tagRomanceIn the Rain

In the Rain


Rain pattered on the window as I looked out over the rolling ocean. I felt like a little kid whose day had been ruined because he couldn't go out to play. We'd booked the cabin on the beach nearly a year in advance, and we'd managed to hit a time where we were the only people around, at least for a few more days. I'd hoped to get out and take advantage of that privacy. At the very least, I hadn't planned to spend vacation sitting inside.

I hadn't really seen a lot of my lady, even though the cabin wasn't large. It was okay, we were both adult human beings, and capable of entertaining ourselves without the help of the other. Nevertheless, I'd tried reading one of the books I'd brought along, but couldn't concentrate. I found myself wishing the cabin had a TV.

I was pouting, but I couldn't help it. We'd paid a lot for the cabin, and I'd been anticipating this trip for quite a while, only to be kicked in the balls by mother nature.

Then, I felt a soft hand on my shoulder. I looked up into her gently smiling face. God, she was beautiful. I suddenly felt like the luckiest man on Earth, to be here alone with this lovely woman.

Straightening, I opened my arms and gathered her in. Her fine curves pressed perfectly against my body. For a while, I just held her, basking in the warmth of her closeness, the fact of her presence. Her head rested on my chest, and I leaned my face into her hair, breathing in the smell of her.

"Sorry I'm being such a petulant child," I finally whispered into the top of her head.

"It's okay," she said, "I know you've been looking forward to seeing the ocean. Sorry it's so crappy out."

In response, all I could do is offer a heavy sigh.

Just then, I felt her head lift up. I looked down into a face adorned with a naughty little grin.

"You know something I've always wanted to do, baby?"

"What's that?" I answered with my own question.

Her hand reached up, slid around my neck and into my hair. "I want to make love in the rain."

I was taken temporarily aback. This wasn't like her. As far as we knew, we were alone, with no other people for at least a half mile on each side of us. It was unlikely we'd be seen, but there was always that possibility. She was a very private person. To potentially exhibit herself in such a manner went against what I knew about her. Still, it was these occasional breaks in that reticence that aroused me no end.

"Are you sure?" I asked. I found myself stiffening at the thought as I stood there.

"Yeah," she responded decisively. "C'mon." She grabbed my hand, threw open the door, and headed toward the rolling water before us.

It was warm out, so the rain was pleasant. Within minutes, our hair was soaked and hung limply and heavily down. Our clothes clung to our bodies, revealing what we had on beneath.

About halfway to the water, she stopped and turned to me. I was about to ask what she wanted, when she clapped her arms around my neck and pressed her lips desperately to mine. I brought my arms around her body as I returned her kiss, until any question I had regarding what we were planning to do was forgotten.

When we moved away from one another, we stood in the rain and just gazed at the person across from us. God, I loved this woman. The look I saw on her face told me she felt the same about me.

Then, she got a playful glint in her eye, and I felt her hands start to pull at my soaked T-shirt. In seconds, I was naked from the waist up. As she threw my shirt on the ground, I took the cue and stripped off her shirt. There was one more item to get rid of after that, but her bra fell prey to my skilled fingers in no time.

This was the most daring we'd ever been, to my recollection, but it was so erotic, so romantic, I certainly wasn't going to end it. I'd seen her in the shower before, and as lovely a sight as that was, it was nothing compared to what I saw right then. The fact that we were out in the open, the gentle rain falling over us, just made her that much sexier to me.

Reaching for her, my hands met wet, bare skin. I pulled her in again, our rain-slicked bodies pressing together. Not wanting to resist the urge, I leaned down and kissed her once more, the taste of her lips and the sound of the waves just beyond us kindling my desire for her even higher.

Next, I felt deft hands working the button and zipper of my shorts. Not to be left out, I went to work on hers. Before long, we both stood with our pants at our ankles, nude but for our underwear. A quick tug revealed what was beneath that, but the fabric was waterlogged and didn't want to let go all the way.

Giggling, we fumbled out of our remaining clothing, finally standing naked out in the rain. My god, it felt good. I couldn't remember ever having been this nude, this out in the open. It was the most exposed I could recall ever being. And I was doing it with my own beautiful lady, who -- as always -- looked positively fantastic, but this time, even more so.

There was no hiding my arousal at both the situation, and the sight of who I was with. Her excitement was pretty obvious, too.

I wondered what we were going to do next (I could have kissed her for hours by now) but was saved asking with, "C'mon," again and a tug on my hand.

The beach was, of course, wet and packed down by the rain, but she walked confidently to the waterline and gracefully sat on the sand.

Before I had the chance to sit with her, she reached for my attentive member and lovingly and expertly began to work her magic.

By this time, I couldn't have cared less if we'd have had a crowd around us. My lovely lady knew how to please me, and she was exhibiting that talent and skill to the peak of all her ample ability. For several minutes she continued, her fingers joining her mouth and tongue to enhance the experience. Her touch was maddeningly arousing, and I loved every moment.

All too soon, I felt my finish approaching, but didn't want this encounter to end so quickly. Gently, I touched her face, lifting her eyes toward mine. Not wanting to break the spell with words, I caressed her cheek as she continued her pleasuring, smiling as best she could while doing so.

Finally, it was necessary to move her off me, and I helped her to her feet, where I again pulled her in tightly, my urgency pressing against her stomach as we embraced. Our lips once more found each other, and we spent several minutes in this singular pleasure before moving on.

When we did move again, it was my turn. I pulled away from her lips and began to kiss my way down her face, down her chest, until I came to the lovely swell of her breasts. Carefully and lovingly, I licked the raindrops away, knowing they'd be replaced soon by others. I lavished much attention on the taut, sensitive flesh, drawing the most delicious sounds from her throat.

Much as I wanted to spend more time here, I knew there were even greater pleasures waiting below. Leaving this beautiful part of her gorgeous body, I began kissing my way down her rain-slicked skin, on my way to the warm, sensitive haven I so greatly desired.

The rain began to come down a bit harder as I reached the neatly trimmed tuft of hair that guarded the most beautiful part of her already-beautiful body. Through the falling rain and the scent of the ocean at our sides, I could smell her arousal at what we were doing. As I kissed my way down that little patch of dark hair, she spread her legs, allowing all that trapped odor of eroticism to finally escape.

Immediately, my head was filled with her fragrance. There was no turning back now. I leaned forward and began to please her the way she had me. My hands reached around and gripped the round perfection of her behind, pulling her closer to my eager mouth and tongue.

This being one of my favorite ways to delight a woman, I prepared myself to settle in and do everything in my power to make her go wild.

And that, I most certainly managed to do. Just as she'd whipped me into a sexual frenzy, I swiftly wound her into a frantic ball of sensitized nerves.

Before long, she stepped in to me, making my already awkward position even more difficult to maintain, until I fell back to the sand. Wiping the rain from my eyes, I looked up at her and saw the lust on her face.

Well, I knew what she wanted, and by that time, I was more than ready for it, too. Laying back, I felt the surf wash just at my outstretched hand, but ignored it for the moment, since she was straddling my hips, beginning to lower herself on my thick, waiting manhood.

When she finally settled, I was fully engulfed in her warm grasp. Both our moans were only barely overwhelmed by the waves on the beach as we basked in the singular feeling of intimacy, this ultimate togetherness.

After a brief moment, she started rocking, causing me to slide in and out of her fabulous slickness in the most delectable way. The sensations coursing through me were tremendous. I was sure she was experiencing similar feelings, if the sounds she made were any indication.

The rain started coming down harder, and I felt the waves at my side, washing over my shoulder. I decided a change in position was in order.

As we maneuvered our rain-soaked bodies for the next part of our loving endeavor, I heard a rumble of thunder, but still, we were both too far gone to stop at that point. Besides, it was pretty obvious we were both on the edge of climax, so if the weather was going to turn really ugly, unless it happened immediately, we'd still have time.

When I positioned myself between her luscious legs, I took a moment to admire the beauty before me, soon to be beneath me. However, I wasn't about to spend too long, because I felt the waves at my feet, and was sure that soon they'd be far higher.

With no necessary preliminaries, I pushed forward and once more into her. Oh, god, how incredible it felt! I'd no more than started moving and we were both moaning louder and more urgently than before. We'd finish before the gentle rain we'd started with turned into a full-blown storm, of that I was sure.

Within minutes of starting in this position, I felt the waves slapping my thrusting rear. The tide was rising quickly, and if we didn't finish soon, we'd be having our own "From Here to Eternity" moment. I felt my own climax imminent, and hers seemed ready to sweep over her at any moment, so I just kept going.

The rain came down harder, and this time when the thunder boomed, my orgasm accompanied it. I shouted against the coming storm as I released myself into her giving, receiving body.

The onset of my climax brought on hers, and she screamed out her pleasure as she gripped my body with her hands and at the point where the majority of our pleasure originated.

Any other time, once the urgency began to ebb, I'd have collapsed onto her and she'd have wrapped her arms around me and we'd have laid like that for a while. We'd stay that way, not wanting to break our close connection, until either I softened enough that I slipped free of her, or she needed to breathe. This time, we didn't have the luxury.

When a wave crashed over both our heads, we looked into each other's surprised eyes in silence for a moment, then burst out laughing. When the next burst of thunder sounded right overhead, and we heard the sear of lightning nearby, we decided to get going. I rolled off her and quickly stood, then held out out a hand for her to take. I nearly lifted her off the ground in getting her to her feet, but we dashed back to the cabin, gathering up discarded clothing as we went, laughing all the way.

Back inside, we slammed the door, dropped the wet clothes on the floor, and came right back into each other's arms. Inside, without the warmth of the air -- which had admittedly cooled off significantly the closer the storm got -- we both started to shiver, being as we were both completely drenched. It was warm where our bodies touched, but any exposed skin was becoming really cold.

Still, I felt the need to kiss her, so I lowered my face to hers, which she readily met. When we finally parted, I asked, "So, was it what you'd hoped it'd be?"

She gazed up at me with such love, it was overwhelming. "It was everything I hoped it'd be." She hugged me close.

"But right now, I need a hot shower. I'm freezing!"

As she trotted toward the bathroom, I watched her shapely bottom bounce. "Want some company?" I shouted after her.

Just before she turned the corner, she looked back at me, another naughty smile on her face. "C'mon," she said, saucily, then ducked behind the door frame...

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