tagLoving WivesIn the Rooster's Pool

In the Rooster's Pool


It is Saturday night and we are at the RedRooster swing club in Vegas. We sat and watched people dancing for awhile, then went upstairs to watch the couple action going on.

We decided to get naked and hop into the very large in ground hot tub. There are six people in the tub, all men, and another six guys sitting around on deck chairs. That makes my wife Dee the only female in the pool/spa area and she is getting a lot of attentive looks.

There is a seating ledge around the inside of the tub about 18 inches below water level, and we sit down at one end. Dee is sitting on my left, and a black fellow, he introduced himself as Leon, is on her left. She is having trouble staying on the seat; her legs keep trying to float, so she hooks her right leg under mine and her left around Leon's leg, much to his delight. We continue chatting and soon she says to me that Leon is helping hold her down with his hand on her leg. I tell her that she should find something to hold onto to help keep her seated. She reaches out with both of her hands and finds two stiff cocks to take hold of. She says "that's better", to which Leon just smiles and nods his head. Dee is slowly stroking both of us under the water and she leans over to me and whispers that Leon's hand is moving up her leg and is about to reach her crotch. I respond by pulling her right leg towards me opening her up more. My left hand is rubbing her thigh and I reach up with my right and start playing with her right nipple. She moans as Leon's fingers find and begin playing with her cunt lips, and a small gasp escapes as they enter her. He looks at me, I smile and nod towards her left tit, which he immediately cups with his other hand and soon he is tweaking her nipple.

Her head is now tilted back, eyes closed, enjoying the handling she is getting. Her hands are busy stroking both our cocks as we explore and tease her body. I see Leon lick his lips as he stares at her, and I tell Dee to sit up on the edge of the pool. She lets go of our cocks and sighs as Leon's fingers slip from her cunt. She lifts herself out of the water and sits on the edge. I take hold of her knees and pull her legs apart, look at Leon and motion towards her puffy hot twat. He moves between her legs, kissing her inner thighs and heads straight for her waiting sex. He runs his tongue up the length of her slit before flicking it over her clit, which bring a loud moan from her. He inserts one, then two, fingers into her pussy while his mouth and tongue continue to work their magic.

One of the young guys who was watching nearby, walks over, steps across Dee's body straddling her, with his rock hard dick right in front of her face. She reaches around and grabs his butt, pulling him and his cock to her mouth. She wastes no time, taking his rod deep into her mouth. He takes hold of her head and begins to pump in and out, fucking her mouth. Dee has a grip on his ass cheeks and his balls are slapping her chin with each thrust. It doesn't take long before tenses and announces that he is going to cum. He blows his load, most of which Dee swallows, although some trickles down her chin. As his shrinking cock slips from her mouth, Dee kisses the tip of it and cups his balls, before he walks away.

At this point Leon pulls his mouth off Dee's clit and his fingers out of her pussy. He stands on the sitting ledge and this brings his huge stiff cock right in line with her hot waiting cunt. He rubs the head of his monster dick up and down her slit for a moment then plunges half of it into her, bringing a small yelp from Dee. He eases almost all the way out of her before ramming his entire length deep into her cunt. He grabs her ankles and pulls her legs into the air and begins drilling his cock in and out of her pussy. Another of the older men nearby sits on the pool edge next to her and starts sucking her tits, pulling and biting her nipples. A third guy, a young Hispanic fellow with a thick cock and shaved balls, comes over and kneels by her head offering her his tool. She sucks his cock head into her mouth, but she is getting fucked so hard by Leon she can't keep the third guys cock in her mouth, so she ends up just wanking him while the other one is sucking and playing with her tits. With all the fucking and sucking Dee has cum at least twice, and with a grunt and a yell, Leon buries himself to the hilt and shoots his massive load deep in Dee's pussy, bring on another hard orgasm in Dee.

After Leon cums and pulls out his still half hard dick, I have Dee get on her hands and knees and take the third guy back in her mouth. She sucks his fat cock into her mouth and he grabs her head so he can work his dick deep into her throat. The older fellow, who was sitting next to her sucking her tits, now gets behind her, guides his cock to her well fucked cum oozing cunt and starts fucking her from the rear. Dee gets in a good rhythm, with a cock filling each end, and she is soon cumming again. Both men are telling her how hot she is and what a good fuck. The young guy in her mouth starts to cum first, pulling his cock out to shoot his wad on Dee's face and tits. Dee, with cum covering her face and dripping off her tits, takes him back into her mouth and licks him clean as he quickly softens. The one fucking her pussy from behind soon follows. He pulls out of her cunt and sends streams of cum all over her ass, which he spread around with his softening cock.

When they have both finished and moved off to sit and watch, I sit on the ledge down in the hot tub. I have Dee get in and she sits in my lap facing me, lowering herself onto my waiting dick, my hands on her ass lifting her up and down. As we begin to fuck, Leon sits on the edge of the tub next to my head. He is fully hard again and stroking himself, so Dee takes his cock head in her mouth and starts sucking him off. We continue on like this for a while until I feel my balls about to burst and I deposit my cum inside my wife. While my semi-soft cock remains buried in Dee and I play with her tits, she concentrates on the blowjob she is giving Leon. He lasts for quite some time while she really works his cock over with her mouth and hands, until his body stiffens and he finally empties his load of cum into her mouth.

After she releases his cock from her mouth licking the last drops of cum from it, I give her a big kiss and tell her how much I love her. She smiles, wiggles her ass on me, and tells me it is time to leave so we can have some time by ourselves.

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