tagSci-Fi & FantasyIn the Name of Science

In the Name of Science


Since the completion of our new underground lab, we had seen much progress in our research. We had isolated the newer genes that separated homo sapiens sapiens from homo sapiens provectus, and we had a surprising number of willing test subjects. You'd be surprised what a person will do in the name of science and progress. Sadly, people tend to think too much of themselves... and we were only able to procure four provecti genome-positive specimens.

The new lab was prodigious. Glass walls separated the different sections. The living quarters for test subjects was enviable. They had areas to exercise, an Olympic-sized pool, luxurious dwelling and recreation areas, and the finest healthy cafeteria the government's money could buy. Our end of the lab was less extravagant. We really only need the equipment and utilities to advance our research. We scientists need no frills to convince us, after all.

Getting ahead of myself, though, aren't I?

For the most part, the general population of Earth knows nothing about the more advanced super race of humans called homo sapiens provectus. They live among us, usually as unaware of their superior genetic structure as those around them. Some don't even know the extent of their advanced intellect. A provectus human will be able to learn any skill set in a quarter of the time a normal human could, and retain seven times the knowledge and muscle memory. They are capable of just about anything. We have yet to find their limits.

Recruiting provectus humans is somewhat difficult, mainly because they don't usually perceive themselves as anything special. We have to keep a wary eye out. Luckily, though, we happened to have two good specimens for our reproductive program. Always difficult explaining this to the subjects in question.

That day, I had my hair tied in a tighter bun than usual. I remember being nervous about the whole ordeal, that's probably why I did such a thing. The test subjects were finishing breakfast (all four of them) and I had pulled the two aside to explain the next set of tests.


"It's awesome living here," our young male, Jaden, observed. He was a little over eighteen, the minimum age requirement for this area of testing. I don't think I have to explain why. The female, Olivia, was somewhat vacant. Totally uncharacteristic of a provectus, but I supposed it wouldn't matter. She had the correct genetic makeup, she would do. She listened with an indifferent gaze at my clipboard and fidgeted with the white regulatory clothes provided to all our provecti.

"Yes, we hoped you'd like it here." I flipped through my stack of papers, finding the pre-typed sheet I'd use to carefully explain this awkward request.

"And it's great not having to pay taxes or rent or anything. I just started having to deal with that. I don't like it all that much," the boy's country accent made him sound a bit simple, but we knew he was not unintelligent. Just uneducated. His advanced brain would catch up quickly, once we gave him the chance.

Olivia, on the other hand...

"Yeah, sure, it's great. Get to the point, lady."

She wasn't simple, just apathetic. To me, a waste of special ability. I didn't think we'd get very far with her. Her uterus would have the most value to us, it seemed.

"We need younger specimens, but the laws we adhere to won't allow us to recruit children or infants. Not to mention, we'd like to see a purebred provectus human. There are also some very important observations we'd like to make throughout the entire process of conception, in-utero development,"

Jaden's head snapped around to look at Olivia. The girl only blinked blandly at him.

"You want me to... us to..."

"You don't have to marry her or anything drastic like that," I explained. "But we've had difficulties with artificial insemination. You're not like regular people. We're still learning all there is to know about you. That's why we're asking you to-"

"I don't know... I'm not old enough to have kids," Poor Jaden was raking both hands through his short dirty-blonde hair, his noble brow creasing.

"We would care for the baby. It would not be either of your responsibility. You don't even have to see it."

Olivia turned her indifferent brown-gray gaze to me and lifted one eyebrow aloft. "Do I get paid or something? I won't do it unless I get paid."

"Absolutely. You will be compensated tremendously."

She shrugged. "I'm in."

Jaden looked at his knees, then at Olivia, then at me. Then he frowned desperately at his clasped hands. "Yeah. Alright. It's for the best."

I smiled warmly at both of them. "You two are going to go down in scientific history. You won't regret this."


I don't want to go into too much detail of the tribulations we encountered in this seemingly simple stage of testing. The poor boy was a virgin. He had been raised some form of back-hills Baptist, and apparently could not perform under surveillance. Of course I don't blame him. I mean, it's not like we were standing in the room, but knowing there were cameras watching from unseen angles would be too much for even me. The other males in our care weren't prime specimens. The only other two both had at least one STD, and the eldest had back problems. So, we stooped to chemical mood alteration. We drugged the boy's food.

That produced success. Thankfully, our female was still at prime fertility in her cycle. We gave it three days, but it didn't take. We ran more tests, and discovered something completely unexpected. The female was producing dead eggs.

To me, it seemed to fit. Fit her disposition, anyway. I was disappointed, but unsurprised.

I will log more tomorrow. It's more difficult discerning female provecti from sapiens than it is to discern a male, but I'm sure we'll recruit a fertile specimen soon.


Dr. Avril Farren logged out of her personal notebook, setting it on her nearby desk. She had taken the offered living quarters at the lab, unlike her fellow researchers. She supposed it was because she took her work seriously, and loved nothing more than to spend a long weekend reviewing results. She excelled where her counterparts seemed to lack.

She didn't really maintain a life outside the lab, didn't speak with her family much. She lived for science. She was fascinated with the human genome. Even more fascinated was she with this newly-discovered higher-evolved human given to her to learn from.

She slipped beneath her gray regulation sheets, flipped off the bedside lamp, and stared at the ceiling. One of her walls was thick glass, a wall-window overlooking the recreational pool. One light was always left on in its chlorinated depths, making a slow-moving diamond pattern flow across her smooth ceiling. It was calming. As she drifted off, she watched the luminous shapes twist themselves into double-helixes, breaking down and building up over and over again.

(I would normally add more plot here, but this is Literotica, so I'll jump to the chase.)


Avril awoke to brilliant, blinding light. These weren't the normal vitamin D lights that glared over the pool. These were the giant lights of the main observation chamber. She was lying on a metal table, nude, with an IV in one arm and wired sensors stuck to her head and chest.

"What... Dr. Ambleside? Jim? What is the meaning of this??" She tried to turn her head, feeling the pull of the sensors as she did. She could see the big window looking in on the main research chamber. "Jim?"

"Lay still, Dr. Farren. We're almost done with preliminary testing. Andrew, put her back under."

"No! You will explain yourselves now!" she shrieked. The assistant in the room with her, a masked figure in white, paused with a syringe inches from the valve in her IV.

"Avril..." the familiar voice spoke inhumanly from speakers attached to the base of the window. "we checked your blood sample again, using new methods... You're a provectus."

"That can't be, check it again."

"Think about it, Avril!" his voice was stern. "When in your life have you discovered you were unable to do something you put your mind to? We've checked your records. Even in high school... you excelled in everything, you had seven extra-curricular activities at the most advanced school in the area. Three scholarships. You know you're exceptional. You just don't know your own potential. Now, we're going to put you into an unconscious state so we may administer the preliminary tests-"

"The hell you are! I'm one of you! I'm not a specimen, damnit! I didn't agree to this!"

"We knew you wouldn't."

She began to feel a tremendous weight on her eyelids and chest. She glanced to see the assistant capping his syringe and walking away. He was clinking metal instruments on a metal tray she couldn't see.

"Go ahead with the extraction. She won't feel it now." Dr. Ambleside directed. The assistant complied.

"Don't do this, Andrew!" she begged weakly. She felt the cold, biting needle pierce her lower middle, searching for her ovary. She did not feel the pain. The darkness seeped in.


Jaden traced a dry finger along the smooth outline of the woman's hip. His grey-blue eyes were dilated, and a calm smile graced his thin lips. Avril woke slowly, feeling the light tickle on her skin. She slapped weakly at it in reflex, but it returned. She fought to open her stinging eyes to the dim. She was in bed. Not her bed, the sheets felt softer. The room was decorated with languid sloping lines and sleek shapes; the reproduction room their psychological expert had helped to design for better results.

Avril shot upright, scooting away from the boy's touch. Her bare back flattened against the wall.

"Jaden... listen to me, Jaden... you don't have to do this..."

"I want to, now. C'mere."

"In the name of Science, Avril. You've sacrificed so much to help achieve what we have achieved. You should feel honored. Any of us would do the same, given the chance." Jim's voice reverberated from the speaker set up in the corner of the ceiling.

"Says the old man who once flunked out of Yale. Speak for yourself. I'm the one giving up her body for your cause." she snapped back, covering her breasts as Jaden began to kiss at her clavicle.

"It's no more than you've asked of your specimens. And you'll be paid thrice your previous comfortable salary. Consider this bulletproof job security."

"I don't want it. This is illegal! You can't make me do this against my will. You're essentially an accomplice to rape. When I get out of here,"

"You won't, Avril. I'm sorry. And it isn't illegal if it's government-funded. Just lay back and enjoy yourself. That's what this part of the procedure is all about. Go ahead, Jaden. Inseminate the female."

The boy pried her hands from her chest, yanking her down to lie on her back, and pinned her wrists to the pillow above her head.

"Jaden, please, wake up..." she pleaded in a strengthless whisper, fat tears spilling down her pale cheeks. She felt the intruding, hard presence at the opening to her birth canal, and tried to squirm away. He thrust.

The pain was immediate. As she was unprepared, the friction tore at her delicate lining and caused her to bleed. This fluid provided the lubricant, and the male specimen proceeded. Her cries went unheard. The boy would remember none of this. She wished blindly through the pain that they'd been considerate enough to inject her with the same mind-bending cocktail as her forced partner. She tried to imagine what she had done to deserve this treatment.

Oh, that's right. I was born this way. That is my primary offense.

They won't find a better specimen. Not one with my training. Not one who understands the procedures they're putting me through. It was the most logical choice.

I'm doing this in the name of science, after all.

Her legs slowly parted a little more to allow better access. The pain began to subside to a dull sting upon every inward thrust.

Might as well enjoy myself. They'll probably have to repeat this process a few times to make sure it takes... I'll go crazy if I don't accept it...

She tightened around his young organ, tilting her head back against the pillow as she felt climax creeping up on her. It was, despite her initial resistance, exceedingly good.

Damn you all. How do you get me to enjoy being your fucking lab rat? Damn... ohh...

There was an intense rush of sensation, wiping out thought and pain and morality and judgment. She was lost in it. Primal need. Pure animal hunger. She sunk her teeth into his shoulder, growling pleasure into his skin and salivating. He smelled fantastic.

He lifted her hips, and began to hit her in places she didn't knew existed. Her mind swam, her vision blurred... she climaxed hard, crying out in inarticulate speech. Her juices all but gushed forth, slaking her partner's thighs.

Jaden gasped, groaning, his pace quickening. His hold on her wrists tightened painfully, but she didn't feel it. She did feel the thickness inside her pulse, felt the hot stream of precious genetic information seeking darker depths within. Her back arched, and she welcomed it.

.... for a better cause, after all... Who am I to stop progress? I'm just a specimen. I am the book from which they must learn. Why would I want to hinder the pursuit of knowledge?


The days that followed blended into one another. "Procedures" were repeated till the test results came back positive. She didn't see Jaden much after that. He seemed cheerful enough not knowing he had sinned. Momma wouldn't have to know what her dearest only son was getting himself into. She could go to her early grave proud of her son for getting a scholarship and making something of himself out there in Boston.

Avril never spoke to her parents again, either. It didn't change her status quo with them... but she wanted to let them know they were going to be grandparents. Even so, who wants to know their grandchild had a life full of experiments, tests, and isolation to look forward to?

I never thought it would be like this... I thought I'd be married... With a house, maybe even a couple of cats... A good husband to take care of... Maybe it was always for me to sacrifice my life and dreams to the Goddess Science.

How could I expect to live a normal life now that I'm not even truly human?

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