat next to dad. Louise had prepared one of my favorite dishes, Shrimp Perlot, a spicy rice dish with lots of big sweet shrimp. We ate and ate. A big bowl of peach cobbler, covered with vanilla ice cream, followed. A carafe of white wine appeared and our dinner was complete.

Dad says, "There was some talk about pussy before dinner."

"We thought we might treat you two gentlemen to a double header, if you're interested," Louise said. "Are you interested?"

"Let me run get a camcorder," I said, "I'll be right back."

I hurried downstairs and put a fresh tape in the camera and carried it and a tripod back upstairs. The party had moved into The War Room. I set the tripod to one side and carried the camera over to where Janice and Louise had dad stretched out on one of the loungers. He was busy fingering Jan's tight little cunt with one hand and Louise's with the other. I zoomed in close on his hand and witnessed three of his fingers sliding easily in and out of the Spanish girls leaking pussy.

Louise disengaged herself from his fingers and bent over and started running her pink tongue up and down the old mans gnarly prick. I continued taping the scene as she took his hard shaft all the way down her throat and swallowed repeatedly while holding his pole deep in her gullet. She had done that to me and I marveled at the way she used the muscles in her throat to massage his cock.

I placed the camera on the tripod and stepped behind Louise. Her yellow thong was pulled deep into the cleft of her ass. The crotch of her panties had darkened noticeably from the juices she was secreting due to her arousal. I knelt behind her and placed my mouth on her covered snatch and sucked her nectar into my mouth. I felt her lurch, with my initial contact, and she moaned around the cock that still remained embedded in her throat. I swept my tongue along the covered cunt and up to her ass hole and back. Her fluids were escaping with greater velocity and I sucked at the drenched fabric to retrieve them.

Louise began hunching back against my face and I could feel her contracting her leg muscles and tightening her cunt each time my tongue made contact with her covered clit. I'd had about enough of her panties so I pulled the narrow strip of yellow aside and jammed my tongue as far into her cunt as I could and she clamped down on my face hard with her thighs. She was grunting steadily as I ravaged her clit.

I heard dad howl as he unloaded a substantial load deep in Lou's throat. After receiving his discharge, Louise backed off his member and quickly pulled Janice's face to hers and shared what remained in her mouth with the Spanish girl. They sucked his fluid back and forth between them and soon had swallowed it all.

Dad's spent prick had started to deflate but Janice lay beside him and started to fondle him back to hardness again.

Louise took me by the hand and pulled me across the room to the leather horse. She went to a cabinet at the side of the room and returned with a flexible leather paddle, which very much resembled a large fly swatter. She handed me the weapon and bent and removed her panties. She then leaned over the horse and instructed me in fastening her ankles and hands to the rings on the legs of the horse leaving her naked ass pointing nearly straight up. Her head was at just the right height for me to stand in front of her, with my cock in her mouth and reach over her back and swat her with the paddle.

"Teach me to behave, Cool," she whispered. "Teach me real good."

I reached across and, WHACK, I brought the leather down on her exposed cheek. "Umph!" she grunted and sucked my cock into her throat. WHACK, I zeroed in on her other cheek and, "Umph!" she again sucked me deep inside. WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK. Each time she grunted and sucked me in deep. I had been striking her firmly but not brutally. I found it difficult to hurt her. This was a sex game and I wasn't about to let it get out of hand.

Louise let my steel shaft escape her lips and whispered, "Cool, put your cock in my ass. Let me feel you way up in there."

I dropped the paddle on the floor and stepped behind her to fulfill her wish. I slipped my prick in her sopping wet cunt and pumped hard into her several times to lubricate myself with her juices. I stepped back and looked over to see dad and Janice aiming the camera at my cock. I took my tool in my hand and placed it at the puckered black hole in front of me. I leaned forward and my stiff prick popped into her waiting rectum. I leaned into her and the camera recorded the disappearance of my manhood as it invaded her most private region.

As I pushed in, the tightness of her tiny hole squeegeed her juices back along my shaft causing a glob to accumulate and drop off onto the floor. I withdrew and eased into her again feeling less resistance, as her hole expanded to accommodate my cock. Her breath hissed out each time I pushed against her and soon I had accelerated to a steady fucking rhythm. I could feel her clamping down as her orgasms grabbed her. Her spasms were almost continuous now and I felt my cum building. I slowed my speed and she wheezed and begged for me to continue.

"Fuck me hard, Baby Boy, make Mama Lou feel good. Fill my black ass hole with your love," she whimpered.

"Be patient, Little Lulu, I'll give you what you want, but you've been bad, so you have to wait 'til I'm ready," I said.

Sweat was rolling off both of us and her big black ass cheeks were slippery. I humped repeatedly into her upturned hole and I could feel the intense pressure building in my groin. I redoubled my rhythm and pounded her harder than ever.

"OH FUCK MEEEEE!!" she bellowed as a crashing orgasm ripped through her. Her ass clamped down on me like a Chinese finger toy and I could resist no more. I slammed viscously into her as I discharged a huge river on molten cum deep into her bowels.

"AAAAGGGGHHHH!!" I cried as wave after wave of hot sticky spunk embalmed her insides and oozed out of her to drool back on my cock and balls. Janice positioned herself between my legs and I felt her tongue as she captured my cum when it leaked down my balls.

My hardness was decreasing and my legs were on the verge of collapse. I withdrew from Louise's clasping sphincter and Janice replaced my cock with her mouth and continued to lick my deposits from Louise as it slowly seeped out.

Dad had captured the entire event on the camcorder and was beaming like a new groom.

"That was spectacular," he explained as he continued to tape Janice and Louise. "I'd sure like to have some films of the sessions with Grace and your sister. Louise and Grace too. You can't imagine the carnality through the years."

"Oh yes I can," I told him. "It's absolutely unchanged around here, just different faces."

Louise hung limply over the horse, but her breathing had returned to normal. Janice had reclined on the floor and was wiggling a finger at dad for him to join her on the floor. I untied Louise from the horse and took the camera from dad as he crawled between Jan's legs and slapped his hard cock against her soft belly.

She took his waving dick in her hand and guided him into her wet cunt. He quickly started ramming into her and in just a few strokes the Spanish girl erupted in a blinding climax. Dad followed her to the crest several strokes later. When his explosion took him, he pushed himself up with his arms and went rigid as he emptied his seed deep into her spasming pussy.

I kept the camera going until they both came back down and he pulled out of her. His dripping cock glistened with their mixed juices. A long string of milky white sperm stretched from his cock head and remained fastened to her nether lips. As he leaned farther back, the string parted and dropped to leave a trail along her thigh.

Louise had been watching and she moved over and took Virgil's shrinking wand into her mouth and cleansed him. She then turned her attention to Janice and licked all vestiges of their coupling from sight. It was all recorded.

Louise climbed off Janice and walked over to me. I had switched the camcorder off and placed it on the tripod. She placed her hands on each cheek and pulled my mouth to hers. She kissed me deeply and I could taste the remnants of dad and Janice on her tongue.

"Thanks, I needed that," she whispered. "Lets catch a beer on the way and go to my room and take a bath together. I'll make you all squeaky clean so you can sleep better."

"I could sleep naked in the mud right now, and not know the difference," I replied.

As I turned to head into the den, she whacked me on the butt with the leather paddle. I turned and looked into her eyes and said, "That's gonna cost ya, Wheezie, dearly."

She snickered and said softly, "Lucky me."

I followed her into the den and stopped to retrieve a couple of beers. I watched as she walked across the room and out the door. I loved to watch a woman walk away from me. Every one of them has a different roll to their ass when they walk. Louise's ass cheeks were full and round and she had a hitch on each side as her weight went back and forth. It reminded me of two cats wrestling in a croaker sack. Women are wonderful creatures to watch.


We languished in the searing, sudsy water for a long while. We made a big production out of washing each other and shampooing our hair. We chatted about the arrival of my sisters tomorrow and Louise warned me, "Don't be too alarmed when your dad and the girls go at each other. I've never seen them get hurt, but it gets really intense, at times. Dianne is into some extremely kinky stuff. I watched her butt fuck Virgil with a gigantic strap-on one time. No way I could have taken it but she loaded him up and he splattered all over the place."

"I thought you said Dianne never whipped him," I interjected.

"She doesn't," she returned, "but she'll get Marie or Camille to do it then make Virgil piss on her or drip hot wax on her nipples."

"I don't think the hot wax would do much, for me, other than piss me off," I added.

"Me either," she said, "but other people get their kicks in different ways than we do. It should make for some interesting home movies if they get cranked up real good."

"Sounds like Cammy and Dianne are planning to lay me to waste. I just hope it doesn't get too freaky," I worried.

"Don't worry too much," she assured me, "they have enough sense to know what the limit is. They're just itching for some fresh young meat, and you're it."

"Lucky me," I said.

We heard dad and Janice as they made their way to dad's room. They sounded like they might be still up for some more games but, I was trashed and tomorrow would be a busy day.

We dried off and I padded naked through the house and down to my basement sanctorum. I'd had another exciting day and was eager to get started on the work we had planned. Tomorrow and Thursday would be an uncharted adventure, I was sure. I fed my fish and sat in the chair in front of the waterfall and listened to the water splash over the rocks.

Life is good; I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow.

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